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Cecilia "CeCe" Jenkins (portrayed by Marcella Lowery) is Jamal, Danitra, Cheryl & Casey's grandmother, Emmaline (Casey's mother) and Reggie's mother and Doris' mother-in-law. She is a mail carrier in Fort Greene where the show took place. When not giving out the mail, she looks after Jamal & later Casey. CeCe is there to make sure she gets the best of her grandchildren. Also as evidenced in "Over a Barrel", she is a total neat freak and makes her family clean up around the house. She has a sense of humor as well as wisdom to help out her family. Despite not knowing about Ghostwriter, CeCe can sometimes be of assistance to the team.

Notable side stories for CeCe

  • "To the Light" - CeCe has trouble with a dog named Winston; he does not want her to deliver the mail on his property. She calls herself, to Winston, "CeCe Jenkins, Mail Carrier, Extraordinaire." She also begins a romance with a new neighbor from Trinidad, who is the owner of Winston- Mr. Bertrin Braithwaite.
  • "Who's Who?" - CeCe suddenly fell ill and her illness forced her grandson Jamal to leave the team for the time being.
  • "Four Days of the Cockatoo" - CeCe must deal with Casey in helping her understand and deal with her mother's alcoholism and being there for her instead of making too many jokes.
  • "Attack of the Slime Monster" - CeCe is a frequent supportive and comical presence while the team writes the story for the Slime Monster contest.

CeCe and the Family

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