Mr. Ward, appeared in the "Building Bridges" story arc. He was portrayed by Kirk Taylor.

Mr. Ward, is the track and field and relay team coach at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. He is a very nice person. He is very caring and

"Are Victor's Notebook.. and a can of spray paint in your gym bag?.."

supportive of his students. Most of all, he believes in giving everyone a fair chance. During the event of the arc, he and the assistant coach Mr. Richards were training their runners to become a relay team. Also, he gave Rob Baker permission to interview all the athletes and ask questions to do an article for the school newspaper.

At this time, his two best runners on the team were Tony Boyd, who has been one of the teams best runner's for over a year. And Victor Torres, a new student who has just recently transferred to the school for a fresh start. Tony Boyd was furious with him, when he passed him over as the team's best runner. Then made Victor Torres the best runner on the team. As well as the relay team's anchor legs.

He put up with no nonsense, and he insisted that if the two of them would not stop fighting, then neither of them would stay on the team. He also split up the beginning of a fight in the hallway. The fight was between Victor Torres and Walter Haines.

Also, during this time the school was being vandalized and trashed. People suspected the new student Victor Torres was behind it. This was because the vandalism included symbols of Fort Greene's notorious street gang; The Thunder Heads. A gang, in which Victor and had recently resigned from. He was very supportive to try and believe that Victor was not behind the vandalism. He also gave Rob a very understanding talk, that Victor had been going through a lot of stress and pressure for the past while.

Then eventually, Rob and the Ghostwriter Team had some solid proof, that Tony Boyd was behind the vandalism and was trying to frame Victor for it. Rob and Victor brought him to speak to Tony in a classroom. He politely spoke to Tony, asking him if a can of glow-more spray paint along with Victor's notebook were in his gym bag.

Tony hesitantly denied letting him take a look at first. Then he reminded him that they've worked together for three years and that he has always been honest with him. So he asked him again, and then Tony willing confessed to him. Then gave the items back. Then he expressed his disappointment in him. Then he took him to the Principal Kelly's office to phone his parents.