Erica Dansby (portrayed by Julia Stiles) is the editor-in-chief of the Hurston Middle School newspaper who knows anything & everything about

Erica Dansby

computer hackers. So much about computer hacking that the team suspected her as the infamous "Max Mouse". especially after Tina caught her using a floppy disk as school. Floppy disks at the time could carry computer viruses. So Mr. Aucoin made a ban for students to use floppy disks in the school. She was also the last person Tina saw working in the classroom, before the school newspaper was published. One that Max Mouse hacked and rewrote a taunt in. Also the fact that she knew a lot more about hackers than most people did. Along with the fact that she kept joking about Max Mouse's antics, and not taking them seriously. Like how the rest of students and teachers were. Surprisingly, Erica was not Max Mouse, fellow student Janice Hall was.


Julia Stiles in Ghostwriter ("Who is Max Mouse?")

Julia Stiles in Ghostwriter ("Who is Max Mouse?")