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Ghostwriter is the titular character of the classic hit children's series Ghostwriter.


When the show began, little was known about Ghostwriter (or "GW"). He just, as Jamal simply put it, "showed up one night." Ghostwriter flew out suddenly from within the pages of an old book lying dormant in Grandma Cecelia's basement, and began writing to Jamal while he was using a new computer given to him by his older sister Danitra.

To begin with, ghostwriter was lonely, scared and worried about children. He asked, "Help, help, help! Where are the children? Are they all right?" These and many other questions went unanswered for a time, as Jamal (and eventually Lenni Frazier) did not know how to answer their new friend. After some time, Jamal deduced that since this ghost was writing to them, maybe they should write back to him. The two kids wrote to GW, telling him not to be afraid and that they will be his friends. So, with a "Thank You" from the ghost himself, the adventures began.

Eventually, he started writing to Alex, his sister Gaby and later to Tina. Each of them (excluding Alex) were told to sit down so that those who already know about "GW" can explain. The kids wondered where he came from.


Ghostwriter was a shadowy figure, in every sense of the word. His true nature was never really explored during the duration of the series. From what the Ghostwriter Team learned:

  • He was a man at one time
  • He was only seen by those to whom he revealed himself
  • He cared about children
  • He could not hear nor talk, but could read anything
  • He was able to read and feel emotions
  • He was only able to use letters or words currently available within his "reach." He could not form new words or letters, unless he was inside of a computer
  • He could travel through time
  • GW recalls being alive before Walt Disney or Elvis became famous, or even before the Federal Bureau of Investigation was founded. He even remembered a moment in life where he was chased by dogs.
  • GW is considered the true leader of the GW team.
  • During the "Am I Blue?" story arc, Gaby has dreams about the Galaxy Girl universe with her and her friends appearing. After confessing for the wrong she did, she gets hugs from the team members—including one masked figure whom Gaby declares to be Ghostwriter.


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