Janet Williams, (portrayed by Apryl R. Foster) appeared in the arc "To Catch A Creep"

She is a smart, ambitious and hard working student. She was an Eighth grader who attended Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. She was very interested in school politics, one year before the events of the her older sister

Janet Williams

won the school election and defeated the opponent Neetu Kapoor. Then during the events of the arc, she also found herself competing against Neetu Kapoor. She was very insisting on running her campaign her own way and refused the help from her older sister.

Also, During this time her opponent Alex Fernandez was having his reputation and image ruined. This was happening by someone putting up embarrassing smear flyers all around the school. When Alex noticed that many of the school's sports teams were having what appeared to be secret meetings with her, he suspected she was up to something sneaky. Ergo he suspected she might have been the creep out to ruin his campaign.

She was heard a few times saying that she was going to show a certain someone how badly she wanted to win the election. Also that she was heard saying to not to let word get out of what her secret meetings were about, or she might have lost her chance to win the election. She almost caught alex spying on her one afternoon, but luckily he got away from the door just as she opened it.

Then finally at the school final election assembly, she revealed her reasons for holding those secret meetings. The meetings had nothing to do with Alex at all. In fact they were all about what her plan was to help save the school's sport's teams from being cut.

She revealed her plan to the entire school, which was she had secret meetings with the team captains, their parents, teachers and local business men. Her plan was that she persuaded some parents to drive the teams to and from away games, which could save money on buses and drivers. Also, she has got some local business men to help sponsor the teams, which should help pay for new uniforms and equipment. She also suggested to the team captains to have fund raisers with their members.

When she finished her speech, she said it was just her first idea and she'd have plenty more if they elected her for school president. She then won the hearts of the entire school and they all clapped and cheered for her and soon she won the position of school president.