Building Bridges
Season 1, Episode 31, 32, 33, 34
Air date Pt. 1, April 25, 1993
Pt. 2, May 2, 1993
Pt. 3, May 9, 1993
Pt. 4, July 4, 1993
Written by Kermit Frazier
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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Students at Hurston Middle School are psyched about the upcoming Star Jam! But the air of excitement quickly degenerates into fear when students start arriving to school with black eyes and parts of the school are defaced with graffiti and vandalized.  Meanwhile, Rob, now a writer for the school paper, is assigned to interview an upcoming track star, who is the new student Victor Torres. Rob becomes fast friends with the newcomer. However, Victor has troubles of his own: a rival member of the track team named Tony Boyd tries to intimidate Victor because of his performance on the track. Also, Tony despises Victor because of his past involvements with the Thunder Heads gang.

Will the Ghostwriter Team solve the mystery behind who's been beating up their fellow classmates and trashing their school? And what's the real deal behind Tony Boyd's animosity towards Victor?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Star


Inside Lenni's loft, Lenni and Alex are finishing a poster for their school's upcoming talent show. The poster says "HURSTON STAR JAM! We're alive with talent!". Also, there two other boys their committee who are helping organize it. They are named Walter Haines and Kiambu (no last name revealed). They are both waiting for Walter and Kiambu to show up, so they can begin their committee meeting.

Then all of a sudden, there is a knock at the door. Lenni asks who it is, and the person says it is Kiambu. Then she opens the door to invite him in. Kiambu does not look so good, he has a sore black eye and the wind knocked out of him. He explains to them, that he got mugged on the way and the guys stole his money.

Alex has him sit down, while Lenni gets him an ice pack. Lenni isn't sure what to do, since her dad is still at his rehearsal. So Alex decides to call his parents, since they are just downstairs. Lenni tells Kiambu to call his too. Then as Alex gets on the phone, he mentions that the muggings and assaults have been happening a lot lately, especially at nighttime. Lenni expresses her fears and concerns about it.

The arc begins with Lenni, Alex and Jamal meeting in the main hall at the end of the school day. Just like all the kids in the school, they have each been given a note from Principal Kelly to give to their parents. The note says " Dear Parents and Guardians, We, the teachers and staff at Hurston, are just as concerned as you about the violence on our streets. We have talked to our students about safety to and from school. In addition, all outside doors will be locked except for the front entrance. We assure you that Hurston remains a safe place. Sincerely Ms. Beatrice Kelly Principal.

Lenni hopes that the note won't worry her dad too much. Alex mentions that after what had happened to Kiambu the other night, his parents are really starting to get worried. Jamal asks them how Kiambu is, and Lenni reveals that he will be okay. Then Jamal mentions that a couple of guys, got beat up just three blocks away from his house on the previous Saturday. Then Alex mentions that Neetu Kapoor's cousin Ravi heard gunshots in a nearby avenue just the other day.

Then Jamal tells them, that he has heard a new gang is moving into the neighborhood. This is why all this horrible stuff has happened lately. It is because the current gangs are trying to show everyone that they are still the toughest and to make the other gang leave. Jamal then mentions some relief by stating that they are safe and sound at Hurston, because nothing has happened inside. Hearing this, Lenni agrees and mentions that she and Alex are ready to do their Star Jam. Then Jamal remembers that they are staying after school to attend their Star Jam Committee meeting. So the two of them say goodbye to Jamal and head to their meeting.

Then Jamal meets with Rob who just happens to come passing by. Rob is in a hurry, he has to go to track team practice. He isn't running, he is now on the school newspaper. He is doing an article about what makes some people run for the track team. Jamal then nervously mentions he will walk home by himself. Then Rob points out to Jamal a pretty girl. Her name is Jasmine Michaluk (who Jamal has a huge crush on). Rob mentions that Jamal has been aching to ask her out to the Star Jam. So this could be his chance, then Rob wishes him luck calling him Mr. Cool. Then he pushes him over to her and leaves. Jasmine finishes her drink of water and looks up to him. She says hi to Jamal and asks him what is going on. Jamal gets nervous and says nothing and she leaves.

Then over on the track, Rob meets with two teachers. Mr. Ward and Mr. Richards who are the track team coaches. Rob applauds the whole team on being really good runners. Mr. Ward tells him the two at the front are exceptionally good runners. They are Tony Boyd who has been the best runner for the past year, strong and consistent. Also Victor Torres who has come along really well, after only transferring to their school two months ago. Then as Mr. Richards calls them to stop, we see Victor has beaten Tony.

Then as the team meets together, Mr. Richards congratulates Victor on a job well done. Especially how he kicked through at the end. Mr. Ward congratulates the team as well, stating they could have a great relay team. Tony Boyd interrupts asking if he will be the anchor legs. Mr. Ward is not too sure yet, stating that he will see. Tony's excuse was that he would have come first, but his left leg begun cramping up. Mr. Richards reminds him to do the stretches he showed him before, to help his leg.

Then Mr. Ward introduces them to Rob Baker. He explains that he is writing an article on the team for their school paper and to help him with any questions. Rob then tells Mr. Richards that he always just thought of him as an English teacher. He tells Rob he is more than that. In fact he used to run track back in school too and was a hurdles champion. Tony then obnoxiously tells Rob that he could immediately write down that he is going to be the anchor legs on the relay team. Mr. Richards takes Tony away to do the stretches to help his leg.

Then a little later, Rob meets with Victor at the lockers. He applauds him on a great run and asks him what it feels like to run really fast down the track. Victor asks him if he ever ran track before. Rob tells him no he has not, because his family moved before the track season begun. So he simply forgot about it. Victor tells him that he believes that the only way to really feel it, is to actually do it. Rob tells him that perhaps he will.

Then over in Jamal's Bedroom, he is relaxing and sulking over the upsetting news. Then Grandma CeCe comes in to see how he is. She can tell something is wrong, so he shows her the note he brought home from school. She tells him that she is glad that they are taking care of security at the school. Then he explains to her that his friend Kiambu got beaten up near Lenni's loft just the other night. Also that all the violence lately, has been happening to ward off a new gang that is coming soon. Jamal just doesn't understand why some people have to beat other people up.

Grandma CeCe explains that there are some people, who are just so full of hurt and anger. These people's lives are hard and they want things. So sometimes, they feel the only way to get what they want is to take it from others or hurt them. Grandma CeCe mentions that it is scary and dangerous and advises him and his friends to be extra careful. Jamal promises that they will. Grandma CeCe tells him she is glad he is thinking about these things, and that he told her about it. She also tells him that she may not always have the right answers. But he can always talk to her when something is bothering him.

