Attack of the Slime Monster
Season 3, Episode 71, 72, 73, 74
Gooey Gus
Air date Pt. 1, January 22, 1995
Pt. 2, January 29, 1995
Pt. 3, February 5, 1995
Pt. 4, February 12, 1995
Written by Carin Greenberg Baker
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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Four Days of the Cockatoo
While three of the team members prepare for graduation, Jamal's cousin Casey is writing a story for a contest involving a purple slime monster doll that she recently received. The Ghostwriter Team, along with GW, all want to lend a hand in helping Casey write her story before the deadline arrives. The story is funny, just like Casey, full of "gotcha" jokes and other types of pranks. Later on, it seems the slime monster doll, aptly named "Gooey Gus," has a mind of its, er...his own. The team's fears become realized when Gaby and Casey hunt down the doll following a slime attack on Gaby and pour water on the toy. He grows to human-size. Gaby and Casey having realized too late that the water was hot due to laying out in the sun too long, and now the team must really race against time to stop the attack of the Slime Monster!

Will the team finally put an end to Gooey Gus, before more innocent people become entangled in his slimy grip?


Ghostwriter Team



Inside {{Lenni's Loft|Lenni's loft]], we see Lenni. She appears to be talking to Tina on the phone. She tells Tina that she can borrow her boombox for her party. Tina is throwing a party for Lenni, Jamal and Alex. They are graduating from Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. Then Lenni suggests Tina to just come on over, and they can look through her stuff together.

Casey is already visiting and she is working on something. She tells Lenni to tell Tina, that she will be bringing brownies to her party. So Lenni tells her. She explains to Tina, that Casey is visiting, while Jamal is attending a prom committee meeting.

Then we see the camera facing the back of Lenni, as it sounds like someone or something is coming for her.. She sounds a bit amazed as tells Tina that everything sounds so final: the prom, and the graduation party. She tells Tina that she cannot believe, that she, Jamal and Alex are finally graduating from middle school.

Then having a hunch, she turns around. Now she sees something frightening and she screams in great fear!

The arc begins, with Lenni screaming to what was presented to her. In front of her, is a big grotesque like male doll. It wears a red shirt and a leather jacket. He has purple skin, and crooked facial features. It looks as if his face has been chewed or mushed from bubblegum. Also, it has oozing gooey purple slime coming from its mouth!

Then we hear Casey telling her: "Gotcha!". Now Lenni calms down and asks her what she has got. Casey happily says that it is Gooey Gus the Slime Monster. Then she excitingly asks Lenni if she thinks he is gross. Lenni is still shocked from the prank. She tells Casey he doesn't look as gross as the stuff she is eating. She is disgusted by it. So she asks Casey what it is. Casey says it is grape bubblegum. Lenni says that it looks like slime. Casey replies saying that is the whole idea. Next Casey asks Lenni if she has ever heard about the Slime Monster. Lenni says that she has seen some Slime Monster commercials on television. But she hasn't paid much attention to them.

Now Lenni has come around to the toy, saying it does look kind of cool. So she asks Casey who the Slime Monster is. Casey reveals the origin: One day at the "Reliable Bubblegum Factory" the worker who was in charge of mixing up the bubblegum, fell asleep at the controls. Then the bubblegum got too hot. And too much sugar got added into the mixture. Then there was a big explosion and BOOM!:Gooey Gus the Slime Monster was born! He was a guy all covered in bubblegum. All twisted, slimy and gooey looking. One mean chunk of chewing gum. Casey presses buttons the top of the head to reveal what the Slime Monster says: He often says: "I'm burning mad!", "I'm steaming mad!" and "You laughing at me? You laughing at me?". Casey informs Lenni that the Slime Monster doesn't like it when people make fun of him. And when he gets mad, get ready!( He will squirt slime). Casey silently offers Lenni some. Lenni smiles and she now loves the liquid bubblegum too.

Then suddenly, Ghostwriter brings something to their attention. Inside of its shirt we see it is powered by four double A batteries. And it comes with a warning: DO NOT OVERHEAT. Now Lenni is intrigued. She curiously asks Casey what could happen if the Slime Monster would ever get too hot. Casey suggests that perhaps he would explode. Then there would be slime everywhere! Lenni is a bit disgusted by this, and she says the doll sure is creepy. And that he gives her goosebumps, goosebumps. Casey likes the sound of that, and says she will use it in her story she is writing.

Lenni is curious, so she asks Casey what story she is writing. Casey explains that she taking part in the Slime Monster story contest. The winner of the contest, will have their story packaged inside every box that the Slime Monster dolls are sold in. To determine the winner, one must summit a story that is the scariest and creepiest one about the Slime Monster. But the rules state: no blood and guns. Meaning it cannot be violent. Lenni thinks it sounds like fun. Casey does too. But she is worried, because she isn't finished yet. And the deadline is this upcoming Monday. So she just has the weekend to finish it.

Lenni reads what Casey has written so far. It is titled: "Attack of the Slime Monster" by Casey Austin. Once there was a girl named Casey who wanted a Gooey Gus, the Slime Monster doll. She thought it would be fun to play with. But she was wrong. DEAD wrong. We now see the inside of the Jenkins' House. We see Casey begging Grandma CeCe for a Slime Monster doll for her birthday. She begs her so much, she evens wants one more than a birthday cake. Grandma CeCe keeps apologetically informing her that she looked for one everywhere. But she just couldn't find one. Since all of the toy stores were sold out.

Now Casey sits down on the sofa and pouts. Jamal comes is asking her what is wrong. She says nothing. Not only Jamal is in a good mood, but he is holding a big box! He asks her if nothing can look like this. Casey is instantly cheered up, because he found one. Just before she opens it, he warns her to be careful. Since it was a long walk from the toy store, and it is hot outside. Also to remember what they say about the Slime Monster. Casey knows he means: Warning: DO NOT OVERHEAT. Casey tells their Grandma, that Jamal is just trying to scare her.

Then just as Casey opens the box, she screams. The top of the box is full of fake snakes. Jamal laughs and says: "gotcha!". Jamal tells her he had been waiting to get even with her since her last visit. Because she scared him by putting fake snakes in his dresser drawer. So he was waiting to get her. Casey is mad she says she can get him again. She picks up the doll and chases him. She taps the doll on the head, to squirt the slime. But Jamal ducks down, and she accidentally squirts their grandma. Casey feels awful and apologizes. Grandma CeCe is not amused. So she confiscates Casey's doll. Then Jamal smiles at her in satisfaction saying: "Gotcha again". Casey snaps at him asking him: "You laughing at me?". Casey was mad at Jamal for getting her in trouble. However, trying get Jamal back might get her into even bigger trouble.

Lenni becomes intrigued, asking her what she will do now. Casey tells her to keep on reading. The story continues with Jamal telling Casey that she will need to wake up pretty early to get him. Casey is upset for losing her doll. So she tells him he is right. Since he is so much older and smarter than her. She tells him that she just wants her Slime Monster back. He tells her not to worry, he is sure she will. She says not if their Grandma has anything to say about it. Jamal promises he will help her. She just has to prove to their Grandma that she can control the doll. She asks him if he promises, and on his way out he says he does. After Jamal leaves, Casey says that Gooey Gus isn't the only monster she is going to need to keep under control. So Casey secretly decided to plot her next move.

Lenni thinks it is really cool so far. Next she asks Casey if she ever gets Jamal again. Casey tells her she will find out on the next page. The next page begins with: Strange things were beginning to happen at the Jenkins house.

We see Casey has gotten her Slime Monster doll back. It is sitting on the sofa, and it's speaking. It is saying: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!". Now we hear Casey, she is terrified and screams to Jamal for help. He hurries over and asks her what the problem is. She tells him that her doll is talking on its own. Then asks him if it could possibly be alive. Jamal laughs it off. He tells her that he doesn't fool that easily. Since all Slime Monsters can talk. She tells him that they cannot; without batteries.

She shows him the batteries are still in its box. He tells her it isn't going to work. Next he guesses that she put in another set of batteries. She nervously tells him no. So he checks the doll. Sure enough, there are no batteries inside of it. Then suddenly, the dolls head moves and it speaks! It says: "Slime anyone?". Jamal is startled and screams dropping the doll.

Now Casey laughs at him saying: "Gotcha!". She then reveals to have a collection of the dolls voice phrases on a tape player. Jamal says that she sure did get him. Then he asks her if they're even now. They both shake hands and call a truce. "We're even now" said Casey. As she shook Jamal's hand.

Lenni finishes as Casey tells her, that is all she has got so far. Shes ask Lenni what she thinks of it. Lenni says she really likes it. It is full of jokes and tricks, just like her. Casey tells her that is the problem: It is funny, bot not scary. She wants it to be the scariest story, that people have ever read. Then she asks Lenni if she can help her, because kids are allowed to work together. Lenni is all for the idea, she loves contests. She persuades Casey to type it up on her computer to speed things up. Casey agrees, since faster is better. Lenni tells her they need to make it scary and creepy. And Casey reminds her of the contest rules.

So Lenni sits at her computer, as Casey observes. Lenni continues with: "Later that day Casey came downstairs". Then Lenni realizes it doesn't sound scary enough. Then Ghostwriter flies into the computer. He asks them: "What are you doing?". Lenni replies telling him: "We're trying to make Casey's story scarier". Then Ghostwriter replies suggesting: "Why don't you set the story at night?". Casey agrees, since Nighttime sounds much scarier. Lenni agrees, but she still thinks it should be scary. So they go back to the drawing board. Lenni says the story needs more atmosphere. Casey asks her what she means. Lenni says to choose some words to describe the setting. So it feels scary. Casey gets it now, she suggests saying that it was a dark and stormy night. Casey also suggests adding that lightning flashed and wolves were howling. Lenni agrees with the first suggestion, but not the second one. She doesn't think it will sound very realistic. Since there aren't any wolves in Brooklyn.

