Don't Stop the Music
Season 2, Episode 55, 56, 57, 58
Air date Pt. 1 & 2, January 23, 1994
Pt. 3, February 6, 1994
Pt. 4, February 13, 1994
Written by Carin Greenberg Baker
Directed by Susan Dansby
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Lenni has been invited by Smash Records CEO Jade Morgan to film a music video based on one her of songs, called "You Gotta Believe." The whole team is just as psyched about the new gig as Lenni is. But from the moment the video begins shooting, it becomes increasingly apparent that someone is not as equally enthusiastic. A series of strange accidents begin to set the team and the Smash crew back in their filming schedule. Someone is leaving Jade ominous notes around the studio and to complicate matters, Jamal's cousin Casey comes to visit.

Can the Ghostwriter Team who is responsible for all of the incidents taking place at Smash? And will they be able to do it with Casey hanging around?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars

  • Salt-n-Pepa
  • Doctor Dré
  • Ed Lover


Inside the Frazier's loft, we see Sally Lewis preparing food to cook with Max. He nicely tells Sally that she can cook. She just needs to have a more positive attitude about it. Sally defensively tells him not only has he never seen her in the kitchen, she has never seen herself in the kitchen (meaning she has no confidence in her cooking ability). Max laughs it off, saying there is nothing to be afraid of. Then he asks Lenni if he is right. Lenni is just sitting down doing homework. She is looking very frustrated and annoyed. So Max asks her what is wrong, and she explains to him that she has to do an extra credit report in Global Studies. But she cannot think of anything to write about. So Max Suggests putting their heads together to come up with a good idea together.

Then the phone rings and Max answers it. He tells Lenni that the call if from Jade Morgan from Smash Records and she wants to speak to her. Lenni at first doesn't believe it, and thinks it must be a joke. So she answers it saying "Very funny Tina". Then on the other end a pretty blonde woman tells her it isn't a joke. She is the real deal. In fact she saw her performance at the Star Jam at Hurston Middle School. She backs up her claim, but telling her that her niece Sarah was in it too. Hearing this, Lenni realizes she is serious and apologizes.

Then Jade tells Lenni that she is looking for new recording artists, and she thinks she has a lot of potential. Lenni is astounded and asks her if she really does. Jade says yes she does. So next week, she is meeting with new singers. So she asks Lenni if she can come in and sing her one of her songs. Lenni is ecstatic and says yes she will. So a time is scheduled to meet with Jade Morgan and sing for her on the following Monday at 4:00 pm.

When Lenni hangs up, Max asks her what the news is. Lenni excitingly tells them that Jade Morgan wants to meet with here on Monday and here one of her songs. And if Jade likes it, she is going to make her a star! Lenni is just so excited now and she just cannot stop smiling and cheering.

The arc begins with Lenni having a slight meltdown. She begins to regret agreeing to sing for Jade Morgan. It is because she cannot think up a song to sing for her. Max is supportive and asks her to calm down. He reminds her that she written a lot of good songs. Sally backs Max up and suggests for Lenni to sing the same song she sang at the Huston Star Jam: "Toe to Toe, and Side by Side". Lenni reminds them that the song is old now, and Jade has already heard it. So now she has to come up with something new to impress Jade, but she is stuck.

Then Sally tells Lenni about something that happened when she was still in England. She saw a program on the BBC Network about the rock star David Bowie. He revealed what he did when he gets stuck coming up with a new song. He writes down all the words and ideas he thinks about onto a paper. Then he cuts them all the out with scissors, and tries rearranging them together in different ways. He believes that this helps him unlock feelings and new ideas that have been stored up inside his mind. Then Lenni believes that if can work a for a real rock star like him, then perhaps it can work for her too.

Then suddenly, Lenni tells them she can smell something burning. Now Sally panics, realizing she left the stove unattended. So now the meat is burning!

Now over at the Jenkins' house, we see a new person sitting down on the sofa. She is a young girl reading a joke book and eating a peanut butter sandwich. Then Jamal enters the house and calls out to his Grandma to inform her that he is home. Then he eagerly looks through the mail wondering if there is anything for him. Then suddenly, the little girl pops out and scares him. She is Jamal's little cousin Casey Austin, and she is visiting from Detroit, Michigan. He is happy to see her and gives her a kiss. Then he complains because her face is covered in peanut butter (which she just loves).

Then he reveals the reason why she is visiting: her mother (his Aunt Emmaline) had an accident. She fell down and hurt her head. So he asks her how it happened, and she says she doesn't know (because it happened when she was at school). But she's getting out of the hospital in a few days. Then Jamal expresses his relief that her mom/his aunt will be all right. Then he asks her if their Grandma said if there was any more mail. She asks him why and he explains that he's eagerly waiting to find out if he has been accepted to the High School of Science. Then Casey reveals she has been rummaging around his bedroom. Then Jamal expresses his annoyance and asks her not to go in his room without his permission. Then he asks for his real leather baseball glove back. So Casey gives it back and he is annoyed because she spilled peanut butter on it. Then Grandma Jenkins comes in and happily informs Jamal that she has arrived. Then She tells Casey that Jamal kept asking when she would arrive. Since he has all sorts of fun things they could do together planned. Hearing this, Jamal moans and expresses his annoyance. Then he wipes the peanut butter off of his glove.

Then back at Lenni's loft, she is still frustrated. She really wants to impress Jade, but her mind is totally blank. So now she thinks she cannot do it. Meanwhile we see that Sally is having a rough time in the kitchen. She tells Max that she just cannot do it, and believes that she will never learn how to cook. Then Lenni says that she has never had trouble writing songs before. So she doesn't know what is wrong with her now. Then on her paper pad she begins writing a few words down. She begins with: "Can't"."Don't" and "Never". Then Sally feeling very disappointed, asks Max if he's sure that all the great chefs started the same way. He supportingly asks her just to trust him. Meanwhile Lenni has also written down the words: "I Don't believe", "Be real!", and "In your dreams". Then her dad asks her how her song is coming along. She frustratingly tells him she only has a few words written and not a song.

Then the next day at school, Lenni meets with Tina and Alex. They are both thrilled and excited for her, believing she could become a star. But Lenni reminds them that she shouldn't get her hopes up just yet. Since she still hasn't met Jade Morgan, or finished her new song yet. Tina encourages her not to give up, telling her that she will. Then Alex asks her if he can see what she has so far. Alex looks at the words she has written down, and he thinks it sounds depressing. She tells him that she is stuck and cannot seem to get unstuck. Tina is certain that she will, she tells her she will turn it around. Then the bell rings. So Alex tells her he needs to cruise on down to class now. Hearing them say "Turn it around" and "Cruise on down" gives her more ideas. So she writes them down on her paper pad.

That evening at the Jenkins' house, Casey is spending time with Grandma Jenkins. Casey tells her some jokes, then Grandma Jenkins gets a bit tired of hearing them. So as she sees Jamal come in, she tells her she needs to check on their dinner. But she believes Jamal would love to hear some. Jamal asks their Grandma if anything from the High School of Science came and she says no. Then Grandma Jenkins reminds Casey that she can phone her mom anytime she wants too and needs no permission. Then after Grandma Jenkins goes to the kitchen, Jamal sits down. He tries to get along with his younger cousin. Now he asks her what she did today. She tells him their Grandma took her to the Children's Museum and to a toy store. Then Casey offers Jamal half of her sandwich. He isn't so sure he wants to try it, because it looks too gooey. Then she promises him it is delicious. So he tries it and worms comes out! He moans, and whines and he is completely disgusted. Casey is laughing and reveals that they are just rubber worms. Then Jamal runs off calling out to their Grandma.

Then over at Lenni's loft, she has now included the words: "No one's going to listen!", "Turn it around" and "Cruise on down". Now she has cut out all of her words and thinks of different ways to put them together. Now she has come up with: "Won't be real!" and "Absurd words". Then she comes up with: "Don't never can't". Then she adds another word and makes: "Don't never can't won't". Then she rearranges them to say: "Never don't can't won't". Now she feels she is going somewhere. The rhythm sounds good but she needs to flip the attitude, or she won't get anywhere. Then she decides to write down: "Flip the script". Then she cuts the word out and then she reviews the clipping that says: "I don't believe". She uses the scissors and cuts part of the clipping off. So now it just says: "Believe". Now she puts it beside the clipping that reads: "In your dreams", and now she sees the message: "Believe in your dreams". Now she feels better and believes in herself. Now we see Ghostwriter appears. He rearranges the clipping to tell her: "I believe in you!". Lenni is now feeling confident with renewed hope.

Then a little later, Max and Sally come home. She cannot believe he is giving her another chance to cook, after burning his special sauce the last time. He tells her she just made it a bit crisp. Then he asks Lenni how her song is going. So Lenni sings what she has so far. She has a first verse so far, and he tells her he thinks it's great. She just hopes that Jade will think so too.

