Jefferson Twins

Abigail and Jordan Jefferson, (portrayed by unknown and uncredited actors) the Jefferson Twins, were the creators of "Galaxy Girl." They were originally popular stories that the two of them created for their high school newspaper. Then a classmate of theirs named Barbara Baron, showed them to her father Bruce Baron. Bruce Baron was a television producer who bought the rights and properties to "Galaxy Girl" for a very cheap price of $25,000. They agreed to accepting the cheap price because they were very poor and wanted to go to college.

Soon "Galaxy Girl" became a popular show that Gaby Fernandez liked. During the "Am I Blue?" storyline, the twins were exposed as the thieves who stole the QTC-5000 a.k.a. Cutesie model ship from off the Hurston school stage during a Galaxy Girl event, and planted it inside the Gaby's toy box. The toy box, she brought with her to the event to her Galaxy Girl costume in.

A little later, they broke into the Fernandez children's bedroom through the window. They messed up the entire bedroom. Then they took the Cutesie back. They made it look as if Gaby had done it at the time. Then they tried to blackmail Mr. Baron for $50,000 saying that would finally gave him back the Cutsie spaceship.

According to the twins, who were outcasts since high school because they were "short", they stole Cutesie as a way of getting even with producer Bruce Baron for buying their rights and properties for a such a cheap price and not even letting them become the writers for the show. Not to mention, always losing in court.

After they were exposed as the thieves, Bruce Baron was not mad because he still liked them, and they were exonerated and cleared of their charges. Then they revealed that they never stopped privately writing more "Galaxy Girl" stories. Then when asked by Bruce, who needed more ideas, to become new writers, they laughed in his face, blew raspberries when he was not looking their direction and seemingly turned down the offer.

Abigail and Jordan Jefferson

The twins after getting caught by Alex and Rob