Into the Comics
Season 1, Episode 14, 15, 16, 17
Air date Pt.1, December 27, 1992
Pt. 2, January 3, 1993
Pt. 3, January 10, 1993
Pt. 4, January 17, 1993
Written by Kermit Frazier & Alexa Junge
Directed by Gregory Lehane
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Lenni enters the Ghostwriter Team into a comic book contest for a chance to appear alongside a popular comic hero in his next adventure! Elsewhere, Rob meets a homeless poet named "Double T" and becomes fast friends with him. They have one thing in common--both are poets at heart. And at some point, Alex & Gaby's parents have a nasty argument about how to spend the store's money, but the kids think they're going to have a divorce, which they are not.

Meanwhile, someone else has entered the comic contest. Someone who apparently has ill intentions for the team, because Lenni receives a threatening cartoon under her door. Furthermore, the team encounters a suspicious character at one of the contest stop points, a man named Stoopdude.

Who wants the team to quit the contest? Even more interesting, who the heck is Stoopdude??


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars

  • Spike Lee as Special Agent Pete
  • David Patrick Kelly as Double T


Inside an art studio we see some abstract art. Then a cartoonist is furious because the comic book character he recently submitted to Cosmic Comics was rejected. Therefore, he vents his anger by drawing a cartoon and does the voices in an immature and obnoxious tone.

The comic is about his character Stoopdude finding out that he's been rejected from their company. The president of the company tell him he's rejected and he's bad. Stoopdude punches the president of the company out saying "Reject this meatball!"

Then after his comic is over, the sinister cartoonist mentions that the Cosmic Comic's company is holding a contest. The contest is for a new character called Hoodman. The Sinister Cartoonist is so mad he punches over the advertisement board. Then he claims that he will win the contest and laughs.

The story begins inside Lenni's loft, she is also interested in the Hoodman comic book contest. She is so excited, thinking it's going to be awesome. Then by writing "Rally L" on a piece of paper, she organizes a rally meeting. Then Ghostwriter informs the rest of the team.

Then over at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School, class ends for the day. Then we see Jamal and Rob hanging out discussing how their science class went. Rob is impressed by how well Jamal can decorate the inside of his locker with stickers. Jamal thanks him and offers him a spare dirt bike sticker. Rob declines it, because he doesn't want to spend about four hours peeling it off at the end of the year.

Then suddenly, inside Jamal's locker the words on a dirt bike sticker rearrange to say "Rally L". Jamal explains to Rob that Ghostwriter is sending the team members a message. The message is for a rally, which is when they all meet together when something important is happening. Jamal explains that each team member uses the first letter of their name to say who sent the message. Therefore, since L is for Lenni, they must all go over to Lenni's loft. Jamal is excited, but Rob still isn't so sure about being on the team. Rob says the message was in his locker, but Jamal mentions that he still saw it too and convinces him to go and he reluctantly joins Jamal.

Then in the Fernandez Children's bedroom, we see Alex has twisted his ankle and it's in a cast. Alex believes that he will better in no time. Gaby teases him saying that just two hours before he was in pain and has to stop fooling around when playing. Tina is visiting Gaby and she's sympathetic, telling her not to tease him. Then suddenly on the scrabble board game, the words rearrange to say "RALLY L" Tina brings it to their attention and they go. Alex gets onto his crutches and slowly follows them.

The three of them pass by Mrs. Fernandez, who gives them permission to go upstairs to visit Lenni. Then at the same time, we see The Sinister Cartoonist has just purchased some groceries. He thanks her and wishes her a nice day, giving a sinister smirk as he leaves.

Then inside the loft Alex, Gaby and Tina are impatient and eager to know what the news is. Lenni insists on waiting for Jamal to show up. Then suddenly Jamal knocks on the door and Lenni lets him in. Also she's most surprised to see Rob. Gaby and Tina finally see him for the first time, after hearing so much about him. Rob is then introduced to Gaby who Alex explains is his little sister and their friend Tina. Rob politely smiles and waves to them.

Jamal explains they both saw the message and came over as soon as they could. Lenni is excited to see Rob and asks him if he's decided to be on their team now. Rob still isn't so sure about it, but Jamal is sure that he'll come around. Rob asks Alex what happened to his foot, and Alex jokes around saying he jumped too high to do a slam dunk and his sister cuts in saying he twisted it and they all laugh.

Then Lenni gets to the point of calling their meeting. She explains that she was just at the comic shop and discovered a new comic book from Cosmic Comics. The character's name is Hoodman, his real name is Dennis Hudson and he lives in the hood (slang for neighborhood). Dennis doesn't agree with all the crime he's sees happening and feels like he can't do anything about it. That is until one day, aliens take him aboard their ship and give him a magical hooded sweatshirt. When he puts the hood on, he becomes super strong, bulletproof and very fast. That is because he becomes Hoodman! He fights injustice, intolerance and those with bad attitudes.

Lenni then explains, that there is a contest where teams have to go to places around Brooklyn to solve clues and get more panels from the special agents. The contest is like a race, whoever gets to the end first wins. Hearing all this, the team isn't too excited. They feel it wasn't an emergency, but just a waste of their time and just want go home. Lenni expresses her disappointment, thinking everyone would just love the idea. Then she remembers she forgot to mention the big prize, the winners get to star in a comic book with Hoodman. When hearing this, the team is now even more excited than Lenni. Alex believes that it can even make them famous, even Rob is excited and expresses his enthusiasm believing that they can win it.

Then back in the art studio of The Sinister Cartoonist, he's checking the first panel of the contest believing it to be too easy. Then he puts on a dark orange sweater with the letters S and D on it, a big hat and sunglasses. We see he'll be going around masquerading as his own comic book character Stoopdude and heads out the door.

