Lost in Brooklyn
Season 2, Episode 47, 48, 49, 50
Air date Pt. 1, November 28, 1993
Pt. 2, December 5, 1993
Pt. 3, December 12, 1993
Pt. 4, December 19, 1993
Written by Kermit Frazier
Directed by Susan Dansby
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A new student, Safira, arrives to Hurston in a little grandeur. She is the daughter of an ambassador from Mozambique who is in New York for an important United Nations summit meeting. Safira and Tina become fast friends. Safira later reveals that she is trying to find her older brother Malenga, who left Mozambique after he got into a big argument with their father, Roberto. Malenga has been sending Safira letters in secret.

Later, Safira and her father also get into an argument and she flees from their hotel room to find Malenga. But she vanishes midway through her search.

Will the Ghostwriter Team find her in time to reunite her with her dad and brother and will they reconcile?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars


We see a "Friends are Forever" sticker and it is inside a locker at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. A new school year has begun, and now the Ghostwriter team members have all advanced one grade ahead. Gaby is now in the Fifth grade at George Washington Elementary School. Also Jamal, Lenni, Alex and Rob are now in Eighth grade and their final year at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. Also Tina now attends the school too, she is a Sixth grade freshman.

Tina is shown loading some books into her locker while talking to Jamal. She reflects on that it has now been three weeks, and she still cannot believe that she now attends the same school with them. She then mentions that she thought that she would never get to middle school. Jamal laughs it off, and tells her that one day it will feel like she'll never get out of it either. Then Alex comes running up to them. He sounds really excited and asks them to come quick; so they follow him.

Then at the front doors of the school, many more students are standing in a big crowd on the front steps. They all watch in amazement as a black limousine pulls up. The driver opens the door and a beautiful African girl steps out. The girl looks around and Tina seems instantly amazed by her. Jamal says that she is pretty and Alex is impressed by the limousine. She asks them wondering who she is. Alex suggests she may be the daughter of a famous person. Jamal along with most of the other boys in the crowd, now watch her with smitten and enamored eyes as she enters their school. So Tina wonders if she will also be attending their school.

The arc begins, during first period class at Hurston Middle School. The class is Sixth grade science and the teacher is a pretty blonde woman named, Ms. Dozier. Ms. Dozier introduces the African girl to the class. She tells them all, that her name is Safira Simango, and she is from Mozambique. Which is a country in Africa. She explains that Safira will be attending their school for a couple of weeks. As her father, (who is an Ambassador) is on a special assignment to the United Nations. So Ms. Dozier asks them all to make her feel welcome and assigns her to sit beside Tina. Then the class begins and Ms. Dozier begins the lesson on the properties of soil and worms. So she asks the class, which of them did research on them. Tina is thrilled and happily says hi to her, while smiling. Safira smiles, saying hi back.

Then during class change, Alex meets with Lenni and Jamal in the hallway. He informs them that the he has signed up for the one-on-one program at the youth center, and he is going there after school. He explains to them that the program is pairing up an older kid with a younger kid. Then they can show the younger kid the ropes, and share their wisdom and experiences with them. Hearing this, Jamal laughs at him. He thinks that the younger kid, may already be more mature and teach him instead. Lenni thinks it is wonderful he has decided to do it. Jamal does too, So he asks him to tell them how it goes. Then Jamal asks him if he knows, whom he can ask if he needs advice on knowledge and wisdom. Alex laughs at him saying he certainly won't asks him. Then the three of them all laugh it off, and go to their next class.

Tina meets Safira in the hallway. She asks to speak with her, Safira is impatient and exasperated. However she still listens. Tina explains to her that she is into filming videos. So now she is doing interviews on kids whom are new to their school. She wants to ask them what it feels like to be new. Also it is because she is new too. So she asks Safira if she can interview her and ask her some questions. Safira gets rude and impatient, telling her that she has to get to her next class. Then she storms off, just as Tina asks her if she can help her find it. Tina is now upset and disappointed.

After school, Tina, Jamal and Gaby all visit Lenni in her loft. They are having a snack of ginger ale and popcorn. Then Gaby decides to challenge Ghostwriter to a game of "Ghost". This is a word game. One in which each person writes down one letter at a time. Then the person who ends up making a word, loses the game. So Gaby tells him: "Beat me if you can, Ghostwriter". So first He adds a C. Then she adds an R. Meanwhile Tina explains her failed attempt of making a new friend to them. She says that she tried everything, and she wouldn't even talk to her. So now she doesn't know what else to do. Jamal jokes saying that royalty doesn't speak to regular kids like them. Then Tina mentions that she isn't a princess. So perhaps Safira is just shy.

Then Lenni backs her up saying that Safira is new to everything: their school and the entire country. So it is a big adjustment for her. Then Gaby mentions that with a driver and a limousine taking her to school, it sure sounds like a princess to her. Then Ghostwriter adds a letter O. Then Tina says she doesn't care about her wealth and luxurious. Just her in general, Safira just seems very interesting to her. She is from a place she has never heard about before. Also she is sitting right beside her in science. So it must mean they were just meant to become friends.

So now, she has just got to find a way to make it happen. So Gaby suggests finding out things about Safira's country. Gaby also suggests to Tina, that showing Safira that she is interested in her country, may help come around. Then she may want to be her friend too. Tina agrees thinking it is a great idea, and so does Jamal. Jamal applauds her on it. Then he begins practicing his karate with some kicks. Gaby thanks him and continues the "Ghost" game with Ghostwriter. Tina is now positive that she can find some information on Mozambique in books from the library. Also Lenni mentions that there is a traveling agency up on the street. It also has maps she can use too. Tina agrees with her and decides to go right away and Lenni goes with her.

Then just before Tina and Lenni leave, they see that Gaby has now added a W to the "Ghost" game. Then suddenly Ghostwriter points out that C R O W spells Crow, and that crow is a word. Then she expresses her disappointment that she lost to him. Then Jamal teases her saying that she will never beat Ghostwriter at "Ghost". She teases him back by saying that she will likely beat him, probably before he can beat whomever he will beat fighting. Then out of interest, Lenni asks him whom he is going to be fighting. Jamal just laughs it off saying that they should always be prepared to defend themselves, and does a few more impressive kicks. Then they all leave Lenni's loft.

Then a short time later, we see the girls have arrived at the Nguyen's house. Tina, Lenni and Gaby have found a couple of books and maps. First they check the map of Africa to find where Mozambique is. They have difficulty finding it. So Lenni checks a map and it informs them saying: Mozambique is a country on the East African Coast, and it faces the Indian Ocean. So Tina finds it at last and it does face the Indian Ocean. So now that she knows where it is. Then she wonders where else she can find out to impress Safira. Gaby finds it strange that just about every Mozambican recipe has coconut in it. Tina is happy to hear this. She says loves coconut cookies and candies. So she would love to try them all. Then Lenni points out, that Portuguese is the countries official language. They also speak many African languages as well. Then Tina reads out loud that Mozambique was once a colony of Portugal, which is why they speak Portuguese. The country got its freedom in 1975, which was less than twenty years before the arc took place.

So now Tina has a great idea: She will write Safira a note. It will says some things she has learned about her country. She will also include some Portuguese words in it. She is certain that it will impress her and get her to speak with her - hopefully that is! So Tina writes Safira a letter. It says: "Hi, Safira! How are you today? I'm glad that you're visiting Hurston and that you sit next to me in class. I've started reading about your country. It's so Interesting! Do you really eat lots of things made with coconut? I love coconut, especially coconut cookies! - Tina. Then as she reviews her rough copy, Ghostwriter reads it to. He borrows letters to tells Tina: "A friend from Mozambique? How exciting! She tells Ghostwriter that she now wants to change some of the word into Portuguese. So Ghostwriter tells her too check page three in the 1993 edition of Portuguese to English phrase book. She learns that Como está hoje means how are you today? Then her mother and her little sister Linda enter the room. Her mother tells her to hurry up and get ready, so she won't be late for school. She asks her mother just for a few more minutes, but she tells her now please. Linda taking after their mom, says yeah now please in a stubborn tone. So she packs up her bag and they leave. On their way out, her mom fixes Tina's hair which annoys her.

Then in first period science class, Tina gives Safira the good copy of her letter. Ms. Dozier enters the classroom and asks the class to take out their notebooks. Since today they're having a little experiment to help them delve into the properties of soil. She asks for two volunteers whom are ready, willing and able to get their hands dirty in two bowls of different types of soil. The students who volunteer are a girl named Angeline and a boy (sort of class clown) named Mohammed. Then Safira reads the letter. Tina has titled it "Tidbits from Tina!" it now says: "Hi, Safira! Como está hoje? Estou Contente that you're visiting Hurston and that you sit next to me in class. I've started reading about your country. It's so Interesting! Do you really eat lots of things made with coconut? I love coconut, especially coconut cookies! - Tina".

The sentiment of this letter has really warmed Safira up. So she writes a reply and gives it back to her. It says: "Estou Contente that you're interested in my country. Then they both happily smile at each other. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter gives Tina a message in the air. It says: Parabéns, Tina! Tina looks at it and reads it out loud. Safira is confused as to where she saw it. So Tina asks her if she knows what it means. Safira says that Parabéns is Portuguese for congratulations. So Ghostwriter was congratulating Tina on making a new friend. Then they both begin laughing. So Ms. Dozier asks the two of them, if they can share their joke with the rest of the class. Mohammed says that it's probably dirty. This causes Angeline and just about everyone else to begin laughing.

