In addition to being a television show, there is also a book series based off of Ghostwriter.

In total, there are twenty-one chapter books and four novelizations, for a total of twenty-five novels. There are also twenty books of activities, for a total of forty-five books altogether. Most all of the activity books still have some small storyline of some sort throughout the book as well. The four novelizations are Ghost Story, A Crime of Two Cities, Just in Time and Attack of the Slime Monster.

List of Ghostwriter Series Books

Title Author Publisher Year
The Ghostwriter Detective Guide: Tools and Tricks of
the Trade
Susan Lurie Skylark 1992
A Match of Wills Eric Weiner Skylark 1992
Courting Danger and Other Stories Dina Anastasio Skylark 1992
Dress Code Mess Sarah St. Antoine Skylark 1992
The Mini Book of Kids' Puzzles Denise Patrick Skylark 1992
The Big Book of Kids' Puzzles P.C. Russell Ginns Bantam Books 1992
Off the Top of Your Head: Trivia, Facts and Fun Christina Wilsdon Skylark 1993
Steer Clear of Haunted Hill Eric Weiner Bantam Books 1993
The Team: On and Off the Set Joy Duckett Cain Skylark 1993
Amazement Park Adventure Richie Chevat Skylark 1994
Alias Diamond Jones Christina Salat Skylark 1993
Doubletalk: Codes, Signs, and Symbols Helene Hovanec Random House 1994
Rally! A Year's Supply of Fun Susan Lurie Skylark 1993
Blackout! Eric Weiner Bantam 1993
A Blast With the Past: Puzzling History Mysteries Christina Wilsdon Skylark 1994
Digging For Clues Amy Keyishian and
Elizabeth Keyishian
Skylark 1994
Disappearing Act J. B. Watson Bantam 1994
Word Up! Kelli M. Gary Skylark 1994
Write Now! A Postcard Book Children's Television Workshop Bantam Books 1994
The Book Chase Jacqueline Woodson Skylark 1994
Go Figure: Puzzles, Games, and Funny Figures of Speech Russell Ginns Skylark 1994
Clinton Street Crime Wave Laban Carrick Hill Skylark 1994
Read This Rebus! Eric Weiner Skylark 1994
Ghost Story N.H. Kleinbaum Skylark 1994
What's the Score? A Sports Puzzle Book Helene Hovanec Skylark 1995
The Big Stink and Five Other Mysteries Richie Chevat Skylark 1995
Laugh Rally! Christina Wilsdon Skylark 1995
The Chocolate Bar Bust Miranda Barry and
Corinne Jacker
Skylark 1995
School's Out! Puzzles that Take You Cool Places Christina Chiu Bantam Books 1995
Daycamp Nightmare: Camp at Your Own Risk #1 Nancy Butcher Bantam Books 1995
Disaster on Wheels: Camp at Your Own Risk #2 Nancy Butcher Skylark 1995
Creepy Sleepaway: Camp at Your Own Risk #3 Nancy Butcher Bantam Books 1995
Night of the Living Cavemen Eric Weiner Bantam Books 1995
The Haunted House of Puzzles Christina Chiu Skylark 1995
A Crime of Two Cities Ivy D Leeden Bantam Books 1995
Movie Marvels: Film Facts You'll Flip For Jordan Brown Skylark 1995
Just in Time Fracaswell Hyman Skylark 1995
The Ghostwriter Detective Guide 2: More Tools and
Tricks of the Trade
Jordan Brown Skylark 1996
Deadline Eric Weiner Skylark 1996
Cow-Eating Fish and Other Amazing Animals Christina Wilsdon Skylark 1996
Attack of the Slime Monster Carin Greenberg Baker Skylark 1996
The Man Who Vanished Amy Keyishian Skylark 1996
Alien Alert Susan Korman Skylark 1996
Caught in the Net Nancy Butcher Skylark 1997
Hector's Haunted House Susan Korman Skylark 1997


  • The book series is mentioned on the bottom cover of a 1995 Ghostwriter mystery board game.


Note: A picture of the team would appear on most of the back covers of the books. Ghost Story, appropriately, only features the first four team members.

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