The next day, Lenni and Max arrive over to Smash Records. There Lenni finally meets Jade Morgan in person and introduces Jade to her dad. Jade is very pleasant and happy to meet her. She introduces Lenni to Sonia Ivey her assistant and publicity director. Lenni and Sonya are also pleased to meet each other. Now Jade asks Lenni to sing her song to her, whenever she is ready. Lenni has come up with a title for her song: "You gotta believe". Lenni sings her the song and it even has a little chorus in it now. Lenni nervously stops and Jade tells her she loves it and Sonia is totally psyched by it. Jade loves the message of: "You gotta believe". Then she informs Lenni, that before she can make her final decision, the song needs to be longer. In fact a professional song has to be at least four minutes long. So if she can write another verse and if it works out, then perhaps they can film Lenni a music video. Sonia thinks it will be wonderful, to see all different kids from all walks of life getting together to sing and dance. Jade says they need to be real kids and not scripted actors. Lenni is just astounded and speechless to hear about this. It is almost like the best news she has ever heard.

Then over at Lenni's loft, Tina has come over to visit. Tina is just speechless to hear the great news. Lenni is stressed and tells her it will only happen if she can make another verse and if Jade likes it. So she has to come up with another verse by next week. Tina is confident and believes that she can do it. Since Jade already liked what she did so far. Lenni tells her that she is trying to come up with another verse, but it is like hitting a brick wall. And now she has run out of ideas. Tina tells her that her mother has always told her: "if an obstacle gets in your way, then don't stop - climb on over". Lenni tells her that she has hit a really big obstacle. So Tina asks her if she is just going to give up. Lenni now has been inspired with a new idea. She writes down on her paper pad: "Climb over obstacles".

Now Tina is really excited and she asks her that if they don't help her, then how else will they get to be in her music video? At first Lenni isn't sure her friends can be in it. But Tina reminds her that Jade didn't want scripted actors. Instead she wanted to have real kids. So who else is more real than them? Then Tina suggests that perhaps she and the team can help her finish her song. Lenni thinks it's a great idea. So she calls a rally to get the team together. She writes on the paper pad: Rally L. Then Ghostwriter skims the message and delivers it to the members of the team.

Inside Jamal's bedroom, he is trying to read a book. It is called: "To Space & Back by Sally Ride and Susan Okie". Meanwhile, he is being pestered by Casey. She is going on about how much she loves her favorite team: The Detroit Tigers. She bets that they have more home run hitters than any other team in history. Jamal reluctantly nods and keeps telling her not to touch his baseball glove. Then over on the poster on the wall, he notices Ghostwriter rearranging letters to tell him: RALLY L. So he says good-bye to Casey, and forbids her to touch any of his stuff while he's gone.

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is helping Hector write a letter about his Grandfather. When suddenly, the letters rearrange to tell them: RALLY L. Then Gaby pops her head in the door, asking if they saw the message too. So the three of them all head up to Lenni's loft.

Then upstairs in Lenni's loft, Tina has filled the team in. She tells them that if they can help Lenni come up with another verse for her song. Then perhaps she can sell it, and Jade can let them be in the music video also. Hearing this, the team is really excited. Jamal thinks that it will really impress Jasmine. Hector considers shaving his head. All except for a letter H on the back of his head. So everybody will know it's him. Hearing this, Gaby says that if he looks that way, then he won't want anyone to know it's him and they all laugh. Then Ghostwriter sends a big message in the air. He tells them: "I want to be in the video". Lenni isn't sure how anybody will see him. But Tina is sure that Ghostwriter will find a way.

Then Gaby asks Lenni what they need to do now. She tells them that they've all heard the song, and it's about believing in yourself and reaching for your dreams. Then she shows them all the word clippings. She explained that they were ideas she wrote down. Then she cut them out and mixed and matched them around. This helped her come up with the first part of her song. So Lenni asks them if they can all think up ideas together. Then perhaps it can help her come up with the next verse in the song. But they need to stick to the topic. So Tina comes up with a clipping that says: "Keep trying". Jamal comes up with a clipping that says: Off track, get back". Lenni comes up with a clipping that says: "Be proud". Alex comes up with a clipping that says: "Move on up". Tina comes up with a clipping that says: "Speak your piece". Hector comes up with a clipping that says: "Stay tough". Then Gaby comes up with a clipping that says: "Keep going". Finally Jamal comes up with another clipping that says: "Stand tall".

Then Lenni thinks they are all great and thanks them for all their help. Then she asks them to start putting them together in different ways. When Lenni puts "Tough" and "Gets in your way" together. She comes up with: "Tough stuff gets in your way". Gaby puts three together: "Get","Tough" and "Get back". Then Alex puts "Obstacles" beside "Get" and "Tough". He comes up with "When obstacles get tough". Then Tina puts the clippings "Climb over" and "Cruise on down" together. This helps her suggest to Lenni: "When you hit an obstacle, climb on over. And cruise on down to the other side". Lenni agrees with their ideas. Then she has come up with her second verse and sings it to the team. They all think it sounds great and they all cheer on their success for helping her.

Then the next morning, Jamal is dressed in a huge rapper's top hat. Casey think he looks funny and laughs at him. She tells him that he must have the news that the circus is town and is looking for new clowns. He tells her that he is heading over to Smash Records. And if the studio likes Lenni's new song, then she, him and all their friends get to be in a music video. Hearing this, Casey is excited and asks if she can come too. He says no, because isn't up to him. So she tells him a joke before he leaves, and he doesn't find it funny (much to her disappointed chagrin). Then after Jamal leaves, Casey calls her mom. She is happy to hear from her, but her mom still isn't better. So she tells her some jokes to cheer her up.

Then over at Lenni's loft, Lenni is having a stressful morning. Her blow dryer broke and now she is worried she will be late. Then she hears the phone ring and she answers it. It is a middle aged British man who speaks with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He call her Len and introduces himself as Marlon Campbell president of "In your face" Records. She thinks he is joking at first, but he assures her that he isn't. Then he gets to the point of why he is calling. He tells her that she will make a huge mistake if she signs with Jade Morgan. She tells him, she still doesn't know if Jade wants her yet. Also how he knew she was seeing her. He tells her that news spreads around fast in the music business. Also that "Smash Records is a small time business and she can do better. So at "In Your Face Records" he is willing to make commitments to fresh new talents. So if she signs up with him, he will give her an immediate three album deal. She is speechless and doesn't know what to say. He tells her to meet him in half an hour, with her parents, agent and lawyer.

Then Max takes the phone and tells him she will have to get back to him. So he asks him what his phone number is. Marlon tells him it 555-3223 (Face). Then when they hang up Lenni thinks it is wonderful that two different music companies are now interested in her. So perhaps they should cancel with Jade Morgan and go over to "In your face" Records instead. Max being an experienced musician tells her she cannot. She has already made a commitment. So she should see it through. Also, how can Marlon make her a record deal when he hasn't even heard her sing? Lenni suggests that maybe Jade told him about her. Max suggests he might just be bluffing or full of hot air. Also there are many people in the music business who make promises and deals that they cannot keep. Lenni asks him if he sure, so Max promises he will look into Marlon's background. So she gets ready for her appointment with Jade.

Now we see Casey is getting sad as she says good-bye to her mom on telephone. She is almost in tears as she promises to be good. Then she tells her mom she loves her and hangs up the phone.

Then as Lenni and Max arrive at Smash Records, she meets a very famous trio of women, the hip hop trio: Salt-N-Pepa! Lenni is thrilled to meet them. Also they are thrilled to meet her too. And Jade has told them a lot about her and they wish her good luck.

So Lenni now performs her whole song for Jade and Sonia and they love it. Jade thinks it is a hit and she would like for Lenni to record it as a single with her dad's consent. Max doesn't want her missing school. So Jade offers to record after school or on weekends. Max also doesn't want it to disrupt her life too much. So Jade promises to come up with a reasonable recording schedule that will work out with everyone. Max agrees and Lenni is just thrilled and shakes Jades hand. Then she asks Jade about the music video and Sonia convinces Jade to do it. Sonia is willing to set up a nationwide talent to find the perfect kids to do the music video with her. Then Lenni opens the door introducing her friends saying she already has the perfect kids for them. Jade and Sonia think they are just what they are looking for. And they can host Lenni's music video on the new artist showcase that will be coming up on MTV. Also the deadline is only a week away. So they decide to film it on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Lenni and her friends just thrilled that they are actually going to be in a real music video!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are:

First- Lenni gets a phone call from Jade Morgan. She is the President of Smash Records. She is looking for new recording artists, and she thinks Lenni has a lot of potential. Jade can make Lenni a big star, but Lenni is having a lot of trouble writing a new song for Jade. So Sally suggested for Lenni to write down any words or ideas that popped into her head. This will help her get started.

Meanwhile- Jamal's cousin Casey is staying with his family, while her mother is in the hospital. Casey loves playing jokes on Jamal. Then after putting together some words, Lenni came up with a new song. It is called "You Gotta Believe", and Jade loved it.

But- Jade said the song wasn't long enough. So she asked Lenni to write another verse. So the whole team pitched in. They all want to be in the music video, even Ghostwriter too!