So Lenni sits down and begins typing again. She has added "Later that night Casey came downstairs". Now she continues with: "The lightning flashed and the wind whistled". But then she doesn't think it will sound scary enough. So Casey suggests changing it to:"The wind moaned" Lenni likes it and changes it to that. Ghostwriter likes it too. He says that the wind moaned like a lonely ghost! Casey likes what he said.

Inside Casey's story, we now see Casey coming down the stairs. She is very nervous as she can see lightning flashing from outside, and can hear the wind moaning. She keeps telling herself, that there is nothing to be afraid of. Her toy is just a harmless little doll. Suddenly, she can see her doll on a nearby wall shelf. Then it just vanishes! She keeps telling herself that it's just a doll, and it cannot just get up and walk away. Then just as she comes downstairs, she can hear the doorknob turning on the front door. She nervously asks whom it is. Then she hears: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!". She thinks the person outside is Jamal, and tells him that he doesn't scare her. So he shouldn't bother trying anything. It doesn't stop, so thinking it's still Jamal, she apologizes for all the jokes she has ever pulled on him. Also that it is over now. Since they called a truce, and she reminds him. Then suddenly, a purple hand appears on her right shoulder!

Now we see Lenni is in the process of finishing a sentence. She ends it by saying: "Suddenly, a slimy purple hand clamped down on her shoulder. She screamed". Then suddenly someone touches Lenni's shoulder and suddenly she screams! It is just Alex. He and Gaby have come upstairs to visit. He apologizes saying he didn't mean to scare her. Lenni says it is just from the scary story they're writing. Gaby says she knows about the contest. Since some kids from her class are also entering it. Hearing this, Casey gets worried saying they will be competition. Lenni tells her not to worry about them. Just to try and stay focused on their story. Gaby decides to read what Casey and Lenni have written so far.

A little time later, we see that Gaby and Alex have read it together. He finishes on the last sentence that Lenni was writing. Gaby says she thinks it sounds good, but she thinks it could be scarier. And she loves being scared, Alex makes a put down. He says it is why she spends so much time looking at herself in the mirror. Lenni and Casey laugh, but Gaby isn't amused.

Then Casey asks Gaby if she would like to help with their story too. Gaby says she can try, so she sits down at the computer. Then they all fill her in on where the story left off. Gaby says they should really play up on the doorknob turning, and the door opening. She says it is how scary stories build up suspense. Casey is confused and asks her what she means. Gaby explains what suspense is. When you become eager to know what will happen next. Although you are already scared. Like for example, in shark attack movies. When you get scared seeing the boat creaking. But you are eager to know just when the shark is going to strike. Casey now knows What Gaby means: To let the reader know something scary is going to happen. But they won't know when it will happen.

Gaby starts by finishing where Lenni left off from: "Suddenly, a slimy purple hand clamped down on her shoulder. She screamed". Gaby starts with: "Aaaaaahhhh!!!! Inside the story, we now see it was Jamal using Casey's Slime Monster doll to scare her. He laughs: "ha ha ha Gotcha!" Casey turns on the lights. She is not amused. She tells him it wasn't funny. Ans for a moment, she thought her Slime Monster doll was real. She talks to her doll in comfort, believing that even if he was real, he wouldn't hurt her. Jamal asks her if she knows he isn't real, then why is she talking to him. She says because he is her favorite toy. Then suddenly, Jamal looks all around the living room. He is getting nervous. He can see that all portraits on the walls, have been replaced with portraits of the Slime Monster.

Now the doorknob starts turning again. Suddenly, the front door opens! Jamal and Casey are terrified. They huddle together screaming their heads off. Then suddenly, Alex pops in. He laughs saying: "Gotcha twice!" Now Jamal laughs, as he and Alex shake hands. He thanks Alex for helping him scare Casey. Casey is mad, she tells that she thought they called a truce. He tells her they finally do now. Then she asks Jamal to stop it, because he really scared her this time. He says it is the end of it and swears to stop now. Then they hug and reconcile.

Now we hear Gaby is getting writer's block. She cannot decide what is going to happen the next day. Gaby asks them what she should do next. Alex and Casey remind her that the story still needs more suspense and atmosphere. Casey suggests to put Jamal and Alex in a cave of cobwebs and spiders. Lenni suggests a haunted house. Then Alex suggests a hangout where the Slime Monster keeps his victims. It could be cold, wet and smelly. Finally, Gaby suggests sending Jamal and Alex down a dark and deserted alley. Since a lot of scary stories involve shortcuts, they go with Gaby's suggestion.

Gaby continues writing with: "The next day, on their way home from school, Alex and his friend Jamal took a shortcut through a dark and deserted alley. Inside the story, we see Alex and Jamal taking the shortcut through the alley. They reflect on their joke on Casey the other night. Jamal thinks it was great, but Alex feels bad for Casey. Jamal says that she deserved it, after what she did to him. Alex asks him if he thinks she will get back at them. Jamal says he doesn't think so. He thinks she is too scared to mess with them now. As they leave the dark alley something seems to be following them. Alex can hear footsteps, but Jamal cannot. Alex says the jokes are starting to get to him. Jamal tries to reassure Alex that if Casey is still trying to get them, then what is the worst she can possibly do. Other than her usual harmless pranks.

Then the presence of something following them, gets closer. Alex brings it to Jamal's attention. They look around, and suddenly Casey's Slime Monster doll has appeared. They call out to Casey and Gaby. They suspect that they're in a joke together to scare them. They call out to them, but nobody answers. So Jamal determines the girls just got away fast. So it was a good joke. Alex asks him what if wasn't a joke. Jamal just asks him what else it could be, if not a joke.

We now hear Gaby narrating. She says that, as always Alex didn't have a clue. So he went right to the bodega to confront Gaby. He knew she would have the answer. Inside the bodega things seemed a bit creepy. There is a big crock pot. It is full of Arroz Con Pollo. It is a spicy chicken and rice dish. It is on sale for $2.50 a bowl. Also there are purple grapes and JELLO on sale. In the back we hear Eduardo speaking to Estella on the phone. She is still away in El Salvador.

Alex comes in, and he asks his dad where Gaby is. Eduardo tells him to say hi to his mom, he quickly does and leaves. Then he confronts Gaby in her bedroom. He tells her and Casey that the must think they're very funny. Gaby is confused asking him what he means. He says the trick they just pulled. Gaby says they didn't pull a trick, they've been in her room the whole time. He tells Gaby that he knows they're following him and Jamal with the Slime Monster doll. Gaby swears they didn't do anything. Casey excitingly asks him where he found her Slime Monster. Since it seems like he just disappeared the other night. He tells Casey that he knows what they're trying to do. Trying to make it look like the Slime Monster is really following them. Casey defensively tells him no, and that she really did lose her doll. Then she asks him where he found it. He tells her in an alley on Lafayette Street. She asks him if he brought it back and he says no. Since she left it there in the first place. Casey swears she lost it, but he doesn't believe her.

Then suddenly, Gaby can smell something very peculiar. Then Gaby says that she can smell something burning. Now all three of them can smell it. Alex says that it smells like there is a fire in the bodega!

The smell is coming from the crock pot full of Arroz Con Pollo. It is emitting a lot of steam. Also it's making noise, shaking, and overflowing. Gaby opens the crock pot to check. Then suddenly Casey's Slime Monster doll emerges from the bottom! Casey cries out in disappointment to see her beloved doll getting ruined. Then Eduardo asks what all the commotion is about. Gaby is angry. She points out to their Papa that Alex ruined Casey's doll by putting it into the crock pot. Casey is really upset. She snaps repeatedly at Alex over how badly she wanted a Slime Monster doll for her birthday. But now he ruined hers. Eduardo is furious with his son and lectures him for ruining other people's property. Alex keeps saying that he didn't do it. While the four of all snap and yell at one another, we see the Slime Monster doll seems to be opening his eyes! He is coming to life!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts:

First- Lenni, Jamal and Alex are all getting ready to graduate from middle school. The prom is coming up, and Lenni is helping Tina plan a party. Then suddenly, something frightening scared her: Casey's creepy doll. He is named Gooey Gus and he is the slime monster. It is very gross looking, but it does some cool things: it can squirt grape flavored bubblegum from its mouth, and it can talk. But when it gets really mad; look out! Also the doll comes with a warning: Do not overheat!

Meanwhile- There is a cool slime monster contest going on. You need to write the scariest and creepiest story you can. But it cannot include blood or guns. Casey's story is called "Attack of the Slime Monster". It is funny like her, but she is worried that it isn't going to be scary enough.

So- Casey gets Lenni to help her create more atmosphere, and describing the setting so it feel more scary. Also Ghostwriter gave the spooky suggestion of setting the story at nighttime. So they rewind to rewrite some parts, to have them take place at nighttime to seem more scary. Also Alex and Gaby joined in to help make the story scarier too. They contribute by building suspense. So that readers are eager to know what will happen next. Even if you are too scared to find out.

The story is getting scary than they expected. The Ghostwriter team is beginning to wonder if Gooey Gus is doing things on his own. Or if somebody is playing tricks on them.

Then- Gaby, Alex and Casey can smell something burning. It was the Gooey Gus doll in a crock pot. What happens when you overheat a slime monster!?

The arc resumes, with Gaby finishing a page. We see her finishing it with: "His eyes opened. The Slime Monster had come alive. When Gaby finishes, Casey is very excited. She just loves how the story is coming along. Alex is annoyed, thanking his sister for making him the bad guy. She snickers and sarcastically welcomes him.

Gaby says she loves the idea of the Slime Monster doll coming alive. But the way it sounded when his eyes opened, just doesn't sound scary enough. Casey says they need more atmosphere. Lenni agrees, so the readers can see it, feel it and taste it. Casey has brought her Slime Monster doll with her. So they examine it. They can see that it has bulging bloodshot eyes. So Gaby changes her ending to say: "His bulging bloodshot eyes opened. The Slime Monster had come alive".