Then over at the Star Jam Committee meeting, there is an intense altercation going on. Walter Haines is furious because he wants to be director. He expects Kiambu to back him up, but he supports Lenni and says that he is wrong. Alex realizes the only reason he is mad, is because he isn't their director. Lenni offers to share the job with him, but he abruptly quits. Then she tells him that he can't quit, reminding him that he was the one who collected the sign up sheets. So he is the only one who knows what acts they have. Then for a moment Walter seems to have changed his mind. Then he throws all the papers in the air, and abruptly leaves.

Then Lenni, Alex and Kiambu are worried now. The kids will arrive in ten minutes, and they don't know what the acts are going to be. Alex snaps stating that they could have ten kids standing on their heads chewing bubble gum. Lenni decides they should sort out the acts, so they know ahead of time before the kids show up. They organize the acts in three groups. The groups are kids who are either going to dance, sing or play instruments. Then they get a bit confused when they come across some acts of kids who want to do things such as gymnastics or talk to ventriloquist dummies. Kiambu comes up with a great idea. He puts all the other acts together into a group called "Not". This groups applies to whoever isn't not doing an act involving, Dancing, Singing or playing instruments.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Jamal is sitting on the sofa. He is smitten and daydreaming about Jasmine. The daydream takes place at the lockers in the hallway at Hurston Middle School. There is purple smoke blowing through the air. Jamal walks through the smoke and he is dressed as a rapper. He is wearing an open jacket with no shirt on, with gold chains and sunglasses. He speaks to Jasmine in a cool tone. She is dressed up hip and cool too. She expresses amazement that he actually spoke to her. Then he asks her in a very cool tone, is she would like to slide on over with him to the star jam the next week. She tells him that she would love to, and would go with him anywhere. Then she begins lovingly chanting his name saying "Jamal".

Then suddenly, Jasmine begins to sound like Grandma CeCe Jenkins! Then back to reality, Grandma CeCe has awoken him from his daydream. She hopes that wherever he went to, that he had a good time. Then she reminds him to take out the bag of garbage that is sitting on the floor.

The next day at school, Lenni, Alex and Kiambu eat lunch together. That is where they discuss the preparations for the second rehearsal. Alex says that he has his list of props and sound equipment ready. Also, Kiambu has arranged for the kids to take the tickets. Then Lenni tells them that she will have the program printed by the beginning of next week. The only thing left to do, is for Lenni to finish her opening speech. Kiambu cheers just as Walter Haines walks by. Walter is in a nasty mood, stating that they all got lucky by getting all the acts together. Alex tells him it wasn't luck it was skill. He rudely tells him that he hopes their SKILL doesn't run out too soon. As he leaves, Lenni now feels glad that he is off their committee.

Then a little later on, Rob meets with Victor. He tells Victor that he has decided to try out for track. Victor is happy to hear this. Then suddenly, Victor finds out he did poorly on a social studies test. He says the stuff is whack (messed up). Then he vents his frustration by punching a locker, and Rob tells him to calm down. Then suddenly, he mistakenly bumps into Walter. He is furious and snaps at him to watch where he is going. Walter rudely snaps at him, telling him he was the one that bumped into him. Then suddenly Victor and Walter start to submissively grab and shove, and slam each other into the lockers.

Then Mr. Ward comes by and pries them apart and breaks up their fight. Victor explains to him it was only a misunderstanding and Walter agrees with him. Mr. Ward tells them that there is never an excuse for fighting. They understand and agree with him. Then Mr. Ward sends everyone back to their classes. Then Victor leaves, Walter madly snaps that Victor will be nothing but trouble in their school.

Then back at Lenni's loft, Lenni is having a difficult time with writing her opening speech. She just keeps coming to the conclusion that what she writes is boring. She comes to the point where she thinks that she just can't do it, and will never get her speech finished. Then over on the refrigerator, there are many colored letter magnets. Ghostwriter can sense that she is having difficulty. Therefore, he rearranges some of them to say "KEEP TRYING" and "FIND YOUR OWN WAY TO SAY IT". This inspires her and she takes another sheet of paper and tries again.

Then over at the track field, Rob and Victor are finishing a lap together. Rob seems exhausted while Victor just shakes it off. Rob states that it felt like a bomb went off in his lungs. But it was fun and it wasn't like he has never gone running before. Victor states that to him, running feels like exploding, but in a good way. Then when Victor goes to his gym bag, Rob comments the cool golden chain he has.

The gold chain is an upside down triangle with a line down the middle. Victor explains that it is actually his initials. To explain it, Victor goes over to the sandpit. He uses his finger and draws a V which is for Victor, and inside the V he draws a T for his Last name Torres. The two letters drawn together this way, look exactly like an upside down triangle with a line down the middle. Then suddenly, Tony walks through the sandpit and smashes the picture. Victor is miffed and threatens him. He tells him that if he ever steps on his name again, he'll end up gasping for air. Tony just smirks at him not taking him seriously. After Tony leaves, Rob agrees to walk home with Victor.

The two of them really hit it off, talking about themselves. Rob explaining he always wanted to be a writer since he was little. Victor says he likes it, but it is hard and it takes time and you need to commit to it. Rob says it is like trying to explode your thoughts onto the page. Then suddenly, just as they turn around a street gang has arrived. The four boys are all either of Hispanic or Latino backgrounds. They all have same symbol on their jackets.  A combination of a T and an h in one. It is almost like a small h combined with the top of a capitol T.

Victor explains that these boys are in a gang called the Thunder Heads. They all nod to Victor and it is apparent that he knows them. The leader Miguel, demands to know where he has been, and why they haven't heard from him. Victor tries to take off saying he needs to get home. Then Miguel discriminates Rob, demanding to know who the white boy is. Rob tries to politely introduce himself to them, but the gang just laughs it off with Rob feeling offended.

Then Miguel demands to know why he has been avoiding them lately. Victor apologizes saying that he has just been very busy lately. Miguel does not believe him. He thinks Victor is avoiding and disrespecting them. Then Victor tries to take off again, when Miguel grabs him and pulls him back. Then he notices that Victor still has the gold chain that he bought for him. Victor mentions that it is because they are still friends. Miguel laughs it off saying maybe. Then he asks him who will protect him at Hurston will it be Rob? Then the whole gang laughs and then leaves.

When they leave, Rob is shocked asking him if he is part of that gang. Victor says that he used to be but he quit. Then Victor gets mad thinking Rob might think poorly of him. So he snaps at him saying that the Thunder Heads don't shoot or stab people. Then Victor gets so upset, he leaves Rob and heads him alone. When Victor is gone, Rob reflects on how Miguel insulted him and seems kind of upset.

