This was a Rap written and sung by Tina Nguyen and Gaby Fernandez. This sang and performed it at the the Community Jam Against Violence, at Hurston Middle School. Their song was written to promote and encourage peace and kindness between other people. To also try and reduce, hatred, resentment and violence that bullies and strangers try to enforce onto other people.

Here is how their rap went.

We're just two girls from around the way,
Gaby and Tina, with something to say.
if you want R-E-S-P-E-C-T,
you gotta give it, to get it.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
Are you home?
Ding dong.
Open up the door,
it's time to get along.
It hurts to feel scared,
in our own neighborhood.
Let's stop the violence,
make it safe, like it should be.
come together!
Let's start with you and me.
Come together!
If we respect each other,
you'll see.
We can save the world,
one piece at at a time.
We're start it off,
by kicking this rhyme.
If you need ammunition,
just use your mind.
And come together this time.