When Gaby finishes, Lenni and Casey both think that it sounds scarier now. Alex complains that everyone in the story is picking on him. He defends himself by saying it isn't his fault that the Slime Monster doll got burned. He says that the maniac doll jumped into the crock pot himself. So it isn't fair that he gets the blame. Casey gets confused asking him if he was, or wasn't the one put the doll in there. Alex tells Lenni and Casey that isn't the way he sees it. The way he sees it, is that the Slime Monster doll put ITSELF in the crock pot! Hearing this Lenni is shocked asking him if he means it was already alive, before it got heated up. Gaby says that only the Slime Monster knows for sure. But the important thing is that: he's alive now! And the hotter he gets, the stronger he gets!

Lenni is so excited, so she asks Gaby what will happen next. Gaby is currently out of ideas, and says she doesn't know. So Lenni asks Alex to pick it up from here. Alex asks her what she means. Lenni suggests that the whole team should take turns writing a part. This way, it can be a like a game: one person writes the characters into a danger situation. Then the next writer writes them out of it. Alex complains that it makes it harder to do, but Lenni says it also makes it better. Casey asks Lenni how, Lenni explains that if nothing bad or dangerous happened in a story, then it would be very boring. So a good story needs to have obstacles: problems for the character to solve. Then Gaby realizes what Lenni means. She says that if they each set up a problem for the next writer to solve, then it will make the story even more exciting.

Hearing this, Alex becomes intrigued and decides to help. He says he also needs to clear his name, believing he should be the hero of the story. So he sits down at Lenni's computer and begins writing the next part. He begins with: "Meanwhile, everyone continued to blame Alex, but he was, is, and will always be - cool".

Inside Casey's story we see, Casey, Gaby and Eduardo still mad at Alex. Casey snaps saying that he had no right to overheat her doll. Gaby also snaps at him asking him if he even read the warning on the dolls' stomach. Then Eduardo snaps at his son. He tells Alex that he also ruined the Arroz con Pollo. So now they can't serve it to customers. Alex just smiles, looking calm, cool and collective. To everything that they tell him, he answers by saying: cool. Then he goes over to the cash register to help a geek like customer. He faces the viewers, telling them he would never be this cool in real life.

After the customer leaves, Eduardo tells his son that he wants him to clean up the mess, while he makes more chicken and rice. Also to buy Casey a new Slime Monster doll. Alex begins to clean, but when he opens the crock pot he is stunned. Gaby is annoyed by him acting cool, still she asks him what is wrong. He points out that the doll is gone! Casey is shocked to see it gone. And Alex says that she cannot blame him for it, because he was with them the whole time, and they saw everything he did. Gaby is confused asking how it could have gotten out of the crock pot.

Then Gaby and Casey nervously face each other. Casey says that the Slime Monster doll must be alive. And Gaby says that this must be what happens when it overheats! Now Casey is worried sick. She says they have to find him right away. Alex and Gaby asks her why, and she says: "Slime time!". She reminds them that the doll is now alive and overheated. So he could be going around sliming people to death! So they've got to find him before it's too late! Now Alex looks around, and he finds a trail of slimy purple footprints exiting the Bodega! They can see where they lead to so they follow them. On their way out, Gaby is disgusted to see that she has stepped into some of the slime.

They follow a path of steam coming from a manhole. This leads them to puddles of slime on the road. Alex says he can now see a pattern: first the crock pot and now the steam. So the Slime Monster must looking for hot places. Casey figures out that heat makes him stronger. Alex agrees saying that he must be trying to become strong enough to take over their planet! But Alex tells them not to worry. Since the brave Alejandro is here. He laughs in the face of danger. Gaby laughs this off, not taking him seriously. Then we see Alex reminding the viewers that he can tell his part of the story, however he wants.

Now Casey points out some more slime leading to the park. They follow it, leading to the basketball court. Casey and Gaby say that the Slime Monster must be nearby. But the question is: where? Now we can see something is stalking them. Then suddenly, Alex finds a basketball. Not being able to resist, he starts shooting baskets. Gaby and Casey are annoyed, so they continue their search without him. Then on a sidewalk close by they find more slime. Meanwhile we see the presence is still stalking them. As Gaby and Casey head back to the park, they find more slime on the ground. Then Suddenly, Casey tells Gaby to look out. Gaby screams in fear, as her feet start getting squirted by thick purple slime. Casey starts to scream too, and Gaby screams repeatedly to Alex for his help. However, since Alex is dribbling and shooting baskets; he cannot hear them.

Finally Alex finishes, and he can hear her. So he valiantly runs off to save her. Alex finds Casey standing in front of the puddle of slime. Casey is looking forward staring in shock. Alex asks Casey where Gaby is, and she points. We see Gaby being taken away in a wagon. Her hands and feet and tied together. The slime has now solidified into bubblegum. She repeatedly screams for Alex to help her. Alex is shocked to see her being captured and taken away. He calls out to her repeatedly, as she being pulled away. When she is being pulled away, we can hear the Slime Monster speaking. He says: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!". However, all we can see are his feet pulling the wagon away.

Alex finishes a page by saying: "As Gooey Gus dragged Gaby away, she screamed in helpless terror". Suddenly we see Gaby covering Alex's mouth. Gaby tells her brother that she isn't helpless, and she wouldn't let the Slime Monster drag her away. She would stand up for herself. As Lenni and Casey laugh along with her, Alex doesn't listen. He tells her she had her chance. But now he is telling the story.

Alex begins his next page with: "The brave Alejandro ran swiftly like a panther, pursuing his helpless baby sister and her slimy kidnapper. Sure Gaby was a pain, sure she was always listening in on his phone calls, and borrowing his shirts without asking. Then he tells the viewers that perhaps he wouldn't save her after all. Hearing this, Gaby becomes annoyed and snaps at him. Then he tells the viewers that he was just kidding. We now see that Alex has run through some bushes. Now he has arrived at the lake at Prospect Park. He can see that Gaby is being taken away on a green pedal boat. She continues screaming to Alex for help. We now see that the bubblegum covering her, has gone up to her elbows! Alex tells us that Gaby was covered with purple bubblegum. It was creeping higher, inch by inch. Soon it would reach her mouth silencing her forever! Then suddenly the Slime Monster doll, pedaling the boat turns his head around to face Gaby. He asks her: "Slime, anyone?". Hearing this, Gaby screams.

Then before Alex finishes, he is asked to wait. Then there is a knock on Lenni's door. She asks who it is, and it is Tina and Jamal. Lenni asks them how the prom committee went. Jamal says it was a major disaster. Lenni asks him what he means. He tells her they band they hired to play some songs for them just suddenly quit. Hearing this, Lenni asks who they can now get on such short notice. Since the prom is tomorrow night. Then Tina and Jamal sweet talk her and hint to her that they want her to play some songs for them. Lenni says she isn't too sure. Jamal reminds her that she would get paid to do it. But she says she still isn't sure. Since you need more than just a singer and a synthesizer to get people dancing.

Then Tina suggests asking her brother Tuan. He plays guitar in a band called "The Leaping Dogs". So Tuan can do it with Lenni. Then they will have a singer, synthesizer, a guitar and a drum machine. It is everything they need to rock the house! Jamal thinks it's a great idea. Also Lenni says she has been working on a new song. It is about graduating and missing friends. However Lenni isn't too sure. Since the Leaping Dogs have a completely different style of music than hers. Jamal says that musicians collaborate all the time and it is called "fusion". She thinks it will be more like an explosion, if she and Tuan play together. Then she reminds Tina that she always says how bossy he is. Tina reminds her that she can be bossy too sometimes. Tina thinks it's a perfect match. So she phones Tuan to set it all up. When he answers her, at first he thinks she is crazy. But she convinces him to do it, after she tells him he will be paid for it.

Then over at Lenni's computer, Casey excitingly tells Jamal to check out the story they're writing. She explains that everybody is taking a turn writing a part. So now it is getting really scary! Jamal informs Casey that he has strict orders to bring her home. He tells her it's because she has a dentist appointment, which Casey isn't too excited to hear about. Tina tells Lenni that Tuan can come over in about a half hour. In the meantime, She and Lenni can figure out the music for her party on Sunday. Hearing this, Lenni tells her friends that it is it for now. Alex is disappointed, because it was just getting good. Casey cries complaining that they'll never reach the deadline, if they stop now. So Jamal suggests saving the story, and bringing it over to his house. Then they can finish it on his computer. The team likes this idea. Then Alex asks Jamal if he can call Hector and bring him too, and Jamal says sure.

Soon the four of them all meet in Jamal's Bedroom. Hector thinks it sounds like a great story so far. Then Jamal asks Alex how he will save Gaby. So Alex comes up with an idea: a bridge. He types: "Alex spotted a bridge that went to the other side of the lake. Gaby and Jamal think that sounds too easy. Then they remind him about obstacles, and how the story will sound more exciting, if the character has to solve a problem. So there won't be a problem, if Alex can just walk across a bridge to the other side of the lake. They need to make it hard for him.

So Alex comes up with another idea. He types: "The brave Alejandro came up with a plan. he would swim to her rescue! Then Hector has him rewind. He reminds Alex that the lake at Prospect Park is polluted and not safe to swim in. Alex reminds Hector that it is a story. So he can come make up anything he wants. Gaby backs him up. reminding Hector that she was kidnapped. So Alex would do anything to save her. Hector agrees to this, then he mentions that there is no way that Alex could up to a boat by swimming to it. So Alex asks Hector what he thinks Alex should do to save Gaby. He gets up and lets Hector sit down.

