Just in Time
Season 2, Episode 43, 44, 45, 46
Air date Pt. 1, October 31, 1993
Pt. 2, November 7, 1993
Pt. 3, November 17, 1993
Pt. 4, November 24, 1993
Written by Fracaswell Hyman
Directed by Gregory Lehane
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Get the Message
Lost in Brooklyn
Ghostwriter leaves the team at the end of the previous story. He senses that someone is in serious trouble, and races through a void to find them and help.

Meanwhile, Lenni, Jamal and the team meet to solve what may be their biggest case yet--find Ghostwriter. When the ghost turns up again, he seems faint and tired. So, the team writes messages for him to read so that, somehow, he may regain his strength. Later, the team learns that Ghostwriter is trying to help two kids that are "in this room." But no one can see them.

But Jamal deduces that if the kids are not present now, they may have been present then. The team realizes that Ghostwriter has traveled back through time. However, this weakens Ghostwriter so much so that he has trouble "lifting" words from a page. Furthermore, something is about to happen in the past that may affect Jamal's future.

Can Ghostwriter and the team help the kids in the past solve their mystery? Will the past change Jamal's future forever?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Star


Within a purple vortex of used up words, we see Ghostwriter traveling at the speed of light. He is chasing after 3 big colored words spinning around and vanishing. An orange word: Help, a green word: Scared and a red word: Trouble. Finally Ghostwriter exits out onto a piece of paper. The same paper that the hand from a different place in time was writing with at the end of the previous arc. The hand belongs to a young boy and he looks very concerned! Ghostwriter bounces on each word as the boy reads what he wrote: "Help I'm Scared! I'm in Trouble! I didn't do it! Then Ghostwriter flies away, as the boy crosses his arms. Now he sighs and pouts in exasperation and anxiety.

The arc begins during summertime vacation. Jamal is seen relaxing in his bedroom reading the novel, "My Side of the Mountain", by Jean Craighead George. Then he hears a knock on his door, he tells the person to come in. It is Lenni. She happily informs him that she just got a letter from Rob, who is spending the summer in Australia. She tells Jamal Rob said he is enjoying Australia. But still he wishes he could have spent the summer with the team instead.

Jamal disappointingly tells her that they are not much of a team without Ghostwriter. She tells Jamal that Rob asked about Ghostwriter in his letter, and if he is back yet, because he's worried about him. Jamal expresses his concern too. He reveals it has now been two weeks since Ghostwriter went away. So now he is worried he might be in trouble, or cannot find his way back. Lenni tells him, that was her point of coming over to see him. They are still a team and they have a mystery to solve: They need to find out where Ghostwriter is, and get him to come back. Because they need him, and he may need their help too. Jamal agrees. So by force of habit, he decides to call a rally to get the team together. Then suddenly, Lenni reminds him he cannot. So now he remembers Ghostwriter is gone. So they will have to call the team together, the old-fashioned: The telephone.

Then the story moves back to a different place in time. There are no televisions, or even radios. Also, all the women and young girls aren't wearing pants, just skirts and dresses. So it must be many many years ago. Now we see a housekeeper named Mrs. Annie O'Boyle. She works for Dr. Canellan's family. She expresses a concern to the two young girls. They are sisters, Catherine and her younger sister Lucy. She explains to them that a valuable silver tea set has gone missing. The one that belonged to their late mother. She says that she always tried to take good care of it. And it was their mother's wish that one day, they would pass it down to one of their children. Now they cannot, because she believes their no good thief of a foster brother Frank stole it. Frank snaps, saying that he didn't steal it. Then Dr. Canellan stands up for him saying there is no proof that he did it. Mrs. O'Boyle says the tea set was still there, earlier that same morning before Frank left. And Lucy found one of his work gloves nearby afterwards. Frank says he must have dropped one by mistake, as he was leaving. Catherine suggests that perhaps someone may have put it there to set him up.

Then Mrs. O'Boyle reminds Dr. Canellan that Frank tried to steal from them before. They caught him trying to sneak out of the upstairs window with a bag full of their valuables, including the silver tea set. Dr. Canellan explains that, one year ago Frank was all alone and needed guidance. So he invited him to live with his family. Mrs. O'Boyle suggests that Frank was just waiting for his right time to try and steal from them again. Catherine expresses her disbelief. Then she stands up for Frank saying that she believes he is innocent. Also that since Frank loves living with them, he wouldn't try and steal from them again. This is because, Frank was only given one chance. So if he stole from them again, he would be kicked out. Then suddenly, Lucy shows them a trashy magazine she found under Franks's bed in the basement. The magazine, is an issue of the Police Gazette. Lucy explains she went to the basement, to see if Frank hid the tea set under his bed. But she found that magazine instead. Now both Dr. Canellan and Mrs. O'Boyle are disgusted. To them, he Police Gazette is full of trashy stories about robberies and murders. Dr. Canellan asks Frank if it is his. Then just as Catherine is about to confess it is really hers, Frank takes the blame and says it is his. Dr. Canellan is now very disappointed in him, and Mrs. O'Boyle asks him to beware of the bad influence he has on the girls. He agrees with her. So he asks Frank to wait in his room, until he decides what to do with him.

Then back to present time (when this aired), we see Alex rollerblading in the park. He is having lot's of difficulty and he keeps bumping into things, tripping and falling down. Then when his sister runs over calling to him, he gets startled and falls down on his butt. He blames it on her, but Gaby reminds him he was the one who begged their dad to get him roller blades for his birthday. He just doesn't know how to use them. He asks her if she has anything better to do than distract him. She reveals to him that she is going to a rally. When hearing this, he is amazing and asks her if Ghostwriter is back now. She says no he isn't, but Jamal and Lenni phoned. They said it was time to get the team together, and make a case on how to bring Ghostwriter back. She tells him that the rally is over at Jamal's house. So she helps him back up, and they head on over.

Then back to the Canellan's earlier time period, Frank has written down in his notebook "Catherine is the only one who believes me". Catherine goes to the basement to speak to Frank. He gets mad saying she shouldn't be down here, or she'll be in lot's of trouble if she gets caught. She just wants to thank him for taking the rap, and not admitting the Police Gazette was really hers. Also that her father would be furious, if he found out it was hers. Frank says he might as well take the rap, because he is getting kicked out anyways. Catherine wonders if there could only be a way to prove that he didn't do it. So Frank asks her how, but she doesn't know exactly. But she has been reading the Police Gazette's a lot. So if the police can track down the gangsters. Then perhaps they can too. Frank doubts it, he feels that people like him will always being taking the blame. Also that he should have known he would be kicked out sooner or later.

Then suddenly, colored lights begins to glow inside Frank's notebook. Catherine is terrified and points it out to Frank. Then Ghostwriter spirals out and flies up in the air. He tells them both: "Hello, Catherine and Frank. I'm here to help.". Catherine nervously asks how it knows their names and Frank suggests it might be a leprechaun. They are both terrified and hide under the staircase when it moves again. Ghostwriter then tells them: "Don't be afraid. Write to me.". Catherine suggests for him to be cautious, but Frank is intrigued. So Frank writes to him: "What are you?". He tells them both: "My friends call me Ghostwriter". They are both confused because they used to think that there were such things as ghosts. Then it enters Frank's notebook and disappears and Frank carefully closes his notebook thinking he has caught it. Then they hear Lucy calling for Catherine. So she heads back upstairs, before she gets caught being in the basement.

The five members of the Ghostwriter team all meet together in Jamal's bedroom. Jamal informs them all that they need to find Ghostwriter, and get him to come back for good. Tina asks how, so Lenni asks them all to think about where they last saw him. Then Lenni remembers that it was up in her loft. When they were having their celebration party at the end of the "Get the Message"previous arc. In flashback from it, we see Ghostwriter telling the entire team: "I don't want to go, but this feels very serious". And "You would help if you were in my place". They understood somewhat, so Jamal asked him if he would come back. Then Ghostwriter told them all: "I hope I can!". Then Ghostwriter borrowed letters from all around Lenni's loft. Then he told them all in big orange letters in the air "Goodbye, Team.". Then he vanished and hasn't been seen for at least two weeks.

So Jamal says they know he went to help someone. Alex agrees saying that whoever it is, they must be in very big trouble. And Ghostwriter wouldn't have left unless it was very important. Tina suggests that maybe the reason why Ghostwriter isn't back yet, is because he hasn't solved the case yet. Then Lenni suggest that if they can convince him to let them help him solve it, then perhaps he will come back. They all agree, because they are all still the Ghostwriter team! Jamal suggests helping Ghostwriter look for clues they aren't written down. Tina suggests to interview suspects and write down what they say. Gaby suggests they make a casebook, so they can keep track of everything. So they agree that all need to convince Ghostwriter, on how much he needs the team. So they decide to all write him messages telling him how they want to help.