Then over at Lenni's loft, Tina and Gaby are doing a dancing skit, they're perfectly in-sync at the same time. Lenni applauds them on a great job. Then she breaks the bad news, that they can't be in the Star Jam. Because they don't attend Hurtson Middle School. The only exception would be if she performed with them. But she won't because she can barely get her speech finished. Then Tina and Gaby inspire her to write it as a song, since she is so good at songwriting and it won't sound boring. Lenni loves the idea and feels enthused, she starts with "Hurston's alive with talent! We've got some of it right here. So open your eyes and turn on your ears. Then when scanning the page, Ghostwriter appears in the air in flashing colors. Then tells them in multicolored letters "I'M PSYCHED". Lenni now feels that she can do it and thanks the both of them.

Then over at Jamal's bedroom, Rob meets Jamal to ask him a very personal question. He wants to know if he is just a white boy to him. Jamal is straight forward and honest and says yes. But also he is a great friend, they hang out and their on the same team. But he is white and he is a boy, well actually a guy just like he is. Even though he wouldn't like to be called "black boy" although he is actually brown. Then Jamal realizes and states to Rob that he is pink so he is a pink guy.

Then Jamal wants to know why he asked him that. Rob explains that the past day a Latino boy called him a white boy and it was like he was insulting him. So he was wondering, if anything like that has ever happened to him. Jamal says yes he has been called "black boy" and worst things too. Rob says that the Latino boy didn't even know him. Then Jamal explains that his dad says that is one of the reasons why people call each other names. It is because they just don't know them, and sometimes they are scared to get to know new people. Rob thanks him and they shake hands. Then on their way out, Rob teases him by asking if he was cool enough to talk to Jasmine yet.

Then the next morning at Hurston Middle School, students stand in the trophy hall in complete shock. The Star Jam posters are ripped up. Also, there is knocked over trash, broken glass and graffiti everywhere. It includes spirals, stars, question marks and even the Thunder heads' symbol and a message that says "BUST UP HURSTON!" Lenni is left asking who would do that to their school.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First. Lenni and Alex are totally psyched about the Star Jam. This is Hurston Middle School's upcoming talent show. They are working hard to plan it out, but some bad stuff has been happening. Their friend Kiambu got mugged, and a lot of other kids in the neighborhood are getting beaten up.

Also, a kid named Walter Haines is mad. Because Lenni is running their Star Jam committee instead of him. So he's been trying to mess things up for them. Also Jamal has some problems of his own. He has a crush on a girl named Jasmine, but he is too shy to ask her out.

Meanwhile, Rob is writing an important article for the school newspaper. So to really experience it, Rob gives running on the track team a try. Then he becomes good friends with the new track star Victor Torres. He has a cool gold necklace, which is a triangle with a line down the middle. They are actually his initials, "V" for Victor and "T" for Torres.

Victor has been having some problems with another person on the team: Tony Boyd. Then when Rob and Victor were walking home, they ran into Victor's old gang: The Thunder Heads. They were not too happy to see him!

The arc resumes, with Jamal saying that they need to find out what's going on. Then Rob looks at the Thunder Heads' symbol. He remembers seeing it on the Thunder Heads gang members jackets. This was on the other day when they encountered him and Victor. Then Principal Kelly and Mr. Ward arrive. They try their best to calm the students down. Principal Kelly informs them that the trashing and graffiti happened the other night. But there is no other damage done to the school yet.

The students are all really upset about it. Walter Haines thinks it might be a threatening warning. Kiambu panics stating that he thought their school was safe. Walter says that they aren't safe from street gangs, and points out the Thunder Heads' symbol. He states that it must have been one of them. Then Principal Kelly and Mr. Ward state that anyone could have made that symbol. So it does not necessarily mean it was done by one of their gang members. Then finally, Principal Kelly asks the students to all come down. Then to return to their classes because the police will be over soon.

Lenni writes down the graffiti as evidence in her notebook. Alex expresses concern that the violence is now moving into their school. So they cannot just sit around and let more people get hurt like Kiambu was. Jamal then arranges for them to meet at his place after school. Then Ghostwriter reviews the Graffiti. He wants to know what is going on, so they fill him in.

Then Principal Kelly meets with Lenni, Alex and Kiambu. The three of them are not too happy to hear that Principal Kelly has considered cancelling the Star Jam. She tells them, it's only a possibility, knowing how much it means to the school. It is just that parents are concerned, because it will be at nighttime. and there will be lot's of kids there. So it will be harder to see everything that is happening. Then she tells them, that she will meet with the parents in the afternoon. Then come to her to decision about it tomorrow.

Then after school, Rob, Lenni and Alex meet with Jamal at his house. Then they begin to work on figuring out who trashed their school. The first clues are: The words "BUST UP HURSTON!" and the Thunder Heads' symbol. Rob informs them, that Victor Torres used to be in the gang but he quit. So now the rest of the gang is really mad at him. So now they suspect the Thunder Heads. Thinking they might be trying to mess him up at his new school. So first the Thunder Heads are added to the suspects list. Then their second suspect is; Walter Haines. He quit the Star Jam Committee a few days ago. Also he was really mad, because he didn't get to be their director, Lenni did. Also the Star Jam posters were ripped up. So he might be trying to get back at them.

Then suddenly, on Jamal's computer screen Ghostwriter sends them four confusing messages. The first one says, "DOWN WITH BUST UP". Then Alex remembers that the graffiti said "BUST UP HURSTON!". So perhaps whoever wrote that, trashed the school. The second one says "the mighty res do der head stuff? Jamal thinks der head could mean Thunder Head. Then the third message says "What would Victor Tor Write Thun. Rob thinks the message might be about Victor Torres. Then the fourth message says "HURSTON NO! HURSTON YES!

Lenni has written the four messages down on four pieces of paper. They realize they were right about it mentioning the Thunder Heads and Victor Torres. Then they realize, the four pieces fit together like a puzzle. Someone wrote a note, then ripped it up into four pieces. It actually says "What would the mighty Victor Torres do? Write Thunder Heads stuff. Down with Hurston! No Bust up Hurston! Yes. They remember that Bust up Hurston was written with the graffiti on the school wall. Also, Lenni comes to the conclusion that Victor did it. Since he was mentioned in the note. Jamal backs her up, because Victor used to be in the Thunder Heads' gang. Rob refuses to believe it was him, but the three of them aren't too sure and insist on choosing Victor for a suspect. Rob is furious and decides to go and speak to Victor right away. That way he can prove that Victor is innocent.