Hector sits down at Jamal's computer. He isn't very good at typing but he makes an attempt. He types: A Jungle vine. Now Alex swings across on it like Tarzan. He even yells out: Ah-I-Ah-I-Ah-I-Ahhhh! As amusing as this sounds, Alex points out that it doesn't sound to realistic. Because how can he swing across the lake and where would there be a jungle vine in prospect park? Meanwhile the bubblegum is covering Gaby more and more. So how will he save her in time? Now Ghostwriter has an idea. He tells them: "What if Alex made a raft and used it to cross the lake?". Alex likes the idea, but Gaby reminds him it could take days to finish the raft. So when he had it ready, she could already be a dried out bubblegum fossil.

Then Hector has another idea. He suggests for Alex to use a big water pump to empty the lake. Then he can just run across. They remind him that they need someplace to put all the water and they cannot harm the fish. Besides how would the water pump just suddenly and conveniently appear? Then as the three of them argue over what to do next, Ghostwriter enters the computer again. He has another idea. He tells them: "Put me in the story. I'll help Alex save Gaby". The four of them all think it's a radical idea.

Then over at Lenni's loft Lenni and Tina have finally figured out the music to play at the party. Then there is a knock at the door. Lenni realizes that it must be Tuan, and she is nervous. She tells Tina that she is worried that they might not be able to get an act together over night. Also that since he is high school, they might not get along. Tina promises her that they will. She says Tuan isn't so bad, once you get to know him. Finally she answers the door and Tuan comes in. Tuan has cleaned himself up a bit, he has cut his long hair short. He is a bit annoyed, for waiting outside so long. So now he sits down and asks Lenni to start singing for him. She asks what he means. He says that he thought she was auditioning for him. And he isn't going to work with her, without hearing her first. She snaps saying she thought he was auditioning for her. He says that he shouldn't have to. Since he is a professional in a professional band. She snaps back saying that she is just as professional as he is. And she has even had a music video on MTV. He tells her that it was only one time. And it can take years to become established in the music business. Lenni tells Tina that she doesn't think this will work out. Tuan agrees and is about to leave.

Then Tina persuades them to just give it a chance. Just forget about auditioning and just play a song together. Tuan asks her if she knows anything by Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses or Aerosmith. She impatiently says no to each one, and that she writes her own songs. Instead of copying other bands. Now she goes to her keyboard and hands him a sheet of musical notes. Then she tells him that she will see if he can play along.

Then back in Jamal's bedroom, the four of them are all brainstorming ideas as how Ghostwriter can help. Gaby says that Ghostwriter couldn't unstick the glue. Hector suggests for Ghostwriter to write really nasty messages to the Slime Monster. Which could make him so mad, that he could just explode. Jamal says that the Slime Monster can't see Ghostwriter, only they can. Hector says they are writing a story. Therefore they can make him see him too. Then Alex reminds Hector that they all promised to never tell anyone about Ghostwriter. So they can't just give away the secret. Gaby says it wouldn't be giving away the secret. Readers will just think they made him up for the story. The boys all agree with this. So they come up with more ideas.

First Gaby suggests Ghostwriter making a bridge of letters for Alex to walk on across the lake. Alex says it doesn't sound very believable. They can be seen, but they aren't real. So they wouldn't hold him up. Then Jamal suggests doing what Ghostwriter always does for them in real life: fly around and read things for them. So Gaby suggests that in the story, Ghostwriter flies around and finds another boat for Alex. He will find it by reading the name on the boat.

So they decide to do that. So Alex sits down on and starts typing again. He restarts his new page. It now says: "Alex was beginning to lose hope, when Ghostwriter came to his rescue. Then Jamal points out that the way he wrote it, sounds like everyone just knows who he is. So now they need to describe Ghostwriter. So readers will know who they're talking about. So he changes his page again to describe Ghostwriter. It now says: "Alex was beginning to lose hope. When all of a sudden, a bright ball of light streaked through the air like a comet. Alex smiled, "Ghostwriter!". In the story we see Ghostwriter leading Alex to another pedal boat. It was hidden off to the side, covered in branches. The boat is called the S.S. MINOUGH. He boards the pedal boat and begins to chase after the Slime Monster, to rescue his sister. Meanwhile Gaby has still been screaming repeatedly for his help. Also the bubblegum has reached her neck. Now she is chewing it to keep it from covering her head!

Alex ends his page with saying that: "Alex's feet were a blur as he pedaled after Gaby". Hector says it starting to sound good. Gaby complains that Alex still hasn't rescued her yet. Now Alex smiles saying that perhaps he won't. What he means, is that it's now time to set up a challenge for the next writer.

Meanwhile, back at Lenni's loft, we see Lenni and Tuan jamming to her own song "Time For a Change". Lenni has been singing the words and playing on her keyboard, while Tuan has been playing backup guitar. When they finish, Tina applauds them on how well the sounded together. Tuan says hip hop isn't usually his thing, but her song sounds pretty good. She compliments Tuan on how good he plays for power rock. Tina remarks that they are already fusing. So they should play together at the prom.

Then she reminds Lenni that she said she wanted to perform a new song. Lenni says she was writing a new song on her computer, but her computer crashed before she could save and finish it. Tuan says that is the downside of using a computer. He asks her what software she uses. Lenni says she uses song maker pro 5.1. Tuan says he would be eager to see this. He says his friend still uses an older version of the software. But it is running an older and slower computer. Lenni explains that with version 5.1 she can try out different shuffles on her drum tracks. Hearing all of this, Tina is getting confused with all the technology they are discussing. They laugh and she is pleased telling them that she knew they would get along. Then she asks them if they will play together at the prom. And that Hurston is depending on them. Lenni says her dad always says that you have to be open to new styles. If you want to grow as an artist. Hearing this, Tuan smiles and nods in agreement.

Then back at Jamal's bedroom, we see Alex has made another page. This one says: "When Alex landed on the other side of the lake, Gaby was nowhere in sight. Then Ghostwriter blazed by, leaving a trail of tangy sparkling light. Alex followed Ghostwriter, hoping he would lead him to Gaby. Now we see Alex following Ghostwriter (along with Gaby's screaming). Ghostwriter and Alex see the wagon carrying Gaby. Now it is headed for a tunnel. Alex runs in calling her name. Now he finds Gaby and she is covered from head to toe in slime! Now in the air we see in purple the words: "Slime, anyone?" Also the Slime Monster says it to! Now we hear Alex repeatedly telling Gaby to chew off the slime and to keep on chewing!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts:

First- Lenni, Jamal and Alex are graduating from middle school. The prom is coming up, and Lenni and Tuan (Tina's older brother) are going to supply the music. Then suddenly the most scariest thing shows up: Gooey Gus the Slime Monster. He is really gross. He squirts grape gum and he talks. When he overheats - look out!

Meanwhile- There is a cool slime monster contest going on. One where kids write their own stories about Gooey Gus. Casey's story is called "Attack of the Slime Monster". It is funny like her, full of tricks and jokes. But she is worried that it might not be scary enough.

So- The Ghostwriter team has been helping her make the story scarier. First they added some atmosphere, Casey was suggested by Lenni to use some words to describe the setting. To make it feel and sound scarier.

Then- They added some suspense. So the readers will be eager to know what happens next, even if they are too scared to.

Also- Lenni suggested adding obstacles to it: problems that the character has to solve. The team takes turns writing different parts of the story. Sometimes after they write, the rewind and go back and rewrite some parts to make it sound better. So far in the story, Gooey Gus has come to life and he has escaped! Gaby, Casey and Alex search the neighborhood looking for the slime monster.

Then suddenly, Gaby gets slimed! Since it's now Alex's turn to write, he decides that he'll the hero who saves Gaby. Gaby tries to chew off the slime, but it keeps growing back.

Will Alex and Ghostwriter be able to rescue Gaby in time?

The arc resumes with Gaby looking really excited. She tells the boys to wait until Casey comes back from the dentist. She says that Casey will not believe how the story is coming along. Jamal and Hector are impressed by the suspense. They review that first Gaby got slimed, and now she is trapped in a giant wad of purple bubblegum. Then Gooey Gus left her in a creepy dark tunnel!

Now Alex just smiles and tells them that the worst is yet to come. Alex continues writing with: "Drip! Drip! Drip!". Ghostwriter has gotten into it too. So he makes these words look like they're really dripping. Inside the story, we see Alex telling his sister not to worry. He promises to get the slime off of her. Gaby clearly mumbles to him to not touch it, so he backs away. Now we see Alex has written: "Once the bubblegum touches you, it keeps growing until it covers your whole body. And once it hardens, it never comes off!".

When Alex finishes, Gaby, Hector and Jamal are all amazed. Now Hector asks him how he will get Gaby out of this one. Alex says he is not, because he has set up an obstacle for the next writer. It is now Jamal's turn. So Alex wishes him luck, to see how he can help write him out of this one.

Jamal loving a good challenge snickers and sits down. Gaby reminds him that rock solid bubblegum, that never comes off is going to be a tough one. Jamal says it may be tough, but not impossible. He says that he's sure there is a scientific solution to this problem. Jamal already has an idea. So he begins typing something. But the others are shocked by it. We see that Jamal has written: "What if we dipped you in paint thinner?". In the story, we see Alex suggesting this to Gaby, saying that it may dissolve the gum. Gaby is appalled saying no, because it is dangerous. Also that it might seriously harm or even kill her!

Now we see Jamal saving the document and closing the program. He explains that he doesn't know what the answer is. So now he has to look for it some place else. Hector asks him where will he look. He says that he isn't sure. All he knows is that they are stuck with bubblegum that won't come off. Gaby reminds him that this isn't the average piece of bubblegum. He tells Gaby that the principle is still the same. So where would you look to remove a regular piece of gum? Then suddenly he remembers that his Grandma has a book, that might have the answer. So he hurries off to get the book.