Back in Lenni's loft, the team prepares to begin the contest with their first comic panel. Lenni takes out her late mother's favorite easel Claude Monet. Her mother nicknamed it after her favorite artist and her dad has never had the heart to throw it away. They help Lenni set up the big easel and they decide to use it to review important information and their clues. The first thing the put onto is the contest map which tells them all the possible places to go to in the contest. The places are The Boat House, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Aquarium, The Coney Island Amusement Park and finally The Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument.

The team finds out that there will be four different Hoodman comic panels, and each one will have clues that lead to a different place on the map. The first person to get to the last place wins the contest. To find out which place they need to go to, they need to check the panels for clues. This will give them the hints to which possible place they need to go to each time.

They check their first panel, Hoodman's arch nemesis Dr. Kill, along with a couple of his henchmen have broken into a neighborhood museum. One of his the henchman Mr. Hunter tells Dr. Kill that his Boat is sunk. Dr. Kill tells Mr. Hunter that he now has the Wishing stone. Meanwhile, Dennis Hudson's homing device alerts him to trouble. Then he puts on his hood and becomes Hoodman.

Then they review the panel and notice some of the words in it are in bold being darker than the other words. The words are Bones on the henchmen's shirt, Boat (when the henchman Mr. Hunter told Dr. Kill, his boat is sunk) Hunter (from when Dr. Kill told Mr. Hunter that he now has the wishing stone) and last Walt Whitman (on the building where Dennis Hudson was nearby when his homing device went off). Tina suggests that these words are in bold because they could be the clues. Gaby thinks that since Boat is one of the clues, that the place they need to go to is the Boathouse. The team agrees and they all get excited and they head off to it.

Also, we see Stoopdude is nearby too. He arrives to the Special Agent's station at the Boathouse. Stoopdude acts very immature stating he will win the contest and pulls his hand away when giving a high five. Special Agent Norma questions him on looking too old for the contest. Stoopdude's excuse is that it's just hormones and his younger brother who's only ten looks even older than him.

Then Stoopdude asks for the next panel, but Special Agent Norma tosses a big handful of confetti at him and laughs. She tells him he was first, but came to the wrong place. Also he didn't write down the other clues and explained how they fit together. Hearing this, Stoopdude feels a bit down but laughs it off claiming he's still going to win. Then she give him a handshake, but gets a shock because she touched his hand buzzer and he laughs it off and leaves.

Then next, the Ghostwriter teams shows up and they go through the same ordeal that Stoopdude went through. They feel bad for not checking their other clues and now it's too late because in a half hour, the Special Agents will be done for the day. They all agree not to give up, and meet together again the next day after school. Then from nearby, Stoopdude realizes they are his competition but doubts that they can beat him.

Then at the baker's house, Rob is relaxing in his bedroom reading a book. Then his father Colonel Baker comes in to speak with him. His father mentions that the youth center has a great sport's team, and it can be a great place to make friends. Rob is still not sure that the team are his friends yet. So he takes his father idea into consideration, but still feels a little uncertain about it.

Then after school the next day, the team prepares to review all their clues. Jamal shows up without Rob, explaining that he waited for him but he didn't show up. They notice Ghostwriter in the computer, he asks them what the words Thwack and Wham mean. They realize he means the words in starbursts in the panel. This is because he can't see the pictures, he can just read the words. They tell Ghostwriter that it describes what the characters in the panel are doing, and will describe them to him. Ghostwriter is very grateful and thanks them.

They figure out that the first place must be the Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument. Because a boat is like a tiny ship, Hunter is the name of one of the ships, Bones are from the prisoners who died and Walt Whitman wrote a poem about them. They hurry over to the Monument just in time. There Special Agent Pete tells them they have it correct and stamps their book and gives them the second panel.

Then next, Stoopdude shows up and Special Agent Pete feels annoyed by him. Then he just checks his clues and stamps his book to get him out of his sight. Then before he gives him the panel, he questions him on whether or not he's sixteen. Stoopdude says it's just a hormone problem and not to mention it again. Then he grabs his panel and runs off. Then the team learns a bit of history of the monument from Special Agent Pete. When next they realize a team of two other kids named Carlos and Teresa are their competition. They are confident that they will win and run off with their second panel with excitement telling them they will see them behind them.

Then later, Lenni is doing some homework when she hears a knock at the door. When she gets to the door, she finds someone slipped a note under the door and left. The note has a drawing inside of it. The drawing is a threatening cartoon of a creepy ghost closing in from behind on the Ghostwriter Team and Rob. The cartoon says "Quit the contest NOW or prepare to SUFFER! Lenni is shocked and horrified by the cartoon seeing it as no joke.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First Lenni and her friends have all entered this cool Hoodman comic book contest. The team who crosses the finishing line first wins, and gets to star in Hoodman's next comic book. Hoodman is this new superhero who fights injustice, intolerance and those with bad attitudes. Most of the team he's just Dennis Hudson, but when he puts on his hood he becomes super strong, bulletproof and very fast.

The contest is like a scavenger hunt, the teams have to figure which possible places to go to each time. There five possible places listed on the map. So the team solved their first panel, by finding out their clues were in bold. They eventually figured out the first place to go to was the The Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument and got their second panel.

They seem to be off to a good start, but competition is hot on their trail. There is a team of two other kids named Carlos and Teresa who seemed confident and sure of themselves. Also, some shady and sinister cartoon who has entered the contest illegally and he is eager to win at all costs.

Can The Ghostwriter team stay and in the lead, and how far will some people go to win?