Then in the hallway during class change, Alex tells Lenni that the lady from the Youth Center has chosen a kid for him to mentor. The boy is named Hector Carrero. He is nine-years-old and he now attends George Washington Elementary School. He then tells Lenni, he is going to meet him today after school. Then Tina and Safira meet in the hallway. Safira apologizes for being so rude to her the other day. She says she didn't mean to. It is just that her father says her studies are more important than anything. So she won't have the time to be in her video. Tina says it's okay, because her video is fine the way it is. She would still like to learn more about her country. Safira says she would like to learn more about hers too. She is confused on what country Tina is really from so she guesses: China. She tells Safira that her parents came from Vietnam, but she was born in the USA. So she is Vietnamese-American. Tina then asks her if she can come over to her house after school. Safira says she cannot, because she has to go straight home. Then Safira asks Tina if she can visit her instead. She and her family are staying at the Steadmore Hotel. Tina says she would be delighted too. So she will phone her parents for permission.

Then after school, Tina has gotten permission. But she cannot stay too long, because it's a school night. They head to the limousine. Tina compliments how nice it must be to travel in it. Safira says she would rather walk, but her father insists she takes it, because he believes the city is too dangerous for her. Since she is a young girl, in a big country she's never been to before. When they get to the limousine, Safira introduces her family bodyguard and driver Oko. He is a cheerful and very pleasant man. He says he has been working for their family for at least a hundred years( hyperbole for many years). Also he is the only person other than her brother who can call her Safi. Safira introduces Tina to him and says she will be coming to visit her. So they get into the vehicle and drive to the hotel. On the way, Tina lowers her window and smiles at Alex and Jamal. They are happy to see that her note worked.

Then over at the basketball court, Alex is shooting baskets while trying to talk to Hector. Hector is unhappy and bored and doesn't speak very much. He mostly just answers under duress. He also speaks in Spanish when he gets mad or frustrated. Hector and his family recently moved here from Puerto Rico, but originally he was born in United States. He now goes to George Washington Elementary School. So Alex asks him if he knows his younger sister Gaby whom is now in the fifth Grade. He says he doesn't, which surprises Alex. He thought everybody knew her. Since she is such a blabber mouth. Then Alex passes him the ball, but Hector throws it back. Alex tries to encourage to play. Then Hector gets exasperated and reveals he doesn't like basketball, but he didn't want stop Alex from having a good time. So Alex asks him what he likes to do. So Hector pulls out a small ball. He reveals he likes to play handball. So Hector and Alex play a match of handball together.

Tina and Safira arrive at the hotel and enter the Simango's suite. There Safira introduces her mother to Tina. Mrs. Simango is a nice and friendly woman, who is pleased to meet her. Then her father comes in and very politely makes Tina's acquaintance. Then his wife reminds them they are going to a party at 8:00 pm. Then her father strictly tells Safira that she has to finish her homework before 6:00 pm, so she can go to the museum with him. Safira is disappointed to hear this and asks him why. He explains to her that a college of his has set up a private tour for them. Safira is upset and tries to explain that she was hoping to spend time with Tina. Her father doesn't listen. Instead he insists that she will do what he says. Then Safira begs her mother for just a little time to hang out with Tina outside. Then her father snaps at her, reminding her that she has to listen to him. Then Mrs. Simango, reminds him that he already pushed their older son Malenga way. So unless he wants to push her away too, then let her have some space and time to herself. Mr. Simango is furious reminding her to never say his name to him. Then Mrs. Simango gives them permission to talk outside for a little while. She asks Safira not too stay too long and take Oko with them. Then Mr. Simango reminds her to be ready by 6:00 pm.

Then back at the basketball court, Alex and Hector are having a wonderful time playing handball together. They are smiling, cheering and high fiving. Then as the game ends Hector declares Alex the winner, and is impressed with his skills. Alex compliments him too and says it was almost a tie. Hector is no longer unhappy he now appeas to be as cheerful as Alex is. Then Alex realizes it is time to get him back home, so they leave.

Then outside, Safira and Tina sit down on a picnic blanket to talk. Then Oko turns around to give them privacy. Tina asks her why her father gets furious when her brother's name is mentioned. Safira tells her that three years earlier, her brother Malenga refused to go to college to continue his education. All he wanted to do was to paint and become an artist. This made their father really angry, because he felt Malenga was just wasting his time. So they argued over and over again. Then one day while arguing, Malenga knocked their father down. She wasn't sure why he did it, but she is positive it was an accident. Then their father kicked Malenga out and told him to never come back. She hasn't seen him ever since, now she misses him so much. Hearing this, Tina feels terrible for her. She just cannot imagine not being able to see her brother Tuan for three years.

Then Safira excitingly smiles and quietly tells Tina that she has a plan. It turns out that Malenga is coincidentally living in New York, and she plans on finding him. She knows this because, he has been secretly writing letters to her. Still she doesn't know where he lives. He has never given her his address, because he doesn't want their father to find him. She is desperate and just feels she has to find, because she misses him so much. Also she has something very important to give to him. Tina asks her what, so she takes it out of her bag. It is small black statue called a Makonde carving. It was given to her a few months ago, after her grandfather died. But it is intended to be given to the oldest grandchild. So she feels her brother should have it. Therefore, it will give him luck and help him become an artist. Then Tina asks when she plans on finding him. Safira says that she thought it would be easy. All she would do, was look up his address in a phone book when she arrived, but it isn't listed. So Tina suggests perhaps he doesn't have a telephone. So perhaps they should check his letters for clues. Safira agrees to check through her letters the next day at school. Then Oko informs them it is time to go, so they say goodbye to each other.

The next day at school, Safira and Tina meet in an empty classroom. There they start checking through the letters. One letter Malenga informs Safira that he has moved to the United State of America. He is living in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York called Flatbush. So now he is trying to make his way. Also he rents a room from the owner of a used bookstore. He also works in the same bookstore. Then the bell rings and classes are about to start. So Tina asks Safira to come over to her house after school. There they can check the phone book for used bookstores in Flatbush. Then they can figure out which one Malenga is staying at. Safira says she isn't sure she can come over. She worries that her father has another educational trip planned. So Tina suggests she lie to her parents and say they need to work on a school assignment together. Then Safira reluctantly agrees with her suggestion.

Then after school, Tina and Safira meet at her house. They have checked the phone book, and they have found the listings for five used book stores in Flatbush.

  1. Book World.
  2. Brown's Books.
  3. Good Old Books.
  4. Martha's Used Books.
  5. Perry's Place.

So first Tina tries calling "Book World". She asks them if they know Malenga Simango, but the owner says no they do not. Then she tries calling "Brown's Books". The owner doesn't know him either. Along with the owner of "Good Old Books". Then Tina's calls "Martha's Used Books". Finally there is hope. The owner does know him. This is the store where Malenga lives and works. Then Tina asks to speak to him, but the owner informs her he moved out. So now he lives in Fort Greene.

When Tina hangs up, Safira having overheard everything looks disappointed. Then Tina tells her that he moved into an apartment in Fort Greene. The same neighborhood as theirs. So now Safira is full of hope. So they check another letter for more clues. The next letter Malenga told Safira on that day, he missed their mother's pudim de coco so much, he decided to make it himself. Safira explains it means yellow coconut pudding. A kind that her mother makes better than anyone else. So Malenga explains that he went to a small market near his apartment in Fort Greene Park. There he bought a coconut from a talkative Asian man. One with a beautiful smile and a patch over his left eye. So now they know where to look for answers. A small market near Fort Greene Park, One that is run by a talkative Asian man with a patch over his left eye.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: A new girl arrives at Hurston Middle School, and she catches the Ghostwriter team's attention. The team learns that the new girl is named Safira Simango, and she is from Mozambique, Africa. Safira will be attending their school for a couple of weeks. As her father, (who is an Ambassador) is on a special assignment to the United Nations.

Tina really wants to become friends with Safira. So Ghostwriter helps Tina write a note to Safira. It worked and helped them become friends. Then Safira invited Tina to visit her at the Steadmore Hotel and introduced Tina to her parents. Tina finds out that Mr. Simango is very strict.

Meanwhile- Alex joined the one-on-one program. It is where older kids, work with younger kids. Alex is helping a boy named Hector with his writing.

And- Safira told Tina that her older brother Malenga left home, and has not seen the family for three years. This is because he and their father, had a big fight. However she reveals to Tina that Malenga is coincidentally living in New York. She found this out, because he has been secretly writing letters to her. Safira misses her brother very much, and she wants to give him an African carving that belonged to their late Grandfather.

So Tina and Safira read Malenga's letters for clues on where he may be. They find out that Malenga shops at a market somewhere in Fort Greene. So all they have to do now, is look for a market near Fort Greene Park. One that is run by an Asian man who wears a patch over his left eye.

Will Tina and Safira be able to find the market where Malenga shops? Will Safira find Malenga before she goes back to Mozambique?