On his way out, Casey has returned from the dentist. She is pleased to see everyone. She asks them what she missed. Hector and Alex tell her that Gaby is up to her eyeballs in bubblegum slime. So now Jamal the mad scientist is off to find a book. One that will hopefully find the solution to the problem. Casey laughs thinking it sounds great. Now she notices her Slime Monster doll is up high on a shelf. Also it appears to be warmly dressed. She is very surprised to see it there. So she asks her friends how it got all the way up there. Gaby is surprised as well, and she asks who dressed it up in a winter hat and mittens. Alex deduces that someone must be trying to play a trick on them. And they must be trying to make it look like, the Slime Monster doll is trying to heat itself up. Just like in the story. Alex guesses that Jamal must be the one trying to trick them.

Jamal returns, with the book he needs. Now they all nod and stare at him, as if to say: "We know it was!". But he just stares back looking confused. Then he asks them what's going on. Then they realize it wasn't him. Now Casey seems nervous. She asks her friends if her Slime Monster doll could possibly be moving around on its own!

Now over at Lenni's loft, we see Tina dancing around to Lenni and Tuan's song "It's Gonna Be Alright". It is a combination rap and vocal song. Lenni plays her keyboard and sings, while Tuan plays his guitar and sings backups and choruses. They are doing a great job, and they're getting along really well now. They both finish their practice with a respective instrumental solo. Lenni asks Tuan if he thought she couldn't keep up with him. He tells her that he knew she could rap. But now he is very impressed with how well she can play the keyboard. Now she asks Tuan if she should change a note. Tina says she likes the new note better. But Lenni inadvertently ignores her. Tuan says he likes it. He also asks Lenni if he should play louder at times. Tina asks him what he means, but he also inadvertently ignores her. Feeling left out and ignored, and unable to understand their confusing music terminology Tina says she's going now. When Tina leaves, she can see they are developing feelings for each other. So nothing can come between those two now.

Back at Jamal's room, he has returned with the book he needs. It is a book on helpful hints for solutions around the household. His Grandma uses this book all of the time. It has solutions for problems such as stains that won't come out. He hopes that there will be something for bubblegum in it. So he checks the "B" section. Sure enough, there is solution for removing bubblegum. It says to remove bubblegum, you need to rub the bubblegum with ice. Then when it hardens, to scrape it off. So now Jamal has his solution to help save Gaby: freeze the gum and scrape it off of her.

So Jamal starts typing with: "Jamal the Peaceful warrior" and now we are back inside the story. Now inside The Jenkins' House we see Jamal. He is wearing a karate gi and he's training by doing an impressive karate kata. Then an alarmed Alex runs inside his house. He is frantic telling Jamal that he has to help him, because Gaby has been slimed. So he and Jamal hurry off to help save Gaby.

Then they carefully carry Gaby on a tarp into the living room. It is clear to see that about 95% of Gaby's body is covered with the gum now. Jamal asks him if she can breath and he says barely. Alex informs Jamal that they can't touch the gum to get it off her, because it will cover them too. So Alex asks him what they will do. Jamal smiles and tell him: ice. Alex is confused, by what he means. So Jamal explains that if they put some ice onto the gum, it will harden. Then they can scrape it off. Alex asks him how he knew, and Jamal just smiles and says to the viewers: "Natural brilliance". Then Alex says they have tons of ice at the bodega. So they hurry off to get some, as Gaby blows bubbles gasping for air.

Now Alex and Jamal quickly place a lot of bags of ice around Gaby. Alex hopes it isn't too late, asks Gaby if she can hear him. Gaby whines in discomfort. Jamal can sense that she can still breath. Then he tells Gaby that the ice may feel a little cold, but it shouldn't hurt. So they carefully place two bags of ice on Gaby's head. The gum has now thoroughly hardened. So Jamal tries to crack it off with a hammer and chisel. But it isn't working, since the gum is too hard. So Jamal clears his mind and focuses. Then he does a swift karate chop and the gum has cracked off. Now Gaby is free! She gratefully thanks Jamal and hugs him. Then she thanks her brother for asking Jamal. She says it was good thinking.

Now there appears to be a pair of suspicious feet at the top of the staircase! Also Jamal can see the broken shards of frozen slime on the floor. He says that the stuff is amazing, and he would like to keep some to examine under his microscope. Now the suspicious feet are slowly walking down the staircase. Meanwhile Alex asks Jamal if he's sure it is safe to keep it. Jamal says he will keep it frozen. Also that it might help them find out how to defeat the Slime Monster. Now the suspicious feet are sliding down the banister! Gaby says that they might be safe for now, but he is still out there somewhere. Suddenly a small purple hand grabs Alex's ankle and he screams! Gaby panics saying he's got Alex. Now Jamal asks how they're getting out of this one. Then he says: "Hector".

It echoes back to Jamal's room. Now Hector is confused asking why him. Alex tells him it's because it's his turn to write now. Hector says he isn't so sure. Then sensing Hector's doubt, Ghostwriter enters the computer. He tells Hector: "You write great stories, Hector". Jamal points out that Ghostwriter agrees with them. Alex also tells Hector that Ghostwriter is right, he does write great stories. Like for example: the one he wrote about playing handball in the rain. Hector says that was different, because it really happened to him. So Alex tells him to pretend that the Slime Monster is really after him. So to just write whatever comes to mind. Then Alex gives Hector encouragement saying he is a good writer and that he knows he can do it. Hearing this, Hector agrees. But he says that writing is harder for him, then just saying it, and that he also cannot type. Jamal says he will type it for him, just to tell them what to write. Hearing this, Hector has come around. So Alex tells him to give them no more excuses and start saving Alex's character who is in the Slime Monster's clutches. Hector says tomorrow. Since he needs some time to get ready and think of something really horrible. Hearing this, they all agree to meet again the next morning.

At the bodega, we see Tina and Gaby talking. She tells Gaby how great is is seeing Lenni and her brother getting along. Like how at first she thought pairing them together was a big mistake. But then they started talking about music together. And then it was a different story. For everything Gaby tells Tina, Gaby seems so happy to hear about. So she responds by just saying:" Uh huh".

Then an older and popular girl they know steps in and also responds by saying: "Uh huh". The three of them are all really happy and smiling now. Tina says she didn't know what they were talking about half of the time, but she knew they were getting along. The older girl asks her if Tuan gave Lenni the gentle loving stare. Tina happily says he did right in front of her face. The older girl says it sounds to her like they are falling in love. Tina agree saying that she thought the exact same thing.

Now we see Lenni has entered the bodega. She asks Tina what happened to her earlier, since she just disappeared. Tina just smiles knowing she left her and Tuan alone. Lenni asks them all why they are all smiling. Gaby just says it's nothing, (not mentioning that they're just happy for her). Tina asks Lenni how the rehearsal with Tuan went. Lenni says it was great. She never thought working with Tuan would be so much fun. Now Lenni smiles and says that she's finally found someone close in age that she can talk to about music. Then they started playing her song together and it just felt so great.

Then the girls all feel happy for her and smile again. Lenni feels awkward asking Tina if she's been talking too much. Tina says no and she really happy that thing are working out with her and Tuan. Lenni asks her if she is sure, since she suddenly left earlier. And she thought she was mad at her. Tina says that she just felt a bit left out when they were saying all those weird music words. But now she is okay with it.

Now Gaby smiles asking her when she is "seeing" Tuan again. Lenni snaps saying she isn't "seeing" Tuan, they are just working together. Then Alex in the background who has over heard everything tells her: "Uh huh". Lenni says she has to get upstairs to write the second verse for their song. Then she asks Tina if she will come over to hear them the next day. Tina promises she will be there. So Lenni leaves to go upstairs to her loft. After she leaves Tina asks the girls if they think Lenni and Tuan like each other. The older girl just states they have a thing going on and the girls all agree. Overhearing this, Alex laughs. So Gaby tells him to mind his own business.

Early the next morning, the team (all except for Lenni) meet in Jamal's room. Gaby fills Tina in on their story so far. Gaby proudly tells Tina the part with the doll coming to life in the pot of rice was her idea. Tina thinks it's very cool or in the case: very hot! Casey comes in asking them if they've seen her doll. They say not since yesterday. Then the boys come in. Casey is about to ask them too, when she is excited to see Hector. She forgets, and she asks him if he's going to write part of the story now.

Hector says he is going to talk it, and Jamal will type it. Hector explains that he wrote down a bunch of ideas. So now he is going to talk it, and see how it all comes together. Hearing this, everyone is excited. Even Ghostwriter flips around in the air.

Hector recaps where the story left off: with Jamal, Alex and Gaby trapped in Jamal's living room. Then the Slime Monster grabbed Alex's ankle. Hector and Jamal start with: "Alex was scared to death. So he kicked his leg to get the Slime Monster off. In the story we see Alex screaming, telling the Slime Monster to get off of him. Then he kicks his leg several times. Then it goes flying in the air. So now the three of them all try to make a break for it. But every time they reach an exit, the Slime Monster is there waiting for them. Then suddenly at the window, we see something amusing: a cute little lime with boots and blood shot eyes. The three of them just approach the audience, and with confusion they say: "huh?".

Now back in Jamal's room, everyone else is laughing. Jamal is confused and asks them what is so funny. Casey points out that Jamal made a typo. He spelled Slime Monster without an S. So that was why that cute little lime creature appeared. He apologizes for his mistake and fixes it. Then he asks Hector to try and speak a bit slower. So he can keep up with him, Hectors promises that he will.

So back in the story, we see that the Slime Monster continued to block their way. So Jamal comes up with a plan. He informs them that Gooey Gus cannot block all the exits at once. So they need to split up. Alex and Gaby agree with him. So Gaby calls a rally in her room. She writes on her hand: "Rally G". So on the count of three, they all run off to the bodega in a different direction.

We now hear Hector saying that they all ran off to Gaby's room, to find a way to solve their problem. And with their friend Hector on the case, they had a much better chance. In Gaby's room, we see Hector telling his friends that they have to do two things.

  1. Figure out where the Slime Monster went.
  2. Make a plan to stop him for good.

So there will be no more Slime Monster.