The arc resumes with Lenni going downstairs. She shows the threatening cartoon to Alex and Gaby. They both aren't too happy about it either. Gaby expresses her concern by saying she wants to be in a comic, but not if it's making anyone feel threatened or uneasy. Alex figures that the person who sent it, is obviously someone who doesn't want them to win. Also, a case for their very own team to solve. Gaby suggests the two kids Carlos and Teresa they saw at the monument. Lenni thinks about it, but she is certain that the two of them seem too confident to do something so horrible.

Then after examining the drawing, Alex comes across a signature. The signature reads MAN E, possibly the person who drew it. The person could be someone named Man whose last name initial stars with an E. Or possibly some type of code. Alex writes it down, to help them begin to figure out who the person is. They decide to ask Ghostwriter first, they write on a piece of paper, for Ghostwriter to help them find Man E. Ghostwriter is confused stating it's an unusual sounding name and they agree. Ghostwriter says he'll try and they all feel reassured that they won't have to quit the contest after all.

Then down at the Fort Greene Youth Center, Rob has taken his dad's advice. But instead he attends a poetry reading. The reading is being hosted by a woman named Sally Lewis. A guest speaker is astonishing the audience by reading his poem called "The Emperor of the Sidewalk". When the man finishes, everybody especially Rob claps for him. Sally thanks him for sharing his poems with them. Sally informs the class, that the next poetry reading will be in another four weeks and dismisses the class. Rob stops to talk with the man and expresses his interest in his poems. Especially "The Emperor of the Sidewalk", because it was almost as if he really captured the feeling of being homeless. The man reveals he goes by the name Double T. Also he's homeless and he really doesn't have a home to go to.

Rob is shocked and curious, he asks him how he got to read at the youth center. Double T explains that he occupies a street corner, and he writes poems for people and sells them for a dollar each. Sally met him and enjoyed hearing his poetry and invited him to come over to the meeting. Rob idolizes him, telling him that he wants to be a writer too, be he's just a beginner. Double T invites him to stop by his corner some time to check out his poetry and hangout. Rob thanks him and waves goodbye to him.

That night, Rob is in his bedroom and he prepares to write in his journal. Then his father comes in to see him, having heard from his mom that he went to the Youth Center that day. His dad is confident that he joined the baseball team, asking him what position he got. Rob reveals that he went to the Youth Center, but to attend a poetry reading. Then before he can express his interest in his new friend, his dad expresses discouragement. His dad asks him what he has against sports since he is a fine athlete. Rob explains that he's just not interested in joining any sports teams for the time being.

His father explains that he knows they had lots of trouble getting adjusted to places before. That was because they were moving around so much, but he's out of the air force now. So now they're settled down in their new home. Rob feels discouraged. Then his father tells him that being part of a team is a vital part of a child's development. Also that writing doesn't seem to much of a team sport. When his father leaves him to do his homework, Rob feels that he just can't through to him and sulks.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, she prepares a platter of cookies and drinks for her friends. Then her five friends have all come over and they are excited. They have all decided that they are ready to do the second panel, because mad cartoonist or no mad cartoonist they will not call it quits. Lenni asks Alex what happened to his crutches, Alex shows her a cane and says he traded them in. Tina explains that his ankle has gotten a lot better. The team all digs into the cookies, but Tina encourages them to focus more on the panel.

Then back in his art studio, The Sinister Cartoonist sees the second panel as a piece of cookie and laughs. Then his Aunt Wilhelmina calls out to him. She reveals his first name is Manny and asks him to make a stop to the dry cleaners. He promises to stop by later that evening before it closes. Then gets back to the panel. Then in the same immature and obnoxious tone, he jokes about how he will win the contest. Also how he'll get rid of all the competition he can along the way and laughs.

Back at Lenni's Loft, it seems they've been having some trouble with the panel and they review it again. In the second panel Hoodman stops Dr. Kill's getaway car and then fights off the henchmen. Then Dr. Kill runs off saying to Hoodman that he'll never catch him.

Lenni then asks them to see which clues will lead them to the next place on the map. Jamal mentions that each location is only used one time, so it won't be the previous location again. Gaby suggests it might be the Brooklyn Academy of Music since Bam is in one of the starburts when fighting the henchman. Lenni isn't so sure because BAM isn't in bold like the clues in the previous panel were. Lenni begins to find a few things in bold, an ice cream cone, the letter E, and a picture of an eye. Then she finds the letter L and a picture of hand and a - H.

When Alex writes these all down, he realizes it's a rebus. A rebus is a puzzle where letters and pictures spell out words. When saying Cone, E Eye L and Hand minus the H together, you get Coney Island. They realize the second place they need to go to is The Coney Island Amusement Park.

Rob stops by Double T's corner and he finds him writing random people poems and selling them for a dollar each. Some of the people agree, including a jogger that gets a poem, and some of them can't be bothered. Rob asks Double T for advice on what to do when one has trouble telling someone they really care about how they feel something. Double T says he's felt that a lot, and advises him to try writing down his feelings on a piece of paper. Therefore, he can work out everything he wants to say, and he can keep redoing it until he gets it right. Then when he's ready, to just give the paper to the person.

When they get to the Amusement Park, Stoopdude is already there and he has already gotten the third panel. Also he's keeping a sharp eye out for his competition. The Ghostwriter team has arrived, but can't seem to find the special agent. Then Stoopdude stops by and introduces himself to them, stating that he's there to help. They all think he's a nutcase and Lenni criticizes him for being too old to participate, Stoopdude says he isn't and shakes it off. Stoopdude tricks them into thinking that the special agent is over the Ferris wheel and at the end of the long tunnel.