Then- Lenni gets a phone call from Marlon Campbell. He is the president of In Your Face Records. And he wants her to sign a contract with his company instead of Jade Morgan's company. He says that he can make Lenni a huge star, but he hasn't even heard her sing before. Then Lenni sings her song for Jade, and she said it was a hit! Jade wants to make a music video with the whole team in it, and put it on MTV!

So check it out! The Ghostwriter team is going to be in a music video!

The arc resumes with Lenni feeling so excited about the great news. She cannot get over the fact that record companies are fighting over her. And soon one will be filming her own music video. She has a feeling that soon she will be rich. So she will buy them a huge mansion, hire a limousine to drive to school. And pay somebody to do her homework. Then her dad Max, (an experienced musician) tells her it does sound like a nice fantasy. But they still don't know how well her song is going to sell. Even though Jade and Sonia think it is going to hit big, there is no telling for sure. So one can never be too sure about anything in the music business. So Max asks his daughter to try and stay focused on her music, and not think so much about the hype.

Also speaking of hype, Max has looked into Marlon Campbell. It turns out he really is the President and CEO of In Your Face Records. His studio had some big hits in the 1970's. Lenni is really excited to hear about this. So she asks her dad when they can go and see him about her three album deal. Then her dad reminds her she still has an arrangement with Jade. So they should first see how her music video works out.

Then Lenni happily fantasizes about the hype. She imagines that her music video is going to make her a big star. She imagines herself standing in front of the Smash Records Inc building signing autographs to her screaming and adoring fans. Then she is sure that soon every record company will want her to sign with them. Then when she returns to reality, her dad reminds her not to think about the hype.

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Gaby is all excited and full of enthusiasm singing the chorus. Alex isn't any bit interested at all. He is rummaging all over their bedroom looking for his basketball. He asks her if she has seen it, and she cannot believe him. She complains that he would rather play basketball instead of being in the music video. He says that he doesn't sing or dance, and he would rather play sports instead. Then he find his ball in the garbage can and says he is on his way out.

Then Gaby happily informs him that when she showed Jade her dance steps. So Jade said she could come up with the choreography for the video. And she has already rehearsed it with Lenni, Hector and Jamal. Alex stops and asks her why Tina isn't involved. Gaby says that Tina's cousin is getting married today, and she is a bridesmaid at wedding. On Alex's way out, he teases her saying she can sing lough enough for both her and Tina. She get annoyed and tries to throw a cloth at him, but it misses as he closes the door.

Then over at Smash Records, Lenni and Max meet with Jade. Jade nicely explains to her that although they need to shoot the video in a hurry, they want her to relax. And to just let them worry about making the deadline for MTV. then another man enters the office and Jade introduces him as their director David Keeler. David seems very polite and friendly. Then he pleasantly makes both Lenni and Max's acquaintances. Jade informs him that David directed all of the music videos for the band Belladonna in the 1980's. David mentions a few of them and Lenni remembers some from when she was little. Then he nicely tells Lenni that she is so young to be so talented.

Then Sonia announces that Gaby and Hector have arrived. Now Sonia mentions that she is going to interview Lenni and her friends later on, for publicity about the video. Hector asks her what publicity is. Sonia tells them it is what she will write about them. The things that will get them mentioned in newspapers, magazines and even television. Hearing this, they realize she can make them famous. So they all cheer and high-five. Max is proud of Lenni on becoming a star and kisses her. Then Hector shows them a book he brought with him. It is called "Rock Movers and Shakers: The revised edition, by Dafydd Rees and Luke Crampton". Lenni asks him why he brought it with him. Hector explains that Ghostwriter wanted to be in the video. So a book like that can give him a place to hang around. Then Ghostwriter rearranges letters on the front cover and tells them: "You Gotta Believe!". Then David asks them to get into their wardrobes changes and to get into the studio.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Jamal is running late. Casey is begging him to take her to the studio with him. So she tries to convince him by showing him how well she can dance. He is a bit impressed, but he still doesn't change his mind. He apologizes to her again, saying her being in it, is not up to him. Also he is running late and takes a suitcase of clothing with him. Then on his way out, he asks her once again not to touch his stuff while he is gone. Casey pouts for a moment, then she smirks and sneaks out following him.

Then over at Smash Records, Jade shows them the studio. She shows them the makeup room, and she tells Max he can sit on the comfy couch nearby. He laughs hearing this and promises not to get in the way. Then she introduces them to Leif Shaunessy. He is the gaffer and in charge of lighting. He doesn't seem too pleasant or happy. David thinks it is great that they already have their choreography worked out. He wants to see it later and review it with them. So first he asks them to go on and get their makeup on, while he check on the lights with Leif. Hearing this, Hector complains refusing to wear any.

Then a strikingly handsome man arrives. He tells him that the famous rapper Chilled Ice doesn't like to wear it either but he still does. Hector is amazed to hear he knows him. Then Jade introduces the man to Lenni and her friends. He is The Fabulous Avatar: Hair & Makeup artist to the stars. Avatar is very nice and friendly and says hello. Lenni and Gaby both find him cute. Jade thanks him for taking his time to help them. Also Sonia thinks he can help her write great publicity. Avatar says that he is always happy to help out. He mentions that it is his policy to be nice to everyone: fabulous or not.

Then Lenni observes the center of the stage. She is both impressed and amazed by it. It is all decorated with a multicolored block staircase tower, and in the center is a big round yellow sticker. It has a red star in the center and all around it, reads the word Lenni. Jade tells them she has a meeting right now. So she tells them she will check on their progress with David later on. Then Jamal comes in and he apologizes to Jade for being late. She says it's okay and she leaves. Jamal is amazed by the stage and tells Lenni he made it. Lenni is still speechless that all of this is really happening. Then she helps Jamal take his big heavy suitcase aside. Then as they leave, we see Casey has been hiding behind the top of the block staircase. So she smirks and carefully ducks down and resumes hiding.

Then over at the basketball court, Alex is having a wonderful time. He is dribbling and shoots a perfect basket. Then when he goes to retrieve his ball, he can hear commotion from three boys walking by. They are Kevin Michaels, Victor Torres and Spencer and they are a small selective basketball team called: The Dragons. Kevin accuses Victor of ball hogging. Victor defensively says he wasn't, but Kevin complains that he only scored 16 points the other day. Then Victor mocks him says he used to average around 22. Then Kevin defensively asks him if he saying he cannot play as good now. Then Victor tells him that he said it and not him and then Victor and Spencer laugh and high-five. Then the three of them enter the court and Kevin asks Alex if he can borrow his ball. Since he feels that he needs to teach his friends a lesson. Alex feels honored to help him and gladly lends him his ball. Then Victor tells Alex that he remembers him to be Rob's friend. Alex says yes and they shake hands. Then Victor begins playing with his team.

Then back at the studio, Gaby is rehearsing the dance choreography with her friends. They are all in perfect sync with each other. David thinks it is perfect, but he asks them to do it again. He shows them marks of tape and where to stand behind Lenni. Then he asks them to do it again, and just as they begin again the lights suddenly go out! Everyone panics and even Ghostwriter flies around looking concerned. David asks them not to panic and to stay calm. So he asks Leif what the problem is. He says he doesn't know, then he gets the lights back on and confirms that they seem to be okay now. Then David asks them to do it again on another take. Then just after they begin, they all seem to be stuck! Not confused, but actually stuck. It turns out that while the lights were out, someone poured glue on the floor. So now Lenni, Gaby, Hector and Jamal's shoes are now all stuck and they cannot move!

Then over at the basketball court, Alex is watching the Dragons play their game. Then Tina stops by to see him. She is beautifully dressed in a pink Vietnamese bridesmaid dress with a purple sash. He compliments her on how great she looks and she thanks him. He asks her where the rest of her family is, and she say they are coming later. She has to arrive early to be in pictures. Then he apologizes to her for not calling her in a long time to ask her out again. Tina tells him that whatever happened between them last year, was all during last year. So they are just friends now, and she asks him if he is okay with it. He is very disappointed to hear she feels this way now. So he reluctantly says he is okay with it. Then she asks him why he isn't playing basketball with them. He says that the Dragons are the best basketball team in the neighborhood. So there is no way they will just let him play with them. Tina supports him, saying that he is just as good as they are and not to give up on himself. He thanks her and she says good-bye because she has to head over to the temple now. As she leaves he disappointingly says that being "just friends" can be good. Although he would rather date her instead.

Then back at Smash Record studio, Lenni is just disgusted. She just cannot understand would someone would pour glue all over the floor. Gaby suggests that perhaps someone was playing a joke. Hearing this, Lenni says then it was not very funny. Since they have a deadline, and need to get the video finished in time to air on MTV. Hector comes by and tells them that David said it will take an hour to clean up the glue. Lenni is frustrated to hear it will take so long. Then Gaby goes to make a phone call and Jamal goes to call his home. Lenni gets so stressed she fears she may have a nervous breakdown!

