Lamont Sampson, appeared in the story arc "Am I Blue?". He was portrayed Eddie Robinson.

Lamont, is a vain, obnoxious and mean-spirited bully.

Precisely, one year before the events of the show took place, he was in the seventh grade at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. Lamont tricked a

Lamont Sampson

couple of sixth grade freshmen into thinking the school had a swimming pool. Then he sold them fake pool passes for $2 a piece. One of the freshmen was Jamal Jenkins. He soon beat him up giving him a black eye, after which Jamal reported him to the principal. He may have been the main reason for Jamal taking up his interests in weightlifting and karate.

Then during the events of the "Am I Blue?" Story arc, he was now in the eighth grade. He was falling behind in math. So required the help of voluntary seventh grade tutor, to bring up his marks so he would graduate. He wasn't too thrilled to find out, he was going to have to be tutored by no one else other than Jamal Jenkins.

He threatened Jamal, trying to make him feel intimated. But Jamal stood up for himself and stated he was no longer afraid of him. Then he mentioned to Jasmine about what had happened between the two of them, in the year before. Then Jamal took off feeling mad and embarrassed.

When Jamal calmed down, he came back and then he tried to tutor him again. But he refused it. Then he insulted the both of them. He called them geeks for liking math so much. He then boasted about how his interest was carpentry. Also that for his school voluntary work he and Momo were fixing the bleachers together at the youth center.

Then Jasmine and Jamal came a realization. It was that he might just be afraid to graduate. When he graduates he would move onto high school. There he will be a new student, and possibly some bigger and older student might start bullying him. Also that if he doesn't get his math grades up, he would not graduate at all. To prove he wasn't scared, he reluctantly agreed to take part with Jamal in the tutoring sessions.

Then right before he left the first session, he was very rude to Jamal. He told Jamal that Jasmine was a very pretty girl. So should let her know know he feels about her soon. Or else some other good looking guy like him would steal her away.

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