When they leave, he laughs thinking they're a bunch of suckers. When the team gets to the end of the tunnel, they're all frustrated. Then they run into Carlos and Teresa who demand to know where the special agent is. Then both teams realize they were tricked into going to the wrong direction by Stoopdude. Also he's isn't stupid, since he was smart enough to lead them all into the wrong direction. Then finally, both teams find Special Agent Marlene. She stamps both teams books and they inform her that Stoopdude tricked them into going in the wrong direction. She remembers him from hearing his description and promises to report him and keep an eye for him. Then she gives the teams the third panel.

Back in Rob's Bedroom, Rob has written has father a wonderful poem, to express how he really feels about writing. His father reads the poem out loud, and we can see it touches his heart and he now has a better understanding about how much his son loves writing. His father is touched and happy that his son made the poem just for him.

Then back in his art studio, Stoopdude takes off his costume becoming Manny again. Manny laughs thinking he's ahead of all the other teams now. Then as Manny is reviewing the panel, Ghostwriter has arrived. Ghostwriter skims all of Manny's Stoopdude and abstract art. He goes over every Man E signature. Then Ghostwriter skims what Manny's sweatshirt says. The sweatshirt says: "MANNY M.H.S. 88, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES".

Then back in the Bodega, Mr. Fernandez congratulates his children and their friends for obtaining the third panel. Also Mr. Fernandez jokes around that if they won, they should sneak him into the comic and he'll be Eduardo Champion of the poor. They all laugh about it and their father goes to the backroom. Then Ghostwriter arrives, he rearranges a sign to say "MANNY M.H.S. 88, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES". Alex writes it down, and Tina is certain she has seen M.H.S. somewhere before. Lenni suggests that it could be the year 1988, Alex suggest it could be a Delta 88 car. Gaby suggests it could be a radio station.

When writing their new clues down, they figure that the name Man E could be a rebus for MANNY. Tina then remembers where she saw M.H.S. before. She has seen it on her older brother Tuan's t-shirt. What it stands for, is Mead High School, and 88 must be the graduating years of 1988. Alex (whose ankle has now fully healed) suggests that if they can find a year box from 1988, they could find out Manny's full name and see what he looks like. Tina agrees and promises to ask her brother to get them a copy of the 1988 yearbook.

Then the next day, Rob stops by Double T's corner and he thanks him for all the advice he gave to him. Double T is glad to help, saying that he knows how hard it is to speaks to one's father. He states that he used to be a father, but he isn't anymore and will explain some other time. Then as a token of his appreciation, Rob gives Double T a copy of The Morrow Anthology of Younger American Poets. Inside we see he signed it with his name stating a thank you to him. Then Double T thanks him and is most grateful to have a made such a wonderful new friend such as him.

Then later, Tina has stopped over to Jamal's house with a copy of the 1988 yearbook. They ask Ghostwriter on Jamal's computer to search through the name index for the name Manny. Ghostwriter quickly checks, but says he can't find a Manny. Tina suggests maybe Manny is a nickname like how Gaby is short for Gabriela. Jamal agrees and they painstakingly check the index and come across three names. The names are Manuela Chavez, Manfred Gite, and Emmanuel Kussack. They first check Manuela Chavez and she mentioned that she was in a break dancing club. Jamal has a hunch it might be her, because you need the right moves for break dancing.

Tina reminds him they still need to check the other two names to be sure. Then next they look Up Manfred Gite, it reveals his nickname is Manny and he loves drawing and photography and he was the president of the chess club. They are certain it's him because to play chess you need to know all the right moves, also he loves to draw. Then they find a picture of him with his chess club trophy and his sweatshirt says "MANNY M.H.S. 88, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES". So now they know for sure the Sinister Cartoonist is Manfred "Manny" Gite.

Then back in his art studio, Manny is venting his anger and frustration through objects. He has tied up a troll doll, and chants the words bound and gagged. He states that those who stand in his way will be bound and gagged!

The show's narrator, explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First the Ghostwriter Team has been competing in the Hoodman comic book contest. If they win the contest, they'll get to star in a Hoodman comic book. Hoodman is this cool dude who wears a special wrist watch, and has wears a special hooded sweatshirt. When he puts his hood on, he becomes super strong, bulletproof and very fast.

Also, the contest is like a scavenger hunt, with clues hidden in it's special comic panels. Each comic panel leads the contestants to a different location on the contest map. But someone, who sent the team a threatening cartoon, doesn't want them to win.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: It turns out that the Sinister Cartoonist mistakenly signed his threatening cartoon with his art Signature Man E. They asked Ghostwriter to help them search for the name and Ghostwriter went off to search for it.

Also, the Ghostwriter Team solved their second panel. They learned that the clues in it were a rebus. They discovered that the second location was at the Coney Island Amusement Park. However, when they arrived they met this really weird guy named Stoopdude. Stoopdude, tricked them into going off into the wrong direction and it took a while but they finally found the Special Agent and got the third panel.

Then next, Ghostwriter helped the team figure out who Man E is. Man E is a Man named Manfred "Manny" Gite. They decided to try and track him. They've discovered that he graduated from Mead High School in 1988, he wears a sweatshirt that says ALL THE RIGHT MOVES and likes to draw.

Will all this creepy stuff make the team quit the contest? Also, where will the third panel lead to?

The arc resumes with Jamal and Tina hanging out in his bedroom. Jamal wonders if Manny Gite has anything to do with Stoopdude. Remembering their encounter with him at the Amusement Park, Tina suggests that perhaps they're working together. Then Jamal suggests that they might even be the same person. Tina agrees, since they both do look a like. Jamal then grabs the phone book and says that they need to track him down. However, there is a long list of Gites in the phone book and none of them go by Manfred or Manny. Jamal and Tina moan because they know they'll have to call them all and it could take them hours to find him.