Then over in Jade's office, Casey is snooping around. Then she can hear someone is coming. So she hides under a table to not be caught. Then a mysterious and unseen person enters and leaves a mysterious note on the table. Then the unknown person quickly leaves and closes the door, and Casey comes out from hiding. Then she hides again when Jade and Sonia enter the office. Jade asks Sonia if she or anybody else saw who poured the glue. Sonia says she doesn't know. Then Jade finds the mysterious note and she reads it out loud. She and Sonia are both creeped out by it. Jades ask Sonia if she thinks if whoever left the note could be responsible for what happened at the studio. Sonia has her suspicious and she thinks perhaps they might have. Then Sonia tells Jade that all of the mysterious stuff that is happening, is a hot angle for publicity on the new video. Jade disagrees with her. She tells Sonia that the stuff is too negative. So they should try and forget about it and get back to work. Then when they leave the office, Casey carefully sneaks out and runs off to another place.

Then we see Jamal and Gaby overhearing Leif speaking to his agent Marty on a payphone. It turns out that Leif is a washed up former teen idol. He tells Marty all about the chaos that is happening in Jade's studio and he is laughing about it. He says Jade is finally getting what she deserves. He complains to his friend that he is the one who should be in front of the camera. Not the one stuck behind working on the camera. Then he asks Marty if he has found any gigs for him. But Marty wants him to come up with some new stuff. But Leif wants to sing his once hit single song "Girl". He tells Marty that in 1975 it sold 5 million copies. So he believes that the world is ready to hear it again. Then he gets caught up in his nostalgia and begins singing the song. But he sounds very poor, from time, age and lack of practice. Then much to his surprise, Marty has abruptly hung up on him. Then Leif walks away disappointed and Gaby and Jamal realize he doesn't sound too upset about the glue on the floor. Also it sounds like it has it in for Jade.

Then back at the basketball court, we see that Kevin had beaten his two friends at many games of basketball. Now he asks them if they want to keep trying to beat him. Then Alex asks him if he can play with them. Spencer says no because the matter is between the Dragons. Kevin says that it's Alex's ball. So Kevin allows him to play with them. Alex tries to shoot a basket and Kevin quickly takes the ball from him. Then all three of them laugh at Alex and he feels ridiculed.

Then back at the studio, David takes another take of "You Gotta Believe". Lenni and three friends all dance together perfectly in sync. But David asks them to do it again with more energy. Then as Leif moves away, we see Casey is hiding near the lighting board. Then the four of them redo the number again, and David is really impressed now. But he wants them to do it all over again with more attitude. The team is starting to get frustrated and annoyed now. So they do the number once again. Then everything seems to be going well, until Hector loses his place. So David stops and asks them to take a break. Lenni realizes it is harder to do than she thought. Also she and her friends are getting tired and hungry now.

Then suddenly, the lighting board start sparking and smoking! Lenni and her friends begin to cough. Then Max runs in and grabs them and walks them away to safety. Then Leif jumps in and puts out the smoke with a fire extinguisher. David is furious asking what has happened now. Leif tells Jade that it appeared that someone purposely cut the wires. Jade complains that they could have caused a fire. Leif says that must have been their reason. Then Jade asks him to fix it, but Leif says it will take an hour. Then she asks him to try and do it sooner. Then Lenni tells her friends that now she knows that it isn't joke. Instead someone is really trying to stop the video from being made. But who are they after: her or Jade? Jamal says they definitely have a case now.

Then Sonia begs Jade to let her write some publicity about what happened and to call it "Danger on the Set". Jade says no because it is a closed set. So nobody except for the people who need to be here will be here. Sonia greatly disagrees with her answer. So now she leaves looking very disappointed. Jade tells Lenni and her friends to take a break and they will begin again at noon. Lenni is concerned and asks Jade if she thinks they'll still make the deadline. Jade thinks positive and tells her yes. Then Max tells his daughter that he is really getting worried about the accidents. So he is going to talk to Jade and make sure they will be safe. Gaby tells them they need to find out what is going on. So Lenni arranges for them to meet at her place. Then as they leave, we see Casey hiding behind a curtain smiling.

Then back at Lenni's loft, Jamal tells Lenni that whoever is behind the accidents cannot be after her. They must be after Jade, because they have never met Lenni before. Then over on the refrigerator, Ghostwriter rearranges the colored letter magnets. He tells Lenni: "THE SHOW MUST GO ON!". Hector agrees with him, and he believes that they cannot let anyone stop them from making their video.

Then Lenni, Gaby, Hector and Jamal sit down at the table. Gaby mentions that they are on a closed set. So the culprit must be someone who was there with them. First Hector suggests Sonia the crazy woman who looks like a teenager. So Jamal adds a page for Sonia as a suspect in his casebook. The possible reasons for her causing the accidents, was so she would have some publicity to write about. Then second suspect Gaby asks Jamal to add a page for is Leif the gaffer. He seemed to be happy about the glue accident. Also he seems to be mad at Jade about something. Also, both of the accidents involved lighting. Then Jamal adds David the director as their third suspect. He was there when both the incidents happened. Then finally, Jamal add the Fabulous Avatar as their fourth suspect. The reason is because he was there too. Then Ghostwriter tells them that he will look for clues near them. Then they four of the decide to return to studio early, so they can investigate too.

Then just as Lenni returns to Smash Records, a big white limousine pulls up and David gets out. Lenni asks to speak with him, and he nicely apologizes for of the accidents that happened. He tells her that he hopes it doesn't make her think he's a bad director. Then he gives her his card, saying he would love to work with her again. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter flies into David's pocket. Then she asks him how long he's known Jade. He says he never met her until he was hired to direct the video. Then they enter the elevator and she asks him if she thinks someone is trying to ruin the video. He nicely says no, they are all just technical difficulties. And not to worry about them. Then Ghostwriter leaves David's pocket and gives Lenni a message. It says: "From the desk of Marlon Campbell, President. In Your Face Records. Dave - You made a smart move. This could be HUGE for both of us. Let's chat. - Marl.

Then Lenni remembers her phone call from Marlon Campbell from the other day. She remember him saying she would be making a HUGE mistake if she signed with Jade Morgan. So now she think perhaps Marl has put David up to setting up the accidents on her video. So she asks David if he knows Marlon Campbell, and he denies it saying no. He asks her why she asks. She says she was just wondering and if he is sure. He doesn't answer her. Instead, he tells her that they don't shoot for another hour. So first he has some phone calls to make. Lenni now feels suspicious about him.

Then back at the basketball court, Alex is still trying to beat the Dragons. Also he still looks ridiculed and embarrassed. Then Kevin announces that whoever scores 21 points wins. Victor has shot the basket 16 times. Next Spencer has shot the basket 13 times. Then Kevin has shot the basket 19 times. Now finally Alex smiles, and things are starting to look up for. He has now managed to shoot the basket 3 times.

Then back at the studio, Gaby and Jamal find Leif. He is singing his old song "Girl" again, while reading through his old memorabilia. They ask him how long he has known Jade. He is annoyed and asks them why the want to know. They tell him that they want to know if she is a good boss. He tells them that he has to work for her and has no choice. Then they come across an old magazine with him on it. Then on this magazine, Ghostwriter tells them that Leif blames Jade for his failure. So to find out how, they ask him what it was like being a star. He gets mad and asks them why. They say that they are new to show business. Also they would love to hear about his career. Leif doesn't answer them. Instead he just goes off to set up the lights for the next shot. Then he warns them to be very careful and they promise to.

Then Hector enters Jade office. There he is granted permission to speak with her. He explains to her that he and his friends are detective. Almost like professionals. So they think that they can find out who is messing things up. So Hector asks her if anyone hates her. She tells him it sure seems that way. So she shows him the mysterious note that she got that she finds threatening, and she doesn't know who sent it. Hector is given permission to make a copy of it to show his friends. Then he asks her if she thinks if anybody working on the video, is out to get her. First he asks her about Sonia. Jade says that Sonia is great. In fact they used to work together at In Your Face Records. Also she took her with her when she started her own company. Then he asks her if Leif hates her. She says that she doesn't think so. Since she gave him a job the year before, when he really needed one. Then he asks Jade about Avatar and if he hates her. She says no, because she just met him the other day. But he is just fabulous. Then finally he asks her if David the director hates her. She says that he doesn't know her well enough to hate her. But before she hired him, he hadn't work in a very long time. Hector adds these clues to the casebook and thanks her.

Then back at the basketball court, Alex has just shot his 20th basket in a row. He proudly points it at and Kevin tries to block him, but he makes the 21st basket. Kevin asks him if his name is Alex and he says yes. Now he has just earned Kevin's respect.

Then back at Smash Records, Jamal is painstakingly checking information about Leif. He just cannot figure out what he blames Jade for. Then finally. Gaby comes across something. It's an old article titled: "Rising star discovered at gas station". It reveals that years ago, Leif was working at a gas station. Then one evening Jade Morgan drove in for gas and she heard him singing. She though he sounded great and became his manager. Then she made him a big star and teen idol. Then he released his hit single song "Girl". This song was on the top of the charts for ten straight weeks. At first Jamal thinks Leif should be grateful to Jade. Then finally, Gaby finds another article. It is titled: "Leif blames Jade for his failure". It reveals that soon Leif failed. He released three more songs "Lady", "Woman" and "Female". These three songs were flops and didn't sell at all. So Jade dropped him and let him go. So he went back to his hometown and resumed his job at the gas station. He claimed that he could have made it, if it hadn't been for Jade Morgan. But he vowed that one day he would be back on top again.