The arc resumes with Tina and Safira planning to check the markets around Fort Greene for Malenga. Oko has arrived to drive them to where he thinks will be to Tina's house. So Safira begs Oko to let her walk over with Tina like a normal person. Tina backs her up telling Oko that she walks home everyday, and it is very safe. Safira begs him to let her do it just one time. Then he gives in, and lets her. Then she thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. Now Oko patiently waits for her to come back at the same spot.

Then over at the Fernandez house, Hector has come over for a session for writing tutoring with Alex. Hector is reluctant to do it. So he keeps finding ways to stall the time. Now Hector keeps finding things he admires in the Fernandez children's bedroom. Things such as baseballs and video games.

Then Hector asks Alex why he has so many pins on his world map on the wall. Alex explains that the pinned countries show where his pen pals live. Alex explains to Hector that pen pals are friends that you write letters back and forth to, whom are from different cities and countries. So it is like having friends from all over the world. Hector is amazed to realize that Alex has written to all of them. Then he is confused on how he has time to write to all of the guys. Alex reveals they are all girls. Hearing this, Hector is disgusted. He says that he wouldn't waste his time to even write to one girl. Alex laughs it off, saying he believes he will change his mind in a few years. Hector denies that he ever will.

Then Hector asks him how he never mixes any of them up. Alex says that they are all different. Now Hector explains that he once had a bug collection in Puerto Rico. Then no matter how hard he tried, he could never keep them from getting mixed up. Alex says that girls are not like bugs. So Hector complains asking why they always bug him then. Now Alex insists for Hector to stop stalling. He reminds him he is supposed to help him with his writing. Then he asks Hector to show him his notebook. Hector is reluctant to show him it, but Alex insists. So Hector nervously hands it over. But the notebook is empty and all the pages have been ripped out.

Meanwhile, Safira and Tina prepare a list to check the markets around Fort Greene. Safira reminds her that they need to find a talkative Asian man. One with a beautiful smile and wears a patch over his left eye. So first they arrive at a market called "Plymouth Delicatessen". They see a man carrying out a crate of food. At first Safira is excited. Then when the man turns around, he turns out to be just another Caucasian man. Safira gets discouraged. So they ask the man if the Asian man they're looking for works here. He says no, and he gets annoyed and shoos them away. So they add that market to their list. Then they arrive at a market called "Peas N Pickles" (one that is opened 24 hours). They ask a woman working there if the Asian man they are looking for works here. She says no and she also doesn't know where he does work. So they add that market to their list too. Then they arrive at a market called "Peregrine Grocer". There they see an Asian man and they both get excited thinking he is the right one. So they begin asking him questions. Then the Asian man gets confused and moves in closer. Then they realize he isn't wearing an eye patch. Instead he is wearing sunglasses. So he wasn't the right person they were looking for either. So they add the market to their list, and now that is three markets they've checked.

Then back to the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex asks Hector why he ripped out all the pages. Hectors gets annoyed, saying it was because his writing was all bad. Alex asks him how he knows he has bad writing. Hector says he just knows, he can speak English, but when he tries to write it, it's almost like he automatically writes in Spanish. He also claims he cannot spell very good, and he doesn't know where to place punctuation. He also says that he has nothing to write about. Alex tells Hector he has a lot to write about! He has lived in Puerto Rico, his mom works in a hardware store and builds furniture. Then Alex suggest his bug collection, but Hector isn't interested in writing about them. Then Alex suggests writing about handball. Hector complains that handball is only something you can play; not write about. So Alex asks him to tell him about weirdest thing, that ever happened to him on the handball court.

So Hector begins to tell him what the weirdest thing was. It was when he and his friend Willie (the kid who lives down the hall from him) went outside to play handball on a cloudy day. It looked like it was going to rain at any minute, but they didn't care. They went outside to the court to play handball anyway. They started playing, when all of a sudden it began pouring down rain. It kept on pouring and pouring, but they didn't care. They just kept on playing. Then they got so soaking wet, that their shirts stuck to their chests. Then their pants started falling down, and their shoes got all squishy. Then Willie slipped and he fell over him. And they both started laughing so hard, it was like they were gobbling raindrops. Then when he got home, his mom talked to him. She said: "Hector". Hearing this he though: "Uh-oh". Then she said: "Next time you go swimming, wear a bathing suit". They laugh and Alex tells him it sounds great. So he suggests that Hector write about it. Hector says he can only tell it, not write it. So Alex tells him to just try writing it in his notebook, and not worry about the spelling right now. So Hector reluctantly begins trying.

Then over at the park, Tina and Safira sit down and try to relax. Safira is frustrated, because none of the markets they checked had the Asian man that they were for. Tina mentions that they are now narrowing it down, and they now know which markets they still need to check. So now they getting closer to finding the right market. Tina tells her not to worry, and she is sure they will find Malenga. Hearing this, Safira feels assured. Then she compliments how nice it is in the United States. Tina agrees with her and says she really likes it too. Then Tina and Safira drop their bags and climb to the top of the jungle gym. There Safira vents her frustration. She says that ever since she has come to the USA, she has only been with her parents or Oko. Also that she has only been to school or some other place her father believes is so educational. Hearing this, Tina agrees saying she hears her parents say that a lot too. Safira says if she hears that word one more time she is going to scream. Tina screams first and then Safira screams with her and they both end up laughing. Then an annoyed woman passing by stares at them. She looks annoyed wondering what there problem was. They both feel embarrassed and they nervously wave to her. Then she walks off looking annoyed. Then suddenly, Tina notices a nearby hot dog stand. So now she tells Safira she feels like a hot dog with relish and ketchup. Safira is surprised to here this, worrying that it is too close to dinnertime now. Tina persuades her to have just one hot dog with her. So they happily run over to buy some.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Hector has finished writing. He reluctantly hands his notebook back to Alex and asks him to promise not to laugh at his writing. Alex promises and tries to read it, but it is a long run-on sentence, with no punctuation and some spelling mistakes. It says: "Handball in the Rain by Hector Carrero Once I play handball in the rain whith my freind Willie we got so soaked that our pants felt down and our shoes got all soggy and we just laff and laff my mom told me next time I go swiming I shud wear a bathing suit. The End". Alex likes it and he tells him he thinks it is great. Hector feels proud hearing this, and Alex mentions he liked the part he mentioned earlier about he and Willie falling on top of each other. So Hector considers adding it to make it sound funnier.

Then back at the park, Tina and Safira have finished their hot dogs and are just relaxing and sipping soda. Safira tells Tina how great she feels now. She isn't around her parents or Oko. So it is like she is now free. Now all she wants to do, is just find her brother and give him the carving. Tina asks if she can see it again, Safira shows it and Tina admires how beautiful it is. Safira is certain that it will give him enough luck, to be the best artist he possibly be. Then she could move in and live with him. That way she can feel free all of the time. Tina isn't so sure if she would really want to live with her brother. Tuan is always bossing her around and he never cleans up after himself. Sometimes she even thinks about how nice it would be to have her own apartment. Since where she lives is so simple. Safira says she thinks it is nice. Then Tina complains she isn't rich like she is. Safira says that she isn't rich. The government pays for them to stay at fancy places, because her father is an ambassador. Then Tina and Safira start happily running and laughing through the trees. Tina asks her to imagine how nice it would be to have a place of there very own for just the two of them. One where they could be free and have everything they could ever imagine. Then they relax and swing on the tire swings. There Safira thanks her for all of her help so far. Tina welcomes her and says that reading his letters, kind of makes it feel like she already knows him. Safira says that is exactly why she always has them with her: until she can see him again. Then suddenly, Tina realizes how late it has gotten. So they both quickly say their goodbyes and Tina runs home and Safira runs back to Oko.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex informs Hector that now they need to fix some words and put in some punctuation. Hearing this, Hector gets discouraged and is about to leave. He tells Alex that he told him he cannot write. Alex tells him he just made some mistakes, like everyone sometimes does. Also he can write, because he just a wrote a story and he was able to read it. Then Hector complains asking why he needs to spell the words correctly and use punctuation. Alex says it is because, if everyone just spelled words differently and didn't use punctuation, then nobody would understand each other. Then Alex asks Hector since he has now written a good story, if wants everyone to be able to understand it. Hector finally agrees, so Alex shows him how to to make the proper corrections. With Alex's help now his story says: "Handball in the Rain by Hector Carrero. Once I played handball in the rain with my friend Willie. We got so soaked that our pants fell down and our shoes got all soggy. Then Willie slipped and I fell on top of him. We just laughed and laughed. My mom told me next time I go swimming, I should wear a bathing suit. The End". Hector mentions that writing is hard. Alex agrees but says it can be fun too, and to look how good his story turned out. Hector feels proud of himself, realizing he is right. It did turn out pretty good.

Then when Tina gets home, her mom and Linda are waiting for her. Her mom is angry saying she is late, and was supposed to set the table. Tina fibs saying that she and Safira were so busy studying, they just lost track of time. Hearing this, her mom feels happy that she has befriended her. She can only understand too well, how it feels to adjust to staying in a new country. So Tina helps her mom finish setting up for dinner. Linda complains that she smells like hot dogs. So Tina asks to be quiet about it.