Then back to the Canellan's earlier time period, Frank climbs up the wall to sneak into Catherine's bedroom. She lectures him for doing it, by reminding him that he broke his leg doing it the year before. He says it was the only way that nobody would see him coming up. So she asks Frank what to do about the Ghostwriter and if it is still in his notebook. Catherine calls to him, asking him if he is still there. Then Frank reminds her that they were told to write to him. So Frank begins writing to him. He asks him "Do you know who stole the tea set?". They are amazed to see it is back and it really is happening. All Ghostwriter tells them in response is: "I know Frank is innocent!". Frank and Catherine feel a major sigh of relief when reading this. So Frank suggests they ask Ghostwriter to tell it to her dad. So he won't be kicked out now. Then Ghostwriter answers them saying: "Dr. Canellan can't see me.".

Then Catherine thinks they are the only ones who can. Then Frank reminds her that he told them that his friends call him Ghostwriter. So perhaps these other people can see him too. Catherine thinks it would be great if they could help prove he is innocent. So Frank asks him: "Who else can see you?". So Ghostwriters answers (in order of recruitment) Jamal, Lenni, Alex, Gaby, Tina and Rob. They figure that they must be his friends. So they ask him where they can find them. All Ghostwriter tells them is: "In this room". They are confused. Then they think that perhaps Ghostwriter's friends might be ghosts too.

Then back to the Ghostwriter team's present time. Gaby has written Ghostwriter a poem. It goes: "Ghostwriter, Ghostwriter, where can you be? Across the ocean? Or in a tree? Ghostwriter, Ghostwriter I miss you so much. Send me a message and keep in touch". They think it is a nice poem, but not exactly what they want to tell him. They tell her that they want to let Ghostwriter know they can help with the case he is on. So he can finally come back home again. So Lenni reads out loud what she wrote. It is: "Ghostwriter, we can be your eyes and ears on the case. We can write down all the clues you can't see or hear. Then Alex reads out loud his paper. He wrote: " Ghostwriter, the team can be your voice. We'll interview suspects and witnesses for you.". Then when putting Lenni's and Alex papers together, they can see Ghostwriter sensing their messages, he somewhat appears in a translucent form. They realize he is connecting to the words in the messages. So to make their connection stronger, Jamal places down his paper. It says: "We can help you figure out what the clues mean.". Now Gaby understands and reads her new message. It now says: "Ghostwriter, Ghostwriter don't stay away. We can write to your friends and save the day!". So they combine all of their messages together.

Then back in the Canellan's earlier time period, Catherine has been searching every nook and cranny, looking for Ghostwriter's friends, and she even calls them out by their names. Then Frank points out that Ghostwriter is spiraling around all the things he asked him. The last thing they asked him was: "Are your friend ghosts too?".

Then Ghostwriters dives into the paper and enters a blue vortex of used up words. He travels at the speed of light returning to his team's present time. He enters Jamal's bedroom and they are all trilled to see he has returned. Then he enters Jamal's computer. Then he tells them all: "Hello, team! I'm glad you want to help.". So Jamal writes to him, he says: "We missed you! Where have you been?". Ghostwriter answers saying: "Helping Frank and Catherine". They are confused for a moment. Then they realize they must be the people he went to help. So Jamal asks him "How can we help you?". Ghostwriter answers saying: "Prove that Frank is not a thief.". So Tina asks Jamal to ask Ghostwriter where Frank and Catherine are. Then they can meet them and get on with the case. So Jamal asks him: "Where are they?". Ghostwriter answers by saying: "In this room.". They are confused about what he means. Alex thinks he made a mistake, because he has been gone so long that he must be tired. So Jamal asks Ghostwriter to read words around Frank and Catherine to figure out where they really are. They just hope they don't lose him again.

Then back to the Canellan's earlier time period, Frank panics when he hears Dr. Canellan coming and asking if he is upstairs. Then just as he tries to escape through the bedroom window, Dr. Canellan, Mrs. O'Boyle and Lucy enter Catherine's room. Lucy points him out, saying that she knew he would here. Dr. Canellan asks him to come down before he falls. Then he comes back in and he and Catherine watch in amazement as Ghostwriter flies around her room. He reads three things.

  1. Amelia Earhart flies monoplane to England.
  2. 4000 Athletes Compete in the Ninth Olympic Games.
  3. West End Blues-Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five.

Then when Ghostwriter stops, they finally begin paying attention again. Then Mrs. O'Boyle says that Frank is hopeless. Since he steals, he breaks the rules and doesn't listen to a word they say. Then Frank loses his temper and snaps at her. He asks her to clam up and calls her a crab apple Annie. And that she is always blaming him for everything. If the moon fell out of the sky, she would blame him for that too. Then Mrs. O'Boyle says that he belongs in the home for Wayward Boys. Also that she can't stay if he keeps living there. So either he goes, or she goes. Loving Mrs. O'Boyle like a mother surrogate, Lucy begs their father not to let her leave. So Dr. Canellan goes to speak to them as Frank sits down and pouts. Then Dr. Canellan comes back and tells Frank that he can't have him upsetting and disrupting his family any longer. So tomorrow, he will be going to the home for Wayward Boys to ask if they will take him in. When hearing this, Frank is so upset he runs off. Then Catherine starts crying and begs her father to let Frank stay. Then she claims over and over again that he is innocent and to let him stay.

Then back to the Ghostwriter team's present time. The team has started a casebook. They have written down: Frank and Catherine. Who are they? Where are they? In this room? Then Ghostwriter firsts tells them: Amelia Earhart flies monoplane to England. Lenni explains that Amelia Earhart was a famous airplane pilot, and she has a book about her. Then second, Ghostwriter tells them: #4000 Athletes Compete in the Ninth Olympic Games. Alex thinks this is very peculiar, because there has been 25 Olympic Games played already (up to when this aired that is). Then third, Ghostwriter tells them: West End Blues-Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five. Gaby and Tina are confused who he is. So Jamal and Lenni explain that Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.

Then suddenly Tina notices that Ghostwriter is blinking on and off. They figure that he must be very tired. So they need to find out what the clues mean on their own as Ghostwriter rests. Lenni goes home to check her book on Amelia Earhart. Jamal and Gaby decide to go over to the library. So he could research West End Blues and the Hot Five and so she could do research on the Ninth Olympic Games. So Alex stays behind to find out more about Frank and Catherine from Ghostwriter. Then Tina remembers she has to go. Her parents are taking them all to see her Aunt and her new baby. So Alex promises to call her later and fill her in on things. So Lenni goes home, and Jamal trusts Alex staying behind, as he and Gaby go off to the library.

When they arrive at the library, Jamal goes to look up his information in an encyclopedia. Then Gaby gets instructions from the librarian and she tells Gaby how to use the card catalog. So she finds the right drawer and she finds two books to use. The History of the Olympics and The Official Olympic Record Book and they are both in section 303.31. Then they all meet back at Jamal's bedroom. Gaby says she found out that the Ninth Olympic Games were played in Amsterdam, Holland in 1928. Jamal says that he found out the Hot Five was Louis Armstrong's first jazz band. Also West End Blues was a song they recorded in 1928. Lenni says that Amelia Earhart was an airplane pilot. She tried to fly around the whole world. Then she went missing in 1937, and she was never seen or heard from again. But in 1928 she flew a monoplane to England. Then Jamal sees a pattern: all three of these things all took place in 1928. Gaby suggests that perhaps Frank and Catherine are in a museum. Then Lenni suggest that perhaps Frank and Catherine and reading lots of old newspapers. Then Jamal reminds them that Ghostwriter said they were in this room. So they might not be now, but in 1928 Frank and Catherine must have lived in his house. So Jamal has figured it out. Ghostwriter can travel back through time!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Ghostwriter left the team in the last arc to help someone. He's been gone for two weeks and the team is getting worried. What they don't know is that Ghostwriter is with a young boy named Frank. He is scared because he has been accused of stealing a silver tea set from his foster family: the Canellan's. Although Frank says he's innocent, nobody in the household believes him, except for his foster sister Catherine. The Canellan's housekeeeper, Mrs. O'Boyle and Catherine's little sister Lucy, dislike Frank because they think he stole the tea set. And they want Dr. Canellan to send Frank to the home for Wayward Boys.