Back in the Bodega, Alex and Gaby are excitingly looking forward to the third panel. Then their excitement fades as they walk in to find their parents arguing and shouting at each other. The argument is about Eduardo wanting to buy their store a new delivery truck. Estella is angry, because he didn't consult her about it first. Eduardo snaps that their business needs the truck now, and the cheap truck is a good deal he just can't pass up. Estella is angry, because she feels that the cheap truck will just keep breaking down on them. Also they may not be able to afford a new one right away, but it's one of the reasons they've been saving up their money. Then after some yelling, Estella advises him to go for a long walk to calm himself down. Alex and Gaby are really worried and upset to see their parents fighting like this.

Then back at Lenni's Loft Rob stops by. Lenni invites him in, he apologizes for bailing out on them for a little while. Rob explains he had some personal things to take care of; but he's all right. Lenni is understanding and says that they've missed him. Rob asks her how the contest is going, Lenni explains that it's been great so far, but someone sent them a threatening cartoon. Rob looks at it, and he's shocked. Also, Lenni informs him about the weird guy Stoopdude and how he tricked them into going the wrong direction at the Amusement Park, but eventually they got the new panel. Rob is happy to hear that they still got the third panel and begins to help Lenni with it.

Meanwhile back in their bedroom, both Alex and Gaby are really upset and worried because they've never seen their parents fight this badly before. Gaby is worried while Alex tries to remain calm believing that they can help make things right.

Then back in Lenni's Loft, Lenni and Rob begin to examine the third panel. The panel starts with Hoodman walking along the boardwalk. Hoodman asks a street musician if he has seen somebody going by on power skates. Robs writes down on a piece of paper to explain to Ghostwriter that the DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO, stand for the musical notes that the musician is playing on a bass. Then the Street Musician tells Hoodman that he did and he went under the boardwalk. Hoodman thanks him and heads under the boardwalk. However, after he's gone the musician takes off his mask to reveal he's really Dr. Kill in disguise! Then Dr. Kill tells his henchmen on a walkie talkie to Seal Hoodman up. Rob explains this to Ghostwriter also. Then in the next picture, Hoodman gets trapped in a huge net. Since this picture has no words, Ghostwriter is stumped and confused. Therefore, Rob writes it down to explain to Ghostwriter that Hoodman has been trapped in a net. Ghostwriter replies with shock saying Oh my!

Then afterwards, they begin to work on the clues to figure out which place they need to go to next. There are only three possible places left to go. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Aquarium and The Boathouse. Also the clues in the last two panels were in bold, so perhaps they might be again. Rob notices the musical notes from the Street Musician instrument were in bold, so Lenni thinks the place they need to go may be The Brooklyn Academy of Music. Rob isn't so sure, because he notices that Dr. Kill told his henchmen to Seal Hoodman away. This is because Seal also means a type of sea animal you can see at the Aquarium. Also Musical notes can also be referred to as musical scales, and scales also mean a fishes skin. They check the brochure for the Aquarium and Rob was right about seals being at the Aquarium. Also much to their surprise, skates is a type of fish too. So now Rob and Lenni now for sure, that they need to go to the Aquarium and they confidently head over to it.

Then over at the Aquarium, the Special Agent is taking a break to feed the baby penguins. Then suddenly someone sneaks up from behind and swipes his bag of panels. Then person is none other than Stoopdude, who sneakingly ties the Special Agents shoes together. Then he gags him and pulls him away and hides him. Then as Lenni and Rob run over, they find the Special Agent and he seems most peculiar. This is because it's Manny Gite posing as a Special Agent, speaking in deep accent. He leads them on to believe they're in first place and ahead of everyone else. Hearing this, Lenni questions if whether or not Stoopdude has stopped by yet. Manny nearly blows his cover when they offend him calling his creation Stoopdud instead of Stoopdude. However he's able to maintain his ruse, and he checks their clue book and instead of stamping it, he bites a piece of it off and spits it out. Then before they leave he gives them a panel, and they leave feeling confused. As they leave, they see Carlos and Teresa have come for their third panel, along with three more kids. They know the pressure is on, so they waste no time and head back to her place.

Then back in their bedroom, The Fernandez children have cleaned their room perfectly. They hope that their parents will be so happy with their clean room, that they won't fight anymore. Gaby asks her brother if their parents will really notice the different. Alex is certain they'll be really surprised. Gaby also asks him if it will make them stop fighting, he gets so agitated that he snaps at her saying he doesn't know. Then he apologizes for it and they go to clean another room.

Then back at Lenni's Loft, she and Rob quickly try to figure out the fourth panel. First we see that Hoodman struggles to escape from the net. He says if I could just get this rope blanket off of me. Next we see Hoodman has freed himself, saying he is headed for his trusty, rusty rowboat. We see his rowboat is called Academy of Music. Then we see Hoodman struggles to Dr. Kill's Ship. Then we see Dr. Kill on his ship called House Boat, Dr. Kill yells to Hoodman that he'll never catch him and calls him a Wimp. This confuses them, because at first they thought they were headed for the Academy of Music but now could it be the Boathouse? The comic ends as Hoodman climbing up Dr. Kills ship asking will Hoodman recover the wishing stone or not?

Lenni and Rob write down the very long list of confusing clues. Struggles, Rope Blanket, Trusty, rusty rowboat, Academy of Music, Ship, Wimp, House Boat and Wishing Stone. Lenni suggests they go to the Boathouse, since some of the clues are rowboat, Ship and House Boat. Rob isn't so sure because Academy of Music is listed too but not of the other clues go with it. They are both confused and really frustrated believing they'll lose the contest.