Meanwhile, at the Steadmore Hotel, Mr. Simango is furious to have heard from Oko that she went out all alone. He raises his voice asking her what she thought she was doing, going around all by herself in a big and very dangerous city. Safira tries to explain that she wasn't alone, she was with Tina. Her father says that Tina is a little girl, just like she is. Safira complains that she isn't a little girl, because she is 12-years-old. Her father snaps at her saying that she is still a little girl, who has no business going out without an adult. Also tonight he was planning to take her to a lecture (an educational talk to an audience such as a group of students). Hearing this, Safira complains about having to go to another one. Mrs. Simango snaps at her for disrespecting her father. Then her father makes her a strict rule: for the rest of their stay, she is not to go anywhere. Unless she is accompanied by him, her mother or Oko. Also they are know about her whereabouts at all times. Safari reluctantly says she understands.

Then the next morning, Safira meets with Tina in science class. Ms. Dozier comes in preparing to start the class. Today she has some soil samples for them to look under the microscope. Also she wants everyone to take out pieces of paper, to record what they see. Mohammed eagerly volunteers to go first. Then Tina and Safira start passing notes. Safira writes to her saying: "I have got to find my brother soon! I am desperate! Tina replies saying: I have friends who will help us. Let's meet after school". Then Ms. Dozier catches them passing notes. She nicely tells them not to pass notes and she left her piano at home today. This makes them and and everyone else groan. So now she is glad that to see they were paying attention.

Then after school, Tina and Safira meet at her house. Also Tina has invited Lenni, Jamal, Gaby and Alex over to help them. Tina has made them all copies of Malenga's letters. She and Safira explain that in one of them, he says that he likes to buy coconuts from a market in Fort Greene. The man he buys them from is a talkative Asian man with a beautiful smile, and a patch over his left eye. They also tell them they haven't found that Asian man's market yet. So they show them all a list of the markets they have already checked. So Lenni suggests they start a casebook immediately. Safira tells them they have to hurry, because she cannot stay too long. So the girls all agree they need to start piecing together the puzzle. So for their first clue, Lenni writes down: Where does Malenga Simango live? For the second clue she mentions he shops at a certain market in Fort Greene.

Now they have one more letter to check. In the letter Malenga mailed to his sister, he has beautifully drawn pictures of a sun and a moon on it. He tells Safira that he is working very hard now. Also he has moved on from the bookstore. He now delivers flowers for a florist, and washes dishes in an Italian restaurant. He has also begun to paint again. He still misses her very much. So sometimes in the afternoon, he rides to a place called Brooklyn Heights. A place that overlooks the tall buildings in the East river. There he sits on a bench on the walkway, and watches the sun set over the water. There he can imagine seeing her eyes in the sun. Knowing that she has already looked outside over the hills. To see that same sun high in the sky. Then to think of their old story Why the Sun and Moon live in the Sky. And he promises he will think about it too.

Alex is familiar with the story. He knows that it is an old African folktale. Jamal admires the pictures Malenga drew in the letter. He says that he is really good. Then Lenni asks to see the letter. She points out two new clues: Florist and Italian restaurant. So Malenga may still work at those places, and his bosses must know his address. So now they've got to figure out which florist and which restaurant he works at. Jamal reviews the casebook, and he points they now have three clues: Green market, Florist and Italian restaurant. Safira wants to check the markets again, but she cannot. Oko is waiting outside for her and she has to go now. So Jamal and Alex agree to check the markets for her. So Tina give them a list of the ones they already checked. Then Lenni and Gaby head over to her loft, to start calling florists. Then Tina and Safira will check the phone book for Italian restaurants.

Now over at Lenni's Loft, she and Gaby have called about three florist places and they have had no luck. Tina and Safira do not seem to be having any luck either, with calling Italian restaurants. Alex and Jamal are running by checking other markets in Fort Greene. They finally arrive at one called "Jackie Deli Grocery Store". Just as they are about to speak to the young female employee, the owner comes out. Jamal and Alex smile, because it is the Asian man with the patch over his left eye! And he confirms that he does know Malenga, and they cheer. So they phone Tina to tell her the good news. So now she calls a rally - she writes on a piece of paper: Rally T. Ghostwriter skims it and delivers the message to others. The letter magnets on Lenni's refrigerator rearrange to spell "Rally T"! Then they all return to Tina's house.

Safira is amazed that someone in New York actually knows her brother. She asks them when Mr. Tung (the Asian man) said Malenga would be coming to his market again. Alex and Jamal say that he doesn't know. But they told him she was looking for him. So they gave Mr. Tung, Tina's phone number. Then Safira is worried asking what if Malenga comes by when Mr. Tung is not there. Then nobody will give him the message. So Jamal suggests leaving Malenga a note, telling him she is looking for him. Also they can ask Mr. Tung if they can leave it for him by the coconuts, so he cannot miss it. Safira thinks it is a great idea. One that is colorful and has sun and moon pictures drawn on it to catch his attention. Jamal agrees to draw the pictures for Safira (as she makes it clear that it would really please her). So Jamal starts drawing the pictures, as Safira tells them the story of Why the Sun and Moon live in the Sky.

Then Safira writes a rough copy of her message. It says: "Dear Malenga, I am in New York. I must see you right away! I have something important to give you, Love Safi. Then since he cannot call their parents she asks him to please call 555-6893 (Tina's phone number). Then to prove it is really her, she tells him that if she calls, she will tell him why the sun and moon live in the sky. Jamal has finished his big drawing. It is a big beautiful drawing of the sun and moon in the sky, and they are very high above a house floating in the water. Then Safira writes her message in the center of the picture. It now says: "Dear Malenga, I am in New York. I must see you right away! I have something important to give you, love Safi. P.S. Please call 555-6893, and I will tell you why the sun and moon live in the sky. They all take a moment to compliment how nice it is. Then Alex runs over to bring it to Mr. Tung's market.

Then the next morning, Safira nicely asks her parents if she can visit Tina while being accompanied by Oko. Her father tells her no. Today they are all going to a lecture at the United Nations. Hearing this, Safira feels upset. She says she doesn't want to go to a lecture. Her father says he thinks she does, and he is sure that she will learn a lot. Then Safira gets furious and begins shouting. She asks him how can he know what she wants, when he never even asks her. Also he never listens to her, when she tries to tell him what she does want. Her mother asks her to stop shouting and to calm down. Then Safira says it - She tells them that she wishes to live with Malenga instead. Since he is the only one listens to her. And she thinks he would let her do whatever she wants. Mr. Simango is furious to hear his name and reminds her not to say it. She says that it is her brothers name and she loves him. He says love or not, he broke the family rules. Safira snaps saying that are only his rules. The he snaps saying yes they are indeed. Then Safira tells her father that she hates him. Her parents are both shocked to hear this and Mr. Simango is furious and upset. He sends her to her room, but she says no! Then she runs out of the room. Her parents chase after her, but she has already run off the other way.

Then over at the Nguyen's house, Mrs. Nguyen tries to get Tina's attention. Then Linda points out she is listening to loud music. Then Tina notices them and takes off her headphones. Her mom tells Tina she is taking Linda out to buy new shoes and reminds her not to forget to do her chores. She promises she will and on their way out, Linda tells her that she can hear her music again. So Tina sticks her tongue out to her. Then after they leave, Tina answers the phone. It is Mr. Simango. She tells him that she is sure Safira isn't at her house. Then she asks him if something is wrong. Then she is shocked to hear him tell her that she has run away!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts:

First- Tina has made a new friend: Safira Simango from Mozambique, Africa. Safira will be at Hurston Middle School for a couple of weeks, while her father works at the United Nations. Safira's father is very strict. He worries about her schoolwork and her safety in this new city. Safira tells Tina, that her older brother Malenga moved away from Mozambique three years ago. This was because he and Mr. Simango had a fight. Mr. Malenga was still very hurt, and he doesn't even want his son's named to be mentioned.

But- It turns out that by coincidence, Malenga now lives in New York. Safira knows this, because he has been secretly writing letters to her for the past three years. So while Safira is here, she plans to find him, but she doesn't know where to look. She really misses Malenga, and she wants to give him a special African carving. After searching for clues to Malenga's whereabouts in his letters, Tina and Safira found out he shops at a market in Fort Greene. This happens to be right in Tina's neighborhood.

So- Safira convinces Oko (the family driver/bodyguard) to let her go with Tina after school by themselves. So they can secretly search for Malenga.

Meanwhile- Alex is volunteering at the one-on-one program. It is where older kids help younger kids. He is helping Hector with his writing, and now they're becoming friends. But the girls cannot find Malenga. And on top of that, Safira gets in trouble, for going out by herself. So for the rest of her families stay in the USA, she isn't allowed to go anywhere without one of her parents or Oko.

But- Safira must find Malenga soon. So Tina gets the Ghostwriter team on the case. And they finally find the market where Malenga shops. The team leaves a message for Malenga at the market. This is for him to call Tina's house, as soon as he can.

Then- Safira and her father have a fight over family rules. Then she walks out on her parents and runs away!

What will Safira do now? Will Malenga get Safira's message, so they can be reunited?