Then suddenly, Gaby and Jamal hear a noise. It sounds like someone is trying to get away, So Jamal does a karate jump and lands in front of the person. It turns out to be Casey. He sure isn't too happy to see her. He asks her what she is doing here and if she has been up to more practical jokes. Then Gaby asks her if she is the one, who's been messing up their video. Casey just covers her mouth and nervously sighs.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are:

First- Lenni gets a phone call from Jade Morgan. She is the President of Smash Records. She is looking for new recording artists, and she thinks Lenni has a lot of potential. Jade can make Lenni a big star. So Lenni writes a new song called "You Gotta Believe". Jade loves it, and now she wants Lenni and her friends to make a music video for MTV!

But- Lenni gets a phone call from Marlon Campbell. He is the president of In Your Face Records. And he wants Lenni to sign a contract with his company, instead of Jade's company. He says that he can make Lenni a huge star. But she has already signed a contract with Jade.

Meanwhile- Jamal's cousin Casey is staying with his family, while her mother is in the hospital. Casey loves playing jokes on Jamal. Then the team (only Lenni, Gaby, Hector and Jamal) showed up at the Smash Records studio to film the video. There some weird accidents happened. First the lights mysteriously went out. Then someone poured glue all over the floor. And Lenni and her friends all got stuck to the floor! Then the lighting board exploded, because someone cut the wires!

And- Casey secretly followed Jamal to the studio, and she has been sneaking around. Also she was hiding in Jade's office when an unseen person left a scary note for Jade on her desk. Then the team figures out that whoever is behind the accidents, must be working on the video. Since nobody else is allowed in the studio. There are 4 suspects:

  1. Sonia Ivey: The teenager like woman, who is the Smash Records publicity director. She thought the accidents were good for publicity. So they suspect she may have caused them.
  2. Leif Shaunessy: The gaffer/lighting man. He used to be a famous singer and star. Now he blames Jade Morgan for his failure. And for not being a star anymore, because she used to be his manager. Then she dumped him when his songs weren't hits anymore.
  3. David Keeler: He is the director of the music video. Ghostwriter found a note in his pocket from Marlon Campbell. Marlon is the president of In Your Face Records. The note mentioned that David made a good choice about something that could be huge for the both of them. Then when Lenni asked David if he knew Marlon Campbell, he lied to her and said no.
  4. Avatar: Hair & Makeup artist to the stars: He has been in the studio during the accidents.

What will happen next? Will the team be able to successfully finish the music video? Or will more accidents prevent it from happening?

The arc resumes with Jamal asking Casey if their Grandma knows she is here. She nervously gestures to say no. Then Jade, Max, Lenni, Hector and Gaby come down to the stage. Jade asks them what is going on. Then Gaby informs her that they've found their practical joker. Lenni asks them who it is. Jamal reveals she is his younger cousin Casey. Lenni asks him if he means the one who is visiting, and wanted to be in the video; but couldn't. Jamal says she is the same one.

Then Jade (a bit annoyed), asks her how she got in past the security. Casey nervously says that she just followed Jamal in the past morning. Then the security guard just let her in thinking she was part of the act. Then she says that she just wanted to see what it would be like to be on television. Then she swears that she did not break anything and begs them to believe her. Max backs her up, he says it would be awfully hard for a little girl to get into a lighting board, and then cut the wires. Gaby is mad and says that perhaps she did it, because she was mad she didn't get to be in the video. Casey snaps back at her, saying it isn't true. Then Jade says that she agrees with Max. She doesn't believe a little girl can cause so much trouble. Then Jade nicely tells Casey that she still needs to ask her to leave. So Jamal agrees to take Casey back home. After they leave, Gaby says doesn't care what anyone else says. So right now, Casey is their number one suspect.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Jamal brings Casey in and she reluctantly stays. He calls out to their Grandma to inform her that Casey is back and he is going back to the studio. Now he is furious with her. So he tells her to stay put. Since she has caused enough trouble for one day. She tells him that she didn't do the accidents and begs him to believe her. He says he does, but he doesn't have time to talk about it now. Since he has to get back to the studio. Then she tells him that she doesn't have anybody to play with. He yells at her saying that he isn't her babysitter. Also right now he has more important things to do. Other than eat fake worms and listen to her stupid jokes. Then he leaves and she gets so upset, she bursts into tears crying.

Then back at the studio, David reviews part of the video with Lenni. Then Hector and Gaby review their list of suspects. They now have five suspects: Sonia, Leif, Avatar, David and Casey. And they know why Casey may have done it: She is a practical joker and she is jealous that she didn't get to be in the video. So Gaby adds Casey as a suspect to the casebook. Then she adds these details as evidence against her.

Then suddenly, Ghostwriter appears in the casebook. He asks them: "Was Lenni hurt?". They're both confused, so they ask him what he means. He tells that that he read that there has been a third accident. So they ask him where he read about it. So he tells them: "Follow me!". So they run after ghostwriter flying by in orange light. He leads them into a wastebasket inside Jade's office. They find a crumpled up paper in here and when they uncrumple it, the heading reads: "Danger on the set!". They remember that this was the publicity that Sonia wanted to write about on the accidents. So even though Jade told her not to, she went ahead and did it anyways. Gaby reads it out loud and it says: "For hotter than hot singer Lenni Frazier, making a music video has been SCARY!!!". Danger has stalked the talented teen, ever since cameras started rolling on Saturday.

Now Hector volunteers to read the rest. Since English isn't his first language, he has some difficulty saying some words. So Gaby helps him and explains what they mean. The next part says: "First the set was plunged into total darkness, causing screams of terror and confusion. Hector is annoyed that nobody screamed when the light went out. But Sonia wrote that they did. Gaby is mad to see what Sonia wrote about her. It says that Gaby Fernandez, one of Lenni Frazier's street-tough posse of back up dancers fainted from fear. Now they're both angry that Sonia wrote that about them. Since Gaby isn't street tough, and she didn't faint during the filming. Then Gaby reads that Sonia wrote some lies about him too. She wrote that he is a young heartthrob who used to be in the 1970's Latino boy band Menudo. And he was injured and then taken away on a stretcher. Hector is just disgusted, and now they're both mad at Sonia for writing all of these lies.

Then finally, Hector comes across what must have been the third accident Ghostwriter was talking about. It says: "The third and most bone chilling accident occurred on Sunday. When Lenni was nearly run over by a speeding car, right outside Smash Records. Now they panic realizing that Sonia is planning to run Lenni over with a car on Sunday. And Sunday is tomorrow! So now they have to stop Sonia from her trying to run Lenni over! Then Gaby points out to Hector that everything in the article was a lie. So perhaps Sonia is lying about the car crash too. Then Ghostwriter appears on the paper. He asks them: "Is Lenni all right?". So they answer him, to inform him that yes Lenni is all right. Well - for now that is.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Grandma CeCe finds Casey bawling her eyes out on the sofa. She asks Casey what is wrong. Casey tells her Grandma that she hates it here, and she wants to go back to Detroit. Grandma CeCe says she knows she wants to go home, but she cannot just yet. Because her mom needs a few more days to get better. Casey complains that she is out of the hospital already, and Cheryl (her older sister) got to stay home. Grandma CeCe explains that the doctor says she needs some peace and quiet for the time being. So her older sister is currently looking after her. Grandma CeCe then informs her that for the meantime, they are all happy to have her staying with them. Casey complains saying that Jamal isn't happy; he hates her. Grandma CeCe says she is sure he doesn't hate her. She cries saying that he does. All because she followed him to the studio.

Then she reacts in shock, because she slipped out the fact, that she followed him and went without permission. Grandma CeCe is mad to hear that he didn't know she was coming and that nobody was looking after her. Casey says she understands that part was her fault. But she just wanted to be in the music video so badly, that she wasn't thinking. So now Jamal and his friends are blaming her for things that she didn't do. Then Jamal yelled at her and told her that her jokes were stupid. Hearing this, Grandma CeCe isn't too happy. She says that she will have a talk with him about it. Meanwhile, they are going to have a talk, about why little girls shouldn't go wandering around a big city all by themselves.

Then back at the studio, Hector warns Lenni to be very careful crossing the street tomorrow. Then Lenni asks Gaby and Hector what their plan is. Gaby decides to talk to Sonia, perhaps she is just lying about what she wrote about. Also, Hector will speak with Avatar. Then finally, Lenni will speak with Leif. To find out if he hates Jade enough to cause the accidents. On their ways out, Gaby reminds Lenni to be careful.