Then Rob walks over to 60 east 104 st. The area is a low income apartment building. The building is dirty and there is graffiti all over the walls and the tenants blue doors. Rob arrives to the apartment and knocks on the door. He says who he is, and asks to speak with Victor. Victor answers and he is surprised to see him. Rob explains that since he did not come to school that day, he just wanted to see how he was. Victor invites him in, he introduces him to his younger brother and sister. Their names are Michael and Stacy and their watching Sesame Street. Also, he introduces Rob to his wheelchair bound older brother Quincy a.k.a. Quince. Also he explains the baby crying loudly in the back, is his niece and his older sister Laurie's kid and his mom is still at work.

Then Rob and Victor sit down, he explains to Rob that he did not feel like going to school that day. All because the stress and pressure in his life is just too hard at times. Then Rob mentions to him that someone trashed and vandalized the school. Also that the Thunder Heads' symbol was painted in it. Victor reminds him that he isn't in the gang anymore. Then Rob asks him if he just knows anything about it.

Then Victor gets mad snapping at him, for coming over to just speak to him about it. Then Michael and Stacy turn the volume up too loud, and Quincy tells them to turn it down. Then Victor loses his temper and yells at his younger siblings for playing the T.V. too loud. Quincy then lectures him, telling him not to yell at them and to calm down. Then Victor snaps at him and decides to go for a walk to calm down, taking Rob with him. Victor takes Rob to his secret place in the forest. The place is a calm and relaxing spot near the river. Victor says he always comes here to be alone. That way, he can reflect and calm down when things in his life are too much.

Then Rob asks Victor why he joined the Thunder Heads gang. Victor told him, because he wanted to have friends and people to always look out for him and protect him. They hung out together, talked and sometimes even stole things. Rob was shocked to hear this, but Victor says that life is just too hard sometimes. So those guys were just like a second family to him. Rob can understand this, saying that he sort of has a second family too. Then he says they're not so different after all. Then Victor tells him he doesn't think that the Thunder Heads trashed their school. Although Miguel threatened him to look out, it is personal between the two of them. Therefore Miguel would only come after him.

Then Rob asks Victor why he quit the Thunder Heads' gang. Victor explains to him that his older brother Quincy used to be in a gang called The Risers. Then six months ago, Quincy was shot in the back by a rival gang member during a skirmish. Now Quincy is confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Then as time went on, his mom got more worried about him staying in his gang. This is because, most members of the Thunder Heads move onto joining the Risers' gang when they're older.

Then finally two months ago, he just decided to quit the gang. Also, he decided to change schools and start over. Then he get involved with the track team. Then Victor happily mentions he admires the (at the time) Olympic runner Carl Lewis, and wants to run just as good as him. Rob tells him how glad he is that he is on their track team. Then Victor mentions he will be glad to help him finish his article for the school paper. Then Victor asks him if he ever writes in a notebook. Rob tells him he has a journal. Victor happily tells him he now has one too. Mr. Ward inspired him to start one, to help him work off his anger by writing things down. Then Victor reads to Rob the first thing he has written. It is a rap called For Quincy. After hearing it, Rob is impressed by it telling how good it was. Also how he can understand, just how he feels about Quincy being hurt. Then he encourages him to keep on writing and Victor is really pleased and thanks him.

Then over at Lenni's loft, Lenni is writing to Ghostwriter on her computer. She tells him that the parents are worried about the violence. Ghostwriter expresses his concern, telling her that he is worried about it too. Lenni then tells him that she wished that there was something that she could do. Then Ghostwriter tells her that, people coming together can sometimes stop the violence. Then suddenly, this helps her come up with a perfect idea.

Then after school the next day, Alex tells Jamal that Lenni has called an emergency Star Jam Committee meeting. An idea that will convince Principal Kelly not to call off the Star Jam. Jamal tells him that he hopes it will work, because the Star Jam is where he wants to take Jasmine for their first date. He is just smitten with her saying she has nice eyes and she is the head of the tutorial program. Then Alex tells him that he heard from Rob, that he is too chicken to even speak to her. Then he starts acting cool, and tells him exactly what he would say. He says he would ask her if she would like to go to the Star Jam with the most coolest most handsome guy at school.

Then unknown to him, she is right behind him. Then he says that he is sure she will melt right at his feet. Alex has been trying to get him to realize she is right there. Then suddenly, she approaches him. Jasmine is offended and disgusted by him. She then tells him, that if she was a stick of butter left out of the fridge for three days, he still wouldn't be hot enough to melt her. Then she walks away, leaving him feeling embarrassed and let down. Then Alex states that he just blew his chances. Then Alex leaves for the meeting laughing.

Then at the Star Jam Committee meeting, Lenni speaks with Alex and Kiambu. She tells them her idea, is to use the Star Jam to talk about all the violence. They can have kids to come up with songs and dances to say how they feel about it. Also what should be done about it. Alex and Kiambu both like her idea. Also she tells them that she thinks they should also let anyone be in the Star Jam. Even if they don't attend their school. She tells them that if they can all come together, then maybe they can even stop the violence. Now they need to convince Principal Kelly, that their idea is good enough to let the show go on. So they decide to start a petition, saying what they want to do. Then whoever agrees with them can sign it. Then Lenni is certain that after seeing how many teachers and students support them, she will agree with them.

Then they work on their petition. The petition says "Dear Ms. Kelly, We, the students and teachers at Hurston, are worried about the violence in our community. But we think cancelling the Star Jam won't help. Instead, let's open the show to the whole community, and call it a "Community Jam Against Violence". Then they type it up and print it out. Then they take it around to get as many signatures as they can. Many students (including Janice Hall) and teachers sign their petition. Then Alex bumps into Walter, who gives him a very angry and threatening look and heads off.

Then there is an after school assembly. Principal Kelly, speaks to all the students. She tells them she is so proud and pleased with the Star Jam Committee's petition. Therefore, she has decided not to cancelled this year Star Jam. So now it is onward with the "Community Jam Against Violence". Then everybody claps and cheers when hearing this. Then Walter gives Alex another threatening stare when leaving at the end. Alex mentions that Walter doesn't seem very happy about it.

Then Victor tells Rob that his bag has gone missing. It was here when the assembly started, and now it's missing. Then Jamal asks Rob what he found out about Victor. Rob tells him that Victor is cool, Jamal isn't so sure. But Rob says that he just knows he is. Then Rob finds Victor's bag for him. Then someone blurts out "How's your spray painting Thunder Head?" Victor is furious hearing this and wants to know who said it. Rob calms him down, persuading him to ignore it. Then Rob meets Victor and the track team in the locker room. There Mr. Ward announces that the order for the relay team has been chosen. The first runner will be Sam, the second will be Mercer. The third will be Tony and the anchor legs will be Victor.

