Jeffrey Baxter

Jeffrey Baxter (portayed by Jonathan "Jon" Hershfield) is a shy and soft-spoken student at Hurston Middle School.

Jeffrey Baxter once had a somewhat alleged friendship with Ghostwriter team rival Calvin Ferguson in two story arcs. The first was in "To Catch A Creep" where he ran for student body president against Alex, Neetu Kapoor & Janet Williams and Calvin was his manager. Calvin tried to get Jeffery to win by ridiculing Alex with the use of his personal & private information via his pen pal Katherine Brody (which he knew nothing about and had nothing to do with). Eventually, Alex found out what Calvin was up to and got him to confess to Principal Kelly on what he's been up to and consequently was kicked off of Jeffery's campaign team by Jeffery himself.

Jeffery's second & final alliment with Calvin was in "Am I Blue?". This was where the two boys pretended to be "Blue Makvas" not only for a live Galaxy Girl show & convention but in real life as well in an attempt to confuse & heckle the team. Not to mention, attempt to find out their secret. Then during Alex, Tina, Rob & Jamal's visit to the Party Animal store, long after Calvin stole Alex's casebook when Alex wasn't looking and after an attempt to discourage the team, Jeffery gave back the casebook and everybody walked out on Calvin. This marked the final time Jeffery & Calvin were together as they made no connections with each other after that.

Jeffery's last appearance was "What's Up with Alex?" where he was helping Jamal with an anti-drug project for school. He and Jamal at first had a difficult time getting along, due to his past of being friends with Calvin Ferguson and Jamal wanting to work with Alex in the first place. He and Jamal eventually settled their differences and became friends. Also Alex eventually joined their work group after he quit the Dragons and was wrongfully accused of stealing stuff from everybody's lockers, including Tina's.