The arc resumes, with Tina promising Mr. Simango that she will call him right away, if Safira shows up at her house. Tina is really worried now. She just knows that Safira is trying to find her brother. Then without a moment to spare, she calls a rally. She writes on a piece of paper "Rally T". So Ghostwriter skims the message and begins to deliver it immediately. Over in Lenni's loft, she is folding laundry. Then she notices the words on a shirt rearrange to tell her "Rally T". So she drops everything, and heads over to Tina's house. Over in Jamal's bedroom, he is exercising and working on his biceps. Then inside his fitness book, he notices some letters rearrange to say "Rally T". He takes a better look at it. Then he stops his workout and heads off to the rally.

Meanwhile, in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is trying hard to get their room all neat and clean. Hector is coming over soon. So he wants to impress him with cleanliness. Gaby is being no help at all, she is just playing jacks and being a pain. He snaps at her asking her to help, but she stubbornly says no. She says it is because Hector is his friend, not hers. So it is up to him, if he wants to impress him. Then Alex gets annoyed saying that in the very least, she can move out the way. She says no, because it is her room too. Then suddenly, on Gaby's Galaxy Girl comic book she can see letters moving onto the front cover. She realizes it's a rally message and informs Alex about it. She thinks Tina called it, because Safira's brother may have called by now. But Alex says he cannot go, because he has to help Hector with his current events assignment. So Alex stays behind and she promises to fill him in later on.

Now we see Safira has arrived at Jackie Deli Grocery Store. She nicely speaks to Mr. Tung and introduces herself. She says who she is and that she is Malenga's sister. Mr. Tung is a very sweet, friendly and nice man. And he is thrilled to see her, saying she is more beautiful than her brother described. She thanks him for the compliment and asks him if he has seen her brother. Mr. Tung says not lately. But he nicely tells her that her friend did drop off the beautiful poster they made. So he put up right by the coconuts. That way, when Malenga finally comes by, he is sure not to miss it. Then Safira asks Mr. Tung if she can stay at the market for a while to wait for her brother. Mr. Tung says he doesn't mind at all, and she can wait for him as long as she wants. So Safira takes a moment to look at the carving. Now she worries that she might not get the chance to give it to her brother in time.

Then over at Tina's house, Lenni and Gaby have already arrived, but not Jamal yet. Gaby is worried sick about Safira. She is pacing back and forth, not being able to believe she would run away and do something so dangerous. Also the fact that anything can happen to her. Tina explains that Safira hasn't been getting along so well with her parents. So that may the reason why she ran away. Lenni feels really bad to hear about this, and Tina says she is certain that Safira went looking for her brother. Tina informs them all that Safira has been thinking about going to live with her brother. Then Lenni suggests that perhaps Safira went over to Mr. Tung's market, to wait for her brother there.

Now we hear a knock on the door. Tina thinks it might be Safira, but it isn't; it is Jamal. But he has a surprise for them. Someone they know whom he ran into on the way to the rally. It is Rob Baker! Rob is thrilled to see everyone, and everyone is thrilled to see him. Jamal reveals that Rob got back to town the other day, but he didn't say anything to anybody. Rob says he was waiting for a rally message. Gaby teases him saying she doesn't believe him. Then Lenni tells him she was so jealous of his news from his last letter. Which was that his mom's job was keeping him in Australia until after school started. She says that she would love to have an excuse like that to miss school. Gaby cheers saying that now he is back. But Rob almost seems a little unhappy when she hears him say that.

Now Rob tells them all that Jamal filled him in all about Safira. Then Tina informs both Rob and Jamal that Safira has run away. Jamal is just shocked to hear this, Gaby says that Tina thinks Safira went off to look for her brother by herself. Then Jamal asks Tina how well Safira knows the city. Tina says not well at all, which could mean Safira could get herself lost anywhere at anytime. So Jamal suggests that before they go searching themselves, they should ask Ghostwriter for help first. Then Tina mentions, that Safira carries Malenga's letters with her everywhere she goes. So perhaps Ghostwriter can read the letters, and anything near them. This can give them clues as to where Safira might be.

Tina informs Ghostwriter, that Safira has run away. He answers saying: "That's terrible. Why did she do that?". Tina replies to him saying they are not sure. Then Gaby asks them all if any of them every thought about running away. Lenni says she has a couple of times, but doesn't go into details. Jamal says he thought about it once. It was when he was a young kid. He was mad at his mom for always being at nursing school, and she was busy all the time. So he packed his suitcase, with his comic books, baseball mitt and some clean underwear. When he got to the sidewalk, he was just to scared to leave. Then his mom came out and spoke with him. Then she explained to him, why she was always so busy. Then he felt better, but he was still angry with her. Gaby says that she once felt like running away too. It was when she stole the $50.00 from her family store, to buy the Galaxy Girl costume. Then she felt better when she finally talked to her parents about it. Then Rob who looks very serious and upset. He says that he thought about running away the other day. Jamal asks him what he means, but he says nothing. Then Lenni asks him if he is okay. He says yes. But he certainly doesn't look okay.

Then Tina tells them all, that she has asked Ghostwriter to look for Malenga's letters. She writes to Ghostwriter asking him "Please read what's near Malenga's letters and help us find her". First Ghostwriter expresses his concern telling them "I don't want anything to happen to her!". Then he quickly flies off to search. Rob says that Ghostwriter sure is worried about her. Lenni says that it feels good to know that Ghostwriter is always looking out for them. Jamal agrees and says that they also look out for him too. Then Tina says it is what the Ghostwriter team is all about: they look out for each other. Then finally Rob blurts out the reason why he has been so quiet and unhappy. It is because he is moving again. They are all shocked to hear this, and they want to know why. Rob says that his mom's job in Australia is permanent now. So they are all moving down there to live there for good. So he hasn't come back to stay. Instead he has come back, to withdraw from school and transfer his records and transcripts. Also to pack all of his belongings, and say goodbye to all of his friends. Now Rob and his four friends are all really upset.

Then back at Mr. Tung's market, Safira feels she has waited long enough. She thanks Mr. Tung for an apple he gave her and says goodbye. He says she is welcome and he promises that if her brother comes by, he will ask her to call her right away. Then Safira reflects on her letters, (which Ghostwriter skims) and she leaves. She crosses the street and soon she is gone. Now a young African man comes walking to the market from the upset direction. He goes to the coconuts and he is shocked and surprised to see the poster. It is Malenga Simango! He is amazed to find out that Safira is currently in New York and he is certain the poster is from her. Since it mentions their favorite folktale. So Malenga asks to speak to Mr. Tung. Mr. Tung is happy to see him and confirms that his sister did leave him the message. Also that she was just here, to see if he saw it, and he just missed her. Now Safira is out of sight. So Malenga asks where he can find a telephone. Then Mr. Tung allows him to use his. Then for a moment, as Malenga stares at the poster. He worries wondering if his father knows he is here.

Then back at Tina's house, Tina, Lenni, Gaby and Jamal are all really upset and bummed out. Rob tries to make conversation. So he mentions how cool the letters Malenga wrote to Safira are. Also that he would like to see some of Malenga's paintings. Since he really knows how to write with words. Then Gaby tries to get their minds of their sadness by suggesting the way to find Safira, is by finding her brother. So they should call more restaurants and florists. Then Lenni interrupts her and blurts out to Rob that she wishes he didn't have to move. Jamal says me two. Tina says me three, Gaby says me four, and Rob says me five. Then he tells them all that Australia is all right, and Sydney is a nice city. It is right on the coast, and there are beaches and sailing races all the time. Then he promises he will write to them all the time. Then he asks them if they will promise to write to him too. They all promise they will. So now they all feel a little better about the situation about him moving.

Then Tina brings it to their attention, that Ghostwriter is back. He tells them "Mochila Bonita". Gaby tells them bonita is Spanish for beautiful. Tina says it is also Portuguese for beautiful. Also those words means "Beautiful Bag". This is what is titled on the bag Safira carries around with her. So Ghostwriter must have found her somewhere. So Jamal asks him for more clues and what he read around the words on her bag. Then Ghostwriter tells them: "No parking 8:00 AM-7:00 PM except Sunday". This isn't any good. It just says that she is out somewhere on a street corner. Tina isn't sure what to do now. She just prays she is not lost. Then Ghostwriter tells them that he will keep on trying. Then the phones rings. Tina answers it and she reveals to them all the caller is Malenga!

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Hector has arrived. He feels very proud of himself. He tells Alex that during journal time in school, he actually wrote things down. Also he did it just the way he taught him to. He tried to catch the words as he thought them up. Then he wrote them down as fast as he could. Hector says he loved doing it, and it was so cool. Hearing this, Alex is proud of him and they shake hands. Alex mentions that he now has a current events assignment. Hector says, he wants to write about an incident that happened in the store where his mother works. It is about a rude and cranky old man. One who came in demanding a wrench. Then before he can finish, Alex says that isn't a current event. Hector says it happened the other day. Then Alex informs him that a current event is something that is in the newspaper. Hector says what happened to his mom, should be in the newspaper. Alex asks him to get it together and focus. Then Hector complains because now he'll have to read the newspaper. Alex asks him what the problem is. Hector says he hates reading, and it takes him forever to finish a paragraph. Alex doubts it and encourages him to just try to, and he will help him if necessary. So Hector begins and tries to look for something gory.