Then Tony is furious and snaps at Mr. Ward about this. He states that he should be the anchor legs to cross the finish line.  And can't end off to Victor. He also complains that Victor missed practice the other day. Mr. Ward tells him yes he can and he spoke with Victor about missing practice the other day. Tony then mentions that Victor wasn't even at their school two months ago. He was still hanging out with the Thunder Heads. When hearing this, Victor gets angry and tries to pick a fight with Tony. Mr. Ward breaks it up, telling them that if they keep on fighting, neither of them will be running. Also the decision for the relay order stands.

Then afterwards, Rob meets with Lenni in the computer room. He asks her how the "Community Jam Against Violence" is going. Lenni is very enthused saying it is going great. Also they've put up another new big poster up in the cafeteria, and will make more the next day. Then she tells him that she is working on her opening speech. Rob then sits down at the computer opposite of her. Then suddenly, some gold sparkles appear in the air. It is Ghostwriter who shows them the peace symbol. Then in the air, he spells to them "A COMMUNITY JAM AGAINST VIOLENCE". Then suddenly Ghostwriter start scribbling. Then shows them the words "HURSTON'S FOR WIMPS!". They both realize it is more graffiti and they run off to find it. They find it in the cafetorium, and it has been trashed. There is garbage and more graffiti everywhere. Then Ghostwriter points out where he found "HURSTON'S FOR WIMPS!" on the wall. Nearby it is another Thunder Heads' symbol!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Lenni, Alex and some other kids at Hurston Middle School, have been putting together a talent show called Star Jam. Also, Rob has made a new friend, a kid on the track team named Victor Torres. Victor used to be in a gang called the Thunder Heads. But he quit, because his brother got hurt in a gang fight. Plus, there has been some trouble in the neighborhood lately; some kids have been beaten up.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, Somebody has vandalized the school! The Ghostwriter Team wants to find out who did it. So they met together at Jamal's place after school. Then the team looked at their clues, and came up with some suspects. So since the Thunder Heads symbol was painted in the graffiti, they have marked the gang down as suspects. Also their other suspect is, Walter Haines. He's angry, because Lenni became the director of of their committee instead of him. Plus, the Star Jam posters at the school were ripped down. Making them believe that he is trying to get back at them.

Then Ghostwriter, sent the team four pieces of a ripped up note. The note was written by someone, wondering just what the mighty Victor Torres would do. The rest of the Team now suspect Victor. So Rob went over to Victor's home to talk to him. There he met Victor's brother Quincy, who was shot in the back by a rival gang member. Now he's been confined to a wheelchair, for the rest of his life.

A lot of kids from school, also think Victor did the vandalism. Also, Victor has some other problems too. He has been having problems with another boy on the track team. The other boy is Tony Boyd, he has been jealous and angry. Because Victor has recently replaced him as the team's best runner. Also, Victor's gym bag has now gone missing.

There is trouble at Hurston School!

The arc resumes, with Ghostwriter highlighting an object. Rob runs over and picks it up. It is a gold chain, not just any gold chain. Rob recognizes it as Victor's chain, the upside down triangle with a line down the middle. This also stands for his initials. Lenni tells him that they've got to find out who is doing the vandalism. Then she says that she will call a rally meeting. So Rob goes off to tell Principal Kelly. Then Lenni writes on a piece of paper, "RALLY L". Then in Jamal's bedroom, he has been daydreaming and drawing. He has been drawing pictures expressing his feelings about Jasmine. Then Ghostwriter appears, he rearranges the words "Really cool girl!" to tell him "RALLY L", While displaying hearts.

Then the entire Ghostwriter Team meets in Lenni's loft. She fills them all in. She tells them that this time the creep wrote "HURSTON'S FOR WIMPS!". She points out that it's almost like when he or she trashed the school the first time. Both of the words bashed their school, and had the Thunder Heads' symbol. Alex insists that it must be Victor, because he was mentioned in all the stuff Ghostwriter told them. Rob cries pleading that Victor is innocent. He says he just knows because he's his friend. Jamal doesn't think Rob's friendship with him is enough to exonerate him from suspicion. Tina reminds that Victor used to be a Thunderhead.

Rob then explains to them, that Victor is no longer in the Thunder Heads' gang. He quit, because his older brother Quincy was shot in a gang fight. So now he is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He explains to them that he wanted a fresh start, so why would he vandalize his new school? Rob then asks them if it is possible, that someone else is trying to set Victor up. Rob points out the information Ghostwriter told them. He points out that the person who wrote "What would the mighty Victor Torres do?", was written by someone wondering what Victor would do. Also that the person assumed he would write Thunder Heads' stuff. Therefore, whoever wrote the ripped up note, also did the graffiti both times. Also, in the assembly the other day, some person blurted out "How's your spray painting Thunder Head?", which really upset Victor. Rob says he isn't sure who said it. But it sure looks like someone is trying to put the blame on Victor.

Then the team tries to figure who it is, so they review their list of suspects. Jamal suggests the Thunder Heads' gang. But Rob tells them Victor said they would only go after him, and not trash their school. Jamal thinks that they might still have done it for the fun of it, so they keep them as possible suspects. Then next comes Walter Haines, Gaby says that Walter is angry at the Star Jam Committee, not Victor. But Lenni reveals that Walter IS angry at Victor. She revealed that the other day, they accidentally bumped into each other. Then they broke out into a serious fight. Then Walter madly stated Victor will be nothing but trouble in their school. So this may be his reason for trying to frame Victor.

Then finally, Rob asks them to add Tony Boyd to the list. Jamal is puzzled wondering why they should add the track team's best runner to the suspects list. Rob reveals because Victor replaced him as the best runner on the track team and Tony resents him for it. Rob then reveals to them what happened in the track team's locker room the other day.

Then Jamal explains they should still find more evidence to prove Victor is being set up. Rob mentions that he found something that day, but he can't show them yet and needs to check something out first. The team expresses their concern for Rob wanting to withhold evidence. Rob begs for just one day to look into it. So Jamal reluctantly agrees. Then he reminds him that they are a team, and not to forget that they are here for him if they need them. Rob thanks Jamal and quickly heads off.

The next day, Rob waits to speak to Victor at school. Then on the P.A., Principal Kelly announces that if anyone knows anything or who is doing the vandalism to let her know as soon as possible. Also that the Community Jam Against Violence will go through as planned. Then finally, Rob meets with Victor, who seems happy to see Rob. Then they go off to talk privately in a classroom. Victor gets stressed and worked up, having heard about the latest vandalism. He says that everyone is starting to bother him now. They stare at him suspiciously, because someone is spreading the word that he used to be, and might still be a member of the Thunder Heads. Then Rob returns the gold chain to him and he is happy to get it back. Then Victor gets mad feeling Rob might think he is guilty. Because it was found where the vandalism was done.