But Ghostwriter wants to help prove that Frank is innocent. So he asks the team to help him. However, the team doesn't know who or where Frank and Catherine are. Things get even more weird when Ghostwriter tells them that Frank and Catherine are in Jamal's room. So the team asked Ghostwriter to read words near Frank and Catherine to use as clues to find out where they are. When they put the clues together, they found out that they are connected to the year 1928. Then, Jamal figured out that Frank and Catherine lived in his house back in 1928, coming up with the surprising conclusion that Ghostwriter has the ability to travel back through time. But, time-traveling from 1993 back to 1928 has made Ghostwriter weak.

Will Ghostwriter be okay, and why did he travel back to the year 1928?

The arc resumes with Ghostwriter blinking off and on the computer screen. Jamal expresses his concern about how worn out and tired he must be. So Gaby decides to fill Ghostwriter in on what has been going on. Lenni keeps wondering what Ghostwriter thinks is so important, that he has to travel back through time. In order to help the kids who lived in Jamal's house from 65 years ago (from when this aired). Gaby sits down at Jamal's computer. Then she tells Ghostwriter: "You've been traveling back to 1928!". Ghostwriter immediately responds with: "ASTOUNDING! No wonder I'm so tired!". Then Alex informs them all, that Ghostwriter told him that Frank was accused of stealing a silver tea set, but he is innocent. Now Alex doesn't understand why this is important enough for Ghostwriter to go back in time. So Gaby asks him: "Why is this case so important to you?". Then Ghostwriter answers saying: "Helping Frank will save our team.". They are all confused, so Gaby asks him: "How?". But Ghostwriter doesn't know yet, leaving the team confused with their strangest case yet.

Then back to 1928, Frank is lying down on his bed in the basement. He is really upset with tears in his eyes, as he just stares at the train picture on the wall that says: "TWENTIETH CENTURY". Then Dr. Canellan brings him a meal, worrying he may be hungry by now. Then Dr. Canellan sits down to talk with him. He explains to Frank that everyone thought he was crazy, when he let the boy who had tried to rob him, move into his house to live with him and his family. He explains what his reasons were: He thought Frank was special and had potential. The way that Frank fought to survive on the streets without parents. Also how he spoke so passionately about wanting to become a doctor when he grew up. So Dr. Canellan explains to Frank that he believed in and wanted him to become part of his family.

Then he reminds Frank that they agreed that if he ever stole from them again, he would have to leave. Then Frank defensively says that he didn't steal the tea set. Dr. Canellan isn't sure if he can believe him. So Frank asks him if perhaps he can prove it, then would he let him stay. Dr. Canellan says if he could prove it, then they could start over again. But as of right now: The tea set, bringing the Police Gazettes into the house, climbing in and out of windows, and disrespecting Mrs. O'Boyle. He isn't too sure if he really belongs in the family. Then as Dr. Canellan leaves, Frank goes over to the brick wall, near his train picture. There he pulls out a loose brick and retrieves a stack of old letters. They were letters addressed to him and his mother from his father. He begins to read and reminisce through them, beginning with the first one that says: Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn 10 Bowery Lane Brooklyn, New York.

Then back to 1993, Jamal and Gaby ask Ghostwriter on Jamal's computer: "What can we do to help Frank and Catherine?". Ghostwriter answers telling them: "Teach them how to solve a case.". Jamal agrees that if they can teach them how to solve cases, then they can prove Frank is innocent. Lenni mentions that she has has never really thought about how they do it. Then we hear Grandma CeCe calling to Jamal. She explains that it has gotten late. So now it's time for his friends to go home. He answers saying okay and tells his friends to meet him at his house again, first thing the next day. Then they will figure out how they do their detective thing, and explain it to Frank and Catherine. Then when they leave, Jamal tells Ghostwriter to get some rest too, and turns off the computer screen.

Then back to 1928, Catherine sneaks down the staircase entering Franks basement bedroom. She tells him to wake up, since it is now morning time. She asks him what the deal with all of the letters is. Trusting her, Frank explains they are the last letters they he and his mom got from his dad. Also that his dad used to write to his mom all the time, as he was traveling all around trying to find jobs. Then when his letters stopped coming, they were not sure if he was still alive or not. Then his mom get sadder as time went on. Then she ended up working day and night just to support the two of them. Then she got so tired and sick, that her heart gave out and she died from heat failure. Frank feels if they had the money, then she could have gone to a doctor. So he explains that this is why he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. So he can help patients, no matter how rich or poor they are.

Catherine is confident saying she just knows he will. But he doubts it now, and is losing his confidence. Catherine tells him that he can give up if he wants to, but she knows he is innocent and she is going to prove it. He asks her how. So she explains that Ghostwriter wants to help them. But Frank mentions that Ghostwriter still has not been back yet; so they're sunk. Catherine says that if he doesn't believe they can do it, then she will just catch the thief by herself. On her way back upstairs, she explains to Frank that she overheard Mrs. O'Boyle speaking to the housekeeper from next door. They were talking about there being other robberies in the neighborhood. So perhaps the same thief who broke into the other houses, broke into their house too. So now she is going to the library to see what she can find out from the last weeks newspapers and police gazettes. As Catherine leaves, Frank tells her to meet her at the corner. She reminds Frank he isn't supposed to leave the house. So if he does, he will be in even more trouble. Frank tells her that since her dad is kicking him out anyways, then what does he have left to loose? Then as Catherine leaves and Frank sneaks out the basement window. Lucy sneaks into his room. She removes the loose brick from the wall, and begins snooping through and reading Frank's letters.

Then back to 1993, Lenni, Alex Gaby come over to the Jenkins house. They enter the basement, explaining to Jamal that his grandma said he was down there. They are amazed over all the old junk that is in it. Jamal explains that since his Grandma never throws anything out, he is looking for anything that might have belonged to Frank and Catherine who once lived in his house. Jamal says that he hasn't had any luck so far. So he will try again later. In the meantime, Lenni suggests they begin to figure out how they do their detective work to explain it to Frank and Catherine. Alex says he believes the most important thing to do on a case, is tp find suspects. Lenni disagrees, she believes the most important thing to do is keeping track of the evidence. If that isn't done, then they can't prove which of the suspects is guilty. Now Jamal disagrees with her, he believes that the most important thing to do is, write down other clues. The ones that might not seem so important. Even if they don't fit. Now the three of them begin to argue over who thinks they have the most important idea. The Gaby breaks up their argument. She tells them the most important thing to do first, is putting together a casebook. So the most important thing to teach Frank and Catherine, is how to make a casebook. Since it is the best way for them to start organizing things and getting things together. Then Alex, Lenni and Jamal all agree with her idea.

Then back to 1928, Catherine and Frank have been hard at work reading through many old newspapers and police gazettes. Then Catherine has hit a breakthrough. It is an article called: "SILVER BIRD CAGE FLIES THE COOP". Catherine reads it out loud to Frank. It says that a week earlier, a Mrs. Judith Moreland has reported the theft of her antique silver birdcage and it's two love birds. Also that the suspect might be connected to two other robberies in Brooklyn. In each case, valuable items made from silver have been stolen. But the police have no leads yet. First Frank believes that the police are doing no better than they are. Catherine, however believes that if they show the article to her dad and Mrs. O'Boyle, then they will realize he is innocent. Then Frank contradicts her, he says that they will just think that he committed the other robberies too. Also Mrs. O'Boyle would most likely turn him into the police herself. Then she understands he is right, and they cannot take any chances. So she asks Frank to look through more gazettes for more clues on silver item robberies.

Then back to 1993, Lenni, Alex and Gaby have all met with Jamal in his bedroom. He is about to type up their instructions on how to solve a case. They come up with: Make a casebook to keep track of all the clues. (1) Make a page for each suspect. SUSPECT: Who might have done it? EVIDENCE: Where was suspect? and Why would suspect do it? (2) Make a page for OTHER CLUES. Write facts that may be important to help solve the case. Then Ghostwriter appears and skims all around the page. He quickly enters Jamal's computer to tell them: "Good work, team! Thank you. So Ghostwriter prepares to travel back to the past again. Jamal is concerned hoping he makes it there, with so many words to carry. So Ghostwriter travels through a purple vortex of used up words. He is traveling faster than the speed of light back to 1928.