Then we see Hector approaching the viewers. He tells them that this is so cool. Since he is the writer he gets to be in charge. We now see Gaby, she says they need to keep their eyes peeled. So the Slime Monster won't sneak up on them again. Hector agrees so he asks them where they think he went. Alex says he knows it likes hot places.

So far they found him in the crock pot, and on the street where steam was coming from a manhole. Lenni figures that it must still be searching for hot spots. Hectors says they should check all the hot places in the neighborhood, like pizzerias. Since they have really big ovens. Tina says they should all the restaurants with big ovens. Then they make notes to check more hot places, such as bathtubs full of hot water, toasters, and clothes dryers and more steam pipes. The team agrees to search around the neighborhood for these things. Meanwhile Jamal decides to examine the slime under his microscope again. Hopefully, he will find a way to stop the Slime Monster for good. On their way out, Hector reminds everyone to not let the slime touch them!

Over in an alley, we see Casey carrying a landing net. She walks around very carefully, while wearing a facial visor and oven mitts. It is a very hot day and the heat is getting to her. Also she is concerned that the Slime Monster could be anywhere now. Suddenly, Ghostwriter brings something to her attention. Over on the wastebasket, he rearranges the words to tell her: "WARNING: DO NOT OVERHEAT!". She wonders where he read this from, and worries that the Slime Monster must be very close by. She carefully looks around. Then she finds him in a gutter drain. He tells her: "Slime, anyone?" and squirts her in the face. She screams in fear. Then it runs away. Casey is all right, because the visor caught the slime and protected her. She yells to it that she is going to get him.

Back at the Jenkins' House, we see Jamal has examined some of the slime with a magnifying glass. Then Casey and Gaby come in. He asks them, if they had any luck finding the Slime Monster. Casey says that she found him, but he got away. Jamal asks Casey if she's all right. She tells him that it tried to slime her, but it didn't touch her skin. Now Gaby asks Jamal if he has found any answers.

Then before he can answer, we hear Grandma CeCe screaming from the kitchen! Grandma CeCe runs into the living room. She is shocked, telling them that there is a horrible creature in her oven! They ask her if it's purple with bulging eyes. She says yes and it's also slimy. Now she asks for the yellow pages, so she can call an exterminator. Jamal tells her that an exterminator isn't going to work. So he will handle it himself. So he puts on a helmet, and bravely goes into the kitchen. On his way in, Grandma CeCe tells him to be careful.

Now we can hear Jamal screaming. He runs back into the living room, with some slime on his head. Gaby says that he has been slimed. Hearing this, Grandma CeCe is so worried that she faints, passing out on the sofa. Gaby goes to get some ice. She just hopes that it'll work in time, before it spreads. Now Jamal is moaning in excruciating pain. He tells them to hurry, because it's so hot.

Now we see, Jamal finishing a page for Hector. He has Jamal type: "It's burning my skin off!". Jamal screamed. We now see Hector getting very dramatic. He says: "I can feel it crawling into my brain!". Then he covers his ears and starts to scream bloody murder. He even falls to the floor while screaming. Grandma CeCe just happens to be nearby. She is really convinced that Hector is really sick and in pain. She is very concerned, asking him several times what is wrong. When she gets no answers, she tells Jamal to call an ambulance.

Then suddenly, Hector stops and smiles. He tells Grandma CeCe: "Gotcha!". They all laugh and she responds by being a little annoyed. Jamal tells her that they got her. Now she smiles, saying that if they don't cut out the "Gotcha" jokes, she will get back at them too. Alex explains to her that Hector is just really getting into the scary story they're writing. Grandma CeCe says that it must be very good. Since they just scared her half to death. They give her a copy of the story so far, to read and keep. On her way out, Casey asks hey if she has seen her Slime Monster doll, because she can't find it anywhere. Grandma CeCe apologizes, saying that she hasn't seen it since the other day.

After Grandma CeCe leaves, the team is eager to continue working on the story. Jamal tells Hector that he can't just leave his character hanging. Since the slime is now crawling into his brain. Hector says that he has now left a good obstacle for the next person. Now they all look to Tina, they remind her that she hasn't taken her turn yet. She says that she can't right now. Because she promised Lenni and Tuan, that she would listen to their new song. But she promises to come right back after they finish. After Tina leaves, Jamal tells Hector that it looks like he isn't finished yet.

Over at Lenni's loft, Tina listens to Lenni and Tuan's song "It's Gonna Be Alright". This time, this verse has Lenni rapping as she plays her keyboard. Meanwhile, Tuan plays guitar and sings the backups. They do a really good job. After they finish, Tina is most impressed. She claps her hands and applauds them. She tells them it was fantastic, and it sounded so different. But in a good way. She reminds them that she isn't a musician. So she might not be saying it right. Lenni says that she can understand what she means. And that it is a new sound for her. Tuan agrees that it's a new sound for him too. They stop for a few moments and smile at each other. Then Tuan says he has to go. He has a rehearsal with the leaping dogs. But he will back around 4:00 pm and they can rehearse some more. After he leaves, Tina tells Lenni that she is the only one who can't see that Tuan likes her. She says she likes him too. Tina means that Tuan likes her as in like likes her. Lenni is surprised to hear this and asks her if she really thinks so. Tina answers saying that she knows so. Mostly from the ways that he looks and smiles at her.

Back at Jamal's room, Hector tells the team he has some more ideas. He has Jamal begin typing with: "Jamal could feel the burning slime eating into his liver. Then his eyeballs fell out. The blood came pouring out from his eye sockets like rivers. Then Casey reminds Hector that he can't write that. The contest rules say: "no blood and no guns". Hector realizes that he has gotten carried away. So Jamal changes it. He changes to just say: "Jamal could feel the burning slime eating into his liver. Now Jamal asks Hector if they can continue on, because he feels his character has suffered enough. Hector complains saying that his turn was supposed to be over by now.

Then suddenly, they can see Ghostwriter has started typing. They realize that now Ghostwriter is taking his turn. They think it is so cool to have a ghost, help them write a scary story. Ghostwriter writes: "Gaby ran in with some ice and quickly applied it to Jamal's forehead. Jamal was saved! But the Slime Monster was still at large. Ghostwriter quickly picked up the trail leading Gaby and Casey to Tina's roof.

Inside the story, we see Casey and Gaby on Tina's roof. They are covered from head to toe in home made hazmat suits. This is to protect them from the slime. They find the Slime Monster sitting on a chair. They can hear him saying: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!". They slowly and carefully walk to him. Then they find a bucket of water. They think it might cool him off. So Gaby pours it onto him. It seems to work for a moment. But then suddenly, his face startles sizzling and twitching. They realize that it was a mistake to dowse him with water. The water got too hot from being in the sun for so long.

Suddenly the Slime Monster is engulfed in thick amount of purple smoke. Then when it clears, the Slime Monster has been enhanced. He is now about six feet tall! Now he comes for them as the two girls desperately scream for their lives, as they realize the door is jammed and they cannot leave. So now the Slime Monster approaches them and asks them twice: "Are you laughing at me!?", while the two girls continue pounding on the door screaming for help!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts

First- Lenni, Jamal and Alex are graduating from middle school. And Lenni is helping Tina plan a party. When suddenly, The scariest thing showed up: Gooey Gus the slime monster. He gross, he squirts grape gum and he talks. And when he overheats - look out!

Meanwhile- There is a cool slime monster contest. One where kids write their own stories about Gooey Gus. Casey's story is called "Attack of the Slime Monster". It is funny like her, full of tricks and jokes. But she is worried that it might not be scary enough.

So- The Ghostwriter team helped Casey create more atmosphere. They added some words to describe the setting. To make it sound scarier. Also the team helped Casey add some suspense. So the readers will be eager to know what happens next, even if they are too scared to. Lenni also suggested adding obstacles to it: problems that the character has to solve. So the team is taking turns writing different parts of the story. And whoever is writing, gets to make things happen the way the want.

But- Sometimes when they're writing they rewind. They go back and review and change things to make the story sound better.

Meanwhile- Lenni and Tuan (Tina's older brother) are going to play a few songs at Hurston prom. At first they didn't get along. But now, it seems they have developed chemistry and feelings for each other.

Back to the story- The team has figured out that the slime monster likes to hide in hot places. Because heat makes him stronger. They have also found that when the bubblegum slime gets onto you, it can keep growing until it covers the whole body. So the team calls a rally to make a plan to stop the slime monster for good. But just when they think they've caught him, the slime monster heats up in the sun.

Gooey Gus got so hot that he exploded into a six foot tall slimeball! He is after the Ghostwriter team. So that means bubble trouble!

The arc resumes, with Tina coming over to Jamal's after as she promised. She meets the team (all but Lenni) in Jamal's bedroom. She asks them how the story is coming along. Casey informs her that it has been Ghostwriter's turn, to write a part. And Casey and the others all agree, with how cool it is, to have a ghost help them write a scary story! Alex and Hector fill Tina in. They inform her that the Slime Monster got so hot, that he grew to be six feet tall. And now Gaby and Casey are stuck on a roof with him. And there is no way out!

Hearing this, Tina is intrigued to take her turn next. So she looks at the computer screen, and reads the last page that Ghostwriter wrote. It says: "Gaby and Casey struggled desperately to open the door, but it was stuck! The Slime Monster lurched toward them. Now she asks her friends how they will get out of this one. Sensing she is her, Ghostwriter tells Tina it's now her turn. She asks Jamal how he knew she was here. He reminds her that he always knows where his friends are. Hearing this, Casey complains saying that she wished Ghostwriter knew where her Slime Monster was. She still hasn't found her doll yet.