Then Victor gets really tense and worked up. He says that the only mistake he made, was coming to their school. Also that he doesn't feel safe in a school where nobody trusts him. The place where they steal his gold chain and his notebook. Rob is confused, and Victor tells him that his notebook was stolen at the other day's Star Jam Assembly. Then Victor gets suspicious of Rob. He remembers that he found his bag, then next he found his gold chain. So now he accuses him of stealing his notebook.

Then he screams at Rob and grabs and pushes him. He shouts at him demanding to know, if he stole the rap he wrote for his brother. Rob tries to calm him down, telling him he would never steal from him, because they're friends. Then Victor states that one of the only friends he's ever had, was Miguel Ramos. He is the leader of the Thunder Heads and they were so close. Then Victor comes to the upsetting conclusion, that he doesn't belong in their school. He feels that he should just accept that he is a Thunder Head member (like everyone says), and go back to his old lifestyle. Rob tries to tell him, he believes someone is setting him up. So if he would just listen to him, he can help him. Victor gets furious and screams his head off. He snaps saying that he no longer cares what he, or anyone else in their school thinks. Then Victor pushes Rob away and leaves.

Jamal meets Rob in the hallway. He asks him if he did what he needed to do yet, because they need to be quick. Then as Rob runs after Victor, Jamal runs over to speak to Jasmine. He asks her if he can speak to her, but Jasmine is very mad and snaps at him saying no and walks away. Then Alex sneaks up on Walter from behind and startles him. Alex asks him, if he is hoping that their new poster says Star Jam cancelled forever. Then he asks him if he is looking to pick another fight with Victor. Walter rudely tells him to leave him alone and walks away. When Alex demands to know what he has against Victor. Walter says he hates him because he is a Thunder Heads' member. Then Alex reveals to him that Victor is no longer in the gang. Walter doesn't believe him. He tells them that the Thunder Heads ripped him off last year. So all of them, including Victor are rip-off artists.

Then up in Lenni's loft, Tina and Gaby are practicing their dance routine again. Then suddenly they both realize their routine is not suited anymore, because the theme of the Star Jam has changed. The theme is now a jam against violence. Tina suggests they still do the same dance, but to just sing some words to express how they feel about what's been happening. Then they both come up with a good rap that expresses their thoughts and feelings. Lenni is so impressed with it that she adds their act to the Community Jam.

Then over in the locker room, Rob meets with the track team. Mr. Richards puts a bandage on Tony's ankle and asks him to wear it for a week. Then Rob asks Mr. Ward if he has seen Victor. Mr. Ward is concerned saying he hasn'tm although he was at school earlier that day. Then Mr. Richards marches the team out for laps. Tony mocks him for acting like a drill sergeant. Mr. Richards punishes Tony for the smart remark, by making him run an extra lap.

Then Rob sits down and talks to Mr. Ward. He explains that they had a fight earlier that morning. So now he is worried that Victor has run off and left school forever. Also that Victor always seems to be paranoid, believing everyone is against him. Mr. Ward mentions that it isn't easy for him seeing all those Thunder Heads symbols spray painted. Rob then asks him if the Thunder Heads did it, and he says the police are still looking into it. Also Victor has had a very stressful life for the past while. His dad hasn't been around in a long time. His brother got shot, also Victor's been out of school. He is now a year behind, and he is starting in a new school. Rob can understand how this must feel.

Then Mr. Ward says that this is just far too much for a young man to have to deal with. Rob mentions to Mr. Ward how he suggested Victor to start a notebook to expresses his feelings. Also, that he read something to him that he wrote for his brother Quincy. Mr. Ward tells him since Victor had the courage to express his thoughts to him, then Rob must be someone Victor really wants to be friends with. Hearing this. Rob feels reassured and thanks Mr. Ward for his time and leaves.

Then over in Jamal's bedroom, Jamal is venting his feelings, by writing to Ghostwriter. He tells him he is lame, jive, cowardly and frustrated. Ghostwriter asks him why. He tells him that he said some stupid things in front of a girl he likes. Ghostwriters asks him what he wants to do about it. He tells him that he wants to apologize to her, but she won't speak to him. Ghostwriter suggests writing her a note, because writing can unlock many doors. Then Ghostwriter tells him to take his time and be honest.

Then Jamal writes Jasmine an honest and sincere apology. The apology says "Dear Jasmine, I'm sorry for the way I talked about you at school. I didn't mean what I said. I really do like you. I've just been scared to talk to you. That's the plain honest truth. Then he prints it out and signs it. Now, he just needs to find the courage to give it to her.

Then over at the apartment building, Rob knocks on the door. Then Quincy strolls by, telling him Victor isn't home. Rob asks him where he is. Quincy in a frustrated and fed up tone, says he doesn't know. And he can't keep up with him anymore. Rob thanks him and leaves, then as he is leaving, Quincy asks him if he really means to be Victor's friend. Rob happily tells him that he does, and leaves to find Victor. Then over in Jasmine's apartment building, Jamal has found the courage to go and speak to her. She answers the door and he gives her the note. She reads the note and smiles. Then she tells him that if he really did like her, he wouldn't have spoken about her that way. Then he apologizes saying he was just trying to act cool in front of his friend. Then she accepts his apology, admitting that she likes him too. Jamal is happy to hear this. Then he asks her out to the Star Jam, which she accepts. He leaves feeling like a million bucks.

Then Rob heads over to see if Victor is at his quiet place in the forest. When he gets there, he doesn't find Victor there. What he does find, is the Thunder Heads' symbol spray painted on a rock. This makes him believe, that Victor might be at the Thunder Heads' hangout. Then he asks Ghostwriter "Please find a place with lot's of Thunder Heads' symbols and lot's of Thunder Heads. Then Ghostwriter tells him, the hangout is at 518 Huntley st. He also shows Rob, Victor's chain signature.

Then Rob walks over to the hangout all alone. He enters it and nobody is there. What he does find, is Victor's chain signature spray painted on the wall. When seeing this, he realizes it didn't mean he was there now, so he came for nothing. Then just as Rob is about to leave, the Thunder Heads have shown up! Miguel furiously snaps at him, asking him what he is doing in their hangout. Then Miguel slowly approaches him!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: There is trouble in the Ghostwriter neighborhood as kids from Hurston Middle School are getting beaten up and the school has been vandalized. The Ghostwriter team has been creating an talent show that will deal with how to stop violence. They are also on the case to find out who was responsible for vandalizing the school.

