Ralph Dugan appeared in the "Over a Barrel" story arc. He was portrayed by the late Rex Everhart.

Ralph is a hard working business man, and the CEO of ECO-SAFE CHEMICALS CO. A company that produces many dangerous and toxic cleaning chemicals. His company sells them to many local companies in Brooklyn, New York.

Then during the events of the arc, Sally Lewis and a bunch of volunteers had recently turned a local vacant lot into a community garden. Then soon enough, most of the people who had visited the garden or ate food from the garden had become very sick. Also even the poor rabbits died.

The Ghostwriter Team, soon found out that partially emptied barrels of Tetrachloroethylene (Perc) were illegally dumped and buried in the garden. This is what was making everyone sick and it was what killed the rabbits. The team figured out with Ghostwriter's help that the barrels came from his company.

So Lenni and Rob paid him a visit, he told them that his company produced the chemicals, but they didn't bury the barrels. Because however buried them did it illegally, but it was not his company. He explained that his company was not responsible for what other businesses did with their toxic waste and chemicals after they purchased them.

Then soon enough, he was a big help to the Ghostwriter Team. He was able to help Rob and Lenni find out where the barrels came from. This was because when his company sells the chemicals to other businesses, they give them lot numbers. Then afterwards they record them in their records. He was able to figure out that one of the three incomplete lot numbers. It was for an order for barrels of Tetrachloroethylene (Perc) to a local dry cleaning company called French Garment Cleaners.