Why the Sun and Moon live in the Sky is an old African folktale story. One that is loved and cherished by siblings Safira Simango and Malenga Simango. Whenever they missed each other, they would often sit and reminisce upon this story to remind them about one another. Also Safira used bits of the story on a special card made for him. This was to prove to her brother that she really did arrive to the United States of America. And that she wanted to see him.

Here is how the story goes.

Long ago, Sun and his wife moon lived on Earth.
But they lived very far away, from their good friend Water.
Sun and Moon often visited Water, but Water never came to visit them.
Because Sun and Moon's house was too small, for all of Water's relatives to fit.
Sun and Moon were very sad about this.
So they built a much larger, and truly magnificent house.
Then they begged Water to come and visit.
Water still worried, that Sun and Moon's house wasn't big enough.
But he came anyway, along with hundreds and hundreds of his relatives.
Fish, water rats, water snakes, even whales.
And Water kept getting higher and higher in the house.
Soon Sun and Moon had to climb up to the roof to keep dry.
But they still insisted that all of their new friends come in.
When Water reached to the top of the roof,
Sun and Moon went all the way up to the sky.
And that is where they've lived ever since.