Am I Blue?
Season 2, Episode 35, 36, 37, 38
Air date Pt. 1, September 12, 1993
Pt. 2, September 19, 1993
Pt. 3, September 26, 1993
Pt. 4, October 3, 1993
Written by Fracaswell Hyman
Directed by Susan Dansby
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A "Galaxy Girl" event is being held at Hurston Middle School. Gaby is psyched out over it, and wants a Galaxy Girl costume for the occasion. However, she does not have the money for it. So, going against better judgment, she steals money from the bodega cash register, and buys the costume from the Party Animal store, hoping to get a refund. But the costume is on sale--Gaby cannot return it! Her venture is coming apart. What's more? At the Galaxy Girl event, a model ship goes missing, and somehow ends up in Gaby's trunk!

What will happen to Gaby now? Will she end up taking the blame for the stolen "Cutesie" ship?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars


In the Fernandez siblings' bedroom, Gaby is laying down on her bed. She is happily fantasizing a daydream. It is about her favorite show (not to mention idol) Galaxy Girl. A narrator announces that Galaxy Girl comes from a distant planet, in a galaxy at war. So she brings peace and Hyperball. Then we see the inside of Galaxy Girl's spaceship. However it isn't the real Galaxy Girl. It is Gaby all dressed up in the magenta colored space uniform, with letter G shaped earrings. She is acting out the scene herself.

She sits down at the master computer and she speaks out loud, commanding the ship to set a course. The course is to the planet Earth: Brooklyn, New York: Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. Then suddenly, a round shaped object lowers itself from the ceiling. It is light pink with eyes that blink, and it is covered with various red, blue and green sprinkles. It is called a Kija. It speaks in a squeaky voice. It asks her if the Makvas are causing trouble on planet Earth. She takes a stand, saying yes they are. So it is up to her and the Hyperball Team to bring peace to every sector of the universe; even Brooklyn.

Then back to reality, Gaby is reading an advertisement from the Party Animal store. It says that the Party Animal welcomes the Galaxy Girl show to Brooklyn! Then in bold and all capitol letters it says "ALL COSTUMES ON SALE!". Gaby states she just has to get the money to get a Galaxy Girl costume. Then she could met Galaxy Girl at the show, and let her know that she is her #1 fan.

The arc begins, with Rob and Jamal meeting up with Lenni inside her kitchen as they always do. Jamal picks up a name tag that reads "Lenni". He expresses his relief that he doesn't need to wear one, when he will be doing his volunteer job. Alex reminds him that he and Lenni's volunteer job is for only one day. He has to tutor math for a month. Jamal is happy about this, because he will get to spend the month working closely with Jasmine.

Then there is a knock on the door, Gaby says it's her and Lenni invites her in. She shows her friends the Party Animal store add for the costume. Then she asks her brother to borrow some money. He says no, reminding her that she still owes him $5 from two weeks ago. Then he rudely tells their friends, if they ever lend Gaby money to not expect to see it again. Then Jamal, Rob and Lenni all apologize stating that they're all broke. Then Gaby snaps at him for having a big mouth. Then asks how him she is supposed to get the money to buy a Galaxy Girl costume now. Lenni lectures her about wanting to dress up for the Galaxy Girl show. Also she states that the show is for babies. Alex backs her up stating the set looks so fake. Gaby reminds him that he didn't think so when they saw the show together a week before. Lenni, Rob and Jamal all begin to laugh at him. So his excuse is that he was just keeping her company.

Then they notice that Ghostwriter is asking questions in the computer. He asks them who Galaxy Girl is. Lenni answers him, she tells him that she is a character on T.V. and in books. Ghostwriter asks them to tell him more about her. Lenni tells him, that she invented hyperball. She gets feuding planets to play a game of hyperball, instead of going to war. So whoever wins the game, wins the argument. Then Ghostwriter asks how the game is played. It is complicated so Rob does his best to explain it to him.