Here's what they know so far: There's a new kid at school named Victor Torres, who used to be in a gang called the Thunder Heads. Hurston students think Victor is vandalizing the school because Thunder Heads symbols were spray painted on the school walls and Ghostwriter sent the team an message with Victor's name on it.

However, Victor is a friend of Rob's and he is sure Victor didn't trash the school. Victor left the Thunder Heads because he was sick of the violence and his brother, Quincy was shot in an gang battle, causing him to be in a wheelchair for life.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, Rob believes that Victor is being set up. He explained to the team about the message with Victor's name on it. He thinks that the real culprit is wondering what Victor would do. The team has three suspects on who might be responsible for trashing Hurston and framing Victor. There's Walter Haines, he and Victor had a fight in school, which could be a reason for framing him. Then there's Tony Boyd, he used the be the best runner on the Hurston track team. Until Victor replaced him and Tony resents him for it. Last, there are the Thunder Heads. They're angry at Victor for leaving the gang. But, Jamal believes that they trashed Hurston just for the fun of it.

So, Rob went looking for Victor to find more information on who might be framing him. With Ghostwriter's help. Rob found the address to the Thunder Heads' hangout. Rob entered he hangout, but Victor wasn't there. Rob is unaware of the danger he is in for being in the Thunder Heads' hangout!

The arc resumes with Rob feeling petrified in fear, as Miguel slowly approaches him. Miguel is loud, rude and snaps at him. He demands to know what he is doing in their hangout. Rob nervously tells him, he is just looking for Victor. Then Miguel rudely replies that Victor isn't there. Then he asks him how he found their place. Rob is frozen in fear once again. Ghostwriter sensing something is wrong, writes Rob a message. In the air, Ghostwriter writes in orange letters "What's wrong, Rob?".

Then noticing that Rob is just staring, Miguel snaps at him thinking he is trying to psych them out. Then Miguel asks him once again, how he found their place. He asks him if Victor told him and Rob says no. Then Miguel demands to know who it was that told him. Then the three other gang members approach him. One holds him from behind, and the other two hold him place. Rob tells them to stop it, but Miguel tells him that he's on their turf now. So it is okay with them. Then Miguel begins punching Rob in the stomach repeatedly, as Rob cries in pain.

Then just in the nick of time, Victor arrives. He yells at them, demanding them to leave Rob alone. Miguel is shocked to see him. He asks Victor if he was the one who brought him over. Victor says no, telling him to let him go. Miguel says to let him go would be crazy. Miguel proceeds to beat Rob up, when Victor pulls him off demanding him to let him go. Miguel says that he can't tell them what to do anymore, since he's not in the gang anymore. Then Victor explains he was coming be to be with them. Miguel and the others don't believe him at first. But Victor promises them it is the truth, but they can't treat Rob this way. Miguel tells that they're just trying to defend themselves, and to keep people from bothering them. Also it is about defending their honor and respect. Rob tries to apologize to him, but Miguel rudely tells him he wasn't speaking to him.

Then Rob tries to break free from the clutches of the gang members. Then he tells Victor that he needs to come back to school and to track. Victor feeling really upset and stressed, screams his head off telling him to shut up. Then Miguel asks Victor if he has really decided to come back to them. Victor tells him that he thought he could. But now he cannot. Miguel tries to convince him, that he doesn't need his new school or new friends. All that he needs is his friends, his club and him. Victor tells him he can't and it is just whack (as in messed up). Then Victor tries to walk away. Then the gang member from behind Rob, holds Victor in place. Then Miguel tells him he just can't turn his back on him. Victor asks to be let go, but Miguel says no. Then Miguel prepares to have both Victor and Rob beaten up.

Then suddenly, Victor reminds Miguel that a long time ago he found Miguel ambushed in alley. Then he helped pulled the guys off of him. Then together they both fought them off and ran away safe and sound. Therefore he owes him for that. Then Miguel realizes he is right, and reluctantly orders Rob to be let go. Miguel tells him that they are now even and nothing more. Then Victor and Miguel stare at each other with a lot of upset emotions. Victor tells him that he wishes that they could still be friends more than anything. Then as Victor and Rob leave, Miguel looks upset as Victor leaves.

Then outside, Rob feels so relieved. He thanks Victor for his help saying that was really close. Then Victor lectures him for him making such a dumb decision. He asks Rob what he would have done if, he hadn't come along. Or what if he couldn't get them out that jam. even, if it turned out that Victor didn't care about him. So he may have let the Thunder Heads sick on him. Rob tells him that he realizes it now, because he wasn't thinking earlier. He was just worried about him, and wanted to find him. Hearing this, Victor thanks him.

Then over at Victor's apartment, Rob fills him in on everything that he and his friends have found out. Victor reviews it, asking him that he thinks it is either Tony Boyd or Walter Haines who's been setting him up. Rob reminds him, that Tony is really angry that he replaced his as the track team's best runner. Also Victor remembers that Walter is angry, because he picked a fight with him in the hall. Then Rob mentions that whoever it is, they've got to find some solid evidence.

Then Rob mentions that Victor said that his gold chain and notebook were the only things missing from his gym bag. Then his gold chain was planted when the cafetorium was trashed. So perhaps whoever did it, may still have his notebook. Victor is confused on how that can help them. Then Rob asks Victor if he can remember the wrap he wrote for his brother. Victor happily tells him that he knows it by heart. Then Rob asks him if he could just write down the first couple lines of it. Victor is confused asking him why. Rob tells him, that it might bring closer, to whoever is setting him up. Rob doesn't expose the Ghostwriter secret, he just tells him to trust him on it. Victor trusts him, and starts writing some of it down for him.

Then later on, Rob meets with the entire Ghostwriter Team in Lenni's loft. He explains to them he has a paper with the first few lines, of the rap Victor wrote for his brother Quincy. Then he tells them, he believes that they can have Ghostwriter read Victor's rap and what is near it. Then they can figure out who stole his notebook. Also that the person who stole it, might also be the same person who has been trashing the school.

Then they get to work, Jamal writes to Ghostwriter. He asks him "Please find "FOR QUINCY" and read what's near it". Lenni reviews their suspect's list, and she crosses Victor of the list because he's not a suspect anymore. Then Ghostwriter returns and tells them on Lenni's computer "Grilled Cheese of Tuna Sandwich. Salad, Cookies, Juice or Milk". Alex remembers that he had some of that for his lunch today. He pulls out a paper from his pocket, and it turns out to be Hurston School's Friday lunch menu. So the culprit must be a student at Hurston, since none of the other Thunderheads attend Hurston, they are crossed off the list.