Then suddenly, Ghostwriter appears on a police gazette Frank is reading. He is so happy and surprised that he blurts out his name, and Catherine happily blurts out that he came back. Then they are told to be quiet. So they figure out that they must have just been given a message from Ghostwriter's friends. So Catherine quickly writes down the instructions before he will disappear again. So Frank comes up with their first suspect: Mrs. O'Boyle. She was in the house when the tea set was stolen. Also she doesn't like Frank and wants him kicked out. So perhaps she is trying to frame him.

Then they reflect and cheer on their progress. So they ask Ghostwriter to thank his friends for him. Then Ghostwriter tells them: "I must rest before I return to 1993!". They are both incredibly shocked to realize that the reason they cannot find them, is because they actually live in the future. They don't believe it at first, until they realize that they didn't believe in Ghostwriter at first either. So they now think it is wonderful, that there are people from the future who are trying to help them. Then finally, Frank comes up with another suspect: Lucy. Catherine reluctantly agrees although she is her sister. She was also in the house when the tea set was stolen. Also she doesn't like Frank either. So maybe she is also trying to frame him.

Then back to 1993, Jamal is at the door telling two of his friends that he will call them if anything else happens and says goodbye. Grandma CeCe asks him who it was, and he says it was Lenni and Gaby. Then she asks Alex if he would like to join them for lunch and he happily accepts the invitation. In the meantime, as lunch is getting ready, they want to continue looking through the junk in the basement. Grandma CeCe asks them what the fascination is with the basement. They tell her that it is full of very interesting old junk. She agrees that it is full of junk and she has been meaning to sort it out for years. So she kindly thanks them for doing it for her, and will call them when lunch is ready.

Then back to 1928, Catherine tells Frank that they should now interview their suspects. So they can find out if they really are guilty or have any other information. Then for the other clues, they write down that they has been silver stolen from three other houses in Brooklyn. So they decide to go home, she reminds him he needs to stay in the basement as she interviews Mrs. O'Boyle and Lucy. Then she tells him let's go gumshoe. He reacts confused saying their isn't gum on shoe. She says that gumshoe is a nickname for detective, and she learned it from reading the police gazette. Frank admires it, thinking it sounds tough and follows her home.

Then back to 1993, Alex and Jamal are checking (not to mention coughing and sneezing) on many old dust covered boxes. Then suddenly, Grandma CeCe comes to speak to them. She explains to Jamal that his father's job just called. They said he wasn't feeling well, so they asked her if she could come over and pick him up. Jamal gets worried asking her what is wrong with him. She thinks it is nothing serious, perhaps maybe a toothache. She leaves them their lunch on the table and goes off to pick him up.

Then back to 1928, Catherine is interviewing Mrs. O'Boyle. She explains to Catherine that before the tea set was stolen, Mr. Izzo the coal man was inside. He had to come inside to get the key to the coal chute. Because Frank had forgotten ahead of time to unlock it for him. So Catherine writes down Mr. Izzo the Coal man as suspect, because he was in the house earlier too. Then Catherine asks her if anyone else was, and she tells Catherine that she is crazy if she doesn't think Frank is a thief. Since people cannot change who they really are. Then Catherine asks Mrs. O'Boyle what she has against Frank and why she doesn't like him.

Mrs. O'Boyle sits down and explains that she grew up in a slum area. One that was full of hoodlums, thieves and poverty. One day, when she was a young girl she was coming home, and she saw a group of street boys attack her father for a loaf of bread. Her father was so badly injured that he couldn't work anymore. So she and her sisters had to leave school and find jobs. So they wouldn't have to end up living on the streets. Then she gets emotional and starts crying from remembering the incident. Catherine explains what the hoodlums did to her father was wrong, but she is positive that Frank isn't like that. Hearing this, Mrs. O'Boyle laughs and doesn't believe her.

Then suddenly, Mrs. O'Boyle is about to start dusting, when her feather duster falls apart. She is furious claiming that Millard Fillmore Smith is a cheat and a liar. She explains to Catherine that Millard Fillmore Smith is a Ritter brush man. Hearing this, Catherine asks her what time he sold it to her. She tells Catherine just after she did the breakfast dishes. Then Catherine mentions she said nobody else was in the house. Then she says it must have slipped her mind. So she asks Mrs. O'Boyle when he was in the house. She tells Catherine that it was early in the morning and he sat down on the sofa. Then he sold her a feather duster, guaranteeing it to last forever. So Catherine writes him down as a suspect too. Then she asks Mrs. O'Boyle if he was in the house before the tea set was stolen. Mrs. O'Boyle thinks he is just a traveling salesman and not a thief. Then she is about to tell Frank her new information, when she comes across a coal covered footprint on the floor.

Then downstairs in the basement, Lucy has gotten herself comfortable sitting down reading the letters. Then she can hear Frank sneaking back in through the window. She panics, so she quickly puts all the letters back into the wall and returns the brick. Then Frank comes in and he is furious asking her what she is doing in his room. She rudely tells him it is none of his business. Then he say it is, because it is where he sleeps. She says not for long. Then Frank confronts her asking her if she really does want him to be kicked out and she says yes. So he tells her that must be the reason why she stole the tea set, and tried to blame it on him. So he would get kicked out. Lucy is offended to hear this. So she tells him that he cannot blame it on her, because she isn't a thief like him. Then Frank rudely reminds her that she will do anything to get her way. Then Lucy threatens him to either get out of her way, or she will tell Mrs. O'Boyle that he left the house without permission. So he sneers at her and moves away. Then as she heads upstairs, she tells him that she hopes her dad will kick him out tonight.

Then back upstairs, Catherine is carefully tracing the coal footprint onto a piece of paper. Then Lucy comes upstairs lying to Mrs. O'Boyle that she has just been busy playing all morning. Then Mrs. O'Boyle says that lunch will be late, and she is off to the butcher shop. Lucy decides to accompany Mrs. O'Boyle to the butcher shop. On their way out, Lucy rudely says goodbye to her sister, and to make sure Frank stays downstairs. After they've left, Catherine calls for Frank to come upstairs. She shows him the coal dust footprint, explaining to him that the coal man was in their house yesterday before he made his delivery and before the theft happened. So they ask Ghostwriter to try and track him down. They ask him: "Can you find a truck with "IZZO BROS" painted on it? Then Ghostwriter replies saying: "I'll try.". While they wait, Catherine gives Frank a special pen. So he can always be ready to write down important clues. He explains he caught Lucy snooping in his room. So this could also be evidence to use against her. Then Catherine informs Frank that the Ritter brush man was in their house the other day too. But they won't have to look for him, if the coal man turns out to be the thief. Then they notice Ghostwriter has returned. He tells them: "Cobble St. and Grant Lane. They know it isn't too far away so they run over to find him.

Then back to 1993, Alex is shown blowing off thick dust off an old pink magazine. It is no other than an issue of the police gazette. He tells Jamal he has seen them at the library and they are full of stories about crime and other interesting cases. Alex mentions that not many people know about them anymore, because they were popular a long time ago. Then Alex finds out the issue was printed in 1928 and could have belonged to Frank and Catherine. So they begin to look around and see what else they can find.

Then back to 1928, Frank and Catherine have found the Izzo Bros truck. They spy on Mr. Izzo from across the street while hiding behind another parked car. They can't understand why he is leaving the front of the house, when the coal chute is at the back. Also they are curious about what he is carrying in the sack he has. So they decide to sneak into the back of his truck to follow him home and see what he has taken. They hide in the back of his truck, until it stops at a building that reads "IZZO BROS. COAL AND ICE". When he leaves his truck, they go to see if he left the sack up front. Then just as they leave the truck, they are both grabbed by Mr. Izzo, he asks them why the two of them are following him. Also Mr. Izzo is a big, and tall strong man!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Ghostwriter has been traveling back in time, to the year 1928! Going back and forth, between 1993 and 1928 has made him very weak.

He's trying to help Frank and Catherine, who lived in Jamal's house 65 years ago. Frank has been accused of stealing a silver tea set, from his foster family: The Canellans. Dr. Canellan, said he is going to send Frank to the home for Wayward Boys. And: Ghostwriter said it was very important to prove that Frank is innocent. It will save the team.

So he asks the Ghostwriter Team to teach Frank and Catherine how to solve a case. So the team decides to tell them how to make a casebook. Since it is one of the most important things, for them to start unraveling their big mystery.

Then: the team sends instructions on how to make a casebook. Then Frank and Catherine come up with a list of suspects. There is Mrs. O'Boyle the housekeeper, and Catherine's little sister Lucy. They both don't like Frank. Also, there is Mr. Izzo the Coal Man, who delivered coal to their house. And Millard Fillmore Smith a Ritter Brush man, who also visited their house.

