George appeared as the secondary villain in the "Who is Max Mouse?" story arc. He was portrayed by Frank McClean.

"I don't feel like giving it back to no miserable shrimp with Dumbo ears!"

George is a mean-spirited and rotten boy who had been bullying Hector Carrero for a short period of time. It is unknown if he also attends the same school as Hector. But he frequents the park and handball court on a regularly basis looking for Hector, and possibly other smaller kids too.

During the events of the story arc, George begun to pick on, threaten and possibly assault Hector, because he was smaller than him. On a frequent basis, George would encounter Hector at the park's handball court. There he would insult him, ridicule him and trip and push him to the ground. He would also grab Hector's hat and backpack away from him. It can be assumed that George may not have been a happy person. So bringing Hector down, was his way of bringing himself up.

Eventually after Hector got advice from Alex, and from a book that a helpful librarian told Hector about. So Hector learned to stand up for himself. Hector eventually proved to him that he wasn't afraid of him anymore. So he let Hector go and stopped bothering him.

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