Rob tells Ghostwriter it is like playing basketball, but the hoops and players all float around in outer space. The players have to shoot a Kija through the hoops to score points. Then Ghostwriter asks them what a Kija is. Rob explains to him that a Kija is. They are round and light pink with rainbow sprinkles. Also they light up when they speak. It is not always easy to score a point with a Kija. They have a mind of their own. They can sometimes get away making things very frustrating. Then Gaby reminds Rob to tell him that Galaxy Girl is the referee of the games. Ghostwriter then tells them he understands it now, because their words helped him picture it. Then he tells them that perhaps someday they will play it together. They all think the possibility of it would be great. Then they could finally see and touch Ghostwriter. Gaby finishes it off saying that she would give a great big hug.

Then later on, we see Gaby is writing in her diary about her futile attempts to get money to buy the costume. Then as Ghostwriter passes by, he turns red and quickly speeds away. Gaby expresses her relief for Ghostwriter not reading her personal information.

Then later on in the Bodega, Estella is at the cash register. The store is filled full of loud rock music coming from upstairs. Gaby complains that Max Frazier and his band are practicing again. Then she asks her mom to borrow money. Estella is annoyed to be asked about the costume again. She is certain that her daughter cannot pay it back. Then she reminds her daughter that if she is to borrow money, then she should be sure of how and when she can pay it back.

Then Tina stops by. She explains to Estella that she made a mistake the other day. She meant to buy unscented laundry detergent. But my mistake she bought the scented kind, and it makes her father itch. Estella tells her that they are temporarily out of the unscented kind. So she will give her a refund. Then she asks Gaby to take care of it, while Eduardo asks to see her in the storage room. So Tina gives Gaby her receipt and Gaby refunds her $3.50. Tina thanks her, and as she leaves she says she will her the next day at the Galaxy Girl show. Then Gaby stumbles upon a $50.00 in the till. Then she realizes that she can do what Tina did. She can buy the costume, then return it the next day. Then she can put back all of the money before anyone notices. She feels that she's just got to have that costume. She does the daring act, promising to herself to put it all back afterwards.

Then she heads over to the Party Animal Store. Calvin gets smart with her. He asks her if by the chance the $50.00 bill isn't real. She scolds him saying it is. He says has to be careful because he can't always trust everybody. So he rings up the transaction, giving her $6.85 for change. Then Calvin lectures her about being to old to dress up as Galaxy Girl. Then suddenly, no one other than Jeffrey Baxter runs inside. He tells Calvin that he found enough money in his piggy bank. So he bought himself a Makva costume just like his. Then Gaby lectures them about being too old for piggy banks and Makva costumes. Calvin's excuse is that Makvas are evil. So painting yourself blue is cosmic cool.

Then Gaby asks Jeffrey why he still hangs out with Calvin. Since he ruined his chances of winning the school election against her brother. Also she asks him why he still isn't mad about it. Jeffrey tells her that he was mad for a while. Then he got over it, also that everyone deserves a second chance. Also he is keeping him company because his parrot Attila is away. Calvin says Atilla is so smart, he was invited to Harvard University to do a lecture. Then Jeffrey reveals that it went away to be treated for fleas. Then Calvin tells her that since she spent over $40.00, she gets a discount chip. It is good for one dollar off on her next purchase. Gaby complains because most of the letter are rubbed off, but Calvin assure her that it is still good. Then Gaby asks him if she can pick it up the next day. Calvin says yes, and writes a slip for it to say it is hers and that she paid $43.15 for it. Then as Gaby leaves, he reminds her that since tomorrow is Sunday. So they are only open from 12:00pm-5:00pm.

That evening, as the Fernandez family are closing up the Bodega for the night. Gaby places the left over change into the cash register. The next morning Gaby leaves the house with a huge toy chest (to hide her costume inside). Then her brother and Tina run over to her. She lies about the toy box, saying she's letting a friend borrow it. Then she says she will drop it off, and meet them at the show. Gaby heads over to the Bodega just as Calvin and Jeffrey are finishing up their Makva costumes. Then she reminds Calvin that she needs her receipt. So she can return the costume in case it doesn't fit. Then Calvin informs her that she cannot return it, because it was on sale and all sales are final. Gaby is horrified to hear this as she leaves the store.