Meanwhile, we see Safira at a subway tunnel. She tries hard to recognize and remember where it goes. So she goes down the stairs into the terminal.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is trying to help Hector find an interesting article to write about. Alex suggests the article "Firefighter bags cat". This is about a cat being rescued. But Hector doesn't like cats so he says no. Then Hector finds an article about a truck, and he likes trucks. The article is titled: "Truck Spays Hundreds. Hector is confused by what that means. So Alex asks him to read it and find out. So Hector begins to read it out loud. But he has trouble understanding some words, and trouble with suffixes. So when a word ends in a suffix, he has a tendency to say both the word and suffix separately.

This is what the article is about: A bank truck traveling near Dallas, Texas spewed hundred dollar bills all over the highway when its back door accidentally opened and a bag of money broke apart. Motorists stopped, jumped from their cars, and ran up and down the highway after the money. They were hampered, however, by strong winds that sent the bills swirling out of reach. Larry Greenberg, President of the Brick Bank, said some of the money has been recovered, but much of it is still missing. Hector eventually gets the words right and reads it well and enjoys the article. So he decides to right it down for his assignment. Then Alex stops him, and informs him that he cannot just write it all down word from word. He can use a few words he likes, but he has to write it in his own words. So it will sound like the way he speaks. So Hector reluctantly gives it a go and begins writing.

Then over at Tina's house Malenga Simango has come over. He is now upset and worried sick over his sister. He cannot believe his sister ran away, into the big dangerous city to look for him. Tina reminds him that she loves him very much. He says he knows, he keeps saying that if he had just showed up at the market a moment sooner, he would have found her. Also that he should have put his return address on his letters. Tina mentions that Safira said he didn't, because he was worried his dad would find him. He now realizes how foolish a mistake that was. Then Jamal suggests calling his parents, and Lenni suggests helping his parents find her. He says his parents are only worried about her and not him. So the only thing he can do now, is called Mr. Tung, and see if she came back to his market. So Tina lets him use her telephone to call Mr. Tung.

Then when Malenga is out of the room, Gaby points out to Rob that Ghostwriter is back. Ghostwriter shows them a message that Safira has just written. It says: "Dear Malenga, The sun is beginning to set now. If only you were sitting here with me to see it". The four of them figure out that Safira must be outside writing to her brother somewhere. But Lenni, Jamal and Gaby aren't sure where. Then Rob remembers reading about the sun setting in another letter. So he checks the letter and points it out to them, just as Tina and Malenga return to the room. In a previous letter, Malenga told Safira he sometimes watches the sun set at Brooklyn Heights. So Rob has helped them figure out that Safira must be at the promenade at Brooklyn Heights!

Then over at promenade, Safira is sitting on a bench and she is really sad. She reflects on looking at her book of African folktales. Then she reads her favorite story in it. As she says the words from the story, she prays for brother to come and see her. Then she goes over to the fence and looks all around. Then she sadly asks her brother where he is. Then she takes out some papers and a pen and sits down to write.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Hector has finished. Then he reads it out loud to Alex. Here is what he wrote: "Hundreds and hundreds of dollars spewed, out of a bank truck on the highway in Texas. People jumped out of their cars, and ran all over the place, trying to catch the money. But a lot of it just blew away. Now the Brick bank is out of a lot of dough". Alex tells him it sounds great, because he wrote it in his own words. Then Hector bows feeling proud of himself.

Then suddenly, blue spheres and lime green letters come flying out of Hector's notebook! Hector is terrified, asking Alex what is going on. Alex tells him it is just Ghostwriter. Hector backs away so fast he almost knocks Alex down. He asks him who and how he did that trick. Alex tells him it is all right and persuades him to watch letters form. We see a huge lime green H and P, with blue spheres bouncing between them in the air. Then tie-dye lime and blue letters spell: "Hector never gives up!!". Hector is now so scared, he makes a run for it. Then Alex stops him at the door convincing him that it is all right. So Hector demands to know how he made that happen. Alex explains he did not do it. Instead Ghostwriter did. Hector keeps asking what he means and whom he is talking about. So Alex makes him watch the words again, and now they disappear. Now Hector is amazed, he thinks Alex just did some magic trick. So he promises not to tell anyone, and to keep it as a secret between them. All he wants to know is how he did it. Alex feels the only want to explain it to Hector, is to ask him to sit down. Now Alex will explain everything about Ghostwriter to him.

Now we see Tina and Malenga have run over to the promenade at Brooklyn Heights. Malenga asks Tina if she can see her and she says no. So they look in opposite directions. Then Tina finds a piece of yellow paper on bench and asks him to come look at it with her. The paper says: "Malenga, please come". Then they find an orange paper on the fence. This one says: "Malenga, where are you?". Then under another bench Malenga finds a blue paper. This one says: "Malenga, I had to go". Then under another bench, Malenga finds a red paper. This one says: "Malenga, please, please call the Steadmore!". They are both really worried and now they figure that she has gone back to the hotel. So Malenga realizes he has to go there too. To see Safira and finally face his father. Tina decides to go with him to help them.

Meanwhile, it is getting dark now. Safira is lost and she looks upset, confused and scared. She is extremely nervous trying to cross a very busy crosswalk.

That evening in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is very excited, while Gaby is very upset. He tells his sister "What a trip". He happily informs her that Ghostwriter has revealed himself to Hector. And Ghostwriter gave him his first message. Also that Hector reacted the same way she did, when she first saw Ghostwriter. Alex is so excited to have found a new team member, and he cannot wait to initiate him. Also Hector says he is really interested about joining. Then Gaby reveals the sad news to her brother, about Rob moving away. He is shocked saying that he just got back. Gaby says he only came back to pack, and say goodbye. He and his family are going to live in Australia for good. Hearing this, Alex is very upset. He feels bad for Rob having to move again and now he is mad.

Then in Lenni's loft, Rob is hanging out with Lenni and Jamal. They are all laughing and socializing. They are reminiscing about the adventures they all had together. Then Jamal reminds him about all the trouble Rob always got himself into. This includes, the time he went down to the Thunder Heads hideout all by himself. Lenni reminds him about the time they were chasing after Lana Barnes' insane stunt double at the Steadmore hotel. Rob remembers it well. Because she hit him over the head with a vase, and knocked him out. Then Jamal mentions that Safira should be back at the Steadmore hotel by now, so why hasn't Tina called yet. Rob says he is sure she will call soon. Then Lenni tells Rob he did great today. The way he connected setting sun from Safira's message, to the words in a letter that Malenga wrote to Safira. Rob says it is just the writer in him. Then Lenni and Jamal both tell him they will really miss that about him.

Meanwhile, Tina and Malenga have arrived at the Steadmore Hotel. They approach room #433, and Malenga bravely knocks on the door. His father answers, and he is shocked and furious to see his son. Malenga tells him, that he has come to see Safira.

Meanwhile, Safira is still fearfully walking the streets. She is afraid of her own shadow, every noise, bark and sound startles her. She accidentally bumps into a business man, and he just shakes it off. She asks herself: "Where am I?". She is now so upset and scared, she begins to cry.

Then back at the hotel room, Malenga and his father are not getting along so well. Malenga tries to explain to his father, that the last message Safira left, said she was coming back. He snaps at Malenga saying that she isn't here. Tina buts in, saying perhaps Safira just took the long way back. Then Mr. Simango rudely snaps at her. He tells her that perhaps they should have told him, what she was planning to do all along. Mrs. Simango tells her husband that he is out of line and to lower his voice. Malenga explains to his father that Tina and her friends are just trying to help. Since they were able to actually find him, then perhaps they can find her too. Mr. Simango snaps at him. He tells him that if she didn't go looking for him, she wouldn't have gotten lost in the first place. Malenga stands up for himself. He tells his father that if he hadn't forbid her to see him, then she never would have run away.

Then Mrs. Simango stands up for her son. She says he is right and he is not to blame. Mr. Simango says that he just wants her to come home safe and sound. Then Mrs. Simango says they're doing everything they can. They have informed the local police and the police at the United Nations. Also Oko is driving around, looking for her. Malenga says Oko can surely find her. He is good at finding people he knows. Mr. Simango tells his son, all his knows about Oko is at least three years old. Hearing this, Malenga feels bad, and he sincerely apologize for not having been around. Mrs. Simango get really mad and upset. She snaps at her husband, saying that it seems like one child in exchange for another. So why can't they all just be together as a family. Then realizing how late it has gotten, Tina says she needs to go. Mrs. Simango apologizes for keeping her so long. So she asks Malenga to take home. Then on the way out, Tina apologizes saying she is just trying to help them. Safira is her friend, and she would never want anything bad to happen to her. Then she and Malenga leave.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts: Tina has made a new friend at Hurston, Safira Simango from Mozambique, Africa. She and her family are staying at the Steadmore Hotel for a few weeks while her father does business with the united Nations. Safira's father is very strict. Safira reveals to Tina that her older brother, Malenga left Mozambique three years ago because he and their father had a huge fight. But, Safira knows that he is in New York and she's going to find him, since he's has been secretly writing letters to her, but she doesn't know where he lives. Safira misses her brother and wants to give him an African carving that belonged to their grandfather.

