April Flowers, appeared in the story arc "Who's Who?", she was portrayed by Valerie Perrine.


April Flowers

April is a hippie who owns and runs her own flower shop business. Her business is an outdoor stand called "April Flowers" and it is located near the Steadmore Hotel. April is a hippie and person who claims that she can sense and detect vibes and auras. Some people can assume she may be on illegal substances, but this hasn't never been confirmed.

During the events of the arc, her business delivered an order of flowers to the famous actress Lana Barnes. The order was a form of threat to strike fear into Lana Barnes. The order was one live and fresh red rose, and one dead and wilted black rose. Jamal and Gaby soon found out that the flowers came from her shop, so they went over to speak to her about them.

She nicely greeted them by throwing flower petals at them. Then She nicely welcomed them to her shop and they seemed a bit freaked out by her hippie antics. They asked her who sent the flowers and she told them she was very freaked out about it. Also that she was trying to get over the bad vibes that she had been feeling about it. She told them that a young man who didn't say his name, placed the order and he paid with cash.

Then she was asked to see the receipt and the mailing address. She claimed that she sensed a good aura around them so she trusted them. Therefore she showed them the receipt, and the paper that the man wrote the instructions on. When reviewing the paper, it helped Gaby and Jamal find out that the person who placed the order was staying at the Steadmore Hotel. This was because the address was written on Steadmore Hotel stationary paper.

Then just before Jamal and Gaby left, she told them that she had sensed that the aura around them was almost like a ghostly presence (if she only knew how right she was).