Then Calvin prepares to do the finishing touches on their Makva costumes. The Makvas have blue skin, they wear tight hooded ponchos and robes that are also blue. Jeffrey asks him why they are blue. Calvin says it is all Galaxy Girl's fault. The Makvas used to be the envy of the universe. They sold all sorts of bombs and ray guns to all of the planets in the universe at war. Also they used to eat Kijas for dessert. Then Galaxy Girl came and she helped the Kijas escape and invented hyperball. So then the entire universe begun to play that instead of fighting. So the Makvas vowed vengeance and made the three Makva laws which Calvin and Jeffrey recite together.

  1. Say yes, do no!
  2. Choose to confuse!
  3. Lie to get by!

So now Calvin suggests that from now on they both try to really act like Makvas and do whatever they do.

Then over at Hurston Middle School, Tina is filming a video report about Galaxy Girl before the first show begins. Rob, Lenni and Alex are all in it. Lenni reveals that there are three rules that Galaxy Girl and the hyperball team live by.

  1. Play fair, or be square!
  2. Winners never quit!
  3. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Then the three of them all dance, cheer and start laughing. Tina is annoyed stating that since they laughed, she needs to redo the scene.

Then suddenly, an older man walks by. He seems to be very annoyed as a younger man follows him. He repeatedly calls him Baron and asks him to wait. The younger man just asks him for five minutes of his time. Mr. Baron tells the younger man Pierce, that he gave him five years, which was long enough. Then Pierce claims that his fans want him back on the show. He tries to show him the fan letters to prove it. Then Mr. Baron snaps at him, telling to get away the junk mail away from him. Or else he'll have security take him away. So Pierce just leaves.

Lenni recognizes the younger man to be Brett Pierce the actor. He played the role of Captain Shavard on Galaxy Girl for the past five seasons. Then last month, his character was killed off by the Makvas. He took one blast from a Makva freezing iceray and he was reduced to a pile of blue ice cubes. Her excuse for watching it was that there was nothing else good on T.V. Then the older man comes by and introduces himself as Bruce Baron, the producer of Galaxy Girl. He is pleased to see them, saying he is always glad to meet fans and shakes hands with them. Lenni says that they all grew up with the show. Also that they are part of the school's volunteer squad. Then as a treat, Bruce takes them backstage to view the original QTC-5000 spaceship.

Then we see, Gaby sneaking the big toy box into an empty classroom. There she changes into the Galaxy Girl costume. She says it'll all be worth it once she meets Galaxy Girl and lets her know she is her #1 fan. Then she can hear someone coming. So she hides to not get caught wearing the costume. Then something weird is going on, we see a pair of blue feet sneaking around. The say in unison "slide you boot, up the shoot!" Then they sneeze and exit the classroom door. Gaby puts on her mask and goes to the show.

Then backstage in the cafetorium, Rob, Lenni and Alex are awestruck to be seeing the original QTC-5000 model spaceship. Lenni points out a sticker that reads "Fluton is #1! Hyperball for peace! Lenni mentions that Fluton is Galaxy Girl's home planet. Bruce reveals it is the very same ship used in the show every week and it is worth $50,000. Alex feels bad for Gaby not being with them because she is Galaxy girl's #1 fan. Then they leave because the show is about to begin and they thank Mr. Baron for showing it to them.

Then in the cafetorium the show is about to begin. Then Bruce Baron takes the stage and announces to all the fans that Galaxy Girl is about to appear in her spaceship QTC-5000. The entire crowed is cheering chanting over and over again the word "cutesie". Then as the stage curtain opens, the QTC-5000 is gone! In its place is a note. Bruce is devastated stating that someone stole his precious spaceship. Then the Ghostwriter Team comes on stage to help. Then Bruce reads the note. It says "MR. BARON, QTC-5000 IS OURS! IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN, STAY IN THE FOUL FREEZE BOX!" Alex and Lenni points out that it's weird and covered with blue smudges. Bruce Baron gets so upset that he immediately announces that all of the shows in Brooklyn are cancelled. When hearing this the crowd expresses their disappointment. Then Calvin and Jeffrey begin laughing with delight, while Gaby leaves feeling disappointed.

