Dr. Canellan

Dr. Canellan appeared in the "Just in Time". He was portrayed by Thomas Schall.

Dr. Canellan is a loving but strict and stern father. A couple years prior, his wife passed away leaving him a widower to raise his daughters Catherine and Lucy by himself. So his housekeeper Annie O'Boyle continued to help him look after his house and take care of his daugters.

In 1927, he caught Frank Flynn robbing his house. Instead of sending him to jail or to an orphanage he had a talk with him. After hearing how passionately he spoke about wanting to become a doctor when he grew up, he could see he was special. So he felt Frank needed some help and guidance. So against everyone else's better judgement, he invited Frank to live with his family. Under the agreement that if he ever stole again, he would have to leave.

Then in 1928, one day he came home and it was reported to him that the valuable silver tea went stolen. Mrs. O'Boyle was positive that Frank stole it. He didn't believe it at first, thinking Frank was changing. Until his Lucy showed him an issue of the Police gazette she found under his bed. He was disgusted by this, because it is full of stories about robberies and murder. Then on Mrs. O'Boyle suggestion he begun to consider sending him to live at an orphanage called the home for Wayward Boys. Then soon he caught Frank sneaking in through the windows and he saw him disrespect and insult Mrs. O'Boyle. So he begun to think he didn't really belong with them after all. But he would only change his mind, if Frank could find a way to prove his innocence to him.

Then soon time was running out, he didn't realize that people in the future needed Frank to grow up and become a doctor. So he had already made arrangements to take Frank to the home for wayward boys where he would never get a proper education. Then on July 12, 1928 his daughter Catherine received information from the Ghostwriter team in the future, about who the real thief was and where to catch him.

Them she begged him over and over again to take her and Frank to the Silver Imports Warehouse. So he gave in and called the police and took them there. There he saw Frank jumping on and tackling the real thief Raynard Wilcox to the ground. He praised Frank as a hero and developed an immediate change of heart for him as an honest and kind boy. So he brought Frank to live back home with him, and made sure he got a proper education to grow up and become a doctor. He may or may not have taken him on as his medical student/apprentice.


  • His first name wasn't revealed.
  • The type of doctor he was, wasn't revealed either.