The New Ghostwriter Mysteries

The New Ghostwriter Mysteries is a short-lived revival of Ghostwriter that aired on CBS Saturday mornings from September 14 to December 7, 1997.

While the premise is the same, there were several changes to the show:

  • There were new characters.
  • Ghostwriter's on-screen appearance also changed.
  • There was also a change in format from mini-series typed cases to standard new plots every show.
  • The new show was taped in Toronto, Canada.



  1. Losing Bet
  2. For Art's Sake
  3. Flagrant Foul
  4. Disappearing Act
  5. Moving Parts
  6. Past Tense
  7. Designer Crime
  8. Broken Window
  9. Teacher's Pet
  10. Sweet Revenge
  11. Treasure Hunt
  12. The Bad Rap
  13. Future Perfect


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