Then back inside the same empty classroom, Gaby changes out of the costume. Then she hides it back in the toy box. She is also really mad now. Because she went to all of this trouble, and didn't even get to meet Galaxy Girl. Then as Gaby is not looking, the mysterious blue people sneak into the classroom from the walls air vent. Then they carefully plant the QTC-5000 spaceship inside Gaby's toy box. Then they climb into the air vent and close it shut and sneak away. Then as Gaby prepares to leave, she can hear Bruce Baron screaming for security to seal all of the exits and search every inch of the building. Then Gaby takes her toy box and heads for home.

Then Alex, Lenni, Rob and Tina arrive at the Bodega there we see his parents. Both Eduardo and Estella are really upset. The reason is because they are missing some money. Estella counted it three times and Eduardo counted it twice. Alex asks what the problem is and Eduardo says that over $40.00 is missing from the cash register and they've looked everywhere. Alex asks them if they've been robbed, but Eduardo isn't sure about that yet. Only that a lot of money is missing. Then from a distance, Tina can see Ghostwriter might have a clue already checking the money bag. Then Eduardo goes to deposit the rest of the money into the bank. Then as Estella leaves, Lenni arranges for them meet up at her place. There they can see if Ghostwriter already found any clues.

Then we see Gaby is still walking home. She is struggling with the toy box, feeling confused about why it's suddenly so heavy now. Then she bumps into Alex who startles her. He informs her that someone stole money from their store, and asks her where she has been. Then he notifies her that the team if meeting up at Lenni's loft to search for clues. She sure doesn't feel to excited about it this time. Then he snaps at her to get going. Then as they leave it seems almost as if somebody was spying on them.

Then Alex and Lenni finally arrive at Lenni's loft. Tina asks her why she is still carrying the toy box. Gaby lies to her saying the person she was going to lend it to wasn't home. Then Lenni sits down at her computer. She asks Ghostwriter if he found any clues on the money bag. Ghostwriter responds with "O_E _ _LLAR DISC_ _NT _HIP". The team is confused by this and Lenni thinks that they can possibly find who robbed the bodega if they can make sense out of it. When seeing this Gaby feels both guilty and upset. She knows that Ghostwriter is reading that off of the rubbed of letters from her Party Animal store One Dollar Discount Chip.

Then Ghostwriter tells them more. He next says " MAD_ BY _AMES P_OPLE PLAY, INC. ORDER #0047". Rob finally figures out that letters are missing. Alex has written them both down. In the second paragraph Tina knows that INC is the abbreviation for Incorporated which businesses use. Rob figures out that since there is a space between Mad and by it must say Made by. Then Tina figure out it must be Games that People play. Because a company can make games for people to play with. Now that they've figured out who the company is. They can find out where it is and who bought something from them and even who it was for. Then Alex tries something new, instead of writing Ghostwriter he just writes G W. He tells Tina it is just faster that way. Then he asks him to please find "Games people Play inc." and read order #0047. Then Ghostwriter flies away to find the information.

Gaby now feels so bad she is just standing still and not moving. Alex tries to comfort her saying they'll find who did it. Only problem is nobody, not even he knows she is the thief! Then Ghostwriter comes back. He tells them that Order #0047 is for One Dollar Discount Chips. Then Tina figures that the other confusing message must also say "ONE DOLLAR DISCOUNT CHIP". Then Rob points out the Ghostwriter has more to tell them. He next says "Ordered by the Party Animal". Seeing this Gaby seems so scared and upset she is about to cry.

