Raynard Wilcox was the villain in the "Just in Time" story arc. He was portrayed by William Hill.

Raynard Wilcox was a petty thief, who came to Forte Greene, Brooklyn. He applied for a job as a door to door sales

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man. He worked for the Ritter Brush company under the alias of Millard Fillmore Smith. When he would enter a home, he would get the tenants of the home distracted by claiming he had good items to sell to them. While they were distracted using them, he would quickly steal valuable silver items and run out before they would notice.

It is unknown how many houses he robbed, but it is known that he stole a valuable silver bird cage from one house, and a valuable silver tea set from Dr. Canellan's house. This was the same house where Frank Flynn lived with his foster family. Frank was blamed and accused of stealing the silver tea set himself, and was about to be kicked out of his home and sent to an orphanage where he would never get a proper education. Then without an education, he never would have grown up to become a doctor.

He didn't realize that his actions were dangerously effecting the future. Frank Flynn needed to grow up to become a doctor. If he didn't, then his patient Reggie Jenkins would have died when he four-years- old, Jamal never would have been born. Then Ghostwriter never would have been discovered, and there would have been no Ghostwriter team.

Then soon enough, the Ghostwriter team read old articles of the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper from 1928. They found out his real name, where he was caught and the day he was caught. The team sent the information to Catherine, and Frank just in time. It told them that he would be at the Silver Imports Warehouse on July 12, 1928. So Catherine begged her father and he finally gave in. So he called the police and they went over there to wait for him to get caught. So they could prove he stole the tea set and that Frank was innocent.

Then sure enough, on July 12, 1928 he showed up at the Silver Imports Warehouse. He was hoping to exchange the silver items he had stolen for money and then leave town. But he could see the police and he started running away. He fought a few of them off. Then Frank ran after, jumped onto his back and tackled him to the ground. When he fell his suitcase burst open. Then all the items including the silver tea set came falling out. He was furious he yelled at Frank. He told him that he had no right butting in, and someday he would get him for it. Then he was arrested and taken to jail to serve his sentence.