Hector finds Avatar outside getting some fresh air. He asks him which other famous people he hangs out with. Avatar says to him, he just considers them all to be his friends. Hector asks them who some of them are. So Avatar says: "Princess Shaniqua, Nana Strawberry and Boys will be Boys". Hector is amazed and asks them, if they see him on the street, do they always say hi. He says that he would hope so. Then Hector asks Avatar why he decided to work on Lenni's video. Avatar says that he just finished a film in London. So now he doesn't have anymore work lined up until the next week. Then Hector asks him, why he would agree to help Lenni. Since she is brand new and nobody has ever heard of her before. Avatar says that it is because of his policy. To be nice to everyone: fabulous or not. Hector understand him somewhat, but he is still suspicious of him.

Them we see Gaby entering Sonia's office, she overhears Sonia speaking to someone on the telephone. Sonia is getting confirmation that a car will be over at the studio the next day by 5:00 pm. Then as Sonia hangs up, Gaby enters and she is furious. Then she yells at her that she really is planning to have Lenni hit by a car. Sonia denies it saying no way. Gaby snaps at her asking her why she should believe her. Since she lied about her and Hector and was going to send it in a letter to the news (showing Sonia the crumpled out paper she and Hector found). Sonia gets Sonia nervous and says that she can explain. Gaby tells Sonia that she is a news reporter for her school, George Washington Elementary School. So she would never report anything that wasn't true. So she tells Sonia what she did wasn't news, it was lies.

Then Sonia says of course it wasn't true, because it was publicity. She explains to Gaby that her job isn't about facts. Instead it is her job to make a story sound so exciting, that television and newspaper reporters will want to write about it. So if it means stretching the truth, then so be it. Then Gaby asks her why she wrote about the accidents, after Jade told her not to. Sonia explains that the accidents sounded so exciting, that she thought she could get Jade to change her mind. So she wrote it and showed it to her. But Jade still said no. So she stopped it and crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. Now she shows Gaby that she is writing the publicity that Jade wants her to write about. So she shows it to Gaby and she reads it out loud. It is titled: "Top secret new mystery act at Smash". Then it says: "What's the secret behind the closed doors of SMASH RECORDS? Why has President Jade Morgan absolutely forbidden any reporters from sneaking a peek at her hot new singer?". That is all Sonia has so far, and she is still working on it. Then Gaby realizes that what she and Hector read before, was all made up. Also they did find the paper in the trash can after all. So she apologizes to Sonia for accusing her of wanting to hurt Lenni. Sonia forgives her and apologizes to her for scaring her. Then Gaby accepts her apology and leaves to find her friends.

Then Hector sneaks up on Avatar on the sidewalk. Then he spies on him and watches him leave an envelope addressed to Jade onto her car. Avatar places it between the windshield wipers. Then when Avatar quickly leaves, Hector opens the envelope and it contains a second note for Jade. He reads it and he still has trouble with some of the words. So he thinks that Avatar writes weird letters. Also now he knows he is the one leaving mysterious and possibly threatening messages for Jade. So he copies the message down in the casebook as evidence for the case.

Then back at the studio, Lenni finds Leif. He is up on a scissor lift working on the lights. Lenni calls out to him and he is short-tempered and impatient asking her what she wants. She tells him it is personal. So he looks around and he can see nobody else is around. So he yells at her, demanding to know what she wants. She tells him she heard that Jade was his manager when he was a star. But then she dropped him. So she wants to know if he is still mad at Jade for it. So when he gets back to the ground, he hurries over to speak to her. He is really ticked off now. He tells her that he sure is still mad. After his fourth song flopped, she fired him. So it was back to pumping gas again. Now she is confused, and asks him how he ended up working for Jade again. Then before Leif can answer her, David and Jade come back in asking everyone to get back to work and to get the lights going.

Then Lenni, Gaby and Hector are warming up for the last part of the video. David announces it is time to begin shooting. But Lenni objects, because Jamal is not back yet. Then David tells her that if they wait any longer, they will miss their deadline for MTV. Now Lenni stresses and vents frustration, because first the accidents were getting in the way. And now her friends are messing it up. So now she worries that they'll never get it finished on time. Then Jamal shows up just in the nick of time, saying yes they will. So David shoots the scene with the lip sync final take. The track plays will at first. Then suddenly, it starts going haywire and conks out and stops working. Then David calls cut and Jade (becoming really annoyed now) asks what is wrong now. They check the audio cassette and it has been ruined!

Then Jade tells them not to worry, because she has another copy of it in her office. Then they all head over to Jade's office. Then it turns out, the back up copy of the tape has been ruined too. Lenni gets really upset, she cries that now they'll never get her video done in time. Jade tells her not to worry. She tells her the original copy of her tape is at the recording studio down town. She will call them and ask them to send them another copy right away. But David reminds her that they won't be able to get them another copy, at 4:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon. Then Jade says that they should have a new copy in the morning. So they will pick up where they left off first thing at eight the next morning. The Gaby tells her friends what the bright side is, they now have more time to work on their case. So she invites them all over. Jamal says he cannot come, because he is having a big family dinner. Then Max tells her that Lenni has had a long day. So she should get some rest now, and he insists. So Hector agrees to come over. Then Gaby mentions that Alex and Tina can help them.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Casey is lying down on the sofa looking so sad. Then suddenly, letters come flying out of her joke book. She panics and screams, as the spell in the air: "Why are you so sad?". Casey is really scared and nervous now. So she believes she is just dreaming. So she decides to close her eye, and when she opens them it will be gone. Then she turns around and opens her eyes and it is back on the other side. He tells her in floating letters: "Write to me". So she decides she must be dreaming. So she will play along until she wakes up. So she writes to him asking: "Who are you?". He tells her: "My friends call me Ghostwriter". Seeing this, Casey is now terrified. Now she believes that she is having a nightmare. Then she runs upstairs to hide.

Then when Lenni and Max get home, they see that someone dropped off a bouquet of white roses. Lenni is surprised to find out they came for her from Marlon Campbell. He has included a cart. It says: "Listen up Len - Still hoping you'll change your mind, if you come to IN YOUR FACE RECORDS, We'll make you a huge star! Call me at 555-FACE. Let's chat. - Marl". Max is annoyed because Marlon won't take no for an answer. Even after he told him that they've signed up with Jade. Lenni feeling frustrated says with the way things have been going, now she wishes that she had signed up with Marlon instead. Then suddenly, Sally appears to welcome them home. She informs Lenni that Marlon Campbell personally delivered the white roses himself in a white limousine. Suddenly, Lenni gets annoyed at Sally for being inside all by herself. So she rudely asks her how she got in. Max says that her apartment was being painted. So he lent her the keys for just today, and hoped she wouldn't mind. Then Lenni very rudely and sarcastically says she doesn't mind at all. In fact she asks her to just move in and to take over their apartment. Max tells her to apologize to Sally right away. Then being all stressed and upset, she snaps saying that she is sorry. Sorry for everything including her own life. Then she leaves the room in a bad mood.

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, sure enough Gaby and Hector have rallied with Alex and Tina. They are working really hard, but Gaby is really stressed and frustrated. They now have so many suspects, they might never figure out who the right one is. Hector panics, worrying that if they don't figure out before tomorrow, they will never become video stars. Then Alex and Tina tells them to chill and try to work calmly and not to panic. Since they have all of the suspects written in the casebook, they should review them. Then they can try and narrow it down to just one.

Since Casey left the studio before noon, and the tape didn't mess up until later, she couldn't have done it. So they cross Casey off as a suspect. They know Jamal will be happy to hear about this. Then they cross Sonia off as suspect too. Since the third accident was a messed up tape, and not a car accident. Also she was just exaggerating for reasons to write publicity. They decide they cannot cross Leif out, because he is still really mad at Jade for firing him from his singing career. Then as for David, they cannot cross him out just yet. Since he lied about not knowing Marlon Campbell. Finally there is Avatar, it turns out he was the one leaving Jade these creepy and mysterious messages to Jade. So now they have just three suspects left. So by the next day, they need to narrow it down to one.

Then back at Lenni's loft, Lenni finds Sally setting the table. She asks Sally where her dad is. Sally tells her he is getting them some Chinese food. Sally believes that he has finally given up on her as a cook (which she seems happy about). Then Lenni apologizes to her, for how she treated her earlier. She hopes it won't make her think she is a brat. And that she doesn't like her, or want her being around. Sally isn't mad at all. Sally tells her that since she has been under a lot pressure the past while, she can understand completely that she did not mean it. Then she thanks Lenni for apologizing to her. Then Lenni looks at the card from Marlon Campbell. She bets that if she had signed up with him, then there wouldn't have been these problems. She believes Marlon does thinks right, by sending her white roses in a white limousine. Then suddenly, she remembers when she spoke to David the other day. He was just dropped off at Smash Records studio from a white limousine!