Tina is now excited and ready to take her turn. So she sits down at the computer. She tells her friends that it's time that the girls got to be brave and fearless. Hearing this, Gaby and Casey happily agree with her. So Tina picks up from where Ghostwriter left off. She starts with: "Casey and Gaby did not give up. Now inside the story, we see Gaby motivating Casey. She tells her that they're both strong women, and they can do this. So finally they work together and pull the jammed door open, and they run back down into the building. Now Tina ends the page with: " The Slime Monster lurched after them with slow, squishy footsteps". Alex asks her what she'll do next. Feeling a little rushed, she says she is still thinking about it.

Over at Lenni's Loft, we see Max Frazier folding laundry. He calls out to his daughter, saying that he wants to see her outfit for the prom. She says she'll be there in a moment. Then before she comes, there is a knock on the door. Max asks who it is, and the person says it's Tuan Nguyen. Max welcomes him in, as Lenni comes by to show her dad her outfit. It is a fancy white silk shirt and a pink frilly blazer. Max tells his daughter that she looks beautiful. Tuan tells her that she looks great. She thanks them, saying she'll be wearing the outfit tonight at the prom. Tuan is surprised telling her that she is going to be overdressed. She snaps at him asking him what he will be wearing. He says just his regular clothing, which is how he always dresses when performing. She snaps again saying that he cannot wear that to the prom. Because proms are fancy, so he need to dress properly. He snaps back saying he isn't going to the prom. He is just performing at one. She snaps once again saying he will still be there. And they will be performing for a lot of people. So he should be dressed properly.

Overhearing them argue, Max tells them to cool it. He says that to him, it sounds like they are arguing like a married couple. Hearing this, Lenni is humiliated and embarrassed. So she tells her dad that she cannot believe he just said that. Then she runs off crying to her room. On the way, she bumps into the washing machine. Strangely enough, we see Casey's Slime Monster doll is inside of it.

Back at Jamal's room, we see Tina has been working on another page. It says: "Gaby and Casey ran into Gaby's room. The Slime Monster chased after them, but they escaped out the window". Alex tells her that it sounds too easy. To make it sound really scary, she should make it sound like they might not make it out alive. Also that she needs to come up with an obstacle. Tina says that perhaps she could make the window stick. Casey reminds her they already did that up on the roof with the door. So Gaby asks if not the window, then how will they get out. Alex says they could go out of the window, eventually. But something else can happen first. Now Tina comes up with a new idea. So she starts typing again.

Inside the story, we see Gaby and Casey running to hide in her bedroom. She reminds Casey that The Slime Monster is coming, and to hurry up and lock the door. Casey locks the door, just in time, as we hear him outside of it. From the outside, we hear him saying: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!". Now he is vigorously trying to open the door, by rustling the door knob. The girls are both terrified. So Gaby tries to open her window, but the bars are stuck. Casey begs her to hurry. The suddenly, purple slime start flowing into the room. It is coming in from the crack under the door! Casey screams in fear, as the slime comes closer. Gaby finally gets the the bars free and opens the window. But the slime has reached Casey! Her foot is stuck in it! Casey screams for her help, saying her shoe is stuck. Gaby reminds her to not let it touch her skin. So Casey removes her shoe, and hurries over to the window with Gaby. Then they climb out the window and escape.

Then just after they've escaped, The Slime Monster enters. He lurches around. Then suddenly he squishes and becomes very thin and narrow. Then we hear the team laughing. Back at Jamal's room, Tina asks them what is so funny. Gaby points out what she just typed. Tina typed: "The Slim Monster burst into the room". Tina realizes she made a spelling mistake. So it made The Slime Monster become very thin and narrow. Alex laughs saying that if he's The Slim Monster, he must be made from sugar free gum. Tina gets the jokes and starts to laugh with them. So she fixes her spelling mistake.

Then in the story, the Slime Monster changes back to his proper form. Then he follows the girls to the window. Now we see Tina ending a page with: "The Slime Monster burst into the room and climbed out the window. Then Tina's friends compliment her on her work. Gaby says it was exciting. Jamal agrees and asks her how she got so good at it. Tina says it comes from watching so many movies. She tries to imagine what the story would look like if it were a movie. Then she just writes what she sees. Then Casey asks her what she can see happening next. Tina says she isn't sure yet. But the chase is not over yet!

A short time later, back at Lenni's loft, we see Max reading the paper and having coffee as Lenni comes in. She is still upset about earlier. He apologizes for what he said, and for messing things up. He tells her that he just didn't realize that he was saying anything wrong. Then he asks her if she can forgive her old dad. She does of course, but she says that she just wishes he hadn't said anything. Max says he does too, but to make her feel better, he tells her he does think that Tuan likes her. She answers saying that she isn't sure if it does make it feel any better. Because now she is so confused. He asks her what shes means. So she explains that now she is worried that she is just going to say something stupid. So she thinks about everything she says, before she says it. Also that she has a serious of mixed up emotions. Almost like her brain keeps spinning around and nothing makes sense.

Then she asks her dad if she what she just told him makes sense. He tells her it makes perfect sense. She asks her dad if there is a cure for this. He tells her that he is afraid not. But then he advises her not to go looking for one. Because these feelings can be a good thing too. Lenni then tells her dad that she is embarrassed, because she acted so idiotic when he said they were a couple. So now she's worried that Tuan will not want to speak to her again. Then Max tells her he doubts that, and he gives her a note that Tuan left for her. Lenni is concerned that it might mean, he is backing out from their gig. But she is surprised to see it is good news. As a matter a fact, he has asked her to be his date to the prom. She is just amazed, but she is also confused by how to respond to his request. She worries that she will do something stupid or embarrassing again.

Back at Jamal's room, we see Tina she is brainstorming ideas with the rest of the team. On how to make the chase scene really exciting. Gaby suggests that a car comes screeching around the corner, as they are running away from the Slime Monster. But then the car swerves to avoid them, and then flips over. Hector suggests that perhaps Gaby and Casey jump onto a skateboard, and roll away from The Slime Monster. Jamal thinks that they should all fight the Slime Monster together. Tina agrees with Jamal's idea. She also suggests that, as Gaby and Casey are running away, they should pick up the other members of the team. Now Tina suddenly knows what to write. So she begins typing again.

Inside the story, we see Alex and Hector shooting baskets together at the park (Hector sitting on Alex's shoulders). Then we see Gaby and Casey running by. Alex asks them what the problem is. Casey tells him that the Slime Monster is coming. Hearing this, both Alex and Hector are teffied. So they run away together (with Hector still sitting on Alex's shoulders).

Then on the sidewalk, we see Tina videotaping an interview with Jamal. She is about to ask him what he'll remember most about Hurston. Then before he can answer, Gaby, Casey, Alex and Hector all come running by screaming. They tell them that The Slime Monster is after them. They know exact who they mean. So they drop everything and run away with them. And now they are all screaming. We see that when Tina and Jamal run away with them, she dropped her camera. It is filming everything upside down. It shows the Slime Monster gaining on them! He mutters: "I'm burning mad!" and "I'm steaming mad!".

Now we see the team, taking refuge in the bodega. The six of them all lock the door, and Gaby tries to phone for help. But she finds the phone line has been cut! Now they hear commotion coming from the back door. They are terrified realizing he is trying to break in from the back. The Slime Monster breaks in and lurches forward. He approaches them from across the room and he asks the twice: "Are you laughing at me?". The six of them all rummage through boxes, looking for anything to defend themselves with. Then suddenly, we hear randma Jenkins telling Jamal that she's home. For a moment, Jamal gives a confused response.

Then back in Jamal's room, Grandma Jenkins comes in. She reminds them that it's time to get ready for the prom. Hearing this, Jamal seems like he almost forgot. Hearing this, Casey is disappointed. She says they can't stop the story now. She wants to know if they're going to get slimed. Hearing this, Grandma Jenkins is excited. She says she wants to know too. And asks if they have more of the story ready that she can read. So Tina prints her a copy. Grandma Jenkins thanks her and excitingly reads it on her way out.

Then Casey complains asking when they'll finish the story. She reminds them that the deadline is on Monday. Tina tells her that they will finish it the next morning, before her party. And she promises Casey that they will make the deadline. So the team says their goodbyes and gets ready.

That evening, we see Max has fallen asleep on the couch. As he is sleeping, Casey's Slime Monster doll is standing at his feet staring at him! As Max wakes up, his vision comes into focus. Then for a moment he can see the doll. Then it instantly vanishes. He is very confused by this.

Then the door opens and Lenni and Tuan come in. It turns out Lenni did accept his invitation to the prom. And apparently it went really well. Lenni sees her dad waking up and says hi to him. He says hi back and asks her how the prom was. She tells him that the kids really liked their music. Max says that is great. Then she asks him, if he was waiting up for her. He says no, he just fell asleep on the couch. Also that he had the weirdest dream. He tells her a little purple monster was after him. Hearing this, Lenni feels worried and tells her dad he'd better get to sleep. Max agrees. So he gets up and heads to his room. He is so tired, his balance is off. Then when he takes off his loafers, there appears to be a bit of purple slime on one of them. He asks her what it is, and Lenni suggests it may have been something he stepped in. Being so tired, he decides to clean it off tomorrow. So he says goodnight and goes to bed.

After Max goes to bed, Lenni and Tuan reflect on the evening. Tuan tells her that the crowd was mad crazy for their new sound. She agrees telling him that perhaps they started something. He asks her if they did. She says that perhaps it will be like a whole new music craze. He says that he wasn't talking about their music. Hearing this, she knows exactly what he means. He means: "us". Now Lenni puts her arms around his neck and they hug. Then they have a little slow dance together.

The next morning, the entire team meets in Jamal's bedroom. Tina tries to map out the rest of her turn. The team reviews that they are trying to escape from the bodega, and the Slime Monster just broke in. So in a few seconds, The Slime Monster will slime them all, and it'll be curtains! So they've got to knock out the monster for good. So now the team tries to figure out what Gooey Gus' weakness is. Casey doesn't think he has one. Since he is six feet tall, big and very strong. Then Lenni makes a suggestion. She suggests that what if he wasn't angry. What she means is that the monster is afraid that everyone is laughing at him. But if suddenly, everybody was nice to him, perhaps he would no longer be angry. So Tina decides to try this.