They feel that the panels clues just don't make any sense. Also this panel has no Skywriting like the other three previous panels all did. Then rob thinks for a moment and suggests that it might be a fake panel. They examine it to see if anything else is wrong with it. They discover that in the last picture, Hoodman doesn't have his hood on. Also he isn't wearing his special wrist watch in any of the pictures. Then Lenni remembers the odd Special Agent who bites the book instead of stamping it. Therefore she agrees with Rob that it must be a fake panel, handed out from a fake Special Agent.

They had back to the Aquarium and they hear muffling in a closet. They open the closet and the find the Special Agent bound and gagged and they ungag and tie him. The Special Agent is most grateful for their help and introduces himself as Special Agent Harlan. Harlan confirms that he's all right, just embarrassed explaining that it all just happened so fast. Harlan is shocked to see his clue bag with the panels and his hood were all stolen. They explain to him that there was an impostor in his place handing out fake panels, and they think it was Stoopdude who sent kids off into the wrong direction as the Amusement Park.

Also, that they believe that he's connected to Manny Gite who sent them a threatening cartoon telling them to quit the contest. Harlan is furious saying he heard about Stoopdude before, and it's the first he heard about Manny Gite, sending them the threatening cartoon. Then Carlos and Teresa come by and they're both furious believing there panel is a fake. Lenni confirms that it is a fake, Harlan apologizes for the problems and takes out a cellphone (those were rarely seen back then) and phones Cosmic Comics.

Meanwhile back at the Bodega, Estella is shocked that her children have been doing such a good job cleaning that day. Then Eduardo comes in demanding to know where the folder of their bills is, accusing her of hiding it. She defensively says it's in the same place where it always is. He doesn't believe her and insists that he will buy that truck whether she likes it or not. He shouts saying he will because the future of their store is very important to him. Then snaps shouting back saying that of course it's important to her. Gaby can't take it anymore and snaps at them to stop arguing and gets so upset she heads to their room.

Alex goes to check on her and he tells her that they'll keep them together because they've just got to. Estella walks in overhearing them and she is surprised. She tells them that just because she and their father have been arguing lately, doesn't mean that they're getting divorced. They just don't agree on something right now, but since they love each they will eventually find a way to work things out. Eduardo overhears them talking and feels bad, he comes in and agrees with their mother that they will find a way to work things out and not to worry. He even confirms to Estella that he found the folder, but Estella tells him that they need to talk; He agrees.

Finally Lenni and Rob are thrilled that Special Agent Harlan cleared things up, and they got an authentic fourth panel. Lenni decides it time for the whole team to meet. Therefore she calls a rally, Rob still isn't so convinced to do it so she does it by writing Rally L on her hand. Ghostwriter skims the message and sends it to the team, Gaby and Alex see the message on their pegboard. Before they meet, we see that Jamal has finished calling all the Gites listed in the phonebook. He tells Tina that he called all of them and none of them were or knew a Manfred or Manny. Tina notices Ghostwriter has sent them the message by rearranging letters on the cover of the phone book.

Then back in his art studio, Manny Gite believes he now has plenty of time, since he tricked the rest of his competition. He takes a break from the panel and works on some new abstract masks and puts them into a folder labelled "New Stuff". Then his Aunt asks him to run over to the grocery store, he responds saying yes right away and immediately heads off.

Then back in Lenni's Loft, Lenni fills the team in on what recently happened. Also that if not for Rob, they might never have known it was a fake and would never have gotten the real panel. The team applauds Rob, but he feels he didn't do that much. Tina tells him he did better then she and Jamal did trying to find Manny Gite. Alex suggests it's time to ask Ghostwriter for help, because Manny might be wearing his favorite chess club sweatshirt. Therefore Ghostwriter can read where he might possibly be. They type on Lenni's computer for Ghostwriter to find "Manny M.H.S. 88 ALL THE RIGHT MOVES.

Then for a minute, it seems like not even Ghostwriter can find him. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter responds saying "Don't Walk" and "Walk". They figure that Manny must be out on the street and has stopped at a street signal, but where is it? Gaby thinks Manny might be off to the next location. Lenni says it won't do him any good because the Special Agents won't be back until the next day. Then the team decides that it's too late to work on the new panel at the time being. So they agree to meet early the next day, and they all say goodbye and go home.

Then just after they leave, Lenni gets a reply from Ghostwriter saying he's found Manny wearing his chess club sweatshirt. Then she gets the message "Coffee, Tea Chocolate to go. Lenni realizes Manny must be in store, but which one though? Then Ghostwriter's next message says Estella, Lenni is stumped because that name seems very familiar to her. Then she gets the message "No checks cashed, Se Habla Espanol". Lenni knows it means Spanish is spoken here, then suddenly she remembers Estella is Mrs. Fernandez's first name and Manny must be shopping at the Bodega.

Lenni is now really worried and shocked, so she runs over to it at full speed. While inside the Fernandez children pass by as Manny has just finishing his shopping. He thanks Estella and laughs on his way. Then outside, Manny drops his groceries as he bumps into Lenni. Lenni apologizes profusely, helping him pick up his stuff. Then suddenly Lenni gets a good look at the man's sweatshirt and she is shocked to learn he is Manny Gite. Manny is shocked to hear she knows his name and is just stunned.

The show's narrator, explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: The Ghostwriter Team has entered a comic book contest. A contest in which they find clues in comic book panels that lead them to different places in their neighborhood. The contest is sort of like a scavenger hunt, and if they get to the last place first they'll win the contest. The prize is getting to star in a Hoodman comic book. Hoodman wears a special hooded sweatshirt, and when he puts his hood on, he becomes super strong, bulletproof and very fast.