Then over at the Jenkins' House, Jamal hears a knock at his bedroom door. He answers it and worries to see it is Grandma Jenkins and Casey. Grandma CeCe nicely tells him that she has heard her side of the story. So now she wants to hear his side of the story. Jamal is agitated and he apologizes for yelling at her. He tells their Grandma that Casey is impossible, and she followed him all the way to the studio. Grandma CeCe says she has talked to Casey about it. So now she promises never to do anything so stupid and dangerous again. Then Grandma CeCe reminds him that in their family, they don't go flapping their mouths at each other. Instead they talk things over. He understands and agrees with her. Then Grandma CeCe encourages them to apologize to each other. So Jamal apologizes to Casey for telling her that her jokes were stupid. Then Casey apologizes to him for putting worms in his sandwich. Grandma CeCe looks in disgust and Casey laughs informing her that they weren't real worms. Then after Grandma Jenkins leaves, Jamal agrees to play catch with her after dinner. Also Jamal even lends her his baseball glove. As long as she doesn't get peanut butter on it this time. Then Casey tells him to check his drawer. So he pulls out the drawer of his lamp table and pop up snakes come flying out. She laughs and he chases after her.

Then the next morning, Lenni phones Marlon Campbell to thank him for the flowers. He says it was the least he could do to pay tribute to her great talent. Then he asks her if she has changed her mind about his offer yet. She tells him no she hasn't. Then he gets a bit annoyed asking what it will take to convince her. Since Smash Records is going nowhere, and she can do so much better. She tells him that it is going great. Also right now they are filming a music video with their great director David Keeler. She suggests perhaps he may know him and Marlon says no. She asks him if he is sure, since they have both been in the music business for so long. He says no again, since there are lots of people in the music business. Then Marlon tells her that with his company, she can become huge and asks her to think about it. Then he takes another call and hangs up.

Then when Lenni arrives at the studio, Gaby fills her in on the progress they've made. About how they have narrowed it down to three suspects. Lenni tells her there is more evidence on David now. Since both he and Marlon lied about knowing each other. Then suddenly, at the ceiling a spotlight cable begins twisting and torquing. This causes lots of noise and everyone reacts to it. Then suddenly, the spotlight came crashing down. Max calls out to his daughter to look out. Then suddenly, Leif runs in and grabs both Lenni and Gaby and gets them out of the way just in time, saving their lives.

Then Jade and Max head to the center. Jade asks what happened and Hector points out that if the spotlight hit them, they could have been crushed! Gaby mentions that Leif got them out of the way in time saving their lives. Then Sonia says that it could be a big publicity angles: "Kid Pop Star of Yesterday, saves Kid Pop Star of Today!". Leif agrees and believes it could even help him make a comeback. Then he sings the chorus of his song "Girl" which once again annoys and frustrates everyone. Then Jade tells him that they will talk about it later. Right now they need to figure out how this happened. Leif points out that someone removed the bolt and cut the safety cable. Then he finds a threatening note stuffed inside the spotlight. Jade reads it out loud and now everyone is serious, silent and very concerned!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Lenni and the team are making a music video for MTV with Jade Morgan, who is the president of Smash Records. Lots of accidents are happening during the video shoots. Studio lights started to go out and team's feet get glued to the floor. Plus, the lighting board explodes because someone cut the wires and somebody is leaves to mysterious notes for Jade. Then the music tape is ruined and so is the other copy of the tape. Also, Lenni receives flowers from Marlon Campbell, who is the president of In Your Face Records. He is Jade's competitor and wants to steal Lenni away from her.

The team believes that whoever is responsible for the incidents, must working on the video since no one is allowed in the studio. The team has three suspects on who might be responsible for the accidents and writing notes to Jade. First, there's Leif Shaunessy, the lighting man in the studio. He used to be a music star and Jade managed him. When his songs didn't sell, she dumped him and he blames her for him not being an star anymore. Second, there's David Keeler, the director of the video. Ghostwriter found an note in David's pocket from In Your Face Records president, Marlon Campbell. However, David told Lenni that he doesn't know him. Last, there's Avatar, make-up artist to the stars. He was the one who is leave Jade the mysterious notes to her.

Elsewhere, Ghostwriter writes to Casey Austin, Jamal's visiting cousin. But she doesn't know who or what he is.

Back to the case, Lenni receives more evidence against David. She read that Marlon delivered flowers to her in an white limo, the same limo David took to the studio. But when Marlon tells Lenni that he doesn't know David, she thinks they are both lying to her about know each other. Later, during the video shoot, a spotlight falls and nearly crushes Lenni and Gaby, but Leif saves them. Then, they find another strange note inside the spotlight.

Who would want to stop Lenni's video from being made and why?

The arc resumes with Jade reading the threatening note from the spotlight that nearly crushed Lenni and Gaby. Fearful for Lenni's safety, as well as her friends, Max considers calling off the deal. But Lenni doesn't care if it's dangerous, she begs her father to continue with the shoot. Even though Jade completely understands if Max wants to call off the video. So she promises him that if he lets the video shoot to continue, she will post extra security guards all over the studio. And she will not let someone destroy her business. With Lenni pleading him to continue with Jade's promise, Max agrees to let the shoot go on with three conditions: First, he wants the studios checked top to bottom to make sure it's safe. Second, he also wants the security guards in place before Lenni and her friends enter the studio. Then third, if another bad thing happens again, Max will call off the video shoot for good. With that, Jade promises him that she will get extra security guards set up immediately. Suddenly, David returns excitedly with the new tape he got. But with everyone so quiet, he questions on what happened.

Lenni's video shoot resumes with extra guards posted in the studio. On a short break, the team now realizes that two hours has gone by since they begun shooting, and nothing bad has happened. Hector compliments that with the guards around, nothing can go wrong. Gaby checks out her casebook, since Leif saved her and Lenni, she crosses him off the suspect list. Which leaves both David and Avatar, as Jamal said that they are looking more guilty now. The note in the spotlight, was almost the same as the other notes Jade got. When Lenni questions on Avatar's location. Hector said that he left after the light fell. Lenni finds it weird that Avatar left after the light incident.

Then Gaby compares two of Avatar's notes to the note found in the light, she noticed that the first two notes had rhymes and the third one didn't. Lenni notices that two of the first notes sounded like Avatar knew Jade from a long time ago. But the third note doesn't have anything to do with the past and there is no rhyming in it. Jamal still believes that Avatar wrote the third note because, all the notes sound threatening. Plus, David wasn't there when the spotlight fell. Now Gaby thinks David could have cut the wire earlier today or last night. But Lenni wonders what is the connection between David and Marlon Campbell. Hector realizes it is Jade, as she used to work with Marlon at In Your Face Records. Lenni thinks that Jade left because she and Marlon didn't get along. Now the team thinks Marlon is involved in this. But Marlon wasn't in the studio. Lenni theorizes that both Marlon and David are working together secretly, which is the reason why they said that they didn't know each other. But Hector wonders if David would follow Marlon's instructions to commit a crime. Then David approaches the kids, telling them it's back to work.

Finally, Lenni's video is finished. Now Lenni is worried that somebody is after Jade. She enters Jade's office and is excited to see her tape cover. Lenni begs both Jade and Sonia to let her see it. But Sonia is on her way to drop the video to MTV. But she promises her that she will get her own copy when she gets back. As Sonia leaves, she reminds Lenni about the publicity photo shoot at 11:00. After Sonia leaves, Jade gives Lenni a CD with her on the cover. She loves it. Jade wanted it to be extra special to make everything up to her for what happened. Lenni goes right in detective mode and questions Jade about the accidents. First she questions about her leaving In Your Face Records. Jade tells her that both she and Marlon have very different tastes in music. So she wanted to make her own decisions.

She recalled that he wasn't angry about her departure. So she doesn't think that he would be involved in trying to destroy Jade's business. But Lenni doesn't know for sure, when she asked about Avatar's departure. Jade told her that he received a last-minute call form his best friend, Belladonna who was in town for a fashion shoot and wanted him to do her hair and make-up. Lenni tells Jade that Avatar was the one who left a weird note on her car. Which is what Hector told her earlier and Jade couldn't image why Avatar would leave her notes.

Then Lenni asks if she can take a look at them. Jade shows her the notes. The one part that Jade understood was the victory dance, which happened in her junior year of high school when her school's football team beat Central. However, Jade doesn't remember Avatar attending her high school. When Lenni read the first line of the first note "TIMES HAVE CHANGED AND SO HAVE I" and the fourth line in the second note that had the word "DISGUISE", she questions Jade if he looked like someone she knew in high school. But Jade doesn't know.

At the publicity photo shoot, Jade is horrified to see Sonia looking like a wreck. Sonia reveals that she was mugged on her way to MTV. The mugger took everything in Sonia's bag, including Lenni's video tape. Jamal asked if Sonia knew what the mugger looked like, but he jumped her from behind and dragged her into an dark alley where she couldn't see anything. Hector thinks that it was someone trying to get the video, not a real mugger. Sonia agrees with Hector since the whole thing was too coincidental. Jade asked if Sonia went to police. Sonia said that she did, but since she didn't get a good look at the guy due to being in a dark alley, the police weren't helpful on retrieving her things back.

Then Jade promises Lenni that they will get another copy by calling the editor at the production house and have her make them another copy. But Sonia tells Jade that she already talked to her and said that all of the other tapes have been erased accidentally and didn't know how it happened. With everything gone, there are no other copies. Sonia finds the whole thing bogus. Jade apologizes to Lenni for what's going on, she tells her that she has tried everything to get the video done, but she is out of options. She understands Lenni is disappointed, as she started her company from nothing. So now somebody is trying to destroy everything she worked hard for. It seemed like she and Lenni are in the same boat. But Sonia tells her that they are still going to promote her song, but reminds her that without the video, it'll be a tough sell.

