Makvas are the sworn arch enemies of Galaxy Girl and the Hyperball Team. No actual Makvas appeared in the "Am I Blue?" Story arc. However Calvin Ferguson explained a lot about them. Also one appeared a lot in Gaby Fernandez's Nightmares.

Calvin Ferguson dressed up as a Makva

In the fictional world and stories of Galaxy Girl, Makvas are a race of pure evil blue aliens warmongers. They have blue skins and wear tight blue ponchos. Before Galaxy Girl begun her mission for peace in the universe, they caused a great deal of misery and peril in the universe. They took join in selling their bombs and weapons to planets to have their feuds and wars with each other. Also for dessert they would enough eat edible little creatures called Kijas.

Then Galaxy Girl and the Hyperball Team came up with a more positive way for planets having disagreements with each other to work things out. They invented a sport called Hyper Ball. It is like a game of Basketball played completely in Outer Space. the players must shoot a Kija through a hoop to score points. Then whoever wins the hyperball game, wins their part of the argument or disagreement. Instead of going to war with each other.

The Makvas didn't agree with these rules, let alone playing Hyperball. They preferred selling weapons and going to war. So they eventually became her and the hyperball team's arch enemies. So they came up with the three Makva rules for them to live by.

  1. Say yes, do no!
  2. Choose to confuse!
  3. Lie to get by!

They seem to care very little for the well being for other beings. So they do whatever it takes to live by these rules. Even if they need harm or destroy innocent lives. Also in some cases, manipulate other beings to become Makvas and join them.