The team has been doing really good so far, solving their first two panels. Then they got to work on the third one. However, the competition has been intense. Also a certain person who wants them out of the contest, they got a threatening cartoon asking them to quit it from a man named Manny Gite. Also a really weird contestant named Stoopdude has been trying hard to side track them and make things hard for them.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: The first is that the Team thinks Manny Gite and Stoopdude are in someway connected. Tina and Jamal now believe that they may even be the same person. Lenni and Rob solved the third panel, which lead them to the Aquarium. But some fishy is going on, a phony special agent gave them a fake panel. Luckily enough, Lenni and Rob were able to realize it was a fake and got an authentic one in time.

Then the team held a rally meeting, to discuss their progress in the contest. Then they decided to ask Ghostwriter for help in tracking down Manny Gite. Soon enough Ghostwriter informed Lenni that Manny was shopping at the Bodega! Will the team stop Manny in time to win the contest? Or will Manny get them thrown off track again?

The arc resumes with Lenni accidentally bumping into Manny Gite outside the Bodega. At first Lenni thinks he's some random man and apologizes profusely and helps him pick up his groceries. Then reading what it says on his sweatshirt, she stares at him with shock and realizes he's Manny Gite. Saying his name, Manny is stunned that some random kid just knows his name. Then by suspecting she's onto him, Manny runs away scared as fast as he can dropping his envelope.

Lenni skeptically stares in the direction he runs off to. Then she picks up his envelope titled "New Stuff". and looks inside at the abstract masks. She finds out that on each piece, has the signature Man E on it and she still stares off skeptically confused. Then later that evening, rearranging letters on the Hoodman contest board advertisement panel, Ghostwriter asks "What's wrong, Lenni?". Lenni sits down at her computer and she types to Ghostwriter. She tells him that Manny Gite is Cheating in the Hoodman contest.

Ghostwriter asks her why, Lenni tiresomely tells him it's because he wants to win very badly. Ghostwriter then replies telling her she should stay honest and true, despite what others may do. Lenni yawns and slowly replies telling him that she will. Next Lenni tells Ghostwriter that Manny might be working with someone called "Stoopdude and yawns again. Ghostwriter can tell by her emotions and how long it's taking her to reply, that she's exhausted. Therefore Ghostwriter tells he that since she's very tired, that should go bed now. Lenni smiles appreciatively and tells him Good night and goes to bed.

Then the next morning, the team and Rob have all come over to Lenni's to work on the panel. They are all freaked out by the weird masks Manny made. They notice that on the bottoms of them, are random flyers and old newspapers glued onto them on. Alex is furious to find out Manny has been shopping in his family store and snuck right past them. Lenni questions about why it is they've never seen him at any of the contests places. Alex guesses that he's been going around dressed as Stoopdude and makes a humorous impression of him. Tina then tells that she and Jamal have already thought of that possibility. Lenni says it is possible that they are the same person, since they're both the same height and both are black.

Then suddenly, they notice that Ghostwriter has pointed out Gite and Stoopdude on the back of one of the masks. They find out that Manny used an old letter he received as the base paper for one of his masks. However, some of the words have been cut out. The Message says "Dear Gite, Than u very much for sub your comic book character, Stoopdude to our comp ,Unfortunately, he is what we are looking for at the present time. Best of luck, Kyle Cameron Jr. Cosmic Comics. They place the mask over another sheet of paper, to fill the missing words into the holes. They eventually figure out that this is a rejection letter since it's not a happy reply. The message actually says "Dear Mr. Gite, Thank you very much for submitting your comic book character, Stoopdude to our company, Unfortunately, he is not what we are looking for at the present time. Best of luck, Kyle Cameron Jr. Cosmic Comics. Also at the top of the page, they discover that Manny lives with a woman named Wilhelmina Burns and his mail must be sent to there. Therefore, they decide to look up his Aunt in the phone book.

Then in his art studio, we see Manny is frustrated trying to figure out the new panel. Then his aunt calls to him telling him he has a phone call. Manny answers the phone politely saying it's him speaking. Jamal answers the phone telling him they know what he's been up to in the contest. Also that if he knows what's good for him, then he will stop. Manny gets frightened and hangs up on Jamal. Jamal is surprised he hung up on him, while Manny panics stating the he just has to win it, in order to get Stoopdude into the comics and quickly dresses up. The team and Rob are most annoyed that Manny hung up on them. Therefore, Rob, Lenni and Gaby will get to work on the fourth panel, while Jamal, Alex and Tina will go over to Manny's apartment and speak to his aunt to stop Manny once and for all. They agree that when they solve they panel. they will leave a message for them at the bodega.

Lenni, Rob and Gaby get to work on the panel, Lenni mentions that there are only two possible locations left to go to. The Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Boathouse. The scenario shows Hoodman breaking out of the net. Then Dr. Kill and his thugs have stolen a helicopter for their getaway, with him saying "Up up and away my thuggies!. Then we see Hoodman has intercepted them, using his immense strength he pull the helicopter back to the ground, while saying "This is one bird, that is not going to fly!" Then finally we see that Hoodman has turned Dr. Kill and his thugs over to the police and hands in the wishing stone. The police thank him for recovering it, and he tells them that it's all for the good of the hood, my man.

They're having a hard time with this panel, they can't find any words or pictures in bold. All they Gaby can point out is just a bit more skywriting in it (the letter E). Lenni isn't so sure, because the skywriting has never been a clue before. Gaby then asks if it could be a fake panel too, but Lenni states it's impossible since the real special agent gave it to them. The suddenly, Rob notices a message written on the side of the panel. This message tells that if they put all the frames together, then it's clear as day.