With help from the Ghostwriter team, Safira created a poster for Malenga. When he finds the poster, he contacted the team. However, Safira runs away from the hotel after a fight with her parents. The team rallies at Tina's place and asks Ghostwriter to find Safira. Then Rob returns to New York with sad news. He tells the team that his mother's new job in Australia is now permanent, meaning that they were moving there. Elsewhere, Alex becomes friends with a boy named Hector, while helping him with his writing assignments and Ghostwriter appeared to Hector for the first time.

Back to the case, Ghostwriter tracked down Safira. Plus, Tina and Malenga found her notes and thought Safira returned to the Steadmore where the Simangos were staying. But when they got to the hotel, Safira is still missing and Malenga and his father meet for the first time in three years. Meanwhile, Safira has been wondering around the streets of Brooklyn, lost. It's getting darker and darker and she's scared.

Will Safira find her way back home and will she see Malenga?

The arc resumes with poor Safira walking around. She is upset, nervous and scared out of her skin. Now she carefully looks around to see if she can find anything familiar to help her get back. She comes to the fence at Fort Greene Park. Now she carefully looks inside to the right side corner. This is where we see a no dogs allowed symbol. Then she thinks back, and remembers a flashback from the other day. One in which it reminds her that it's where the hot dog vendor sets up his stand. Also Tina bought their hot dogs from there the other day. So now she remembers that since the hot dog stand is there, then the Steadmore Hotel is on the opposite direction. So she quickly runs back to it.

Then Safira returns to the hotel, and she is about to knock on the door. Then she can hear her father furiously yelling. Mr. Simango says that he had a right to be angry, because he is her father and she didn't listen to him. So now he is going out to find her himself. Then when he finds her, he will make sure to keep an eye on her until they're back home in Mozambique! Hearing this, Safira is heartbroken. She realizes now that her father will never let her grow up and have her own space to herself. So she runs downs the staircase all the way to the basement. There she comes along a hallway. It is almost like a maze and she is trying to find a door to exit to the street. One door is locked. Another one is for the furnace room and is for employees only. Finally, she enters a room that was being kept opened by a folding chair holding the door open. She carefully moves it, and the door slams shut. It turns out that she entered an old janitorial & custodial room. She tries to open the door, then suddenly the doorknob breaks off. So now she is trapped. So she bangs on the door screaming and pleading for help. But nobody can hear her!

Then over at Lenni's Loft, the team has all gotten together. Tina is really worried and mentions how scary it feels. Then Rob suggests that perhaps Safira may have changed her mind about going back. So Gaby asks him where she may have gone instead. Lenni is really worried too. She agrees with Tina, thinking maybe Safira did get lost. Then Alex suggests that perhaps she can ask someone for directions. Then Tina expresses her concern asking, what if Safira asks the wrong person and they harm her. Then Jamal asks Tina what clues they have in their casebook. Tina says they are all about Malenga. But it isn't Malenga who is lost. It is Safira whom is. Then Tina gets really worried and upset. She asks them all, what if something terrible happens to Safira, and she is never seen again! Then Tina blames it all on herself. She feels that it is her fault, for helping Safira figure out her brother's letters. Jamal asks her to calm down and they will try to figure it out together. Then Lenni suggests that perhaps Safira found out where her brothers lives. So she went over there. Tina answers saying that Malenga already went home, and she is not there! So now they are counting on Ghostwriter to help them. So Gaby sits at Lenni's computer. She writes to Ghostwriter, telling him: "Ghostwriter, Safira is still missing". He immediately replies back saying: "Don't worry! I'll find her!"! Then Alex sits next to Tina, and gives her his support. He tells her not to worry. He is sure that Ghostwriter will find Safira.

Then over in the janitorial room, Safira has given up pounding on the door and screaming for help. So now she is passively setting on a chair, staring at the light on the ceiling. She gets upsets and sulks just as Ghostwriter finds her bag and recognizes the words "Mochila Bonita" on it. Then he skims over some paint cans, some rolls of toilet paper. Then some bottles of cleanser, and finally an old bag that has some of the letters rubbed off. It says: "Prop--ty of Walk --tel" on it. The back in Lenni's loft, Tina is speaking to her mom on the phone. She promises to be home soon. Also that she won't walk home alone. She will be accompanied in a group by Rob and Jamal. Then Ghostwriter immediately returns inside Lenni's computer. He tells that what he read around Safira. It was "Drizzle Cleanser", "Atwood Paint", "Reliable Toilet Tissue" and "Choice Mops". Then he tells them what he read on the old bag: "Prop--ty of Walk --tel".

The team hopes that these clues can help them figure out where Safira may be. But now the team is all confused. Gaby and Alex, whom have worked in their family store their whole lives, have never even heard about any of these products. Then Jamal mentioned that he remembered his Grandma saying that the Drizzle Cleanser company went out of business years ago. So Jamal figures that they all must be old and out of date items. Alex suggests Safira may be in a kitchen. Then Lenni suggests she may be in a bathroom. Then Jamal thinks Safira might be trapped in either a garage or a basement. Then Gaby mentions Safira cannot possibly be in all those places at the same time. Then everyone except Tina begins arguing over who has the right answer. Then Tina breaks it up. She tells them that they all need to figure out what all these have in common. So they can focus their search on just one place.

The team all agrees, so they begin working on their last clue: "Prop--ty of Walk --tel". They all know that these items are products. And products can be found in a store. Tina says that stores certainly wouldn't continue to sell discontinued products. Then Lenni suggests that since they are old products, that they might be inside a closet. Which is where she and her dad store their old products. Tina is puzzled wandering who would keep old products. Then Rob suggests that they can just be somewhere, like in a storage room. Jamal suggests a junkyard, and Alex suggests an alleyway. Then Lenni suggests a garbage can. Then Gaby reminds them that they still need to figure out their last clue. Lenni figures out that "Prop--ty" is actually: Property.

So now Gaby is confused. She wonders if all these discontinued items belongs to somebody named: Walk tel. Jamal says they can't be. Since the t in tel is small and not capitalized. So tel must be short for another word such as: Hotel. So Jamal figures out that Safira must be trapped in room at place called: "Walk "something" Hotel". Alex asks him how he figured it out. Jamal explains to them that once when he and his family went on a vacation, they stayed at a hotel. And the towels were printed with the words: "Property of South Board Hotel" on them. Now they realize they're getting closer to finding Safira. So Jamal checks Lenni's phone book for a "Walk "something" Hotel. Then the phone rings and Lenni answers it. It is Mrs. Fernandez. She informs Lenni that it is time for Alex and Gaby to come home. Then both Rob and Jamal realize they need to go home now too. Tina wants to keep on going to find Safira, but they remind her that it is very late now. So before they all leave, they all agree to meet together the next day early in the morning. Tina agrees thinking she is in for the longest night of her life.

Then over in the janitorial closet, Safira is holding her book of African folktales for comfort. Then she gets nervous as she watches the light bulb on the ceiling beginning to flicker.

That evening, at the Nguyen house, Tina is worried sick about Safira. She is on the couch reading about Mozambique. Her mom stays up late to keep her company. She tells her mom the interesting information about Mozambique, that she has learned about. And her mom finds it interesting too, saying that she never knew about it before. Information such as the capital of Mozambique is Maputo. Also that the countries major exports are shrimp, cotton, cashews, sugar, lobsters tail and copra (which is dried coconut meat).

Then Tina tells her mom how worried she is about Safira. Her mom says that things most have gotten really bad, for Safira to just run away like that. Tina explains to her mom that Mr. Simango is so strict. He hardly lets Safira do anything. Hearing this, Mrs. Nguyen reminds her that she sometimes says the same thing about her. Then Tina complains. She says that it feels so good to be out on her own. Then she can do whatever she wants and it's fun. Mrs. Nguyen tells her that she does want her to have fun, but she also wants her to be safe. Since she is her daughter, she is the most important thing in her life to her. This is why she is so strict. Then Tina complains telling her mom, that sometimes she goes too far, and still treats her like a kid. Her mom reminds that she is a kid. Then Tina complains that she is growing up, and she still sometimes treats her like Linda. Mrs. Nguyen asks her if she really means it. Then Tina complains about why her bedtime is only one hour later than Linda's. Linda is five-years-old, and she is now in middle school. Hearing this, Mrs. Nguyen realizes she is right. She is growing up, and will soon be a teenager.

Then Tina confesses to her mom. She tells her where she and Safira really were the other day. They were hanging out for hours in Fort Greene Park, and not studying over at Safira's place like she said they were. Hearing this, Mrs. Nguyen is mad at first. She says it is a very serious offence. The fact that she lied and went off on her own and didn't say where she really was. Tina apologizes, and her mom forgives her for it. She says she appreciates her being honest with her about it. Then Tina and her mom hug. Tina tells her mom that she cannot stop thinking about Safira and hopes she is all right.

Meanwhile, we can now see that Safira has fallen asleep on the chair, that she has been sitting on for so long.