The four of them rejoice stating that they now have a suspect. It is Calvin Ferguson, Gaby tells them that it is crazy because why would he rob their store and leave a clue like that behind. They are all eager to go over to his store and speak to him. Then Gaby panics and stops them. She seems like she is about to confess. Then she reminds them that the Party Animal closes at 5:00pm on Sunday and it is too late now. So Lenni suggests meeting with Calvin at school the next day. Alex is mad and it obvious that he really wants to give him a piece of his mind.

Then later on in the bedroom, Gaby is really worried and upset. She expresses her concern to herself out loud. She believes that Calvin will tell them all that she bought the costume. So it will seem obvious that she stole the money. Then as she is sorting through the costume in her toy box, she comes across the missing QTC-5000 model spaceship! She is shocked to see it.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First. Gaby has been totally psyched. Because the "Galaxy Girl" T.V. show is coming to Brooklyn. The show is going to be doing a special program convention at Hurston.

Also, Gaby has really wanted to buy a Galaxy Girl costume to wear to the show. But there is a problem, she doesn't have any money. Also none of her friends do either. Then she got an idea, she could "borrow" money from her parents cash register. Then she could buy the costume and return it the next day, and lie by saying there was something wrong with it and get a refund. Then she could put all the money back before anybody would notice.

So she went through with her decision and bought the costume from the Party Animal Store. However, there was a problem. She didn't realize that she bought the costume on sale. So since all discount sales are final, she couldn't return it.

Then on the day of the show, the other team members saw Brett Pierce. He used to be a star on Galaxy Girl. Then the shows producer Bruce Baron gave them a treat. A trip backstage to take a sneak peek at the Galaxy Girl's spaceship the QTC-5000 (Cutesie). Bruce Baron proudly stated that the model spaceship is worth $50,000. Also lots of other children dressed up for the show too. Including Calvin and Jeffrey who went as evil blue Makvas. They are Galaxy Girl's sworn enemies.

Then when the curtains opened, the model spaceship was gone! The thief left a note it its place saying "QTC-5000 is ours". Also the note had blue smudges on it. Gaby was really mad that she went to all of that trouble and didn't even get to meet Galaxy Girl. Then as she was packing up her costume into her toy box she could hear yelling in the hallway. Then when she wasn't looking the thieves planted the model spaceship inside her toy box.

Then Alex saw that his parents were really upset. Because over $40.00 was said to be missing for the cash register. This lead Alex and his friends to believe that someone robbed the Bodega. Then Ghostwriter came across a clue. The clue told them it was an item ordered by the Party Animal Store.

Then her friends begun to suspect it was Calvin who stole the money. Then Gaby got really nervous, she believed that Calvin would fink on her to her friends, telling them that she bought a costume from his family's store. Then everyone would find out that she was the thief. Then to make matters worse, Gaby found what was hidden in her toy box: the QTC-5000 Spaceship! What is Gaby going to do!?

The arc resumes with Gaby being shocked to find the QTC-5000 Model spaceship in her toy chest. Then for less than a minute she picks it up and starts playing with it. Then she realizes that it was stolen and the police are looking for it. So if she turns it in, she could be accused of stealing it. Gaby panics so she hides it in hey toy chest. Then places a few board games on top of it. Then she covers it with a blanket. Then she lies down on her bed and writes in her diary. She tells it "Dear diary, I am in more trouble than ever". Then she takes a nap.

Then while she is sleeping, she has another dream about her being Galaxy Girl aboard the QTC-5000 Spaceship. The Kija informs her that Makvas are taking over the ship. Then it flutters away from her in fear, begging her not to eat it. She tells it that only Makvas eat Kijas. The Kija is terrified informing her that she is becoming a Makva and her ears are turning blue. Then suddenly she screams realizing it is right, her ears have turned blue. It explains to her why it is happening. It is because she is being bad and she is living by Makva law #1: Say yes, do no! She tries to deny it, but it informs her it's because she is doing the opposite of what she says she will do. She explains that she tried to return the money she stole, but she couldn't. Then it reminds her that she also said she would return the costume, but she did not either. She tries to explain the she tried to but she couldn't. Then the Kija tells her that the bad things she is doing is turning her blue. So it must escape before she can eat it. The it flutters away screaming. Then Gaby begs it to come back while claiming that she is not a Makva.

