Bertrin Braithwaite appeared in the arc "To the Light" he was portrayed by Conrad Roberts.

Mr. Braithwaite is a former resident of Trinidad & Tobago, and the love interest of Grandma Jenkins. When he moved to the USA is unknown. During the events of the arc "To the Light". he and his dog Winston had just recently moved into a house across the street from The Jenkins' House.

Grandma CeCe Jenkins knew he had moved in, because she was the neighborhood's letter carrier. Also She was looking forward to meeting him. That was until one day, just as she has stopped by, he mistakenly sprayed her with his garden hose while watering his grass. He ruined her twenty dollar hairdo, also she revealed to him that Winston constantly harassed when she tried to deliver his mail.

Then he realized that he need to apologized for what he did and for what his dog had been doing. He then came over to the Jenkins' House and rang the doorbell and then let himself and Winston inside. He explained to Grandma CeCe that he had just moved in and he didn't have a telephone installed yet. Therefore when he was watering his grass he had just received a telegram.

This telegram informed him that just the night before, his daughter in Trinidad had just given birth to twins. So when he read this, he was so excited that he simply wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. Which was he mistakenly sprayed her with his garden hose. He assured her that he meant no harm and offered to pay for the haircut he ruined.

However, Grandma CeCe was so happy and excited for him that she instantly forgave him and let it all go. Then he and her started all over again and after she introduced herself to him. Then he happily introduced himself to her and kissed her hand. He and Grandma CeCe developed an instant spark of romance for each other. Then she gave him permission to make a long distance phone call to check on his daughter and new born grand children. Then she and invited him and Winston over for lunch. Afterwards he invited her to go dancing with him until dawn.

Grandma CeCe's adult son Reggie wasn't too fond of him at first. This possibly may have been because Reggie resented the fact that he would replace his deceased father or because he would be taking up lot's of his mother's time. But soon he and Jamal apologized for being rude and unfriendly to him.

Then in the first part of the arc "Who's Who?" Grandma CeCe and her granddaughter Danitra mentioned he still was her boyfriend but he wasn't seen or mentioned again after that.