Jamal agrees with Sonia about the situation being totally bogus. Now Hector wants to find the guy who stole the tape and rip him apart. But it's not enough to cheer Lenni up. Then Gaby believes that they can find the guy who stole the tape. She thinks by asking Ghostwriter to find the writing on the tape. Then they can find the person who stole the tape. Lenni thinks Ghostwriter may not find the tape, as she thinks that it was destroyed. But Jamal tells her not to give up. Ghostwriter reads the message and will be back in an jumping jack flash. As Ghostwriter leaves to find the tape, Lenni hopes and prays that he finds it in one piece.

Back in Jamal's room, Jamal wonders where was Ghostwriter is. Since it's been an hour since he went to find the tape. Lenni thinks the tape was destroyed. As Jamal comforts her, Ghostwriter returns. On paper it's revealed to be a cheque for $5000 USD to David Keeler from Marlon Campbell. Since Marlon gave David a cheque for that amount of money, it's proof that they know each other. Plus if Ghostwriter reads the check near the tape, it means that David was the one who mugged Sonia and stole the tape. So the tape is still there and intact. They realize that Marlon paid David to mess things up at Smash Records, which is proof that he is responsible for trying to destroy Jade and her business. They cannot let them get away with messing with Jade. So they must get Lenni's tape back. Lenni suggested that they should call their ally, Lieutenant McQuade and ask him to search David's house. But Jamal stops her by reminding to her that as a police officer, McQuade cannot search someone's house without a warrant. So without solid proof, he cannot get a search warrant. Which means that Ghostwriter's own messages aren't enough solid proof. Now Lenni is desperate to get her tape, and she wonders how they were going to do it. Jamal decides to bring in reinforcements. She now rallies the team.

Downstairs, Casey meets Tina, Hector, and the Fernandez siblings at the door, as they all head to Jamal's room, Casey wonders what was going on inside. Back in Jamal's room, he asked if anyone had any ideas on how to get Lenni's tape back. Tina suggests that come right out and ask David for the tape, or they will go to the police if he doesn't. But Alex doesn't know, and if he was in David's place, he'll deny everything and destroy the tape. But Lenni doesn't want that to happen and wants the tape back in one piece; since it's their only copy. Jamal bets that David would give the tape to Marlon if he asked for it.

Then Gaby comes up with an idea: to write a letter to David, by pretending to be Marlon, asking him to bring the tape to somewhere and when David shows up, they get him. Tina tells the team that to pull it off, they have to write like Marlon. So that David will believe it. Lenni knows how Marlon talks by shorting people's names, like calling David, Dave and Lenni, Len. First, they have to figure out what to say in the note. Lenni believes that David won't bring the tape unless Marlon pays him. Then, they should tell David to bring the tape and meet them at a public place, like a parking garage near Huston Middle School, which is sneaky like Marlon himself, at 4:00 PM. Tina reminds the team to make sure the note doesn't sound like David can't tell Marlon about the tape. Otherwise they'll give everything away, Gaby added.

Downstairs, Casey is checking the mail, until one of them catches her attention. She drops the rest of the mail and goes upstairs, smiling. Back in Jamal's room, he prints out the note to give to David. It said: "Dear David, I'll pay you five thousand dollars for the videotape. Bring it to Dot's Parking Garage today at 4 o'clock. Don't call me or talk to me until then. Marlon". Now, the fun part, they turn the letter into one Marlon would write. So, they changed the letter by changing Dear David to Dave and Marlon to Marl. Plus, they add "Listen Up", since that's how Marlon starts his notes. Then they added "Lets not chat" to the end, since Marlon usually ends his notes with "Let's chat!" Outside Jamal's room, Casey waits hesitantly to enter her cousin's room. Inside, Jamal prints out the Marlon Campbell-version of the note.

The note reads: "Listen up, Dave, I'll pay you five thousand dollars for the videotape. Bring it to Dot's Parking Garage today at 4 o'clock. Let's not chat until then. Marl". The team loves the note, saying that it sounds just like Marlon. Ghostwriter appears on Jamal's computer screen, hoping that their plan works. He also says that he wants to be a video star. Then Casey finally knocks Jamal's door, Jamal asks who is it, and she tells him it's Casey. Jamal tells Casey to come back later, but she enters his room anyway. Before Jamal can say anything, Casey hands him an envelope she believed Jamal is interested in. Jamal learns that the envelope that got Casey's attention earlier was from the High School of Science, which Jamal has been waiting for. Lenni asks him if he is going to open it, but Jamal is hesitant, thinking it's a rejection. But Alex encourages him. So Jamal opens the letter and shouts out that he got accepted. Everyone and Jamal all cheer. Until Casey reads Ghostwriter's message. Everyone is surprised that Casey can see Ghostwriter. Then Ghostwriter appears in the air with a message "Tell me another joke, Casey!" Jamal asks Casey if she can see Ghostwriter, which has Casey questioning about their knowledge about him. She confirms that she can. So they all tell her "Sit Down!"

A while later, David arrives at the dark parking garage, it looks like he fell for the note. However, David sees Lenni and quickly realizes that it's a trap, as Lenni's friends show up, along with Jade and the police. Jade reclaims the videotape back from David. Jade asks David why he stole the tape. David reveals that he did it out of greed. He said that he never wanted to do this to her, but Marlon guaranteed him a year of directing jobs and he couldn't turn him down. Jade questions why did Marlon tried to destroy her company. After the two worked together for a long time. David revealed that Marlon was having a hard time bringing in new artists since Jade's departure, which meant that Marlon's label was in trouble while Jade's was thriving. Jade heard that Marlon was trying to steal some of her singers, including Lenni. This makes her feel glad that her father wouldn't let her. Hector revealed that Marlon will be arrested as well. As police take David away, Jade feels sorry for the fact that both David and Marlon had sunk so low.

Then Lenni express of signs relief that they got her video tape back. Jamal is enthused stating that are now on they way to MTV. Then the entire team also get enthused and heads back to Jade's studio with Jade and Lenni. Then a little while later, Jade and Sonia are having a party in her studio. We see Dr. Dre and Ed Lover mixing and jamming a rap. They sing a rap to give enthusiasm. It is to let kids know if Lenni Frazier can become a star it; then so can all of them. Then they end off their rapping by telling everyone to peace out.

Tina and Alex is amazed by all of the stars at the party. Stars such as, Sybil, Daddy-O, Marissa Dane and of course their best friend Lenni Frazier. Lenni seems nervous and possibly still upset over the whole dramatic ordeal. Then her dad and Sally tell her to just relax and it is going to be super. Then to everyone's surprise Avatar slowly comes in! Then he approaches Jade and asks to speak with her. Jade is a little annoyed with him at first. She snaps at him thinking he left to shoot an infomercial for his own line of hair products. He tells her that it just finished up. Then he reveals to her, that he was the one who has been leaving all the notes for her.

Jade is confused at first, claiming to not recognize him from her high school. Avatar reveals to her that he was at one of their schools, homecoming football game after parties. In which she was hanging with all of the cool girls in their class. Then across the room with this geek, one with glasses too thick and pants too short. This geek was much too nervous to ask her to dance. Then a miracle happened, she came over to him and asked him herself. Although, it was just one dance, she gave him confidence and made him feel good about himself and much less of a nerd. That geek was him!

Then Jade smiles with surprise. She addresses him as Albert and tells him that she never thought of him as a nerd, but sort of cute. Hearing this, Hector was shocked to hear someone as cool as him was once a nerd. He says he grew out of it. Then he and Jade happily starting dancing. Then at the DJ stand Leif Shaunessy sings a chorus of his once hit song "Girl". He still sounds poor from time and age and out of practice and he is annoying most of the guests. 

Then Sonia happily announces to everyone that their music is now on. They gather around to watch it. The announcer says that although Lenni Frazier may only be twelve-years-old, her song is a natural. The music video plays with Lenni singing her song and her friends singing in the choruses. They are all dancing really well and Jamal does some very impressive karate kicks. Then after it is over, Max tells his dad how proud he is off her. Lenni thanks her dad then she goes over to speak to Leif Shaunessy. He looks at his old record seeming a little disappointed. She tells that he must now how this excitement is going to work out. How her song may become a hit or it may not. Leif understandingly answers her nodding yes. He tells her that some stars fade out so fast, that in just six months nobody even remembers them. Lenni promises to always remember him, because he saved her life. Then they hug and he returns back to his job.

  • Although the arc mentioned many times that Lenni is still 12, it is confirmed that she is in the Eighth Grade. The possible reason for her still being 12, was that it was stil early in the school year. So her birthday might not have been until mid November or even early December. Or Lenni might have skipped a grade at some point.
  • This was the first story to have featured Keith Langsdale as Lenni's father Max.
  • This marks the return of Victor Torres.
  • Rob is mentioned by Victor in this story arc.

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