Plus: Catherine found some really big clues. First: That valuable silver items have been stolen from three other houses in Brooklyn. And: She found a coal foot print in their living room. She remembers that the coal man was in their house the other day, before he made his delivery.

So Frank and Catherine decide to spy on the coal man. What will happen to Frank and Catherine? Will Frank have to go to the home for Wayward Boys!? Is Ghostwriter strong enough to keep traveling through time?

The arc resumes with Mr. Izzo grabbing Frank and Catherine. He asks them why they are following him. Frank snaps at him to let them go. Then Frank punches him on the mouth. Mr. Izzo lets them go when reacting in pain. He says that Frank sure packs a wallop. Frank says that there is a lot more where it came from, telling him he is a dirty crook. Mr. Izzo is confused asking what they mean. Catherine and Frank tell Mr. Izzo they know he stole the silver tea set from their house. Along the silver bird cage from the other house. Mr. Izzo is still confused and baffled. He recognizes them as Dr. Canellan's kids. So he tells them that he has been delivering coal to the houses in the area since before they were born. So why would he all of a sudden start robbing houses?

They express their disbelief to him, so now he tells him they are starting to get on his nerves. So they ask him if he is really so innocent, then to show them what he has in his sack. Mr. Izzo shows them it is a big round loaf of bread. He explains that he didn't steal it. It was given to him by the Gary family, whom are always considerate enough to give him a lunch. Then they ask him to show them his foot. So he reluctantly shows them his boot, and they compare it to the traced coal dust footprint from earlier and it doesn't match; his is too big. Then they both apologize to Mr. Izzo, and he forgives them. Then he goes inside planning to eat his lunch. He just hopes that he can still chew now. Frank now disappointingly says there went their first suspect and asks what to do now. Catherine says they need to keep on looking. Frank gets upset and starts crying. He says he refuses to go to the home for Wayward Boys and he will run away instead. Then Frank starts running down the street.

Then back to 1993, Alex and Jamal are in the Jenkins' basement again. Alex has been reading the old issue of the police gazette. He says it is awesome, and it's full of stories about pirates, safe-cracking crooks, and starving chorus girls who turned to a life of crime. Jamal is laughing believing it is just perfect for him. Then we see Jamal's dad Reggie coming down the stairs to speak to them. He tells them he heard they were cleaning up the basement, but now it looks they're messing it up instead. Jamal happily shakes his hand, and Alex asks him what happened. Reggie explains to them that he got dizzy and nauseous at work. So now he just needs a little rest to get better. Then just as Reggie starts heading back upstairs to rest, he looses his balance, faints and collapses on the stairs. Now Jamal screams for his Grandma to come and help.

Back to 1928, Catherine finds Frank sitting down on the sidewalk. She sits down to talk to him, and he apologizes for crying. She says it's okay, because everybody cries sometimes. Frank explains that when you lives on the streets, you need to be tough all the time, or you may not survive. Catherine says that just because you cry, it doesn't mean you are not tough. A tough person is someone who keeps on trying, no matter how bad things are. So now she asks him if he can be tough enough for them to keep on trying. So they can find out who the real thief is. Frank gets exasperated saying it is now hopeless. She says it isn't, because they still have Mrs. O'Boyle, Lucy as their other suspects. Along with Millard Fillmore Smith. The man who also happened to be in their house before the robbery happened. She has a hunch they he might be the real thief. Then he reminds her that she first thought that about the coal man, but she was wrong. So now he might as well just give up and run away. She tells him if he runs away, then he is just a coward. He defensively claims he isn't. So she persuades him to prove it by, getting back on the case.

Then back to 1993, Reggie has regained consciousness. He is now lying down on the sofa holding an ice pack onto his forehead. He whines and complains, refusing to go to the hospital. Grandma CeCe asks Jamal to get her car keys for her. Reggie whines saying that he just got dizzy, but his mother tells him to wear a jacket to stay warm. He then gets annoyed saying he refuses to go to the hospital. Then Jamal comes back with the keys for Grandma CeCe. She thanks him and asks him to give his dad a jacket. Then Reggie snaps asking why nobody is listening to him. His mother tells him it is because he is delirious and needs to see a doctor. He snaps again saying he isn't but his mother says he is. And everyone knows, she knows, his wife knows. Then she asks Jamal if he thinks his dad should see a doctor, and he says yes. Then she asks Alex and he says yes. So she tells Reggie that they all agree that he should go. So Reggie gives up and reluctantly goes to the hospital. On their way out, Alex tells Jamal not to worry about the case. The team will take care of it, and wishes for his dad to get better soon. He thanks Alex and Alex is told to close the door on his way out.

Then back to 1928, Catherine and Frank have returned home. Now she is on the telephone, speaking to a manager of the Ritter brush company. She asks him where they can find their employee named Millard Fillmore Smith. But she has no luck. According to them, they have no employee by that name. Frank gets mad saying that calling the company was a dumb idea to begin with. Because what robber would come to your house and tell you their real name? Then Catherine realizes they now have another clue:a fake name.

Then Dr. Canellan comes home and he is mad to see them looking so filthy. He asks why and Catherine takes the blame. She explains to her father that they were trailing the coal man, because they thought he was the thief who robbed their house. So they jumped into the back of his truck and followed him. Then before she can finish, Dr. Canellan cuts her off. He is furious saying that what they did: playing detectives, running around the streets and jumping into strangers trucks was very dangerous and they could have been hurt. She tries to tell her dad they know who stole the tea set, but he doesn't want to hear it. Instead he informs Frank that he just got back from the home for Wayward Boys. So now it has all been arranged, they will be taking him over there tomorrow. Catherine begs her father to listen to them, but he won't and he sends her to her bedroom. She runs upstairs crying. Then Frank tries apologizing for putting Catherine in danger. He tells Frank that it is much too late for apologies now. So now Frank runs down to his bedroom.

Then back to 1993, Grandma CeCe and Jamal have returned home. She keeps telling Jamal that there is nothing to worry about. Then he demands to know why she or his mom won't tell him what the doctor said. Grandma CeCe reminds him that the doctor said that everything will be all right. Jamal is worried and says that he overheard the doctor saying something about an x-ray. She tells him it is nothing for him to worry about. Jamal snaps saying he isn't a baby anymore, and he has the right to know what is wrong with his father. She realizes he is right, so she sits down with him. She tells him that he doesn't have to be sorry for yelling, because he does have the right to know. She explains to Jamal that the doctor saw some sort of shadow on his fathers heart on the x-ray. A dark spot that isn't supposed to be there. So they decided to keep him in the hospital overnight, and run some more tests in the morning. She confirms to him that was all the doctor said, and she promises him that he doesn't have to worry. Because she just knows he will be all right. Then she heads to the kitchen to start making dinner. Then Jamal sits down and pouts looking really worried.

Then back to 1928, Catherine is in her bedroom. She is sobbing tears and she is now really upset. She writes to Ghostwriter saying: "Frank is being sent away in the morning. We failed.". Then Ghostwriter answers her. He tells her: "Don't give up now!". She realizes that Ghostwriter is right, if she gives up now, then Frank will never be saved. But she just doesn't know what to do. Then she overhears Mrs. O'Boyle tell her father that he made the right choice to send Frank away. Then she hears him say that he feels so bad about sending him away. Now she realizes that she must think of something, before it is too late. So she gets her casebook, and carefully climbs out her window.

Then in the basement, we see Frank is packing all of his belonging into a sack to prepare to run away. Then Catherine comes to his window. She knocks and he helps her in. He thinks that she come down to say goodbye to him. She says no, because they still have not solved the case yet. He tells her to just face it, because it's time to give up. She panics saying that if they give up, he'll be sent away. Then they will never see each other again. He says that is the worst part of it. He will really miss a great friend like her. Then Catherine tells him they need to keep trying. But Frank reminds her that they couldn't find the Ritter brush man over the telephone, they can't get out of the house. Also they just cannot do anything.

Then she reminds him about Ghostwriter and his friends. Franks thinks they can't help them because they live in the future. Then she suddenly realizes that is why they CAN help them! Because they do live in the future. She reminds him that when they went to the library that morning, they read about news in newspaper dating a week back. So since Ghostwriter's friends live in the future, they can look way back through newspapers dating to back to 1928. Then they can check and see if this case was ever solved and who did it. She makes him realize that they can send them the real name of the thief, and where he gets captured. Suddenly Frank smiles with hope, realizing she is right. So Frank takes the casebook and prepares to write the Ghostwriter team a message.

