Hoodman is a fictional superhero, who appears in a comic book series in the world of Ghostwriter. In 1992, a comic book artist named Randall Chandler created Hoodman. Also an actor from Cosmic Comics portrayed him in the Hoodman Scavenger hunt contest and he was portrayed by Byron Utley.

The story about Hoodman is that his real name is Dennis Hudson and he lives in the hood (slang for neighborhood). Dennis doesn't agree with all the crime he's sees happening and feels like he can't do anything about it. That is until one day, aliens take him aboard their ship and give him a magical hooded sweatshirt. When he puts the hood on, he becomes super strong, bulletproof and very fast. That is because he becomes Hoodman! He fights injustice, intolerance and those with bad attitudes. His arch nemesis is a villain named Dr. Kill and his side kick Mr. Hunter and a bunch of their thugs.

As part of it's debut, the company ran a contest to promote his comic. The contest was the Hoodman Scavenger Hunt, a contest in which the winner(s) would be eligible to appear as characters in his next comic book. The contest was to solve clues hidden in four of Hoodman's comic book panels.

These panels had clues inside each of them that would soon reveal where the next location to go was. The panels weren't easy they were a real challenge. They had to find all the clues in each panel and explain how they all they all would fit together. If they went to the wrong location or didn't explain how they fit together, they wouldn't not be given the next panel. Instead the special agent at the location would throw a handful of confetti at them.

The Ghostwriter Team, competed fairly in this contest again Carlos & Teresa. However, an overaged contest named Manny Gite entered this contest illegally. He wanted to win this contest just to have his own comic book character Stoopdude (that the company recently rejected) make it's appearance in the comic books. Being desperate to win. Manny played dirty and constantly cheated in the contest. He sent a threatening cartoon to the Ghostwriter to team to make the quit, he leads contestants into the wrong direction and he even drew fake panels.

Eventually, The Ghostwriter team stopped Stoopdude and won the contest and appeared as Lenni the Wise and her friends of five in his next comic book.