Stone Harrison, appeared in the story arc "Who's Who?", he was portrayed by the late Sam Stoneburner.

He was born as Archie Bleach, sometime in 1930's or so he was criminal. It is unknown to what extent of a criminal he had been. However it is assumed that he was a drifter, scammer and a con man. He was wanted by the police, so he assumed the new identity of Stone Harrison.

It is unknown how and when his acting talents became discovered, but soon enough he landed a lead part in the movie "Wings of Glory" co-starring with the famous Lana Barnes. This gained him a lot of fame because it was Lana Barnes' first movie. They soon became close friends and he felt he could trust her. So he told her his real name. However, he didn't know that she was soon being interviewed by reporters.

This was when she mistakenly told them his real name. He never told her anything about his past, so she had no idea he had been a criminal. When the reporters publicized their interviews, the police then used the information to track him down. This when they arrested him for his criminal deeds and sent him to serve time in jail. This blacklisted him and ruined his career, and he was really mad at Lana Barnes for many years.

When he was released is unknown, and many years later in the 1990s he came to Brooklyn New York. He came to attend Lana Barnes' Award Ceremony for lifetime achievement. He was one of the many guests staying at the Steadmore Hotel. Also in which the ceremony was being held in a fancy ballroom.

During this time he seemed to be for friendly and polite and even was pleased to give Lennihis autograph. Then afterwards this was when Ghostwriter told the team that he had been angry with Lana also. They looked up his past and they marked him down as one of their possible suspects. At the time he was suspected to be one of the people sending Lana threatening messages. Also the person who was planning to disguise as Lana Barnes and take the credit for the award.

Then on the night of the Award Ceremony, it turned out that after all these years he had forgiven Lana Barnes. When the real impostor Roberta Halton impersonated her and tried to lunge at her, he and Alan Charles (Lana's first husband) helped hold Roberta in a restrain so Lieutenant McQuade can handcuff her and take her away.