Then bright and early the next morning, Tina meets with, Rob, Jamal and Lenni at Lenni's loft. They are stumped on figuring out the clue about the Walk "something" Hotel. Jamal could not find anything to match it in the phone book. Also Lenni had no luck either. She asked her dad, and he never heard of a Walk "anything" Hotel here in New York. Then we hear a knock on the door. It is the Fernandez siblings. They have brought Hector over with them. Alex introduces Hector to the rest of the team. Then the team introduces themselves to Hector. They each say their name and shake his hand. Then Lenni asks him if it was scary when Ghostwriter first wrote to him. Hector says it sort of was, but Alex helped him through it. Them Gaby informs the team, that she and Alex has filled him in all about the case.

Tina explains to the rest of them, that they are still stuck on figuring out what Walk "something" Hotel means. Then Rob suggests that the thing that said "Walk "something" Hotel" may only used to be in the hotel. So now it is somewhere else. Meaning Safira could be trapped just about anywhere now. Then Hector has a suggestion. He tells them all that when he was still living in Puerto Rico his Grandpa told him a story about an old hotel. It was nice and fancy at first. Then it started going downhill and broke. Soon people stopped coming to stay at it. Then the food started going really bad. Then there were more animals and bugs living inside of it, then outside of it. There was even a donkey in it. Then before Hector gets too silly, carried away and off topic, Alex asks him if there is a point to his story. Then Hector says that the owners sold the hotel to someone else. Then they fixed it up like new and gave the hotel a brand new name. So although they changed the name of the hotel, the old name of the hotel could still be seen on drinking glasses in the hotel's restaurant.

So perhaps there once was a Walk "Something" Hotel in New York. But it might be called something else now. Jamal knows that his Grandma is one of the eldest people he knows. So he phones her to ask her, if she knows anything about it. She informs Jamal that the old "WALKER" Hotel used to be in Brooklyn. But it is now called the Steadmore Hotel. So they figure out that Safira must be trapped inside a janitorial closet inside of it. So the team hurries over to the Steadmore Hotel to inform Safira's parents.

Then soon, Safira can hear a knock on the door. She can hear his father asking her if she is there and all right. She says she is all right. But she cannot get out, because the doorknob broke off. Then her father yells for her to carefully step back. Then a maintenance man breaks the door open. Then slowly the door opens and Malenga pops his head in. Safira happily asks him, if it is really him. He smiles saying it is him. And he has come to hear once again why the Sun and Moon live in the Sky. Safira is rejoiced, and she runs into his arm while crying tears of joy. They are reunited at last and they hug. When they leave the room, her mother tells her she was so worried about her. So she hugs her. Then she asks her if she is all right, and Safira says that she is. She hugs her father and she apologizes. Her father tells her that he's just happy that she is safe. Then Safira apologizes to Tina and all her friends, for all the trouble she put them through. Then she thanks them all for finding her. Then Safira and Tina hug. Tina tells her she is so happy that she is all right. Then Safira's mother thanks them all for finding her.

Then after the Simangos and the Maintenance man leave, the team all cheer for finding Safira. Then Alex reminds them that they have an initiation rally for Hector later on. It is a surprise and Hector won't know about it, until Alex brings him over. Then on their way out, Rob lags back for a moment. He looks around wondering if may ever have adventures like these again. Then Jamal encourages to come along with them and they all leave.

Then back at the Steadmore Hotel, Safira has had a warm shower and is wearing a bathrobe. She is having a big breakfast and she is listening to her father lecture her. Her father is furious. He tells her that if she ever runs away like that again, then she will be in the severest of trouble. Then he asks her if she understands and she says yes. Then just as he tells her to try and remember her place in the family, his wife stops him. She tells him that is enough. Yes Safira was wrong to run away. Just like how Malenga was wrong to strike him three years earlier. But enough is enough. They cannot keep being a happy family if all the conflict continues. Then he realizes she is right and says that it is enough, and takes a moment to look at his son (who is practically hiding behind the wall curtain). Then Mrs. Simango asks her daughter never to scare her like that again. Then the parents leave the room for a while to let Malenga and Safira have a little time to catch up with each other.

Malenga promises from now on, to write his return address on his letters. Then Malenga sits next to Safira and he has a talk with her. He tells her that their mother and father are right. Her running away like that was very wrong and dangerous. Safira tells him that she realizes that know. It was also very scary wondering around all by herself in the dark. She didn't know how to get home. So she thought she would never see him, or their mother and father ever again. Then Malenga asks her if it gave her what she wanted such as freedom and independence. She then tells him that she thought that if she could live with him, everything would be perfect.

Hearing this, Malenga laughs and says that his life is far from perfect. Also most of it, is his own fault. If he hadn't lost his temper, and then struck their father and knocked him down. Which is something he will never forgive himself for. Safira says it was their father's fault too. He should have listened to him too. In fact he should listen more to the both of them. He agrees but he says it is no excuse for what either of them did. He then says if he could do things all over again, he would try harder talking to their father. Hopefully he would make him listen to him. Which is what he thinks she should do now too. She complains that their parents are so hard to talk too. He agrees, but he says she just needs to try. Then he tells her that coming to live with him, just won't be possible. It just isn't realistic. She should be with their parents. Instead of a 21-year-old brother, who can barely support himself. Then they tell each other that they miss each other so much. So they hug again. Then Safira reminds him that he needs to try talking to their father again. He says that perhaps one day they can forgive each other. That would depend on their father. She informs him that it will depend on him too.

Then Safira presents the Makonde carving to her brother. She explains that was what she wanted to give to him. Malenga is both surprised and happy to see it. Safira explains that it was given to her. But since he is the oldest grandchild, then he should have it. Then they hug again.

Then over at Lenni's loft, the initiation rally for Hector is being done. Hector sits at a table with the team. He is given a paper to write with. Ghostwriter is given a number of colored letters to reply with messages in the air. Jamal asks Hector, if he is ready to join the Ghostwriter team. He eagerly says yes he is. So for the initiation, they let Rob do the honors. Rob tells him that he has to promise to never tell anyone about Ghostwriter. Hector promises. Now Rob presents him with an official Ghostwriter pen. He explains to Hector that he can write to Ghostwriter anywhere and at anytime. And he will always be there for him. Just like they will always be there for him. Rob gets a bit emotional now.

Then Gaby asks Hector to start writing to him. Hector says that writing is hard for him. Alex tells him to just do what he did before. Just try to squash the ideas onto the page, right when they come out. So Hector tries. He writes: "Hi, Gostwriter". Then he gets nervous as Ghostwriter fixes the misspelled word for him. They tell him not to be nervous. He is only trying to help him. Then Ghostwriter uses the colored letters and writes in the air. He says: "Hello, Hector. Welcome to the team!" Hector says thanks very much and expresses how cool it is. Then they encourage Hector to ask Ghostwriter a question. Anything but is Elvis dead (which is what Rob first asked him). Jamal encourages him to decide for himself. So with Alex's help he asks Ghostwriter: "Do you know good ghost stories?". Ghostwriter replies in the air. He says: "No, but maybe I'll write one someday!". They all laugh and Hector expresses how cool it is to be on the team. Rob gets emotional again. He says that he doesn't know how cool yet. Then reading his sad emotions, Ghostwriter writes to Rob. In the air he tells him: "The team will miss you, Rob". He tells his friends that he hopes he'll know how he will miss him too. Then Tina reminds him that can still write to Ghostwriter in Australia. And he says he will see.

Then they turn on the lights and reveal a surprise present for Rob. The present has five ready notebooks in it. They did this for him, because they know wherever he goes. He will always be writer. So they ask him to check each one right away and to look at the inside covers. The first one is red, it is from Alex. Inside it says: "Keep up the slammin detective work. Alex". He happily thanks Alex. The second one is pink, and it is from Gaby. Inside it says: "Stay out of subway tunnels! Love, Gaby". He thanks Gaby and promises he will try. The third one is yellow, and it is from Tina. Inside it says: "Just remember: Ghostwriter is with you always. Love, Tina". The fourth one is a green one, and it's from Jamal. Inside it says:"Gonna miss you, Pink Guy. Jamal". He laughs along with everyone laughs. Then Rob tells Jamal: "Same here Brown Dude". Then they shake hands. Hector is confused and doesn't understand it. So Alex promises to explain it to him later. Then the fifth and final one is purple, and from it's Lenni. Inside it says:"Friends are forever!!!!!! Love, Lenni". Rob hugs her and thanks all of his friends. Then Alex notices Hector looks upset. Hector explains he is upset because he didn't get anything for Rob. Then Gaby and Rob says it's okay, because he is new to the team. Then Rob asks Hector to give him a promise: If he writes letters to him, then he will write letters back. Therefore he can be Hector's first pen pal from Australia. Hector agrees and promises.

Then they turn on the music to have a party, and they begin eating snacks and Rob begins dancing. Then Alex teases Rob saying there is only thing he won't miss about him. Which is watching him tear his body apart dancing. Then Rob tells him that at least he dances. Instead of just standing around eating popcorn. Then for fun everyone else begins dancing just like Rob. At first he tries to get them to stop. He even tells them to wait until they all read about themselves in his first book. Then finally, Rob joins in and begins dancing along with them too.

  • The reasons for Todd Alexander's departure are unknown.
  • William Hernandez was introduced to this show in the end of this arc.
  • Marcella Lowery didn't appear in this arc, but her character was mentioned.
  • The first time we see a rally being called by writing "Rally T".

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