Then back to 1993, Lenni asks Alex if the police gazette stories were true. He tells Lenni that the police gazette were full of true stories from newspapers. Tina is now back from visiting her aunt and the new baby. So she asks them if they think Catherine and Frank solved their case yet. Gaby says she hopes not, Lenni and Alex are shocked asking her why. Gaby says it's because Ghostwriter still isn't back yet. So she hopes they are still working on it, so can come back home soon.

Then back to 1928, Frank has finished their message. It says:” Dear Future Friends, Many houses around us have been robbed of valuable things made of silver. Our main suspect is pretending to be a Ritter Brush salesman. He says his name is Millard Fillmore Smith. We think he is using a fake name. Please read old issues of the Brooklyn Eagle printed in 1928. Find out if the case was solved, and if so who's the crook. Please hurry! Thank you, Frank and Catherine". Then Ghostwriter swirls around it to try and send it, but he can't stretch it away and he collapses expresses signs of fatigue. They realize the message it too long and carrying that many words through time is too much for him.

So they decided to shorten their message. They leave in the most important things: The Crimes, Suspects and what they want them to do. So Frank shortens their message to say: "Crime: House robbed silver Suspect: Millard Fillmore Smith Impostor? Job: Read Brooklyn Eagle, 1928. Was case solved? Who did it? HURRY! Ghostwriter swirls the message around and he travels through a blue vortex of used words to 1993. Then in 1993, they see Ghostwriter is back, but he doesn't look too well. Then he enters Lenni's computer to give them the message. Tina writes it all down and Lenni tells them they need to get to the library fast, because they realize they've been asked to hurry!

Then back to 1928, Catherine says all they can do now is wait. Frank says that he doesn't have very much time left. Catherine then asks him to promise her, no matter how things turn out that he will not run away. He says he promises, but he crosses his fingers behind his back showing that he doesn't really mean it. They hug and she now heads back upstairs, before it is discovered she is missing. So Frank opens the window and she sneaks back up. As she leaves he just stares and says goodbye thinking soon he may not see her anymore.

Then back to 1993, Alex, Gaby, Lenni and Tina head over to the Brooklyn Public Library. Inside we see the librarian speaking with an elderly famous author. She asks her how her research for her next book is coming along, and she says great. Then the librarian asks her who the villain in her next book will be and she tell her to just wait and see. Then as the four of them enter, Gaby accidentally bumps into the elderly woman. She apologizes asking if she is okay. She tells Gaby not to worry about her, since she is a tough old girl.

Tina asks the librarian if she knows what a Ritter brush man is. She tells them, it is a salesman who goes door to door selling household items, like brushes, brooms, mops and feather dusters. Then Alex asks the librarian if she has ever heard of the Brooklyn Eagle. The librarian says that it was a very popular newspaper, discontinued in 1955. Lenni fears they will never find their information now. Then the librarian informs them that the library has old copies of the Brooklyn Eagle in ledgers. So they check through the 1928 ledgers to find their information. After looking through many old articles, they finally find the one they are looking for.

The headline is titled: “YOUNGSTERS HELP CAPTURE RITTER BRUSH IMPOSTOR”. Lenni reads it out loud and it says: “Raynard Wilcox, who pretended to be a Ritter Brush man named Millard Fillmore Smith, was captured July 12 at the Silver Imports Warehouse. He was charged with robbing several homes in Brooklyn. So now they know the thief’s real name and where he was captured. Then Lenni reads more, it says: “The police were aided by a tip from two Fort Greene Children, Catherine Canellan and Frank Flynn. When asked how they were able to crack the case, the kids mysteriously replied that they couldn’t have done it without the help of some friends who are far ahead of their time. Tina realizes they were talking about them, since they were the ones far ahead of their time. Also Lenni thinks it’s so cool that they are in the newspaper, more than 50 years before they were even born.

Then Tina points out something very strange. She just wrote the whole article down, and now Catherine and Frank’s name have disappeared from it. Now the title of the headline has disappeared and now bit by bit, more words are vanishing from the article. They aren’t sure what is happening, Gaby suggests maybe Ghostwriter is taking the words away. Lenni says he cannot be, because he is resting at her place. Then Tina figures out that the past is now changing, because they haven’t sent Frank and Catherine the information yet. So they realize, if they don’t send it to them soon, then the article will never exist. Then Raynard Wilcox will never be caught. Gaby is confused and doesn’t get it. So Lenni says she will explain it all at her place. Then Alex suggests writing to Ghostwriter and having him send it right away. Lenni says he still needs more rest. So they all run over to her place, as the entire article has now completely vanished!

Then back at the Jenkins’ home Grandma CeCe calls to Jamal. He asks her what is wrong, and she says they need to go to the hospital. Jamal just knows it about his dad and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that his mom called and now they cannot wake Reggie up. Jamal insists on going with her, because he wants to be there for his dad.

Then they arrive at Lenni’s loft, and they try to ask Ghostwriter to send their message: “The Ritter Brush man’s real name is Raynard Wilcox. He was captured at the Silver Imports Warehoue, July 12. Tell Catherine and Frank to tell the police right away! “. Then Ghostwriter tries to send the message but it is too long and he doesn’t have the strength. Gaby is worried because Ghostwriter is too weak and cannot do it. Tina warns her that if they can’t send the information back to 1928, then they can’t help Frank and Catherine solve their case. Gaby snaps saying she doesn’t care about their case, just Ghostwriter. They remind her that Ghostwriter told them that helping Frank and Catherine will save their team. So they try to make their message shorter. So first Lenni tries shortening it to say “Call police. Catch impostor Raynard Wilcox at Silver Imports Warehouse. July 12“. Ghostwriter tries again but it still too long.

Now Ghostwriter has gotten very weak and he faintly messages them on Lenni’s computer. He tells them “ Help Fra k become doc tor. Must. They realize he must mean that they must help Frank grow up to become a doctor. Then they realize he must someone’s doctor, but none of them have ever heard of him before. Now Lenni shortens their message again. It now says “Raynard Wilcox, Silver Imports Warehouse. July 12“. The message works, so Ghostwriter takes it and travels at the speed of light through a purple vortex of used words to 1928. They just hope that he can make it both there and back!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts: Ghostwriter has been traveling back in time, to the year, 1928. Time-traveling has made him very weak. He's trying to help two young children named Frank and Catherine, who lived in Jamal's house 65 years ago, solve a case where Frank is being accused for stealing a silver tea set from his foster family: the Cannellan's. If the case isn't solved, Catherine's father will send Frank to the Home for Wayworth Boys. Plus, Ghostwriter tells the team that it's important to prove Frank's innocence and solve the case because it will save the team.

So the team teaches Frank and Catherine on how to make a casebook. Frank and Catherine have three suspects. The first Millard Fillmore Smith, who visited the house prior to the theft. There's Mrs. O'Boyle, the housekeeper, she doesn't like Frank. Last, There's Lucy, Catherine's younger sister, she has been snooping around reading Frank's hidden family letters. Frank fears that he'll never become a doctor and Ghostwriter sends the team an important message. Then Catherine tells Frank that since Ghostwriter's friends live in the future, they can ask them to look back to newspaper articles from 1928 to see if the case was ever solved and find the identity of the culprit. So, by reading articles from 1928, the team finds out that the Miller Filmore Smith's real name was Raynard Wilcox, who only pretended to be a brushman and he was the one who stole the tea set.

However, the article starts to disappear from newspaper, if the team doesn't get this information to Frank and Catherine in time, history could change forever. But, Ghostwriter is having trouble sending the message to them. Elsewhere, Jamal is worried about his dad, who is very sick in the hospital.

Can Ghostwriter send the message to Frank and Catherine in time?

The arc resumes with Catherine waiting for Ghostwriter's return in 1928. He succeeds in bringing the information from the future to Catherine's casebook. He tells her: "Raynard Wilcox, Silver Imports Warehouse. July 12. Catherine panics when she realizes that is july 12 tomorrow! So they must hurry before he gets away! Then Lucy, Catherine's sister is putting Frank's family letters back in the hiding place when Catherine goes down to the basement and catches her there. She asks her what she is doing there and where Frank is. Lucy tells her that Frank ran away and took his things with him. Catherine calls out to Frank, but he doesn't answer. Catherine was surprised when she finds out that Lucy know about his secret hiding place, but Catherine didn't know about it.