Inside the story, we see the terrified team still being harassed by the Slime Monster. He asks them twice again: "Are you laughing at me?". Then Tina slowly approaches him and she politely speaks to him. She just points out that nobody is laughing at him. The Slime Monster doesn't believe her, and says that he is sure that somebody somewhere must be. Then Jamal steps in asking him why somebody why laugh at him. Gooey Gus explains that he is all twisted, gooey and purple. So therefore he feels he is hideous. Next Gaby steps in telling him she doesn't think so. But she faces the viewers and tells them she's just trying to save her life here. Therefore she might not mean what she is about to tell him. Then Gooey Gus asks her if she really doesn't find him hideous. Gaby tells him no and that purple is her favorite color. Then Gooey Gus tells them that it isn't easy being purple. Since people always call him all sorts of nasty names. And they confuse him with Barney the Dinosaur. Then he says he feels so bad and begins to cry. Alex tells him it's all right. Then Alex and the others all join with Gooey Gus for a big group hug.

We see Tina ending a page with: "Yeah. We're your friends," Hector said". Now Lenni isn't impressed. She says that it sounds ridiculous. Tina asks her what she means. Lenni says that it is supposed to be a horror story. So they cannot have it end with everyone crying and hugging each other. Casey agrees because if it ends this way, where is the atmosphere and suspense? Hector says they need to end it with a big ending. Like for example: an explosion.

Tina now realizes that her friends are right. So she suggests trying something else and asks them for suggestions. Gaby asks what the Slime Monster is afraid, perhaps they can use one of his fears against him. So Alex checks the casebook to see how they can defeat the Slime Monter. Jamal suggests worms, Lennis suggests snakes. And Hector suggests using a bigger Slime Monster.

Then Ghostwriter suggestings melting the Slime Monster. Casey likes this idea, and wants to have the Slime Monster melted down into a drippy, slimy glop. She says it sounds exciting. Jamal and Lenni are puzzled asking how. Since The Slime Monster likes heat and it makes him stronger. And he keeps looking for more hot spots. Then Tina suggests that since heat makes him stronger, perhaps cold will make him weaker! The teams agrees that it makes sense. So Tina decides to try it out and starts typing.

Inside the story, we once again see Gooey Gus harassing the terrified members of the team. Then Tina tells them all to go to the freezer. They quickly gets bags of ice cubes and other cold items. Then they begin to pelt Gooey Gus with them. Gooey Gus immediately feels the cold and he steadily complains that it feels so cold. So he slowly walks away. Casey points out that he is leaving. Tina questions where he's going. Jamal says that as soon as he is outside where it's warm, he'll be strong again. So they need to stop him, before he attacks his next victim. But It is too late, he already gets away. So Jamal, Gaby, Hector, Alex, Tina and Casey looked at each other, wondering who the next victim could be?

Inside Lenni's loft, we see her talking to her dad on the phone. He tells her that he has to work until ten at night. He asks her if she'll be all right alone. And she tells him that she'll be find being all by herself.

In the bodega, Jamal tells the team that he is going to take another look at the frozen piece of slime. And perhaps doing research on gum, will help him find a way to burst Goey Gus' bubble. So Jamal goes home to work. Tina says they should follow the Slime Monster. Alex doesn't think it's such a good idea. Since they almost got slimed here in the bodega. So what if he tries to again?

Meanwhile, back at Lenni's loft, we see Lenni all by herself. She is minding her own business, praticing her singing. She is singing her and Tuan's song "It's Gonna Be Alright". Then we can hear the Slime Monster's presence. Now we can see that he is slowly closing in on her. All the while, Lenni is off guard. She does not realize anyone else is here, and she is unaware of the impending danger! Then he closes in on her, just as she turns around. Now she screams. Then doorstairs in the bodega, Tina reminds the others not to lose sight of the Monster. Then they all hear Lenni screaming from upstairs. So the five of them quickly run upstairs to save Lenni.

Over at Jamal's bedroom, we see Jamal is carefully working on finding a solution to defeat the Slime Monster. He has his chemisty set all set up, and he is experimenting with different chemicals. He is trying to see which one can dissolve slime. He gets frustrated to see that vinnegar doesn't make the slime dissolve. Then he suddenly gets inspiration to check his books to see what can dissolve and destroy bubblegum. Therefore he can figure out how to destroy the Slime Monster, once and for all.

Then suddenly, Ghoswriter immediately drops in. He panics writing to him in purple letters: "HELP! Awful slime everywhere!". Now Jamal is worried realizing someone must have gotten slimed. So he hurries and checks his book and asks GW to help him read. He finds out that one of basic ingredients in bubblegum are softners. He looks up softners and finds out that vegetable oil is a softner. It keeps the bubblegum soft. So now Jamal comes to the conclussion, that they can possibly soften Gooey Gus with enough vegetable oil to make him fall apart. So he closes the book and hurries off to help his friends.

Alex, Gaby, Hector, Tina and Casey arrive upstairs. They see the loft has been trashed and it is a real mess. there is stuff and objects all over the floor. Also there and puddles of slime all over the floor too. Alex reminds them to be careful where they step. Then they can faintly hear Lenni muttering for help. They find her she has been slimed. She is trapped in a thick cocoon of slime attached to the door. She mutters to them that the monster is still here. So Casey tells the group they have to stay and make sure he doesn't escape. So he won't hurt anybody else. Alex says it's time for the final battle. They all agree, so they check the Frazier's fridge for cold objects. Gaby reminds them that this will only slow the monster down. Then Alex points out something lurking nearby. The Slime Monster ambushes them. They all scream for their lives, as he asks them: "Slime, anyone?" Then he slimes them all!

Jamal arrives at the bodega, and it is a mess too! The place has been trashed and there is garbage and destroyed merchandise everyone. Also puddles of slime are on the floor too. Jamal is very cautious, he looks around carefully. And calls out asking if anyone else is there. Hearing commotion and screaming from upstairs, he has a pretty good idea what's going on. So he quickly grabs a couple bottles of vegetable oil. Then he heads upstairs.

When Jamal enters the loft, he observes the huge slimy cocoon of bubblegum attached to the door. Then he finds a much bigger cocoon of slime on the floor. Seeing them wriggle and hearing moaning, he realizes that his friends must all be trapped inside of them. Then he hears someone whispering out to him. It is Tina hiding from the corner, she is still fine. He is relieved to see she is all right. So he asks her how she got away. She says that she hid before he saw her. But the rest of the team all got slimed. He asks her if he is still here. She says that he is, but she just doesn't know where.

Then Jamal shows her a bottle of vegetable oil. Tina is confused asking him what it's for. He explains that it will soften up the Slime Monster enough to destroy him. He tells her to just trust him, because he has a plan. He is going to play pidgeon and he wants her to hide.

Now we see Jamal walking around kitchen. He calls out to Gooey Gus, calling him every disparaging name he objects to. Then Jamal taunts him saying he wants to chew him up and spit him out. Then he tells him that isn't afraid of him, in fact he is laughing at him and pretends to start laughing. Then from under the kitcken sink, Gooey Gus pops out. Jamal is startled and steps away. Then the Slime Monster slowly approaches him asking him a few times: "Are you laughing at me?". Then as the monster gets closer, Jamal yells: "now!". Then Tina runs up to Gooey Gus from behind. Then she pours vegetable oil all over him. He istantly melts into a puddle, then he completely vanishes.

Now we see Jamal and Tina rejoicing that they finally defeated him. So now they hug and cheer. Now we see Tina ends the story. She types on the computer: "Then Tina and Jamal freed the others. And after they'd all had a good shower, they were as good as new. But none of them would ever forget the horror that was Gooey Gus - THE SLIME MONSTER!

The team all claps and cheers that they've finally gotten it finished. Hector compliments Tina on making such a great ending. Casey is very pleased. She says it sounds so much better then it did from the beginning. And they finished it before the deadline. And now she just can't wait to mail it in. So they print the rest of the story out. Grandma Jenkins comes in, saying she heard the printer. She excitingly asks them if they've finished the rest of the story. They say yes and they print her a copy. She says that she can't wait to read it. Since so far the story already gave her goosebumps, goosebumps. And the other night she had to sleep with the light on. They all laugh when hearing this. When Grandma Jenkins leaves, Tina say she has to go and get the party ready. She reminds her friends not to be late, because the graduation party is for them. They promise not to be late, and say goodbye to Tina.

A little later, we see an outdoor party. Tina has set up a big buffet with tasty Vietnamese food. Also the team is dancing and chilling to Lenni's song "You gotta believe". Now Jamal has a gift for both Alex and Lenni. They open the boxes and they are each given a new pen with a sterling silver chain on it. Jamal says it it to remind them of the one who brought them all together, and will keep them all in touch. No matter where they head off to next. They both thank Jamal.

Now Tina tells her friends that she thinks the ribs are ready. The team all excitingly head over to the barbecue. Then before Tina opens the top, Casey says that something smells funny. Then just as Tina opens the top, everyone begins to scream. We see Casey's Slime Monster doll and now he is alive! He can move his head and he asks them all: "Slime, anyone?" The team is all terrified as they begun to get squirted with slime!

Now back inside Jamal's room, we see the entire Ghostwriter Team. They are just fine, and they tell all of the viewers: "Gotcha!", Ending the show with a big finale!

  • This was the last episode produced for the series. Until less than two years later a short-lived sequel series called The New Ghostwriter Mysteries was produced, which only lasted one season because of poor ratings.
  • Byron Utley who portrayed the tall Gooey Gus, had previously appeared in the series before. He first appeared in the Season One arc "Into the Comics" as Hoodman.
  • Gaby wore Nike sneakers in this episode.

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