Then Ghostwriter tells them, "remains a safe place. Sincerely, Ms. Beatrice Kelly Principal. They remember that from the note that all Hurston students were recently required to take home. Therefore it's definitely someone who also attends Hurston. Then Ghostwriter tells them in multicolored letters in the air "Glow-More spray paint/ T.B. Hurston Trackers. Tina mentions that spray paint is a major clue. Then Rob mentions that all members of the Hurston track team have gym bags that say "Hurston Trackers". Also that he has seen Tony Boyd's bag and his says T.B. on it. So the culprit must definitely be him. But Tina wonders how they were going to nail Tony.

Then the next day at school, to lure Tony into a trap, Rob asks to interview him for his article. Rob meets with Tony in the computer room. Tony is stuck up saying it is about time he got around to interviewing him. But to make it quick, because he has practice. Rob begins by asking him, "is that can of Glow-More spray, still with Victor's notebook?". Hearing this, Tony gets really tense and nervous. Then Rob tells him, "Like in that gym bag for instance". Rob tries to grab it, but Tony takes it away. Tony gets very defensive and rude. He tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about, and doesn't want to be interviewed by him either.

Then just as Tony tries to leave, he is cornered by Victor and Mr. Ward. Tony is surprised to see them. Mr. Ward asks Tony if the can of spray paint and Victor's notebook are in his gym bag. Tony nervously denies it and lies saying no. Mr. Ward asks him if he can look. Tony says no because his gym bag is private. Mr. Ward tells him that if he is telling the truth, then he has nothing to worry about. Then asks him again if he can have a look, but Victor denies it saying it is his gym bag. Mr. Ward reminds him that he is a talented athlete and has worked with him for three years. Also that he has always been honest with him. So he asks him again, if the items are in his gym bag.

Then Tony confesses to Mr. Ward, telling him that they are. Then Tony unzips the bag, and gives Victor his notebook back. Then he gives Mr. Ward the can of spray paint. Then Mr. Ward express his disappointment in him. He tells him that it is one thing to work hard to win. It is quite another thing to steal from a fellow student. Then to vandalize the school to get him into trouble. Tony is exasperated, he explains that he has been on the track team for three years. Also he has worked really hard, and it's his last year at Hurston. So he feels that it just isn't fair for Victor to just suddenly come in and take over.

Then Victor approaches Tony, he expresses his thoughts and feelings to him. He asks him if he thinks things have been going so easy for him. Also he has been busting a gut on the team. He tells him this is whack (messed up) and he hasn't done anything to him. He tells Tony that he just wants to feel like he is part of their team and school. Hearing this, Tony feels bad and apologizes to Victor. Then Mr. Ward takes Tony to Ms. Kelly's office to phone his parents. When they leave, Victor gratefully thanks Rob for all of his help. Then they nod and walk off together as friends.

Then a little later, Rob and Kiambu meet with Lenni. She has finished the program brochure for the "Community Jam Against Violence. They tell her it looks great. Then Walter stops by, he tells them he has noticed how hard they've been working. Alex tells him that they keep noticing, how much he has been noticing. Then Walter nervously asks them if they can use another Volunteer. Lenni happily says yes, and Kiambu takes him to help him tie up some of the loose ends. Then Lenni and Rob figure that all this time, Walter wasn't trying to sabotage them. He was just trying to find a way back into their committee, in an attempt to make amends.

Then in the Computer Lab, Rob is using a computer. He writes the words "Hate, Fear" over and over again, ending with a couple exclamation marks. Then he tells Ghostwriter what he wants to do. He wants to write about being caught by the Thunder Heads, but he is stuck. Ghostwriter asks him why he's stuck, and Rob tells him that he is too scared to. Ghostwriter tells him it was very scary. Then he asks Ghostwriter when he can do. Ghostwriter asks him to tell him, one thing that he saw. So Rob reminisces, in a flashback it shows the Thunder Heads and Miguel assaulting him. Then Rob writes "Hands!" Ghostwriter asks what about them. "Hands shoving me, grabbing at me, twisting my arms. Then he continues with "Hands becoming fists wanting to hurt me". Then Rob comes up with "I want to shake hands, not fight them".

Then Rob comes up with his perfect paper, and prints it out and reviews it. Ghostwriter asks him how he feels now. Rob types to him, that he feels a whole lot better now.

Then when Rob leaves the computer room, he meets with Victor in the hallway. Victor is pleased to tell him that he finally finished his rap for Quincy. Rob congratulates him, and suggests singing it at the Star Jam. Victor isn't so sure because he feels it's personal. Rob then encourages him to change it a bit and that raps are meant to be performed. Then he convinces him, when he tells him that it can be a difference, for people to hear what he knows about violence.

Then the night of the Star Jam, Principal Kelly welcomes everyone to their "Community Jam Against Violence". Then Lenni opens it up, by performing a song. She sings a song she wrote called "Toe to Toe, and Side by Side". The song is really encouraging and supportive. We can see children in the audience feeling great about it and cheering her on. In the audience, is Alex, and Jamal sitting with Jasmine. Then next, Gaby and Tina perform their rap called "Come Together". Then Victor proudly takes the stage and announces that he is going to sing a rap he wrote for his brother Quincy. He says for you Quince!, who is in the audience cheering him on. Victor does an impressive job and everyone cheers for him. As he is sing his raps, clips of what's been happening with the track team are shown. We can see that he wins an upcoming race. Then he closes by saying he is out.

Then next Grandma CeCe Jenkins takes the stage. She tells the audience not to worry, because she isn't going to sing or dance. She tells everyone, that she feels really good about their "Community Jam Against Violence". She says it is about building bridges. With neighbor to neighbor, race to race, block to block, from you, to me, to everybody. Also that it is about caring. Since we all come from different places, and different backgrounds. So this jam proves that they can all come together. In this school, in their community, and in this world. She then explains that is how she feels, and she behind them all the way 1000%.

Then the entire audience proudly claps and cheers for her. Then Lenni returns to the stage and thanks her for her time. Then Lenni performs her song again, and everyone claps and cheers for her. Then suddenly Principal Kelly takes the stage and begins singing the song with her. Everyone in the audience (including Janice Hall) is thrilled to see this. Then to close it all off, Gaby, Tina, Victor and Jamal all come up on stage to dance along with them.

  • Keith Hernandez, who portrayed Mr. Richards, was actually a retired major league baseball player.
  • Joe Herrera was mistakenly credited as Joseph Herrera.

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