Then they realize that they must put all four panels together and review all 16 frames. Then they write down all the skywriting from each frame, until they get a scrabbled word that says "Hoabtosue". They finally it hits them, that it's the Boathouse and they rejoice. Then in his art studio, we see Manny Gite has finally figured it out also and he is shocked and amused that he just didn't see this all along. Jamal, Alex and Tina go over to Manny's apartment and the three of them politely introduce themselves to his aunt Wilhelmina Burns. They explain to her that he sent them a threatening cartoon to quit the contest, and he has been masquerading as his comic book character and causing mayhem and havoc for all the other contestants.

Aunt Wilhelmina is mad, refusing to believe them at first, until Tina shows her the proof. Aunt Wilhelmina looks at the threatening cartoon and does indeed recognize her nephew's art signature. She is shocked wondering just what has gotten into him. She calls out to Manny for them to have a word with him, but he's already down the hallway all dressed up and prepared to go to the location. They suggest that their friends may already know where the location is, so Jamal gets her permission to use her phone, because wherever he is, is where she wants to be right now and she is furious.

Lenni, Rob and Gaby have all shown up to the Boathouse, and it's the contest finishing line. Also Carlos and Theresa have shown up too. Rob and Gaby urge Lenni to just take their Cosmic clue book and run to the end of the line. Lenni runs for it as fast as she can, while Carlos is coming in close. Rob and Gaby keep yelling and cheering for her, while Theresa does the same for Carlos. Lenni crosses the line first and Special Agent Norma reviews their Cosmic clue book. Special Agent Norma tells them their first and they've won the contest. Carlos and Theresa are good sports and they congratulate them shaking their hands.

Then Special Agent Norma introduces the President of Cosmic Comics, Kyle Cameron Jr., everyone claps and cheers. Then she introduces the creator of Hoodman Randall Chandler and everyone claps and cheers again. Then finally Stoopdude has shown up, and he is upset to find out that he came too late and it's over. Stoopdude starts running, when Jamal, Alex and Tina have caught up with him and point him out to his aunt. Stoopdude is worried when he sees his aunt chasing him, calling him by his full name and demanding to have a word with him.

Then finally, last and most of all Special Agent Norma introduces Hoodman! Everyone cheers and claps the hardest when seeing him. But of course it's an actor, who's acting the part without breaking character and he's holding the wishing stone. Stoopdude comes by and screams NO! Aunt Wilhelmina, and Jamal, Tina and Alex calls him to stop stating they just want to talk to him. Jamal chases after Stoopdude in hot pursuit, twisting around various lamp posts. Stoopdude then runs up to Hoodman and swipes the wishing stone, much to everyone's dismay. Jamal tackles him from behind, knocking him down. Then the wishing stone goes flying into the air. Hoodman jumps really high into the air and catches it and they all rejoice and cheer.

The team and Rob all check on Jamal, he recovers catching his breath saying he's okay. Rob applauds him on a great tackle. Aunt Wilhelmina asks Manny why he did what he did. In a guilt tripping tone, he says that he just wants his character Stoopdude to be in the comics and to be a cartoonist which is all he ever wanted to be. So this way the only way he could think of, to get his character into the comics. His Aunt tells him it wasn't the right way, and he knows it. Then Kyle Cameron Jr. approaches him and asks him to send them samples of his work. Manny gets a bit rude and exasperated saying that he already and it was rejected. Then as his aunt and Cosmic Comics walks away with him, Lenni and Rob feel bad for him. They say it's a shame because his fake panel was really good. Hearing this, Manny nods over to them and laughs about what he did, while his aunt shushes him up.

Then as everything comes to a close, Kyle Cameron, Jr. happily announces to every contest who participated in the contest fairly, gets a free Hoodman sweatshirt. Then everybody happily claps and cheers when hearing this. Hoodman proudly address Lenni and her friends each by name. He then happily gives them the first place trophy, then the six of them all pose with Hoodman for a photograph. Then we see what their picture with Hoodman in the comic book will look like. It shows the six of them in various superhero costumes, and it says Hoodman thanks Lenni the wise and her friends of five.

Then a little later, in Lenni's loft they are all eagerly waiting for Rob to show up. They state they Ghostwriter is so excited he can hardly wait. Then finally Rob shows up, he asks Lenni about the new rap he wanted him to hear. She says she'll play it later. The first thing they want him to do, is become an official member of the Ghostwriter Team. Hearing this Rob smiles and he's speechless. He has finally come around and he can't believe his ears, that they want him to join their team. Jamal gives him an official Ghostwriter Team pen, explaining that they all have one.

They set him up at a table, where a bunch of fridge magnets are set up. They ask him to write Ghostwriter a message. First Rob is silly asking him "Is Elvis Dead?" Ghostwriter uses the magnets asking who Elvis is. They ask him to be serious and he is. So Rob asks him "If you can't see us, how do you know where we are?", once again using the fridge magnets, Ghostwriter responds saying "You tell me with your heart! This makes them all smile, and finally Rob tells him "I'm glad you chose me" Ghostwriter using the magnets to respond saying "We chose each other!" Rob and the others are all touched and thrilled.

Then finally Lenni plays her new song. The song is a rap called Hoodman, she raps about the Hoodman character while various clips throughout the arc are shown over and over again. When it's over the five of them all give her a round of applause and cheer.

  • In the comic shot of the team & Hoodman, Jamal was sort of a reminiscent of the DC comics superhero Green Lantern.
  • Teresa who was on the opposite team of two with Carlos, was portrayed by Afi McClendon who later portrayed Jamal's crush and possible future girlfriend Jasmine.
  • Eric Swanson who portrayed Special Agent Harlan, made a reappearance in the third season. He would next appear in the arc "Four Days of the Cockatoo", as Ed Atkins.
  • Byron Utley who portrayed Hoodman, made a reappearance in the third season. He would next appear in the arc "Attack of the Slime Monster", as Slime Monster #1.

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