Then Lucy says that she has been reading Frank's letters and his journal when he wasn't around. Catherine tells Lucy that they were private and questioned her of why she did such a rotten thing. Lucy tells her that Catherine and Frank are telling each other things without her. But her actions were inexcusable. Rather than fight with Lucy, Catherine tries to convince her to help her find Frank and clear his name so that their father won't send him away. However, Lucy wants him to leave because since his arrival, Catherine never plays with her anymore and thinks she likes Frank better than her. Catherine apologizes and promises that she'll play with her and never keep secrets from her unless Lucy can help her find Frank.

With Catherine's promise, Lucy asks her about who Ghostwriter. With no choice, Catherine writes down a message to him, as long as Lucy doesn't tell anybody about him. With Lucy's promise, Catherine tells her that Ghostwriter is a good ghost and that his friends are trying to help the sisters find Frank and clear his name. But Lucy doesn't believe her, while Catherine tells her that his friends live in the future in the year 1993. Still, Lucy doesn't believe her, thinking she was making everything up so she'll help her. Catherine tells her that she wasn't and that his message comes from the future. Plus, they can communicate with Ghostwriter through writing. In order to believe Catherine, Lucy offers to write to him. Catherine reminds her that she can't see him because he is invisible to strangers except her and Frank. Still, Lucy wants to write and find out for herself.

Catherine hands Lucy her Ghostwriter pen and Lucy writes: MY NAME IS LUCY. IF YOU'RE REAL, LET ME SEE YOU. When Ghostwriter didn't appear, Lucy gets angry with Catherine tries to leave the basement. Catherine pleads Lucy to believe her and come back, then Ghostwriter appears to Lucy for the first time, asking her to help. Lucy is stunned, but realizes that he is real. Ghostwriter's appearance was enough to convince Lucy to help out.

Lucy shows Catherine one of the letters from Frank's hiding place she accidentally dropped. But she doubts it will be of any help. Catherine asks her to read the letter aloud, believing that there might be a clue in it. Lucy reads the letter. Hearing the letter, Catherine learns that Frank's father Sean Flynn was on his way to California to find employment and was on a train because he was mailing letters from a station and mentioned a conductor. Catherine adds that he was going to save his money to return to his family. Then they can enjoy the rest of their lives together. But Lucy didn't say that, she said that in the letter that they were going to enjoy the Twentieth Century together. But Catherine reminded Lucy that they are living in the 20th century.

Lucy shows Catherine what she read. The words Twentieth Century are capitalized. Catherine thought Mr. Flynn made a mistake, but Lucy believes that the Twentieth Century is the name of a train like the poster on Frank's bed. Catherine sees the poster and realizes that Lucy was right. They think Frank is going to California to find his father Sean Flynn. The girls suggest that if they hurry to the train station, they might catch up with him. But they hear their father calling out for Frank. They fear that if their father finds out that Frank ran away, he won't let his daughters go after him. Lucy comes up with an plan; she will go find Frank, while Catherine stalls their father. When their father enter's Frank's room, Lucy hides under the covers, posing as Frank, while Catherine take her father back to the room so that they can talk. After getting Dr. Canellan out of the basement, Lucy gets out of the covers and sneaks out of the basement to find Frank, taking the casebook and the Ghostwriter pen with her.

Back in 1993, Jamal and his grandma CeCe, return home, exhausted from the hospital. Jamal noticed that his father looked really sick. CeCe knows, but there was nothing they can do about it tonight. She tells her grandson that in the morning, doctors will take more tests and x-rays and believes that they won't find anything serious. But Jamal worries that they will find something serious. Grandma tells him that doctors will help him get better, he is at a good hospital and that he'll get the best care there. Since Jamal's mother works at the same hospital. Jamal wants his grandmother to promise him that she'll tells him the truth about anything no matter how bad it is, since he is now older and he can take it. CeCe promises that she will tell him the truth and is proud of the way Jamal is handling a tough situation. She will now have to treat him like the mature young man he is now becoming.

Back to 1928, Catherine tells her father that Raynard Wilcox only pretended to be a brushman, which is how he got into other people's homes. When the owners left their rooms, he would steal any valuable silver items they had. But Dr. Canellan doesn't believe her, but Catherine begs her to believe her and to call the police. When he asked her about how she got the information, she tells him that she was reading about the robberies in the police Gazette, which surprises her father. Catherine admits that the Gazettes Lucy found where hers and not Franks, and that she had been reading them way before Frank's arrival. Dr. Canellan is upset by this, but Catherine revealed that she has had an fascination about mysteries and crime stories. But decided that they cannot talk about it now and she insists that her father call the police. Still, Dr. Canellan isn't sure, but Catherine begs repeatedly. Dr. Canellan finally gives in and asks her to go get Frank. Catherine yells for Frank, but her father tells her to go get him. Thinking that Lucy and Frank didn't return, she tries to stall much longer, until he finally returned. As Dr. Canellan called the police, Frank revealed that Lucy got him from the train station. Catherine told him that she had one of his father's letter they used to find him. He originally thought that she was up to her dirty tricks, until she showed him the casebook and Ghostwriter wanted her to help them. Catherine is glad that Frank returned and she tells him the Ghostwriter and his friends sent them the message they needed and Dr. Canellan is on the phone with the police. They hope that the police will help them otherwise, Frank is sunk.

Back to 1993, Jamal answers the front door and it's Lenni, Gaby, Tina, and Alex. Jamal originally thought it was his father at the door. Alex asked if Mr. Jenkins is coming home. Jamal tells them that he is and learned from his mother that he just got better all of a sudden. He also explains that when doctors took an x-ray of his father, the shadow on his heart disappeared. Like it was never there. Jamal believes that something was wrong with the x-ray machine. Everyone is happy to hear that, but they tell Jamal, who was wondering about Ghostwriter, that they haven't heard from him. It was hard for him to take the message to Frank and Catherine. They are until sure if he made it back to 1928. Then, when Alex asked Jamal if he heard of Frank Flynn (in their time), Grandma CeCe overheard it and mentions of a Dr. Frank Flynn. Alex asked if she heard of him, she tells them that she will never forget him. She reveals that he was the doctor who saved Mr. Jenkins' life years ago. She tells Jamal and his friends that when Mr. Jenkins was born, he had a tiny hole in his heart and by the time he was four-years-old, he became so sick, his parents feared they were going to loose him. Because he was so little, doctors couldn't operate on him. Jamal's grandparents were so worried that their son was going to die. However, Dr. Frank Flynn, was the head of surgery at Brooklyn Children's hospital. And he had been experiencing new surgery techniques, and he convinced the Jenkins to let him operate on their son and he survived. Everyday, CeCe was thankful for Dr. Flynn for saving her son's life. She asked on why they wanted to know about it, but she changed her mind because of their stuttering. She invites the kids to stick around and decorate the house to prepare for Mr. Jenkins' homecoming.

As she leaves the living room to bake a cake, Jamal finds the story all too weird. This makes the team realize by what Ghostwriter said about helping Frank will save the team. If Frank didn't grow up to be a doctor, Mr. Jenkins would have died when he was four years old, meaning that Jamal would have never been born and that Lenni, Alex, Gaby, and Tina would have never met Ghostwriter and there would have been no Ghostwriter team. But as usual, Gaby doesn't get it. But, now the team had to rescue them since he saved the team. They wonder how do they begin to look. Gaby said that Grandma Cece mentioned that Frank worked at Brooklyn Children's Hospital and believed that if they find him, he can tell them whatever happened to Ghostwriter and help them get him back. Both Alex and Gaby volunteer to go to the hospital to invite him to the Jenkins' house.

At the party, Jamal is happy that his father is home and feeling better. Mr. Jenkins thought his mother would be writing an obituary. Tina is confused on what an obituary is. Mr. Jenkins tell her that an obituary is a notice people place in the newspaper when somebody dies, and tells readers about the life of the deceased person and the family members that were left behind. CeCe asks if her son should lie down, but he insists that he is feeling great and is feeling hungry to eat his whole Homecoming cake. As everyone laughed, Alex and Gaby return to Jamal's place and he tells them that his father is feeling great. Although that was great to hear, Alex and Gaby tell Jamal, Lenni, and Tina that the adult Frank died May 1st 1992. This shocks Jamal and the others, since they left like they wrote to him and he was a kid like them. Alex said that he was a kid... in 1928. Jamal is crushed. He wanted to meet Frank and thank him for not only saving his father's life but for saving the team.

