Ms. Dozier appeared in the "Lost in Brooklyn" story arc. She was portrayed by special guest star Cathy Rigby.

Ms. Dozier is a science teacher who teaches at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. She is a nice and friendly teacher. But she doesn't put up with

Ms. Dozier

any nonsense. Or with students disrupting her classes.

Three weeks prior to the events of the story arc, a new school year started. So she began teaching all new classes of students. Her first period class, happened to have Tina in it. Then on the third week of school, she introduced a new temporary student to their school. It was Safira Simango from Mozambique, Africa. She assigned Safira to sit beside Tina. Then in no time at all, they became best friends.

Then a day or so later, it was shown that she was teaching her first period class about worms and the properties of soil. So she conducted a little experiment to help them delve into the properties of soil. Then she asked for two volunteers who were ready, willing and able to get their hands dirty in two bowls of different types of soil. The students who volunteered was a girl named Angeline and a boy (sort of class clown) named Mohammed.

Then she caught Tina and Safira disrupting her class, by talking and laughing with each other. So she asked them if they could share their joke with the rest of the class. Then Mohammed made a joke himself, by saying that their joke was probably dirty. This made just about the entire class to start laughing. She she didn't punish him for saying that. She slightly snickered and gave him a "Don't start" look.

Then a few days later, she set up a microscope for her first period class. She assigned her students to examine soil samples under it. Then to write down what they saw. Her first volunteer was Mohammed. Then she caught Tina and Safira passing notes to each other. So to get their attention, she told them not to pass notes. Because she left her piano at home that day. Tina and Safira and everyone else all groaned. So she was happy to see that they were paying attention.