Lenni believed that without Frank, they have no way of bringing Ghostwriter back. Jamal thought that Frank had gotten married years later and told his family about Ghostwriter. He also thought that if they get in touch with Frank's family, they can help them find Ghostwriter. But they don't know where to look. Tina suggests that they can read the obituaries in the newspaper, since Mr. Jenkins told them that families are mentioned in obituaries. While Jamal stayed at home, Alex, Lenni, Gaby, and Tina head to the library and the librarian hands them an obituary of Frank Flynn.

Alex reads Frank's obituary, it was revealed that he died at Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn at the age of 76 and was the former head surgeon at Brooklyn Children's Hospital. Born in Ireland and raised in New York, he dedicated his career to helping people who couldn't afford medical care and was an pioneer of heart surgery for children, which was how he he saved Mr. Jenkins when he was four-years-old. It was also revealed that he is survived by his wife, Catherine Canellan Flynn, who is an author. This meant that Frank and Catherine married years after busting Raynard Wilcox. Knowing that Catherine would know about Ghostwriter, the team wondered how they were going to find her. Lenni tells them that Frank's obituary mentioned that Catherine is an author and suggested that they can ask the librarian on how to find her.

They ask the librarian on how to get in touch with an author. She tells them that by contacting the author's publisher and to find a publisher, it is listed in front of their book and the publisher prints the author's books in front and their address is on the next page so they can write to them. When Alex asked about any books written by Catherine Canellan Flynn, the librarian said she does and it was revealed that Catherine has written a lot of wonderful detective stories, due to her fascination with mysteries at a young age. The librarian tells the kids that Catherine does most of her research in the library. When she shows them the woman Gaby bumped into earlier, they learn that she is Catherine Canellan Flynn. They celebrate excitedly, but the librarian tells them to keep their voices down since they are in a library. They cheered quietly.

Gaby, Alex, Lenni and Tina walk over to the table where Mrs. Flynn is. Gaby politely asks her if she remembers her from yesterday, the girl who bumped into her. Lenni excitingly reveals to her that they're the Ghostwriter Team. Alex backs her up saying that they were the ones who helped her prove that Frank didn't steal the tea set. Gaby asks her if she can still remember. The woman is just shocked and astounded. She tells them that she remembers Ghostwriter, and that he had friends that sent them messages. Mrs. Flynn is shocked stating that it couldn't possibly be them. Tina confirms to her that it was them. The ones who sent the message about the impostor. Mrs. Flynn is just shocked asking if it was really them. And they all confirm it was them.

Then Mrs. Flynn is once again completely shocked and astounded and even amazed. She cannot believe after all these years, she finally meeting Ghostwriter's friends. Then she is confused as to how they found her, and asks them how. Lenni tells her that that read Frank's obituary in the newspaper. And they found out that two of them of got married. Lenni then sincerely apologizes for finding out that he has since died. Alex says that it felt like he was one of them. Tina comments that he was also a great doctor.

Mrs. Flynn, seems emotional and pleased by the great words they've said about him. She tells them that she and Frank had a great life together, all because of them and Ghostwriter. Alex then tells her they need to know what happened to Ghostwriter. After he sent them the message about Raynard Wilcox. Hearing that name, still makes Mrs. Flynn feel disgusted. Also she states that his very name still sends shivers down her spine.

Then in a flashback to 1928, Mrs. Flynn explains that Raynard Wilcox almost got away. But she and Frank persuaded her father to take them to the warehouse where he was. Then they called the police and watched them as they checked the place out. Dr. Canellan tells him that he must be out of his mind, bringing them down there. Catherine assures him that they've solved the case. So they deserve to see him get caught. Dr. Canellan doubts that he is even in there. Frank assures him that he is in there. And that he just cannot wait to see him get handcuffed. Dr. Canellan tells him to settle down.

Then they see a man holding a big suitcase, running away at full speed. Frank states that he must be Raynard Wilcox. A police officer comes out rubbing his head (Raynard Wilcox must have hit him) then starts blowing the whistle. Then from the corner of an upcoming alleyway, the police officer grabs Raynard Wilcox. But he breaks free and continues running off. Then Catherine complains that he is getting away. Then against Dr. Canellan's wishes, Frank jumps onto Raynard Wilcox's back. This causes the man to eventually fall down.

When Raynard Wilcox falls down, his suitcase pops opens and all the valuables (including the tea set) come falling out. A police officer quickly apprehends and handcuffs him, while Dr. Canellan and Catherine check on Frank. Dr. Canellan proudly tells him that he is a hero. As Raynard Wilcox, is being taken away, he tells Frank that he had no business butting it. And that he will get him for this someday. But Frank just laughs it off and Dr. Canellan rudely tells him off much to their surprise. Dr. Canellan is so happy he hugs and kisses the both of them and they head for home.

Then when they return home, they meet up with Lucy. They happily inform her that Frank was the one who caught the thief and he tackled him right before he could get away. Lucy then apologizes for all the bad things she has done to him. Then he decides to forgive her. Then they make amends and becomes friends. Then Mrs. O'Boyle comes in asking what all the commotion is about. Dr. Canellan tells her that they are celebrating. Because Frank isn't going to the home for wayward boys. He is staying right with his new family where he belongs. Then Dr. Canellan apologizes to him, stating that he is a good and honest boy. So from now on if there are anymore problems, they will solve them as a family.

Then Lucy asks Mrs. Boyle if she is now leaving. Mrs. O'Boyle says that she will be staying. She is going to help make sure Frank continues to behave. Also she makes a joke saying that they still need someone to clean up his coal dust footprints. Frank tries to say it wasn't him, but she tells him not to get started. Then Dr. Canellan reveals Frank is telling the truth, because it was footprint not Frank's. He went into the coal cellar with his shoes on. Then Mrs. O'Boyle jokingly says that she will need to keep an eye on the both of them. Then she heads upstairs.

Then back to the present, Mrs. Flynn says that it was the beginnings of the best times of her life. Lenni then reveals to her, that if Frank didn't grow up to be a doctor, then their friend Jamal's father wouldn't be alive today. Lenni explains to her that Frank was the doctor who operated on his heart and saved his life as a boy. Mrs. Flynn now understands. Alex then reveals that if Jamal had never been born, then they never would have met Ghostwriter. Gaby is concerned asking where he is. Mrs. Flynn asks too, because she would just love to see him again.

They tell her that they don't know where he is, because he disappeared after he sent her the last message. Lenni reveals this is also the reason they were trying to find her. To see if she knew whatever happened to him. Mrs. Flynn reveals that she doesn't know. She and Frank kept trying to write to him but he never answered again. So eventually they assumed he just went back to 1993. Then much to her amusing surprise, it is the year 1993!

Mrs. Flynn says she will never forget the time, that Ghostwriter first popped out of Frank's diary. She says she was so frightened, and Gaby wishes they had the diary now. Alex asks her why, she says because it was the way he traveled to 1928 in the first place. So perhaps that was the same way he tried to return to 1993. They ask her if she still has his old diary. She says she hasn't seen it since she was their age. But it might still but in his secret hiding place. She reveals the hiding place, is behind a loose brick in the wall of the basement. The way that is opposite to the staircase. They ask her if she can show them where.

Mrs. Flynn says she can't because she doesn't live in that house anymore. Then they reveal to her that she can, because their friend Jamal now does. She agrees to help save Ghostwriter, because she feels there is nothing she wouldn't do for him. Then in the basement, Jamal and the others are having a hard time finding the loose brick. But she encourages them to keep looking. The Gaby announces she has found it and they all gather round. There is an old newspaper clipping. It is about Catherine and Frank capturing Raynard Wilcox and all the words are back now. This is because, everything worked out they way it was supposed to.

Then Gaby finds an old diary, which Mrs. Flynn confirms it is indeed his old diary. Gaby is scared that opening it might not work. Mrs. Flynn tells her to open it so they will know. Gaby and Mrs. Flynn blows off the dust, then they slowly open it. They Ghostwriter slowly emerges, then he writes in the air in big orange letters "YOU'RE THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME!!!". Then they all rejoice to find out he's now back. Mrs. Flynn feels so grateful to see him again. Then when she looks at the window, she can see a flashback of her young self and Frank looking inside smiling and laughing. Then she cries tears of joy. Then Gaby gives Mrs. Flynn the old diary as a memento, which pleases her immensely. She thanks her and hugs her. Then Mrs. Flynn and the others all join in for a big Ghostwriter cheer.

  • Although Rob didn't appear in this arc, Ghostwriter still mentioned him to Catherine and Frank when he told them who his friends were. Also it is mentioned that he is in Australia for the summer.
  • At the time, Charles Man was a famous and successful NFL football player.

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