Then Alex wakes Gaby up, informing her that it sounded like she was having a bad dream. He figures it must have been because somebody robbed their store. Gaby lies and goes along with it. Then Alex says he is still certain it was Calvin. Then he says he will ask for Ghostwriter's help the next day to find the evidence to prove it. Hearing this Gaby is still worried about what Calvin could tell him. Then he tells her that dinner is ready and she thinks she is doomed.

Then the next day at Hurston Middle School we see Jasmine Michaluk. She is waiting for Jamal. Jamal apologizes for being late. His excuse was he needed to shower after gym class so he wouldn't stink. Then she gives him his tutoring folder. Then she asks him to memorize it quickly because the student will be here soon. Then Jamal gets frustrated, when he realizes he has tutor Lamont Sampson in math. He complains saying he cannot tutor him, but before he can explain why Lamont has shown up. He is happy to see her, but not so happy to see Jamal.

Then back over at the cafetorium at Hurston Middle School, Lt. McQuade is back. He asks Lenni, Rob and Alex questions. Such as if they are sure they didn't see anyone come onto the stage when they were setting up the room. Lenni says only the security guard who was already questioned. Then we Mr. Baron pacing back and forth. He complains that questioning young kids is a waste of time. Instead they should be trying to figure out the note that the thief left. Then he can get his Cutesie back. Lt. McQuade tells him that he cannot help him, unless he explains to him what a foul freeze box is. But Bruce Baron says he doesn't know because he is only the producer. Then Rob, Lenni and Alex figure that it must be connected in someway to Galaxy Girl and Hyperball. They look it up in a book. They find out that when a hyperball player breaks a rule, they must sit in the foul freeze back. It is a box that is set up where the player broke the rule. The player must sit inside of it until a Kija lets them back in the game. So they figure out that the thief wants Mr. Baron to sit in the foul freeze back, on the place where the QTC-500 was stolen: The stage. So they get a chair and form a square on the stage with tape.

Then Mr. Baron reluctantly sits inside of it. He complains asking for how long he has to. Lt. McQuade reminds him that he is the producer. So he should everything about hyperball. Mr. Baron complains that he's never had enough time to catch up with the show and the books, but he is reminded that he has plenty of time to catch up on it now. Rob tells him that they believe the thief must be a huge fan of Galaxy Girl. Because only a huge fan could have thought up such a scheme. Mr. Baron complains thinking he could be stuck there for the rest of his life. Then suddenly Brett Pierce shows up. He laughs saying he has him right where he wants him now. Then he tries to have him listen to his plan. He refuses stating he has a lot of reading to do, and to be left alone. Then he asks for Brett to be taken away. So Lt. McQuade escorts him off. Then on his way out, he tells Mr. Baron that he will back.

Rob, Lenni and Alex all wonder what the two of them are fighting about. Also why he is hanging around since he is no longer on the show. Then they guess he might just be a pest like Calvin. This reminds Alex that he has to go speak with him.

Then over at the Party Animal Store. Calvin and Jeffrey and playing chess and Calvin wins. Then Alex and Rob storm inside the store. Alex is furious, demanding him to admit that he stole money from his parents cash register the other day. Calvin tells them to get real. Then Alex asks him why a Party Animal Store discount chip was found inside the drawer. Calvin asks him how he knew it was from his store, because the chips don't say where they are from. Then Alex and Rob tell him that they know the chips say order #0047. This is a private order for the Party Animal. Calvin is shocked asking them how they knew that. Then Rob asks him whether or not he stole a $50.00 bill from the Bodega cash register. Then Jeffrey is about to mention that Gaby came by with a $50.00 bill. Then Calvin rudely tells him to shut his mouth.

Then Calvin gets smart and rude with them. He tells them to use what is left of their pea brains. Also that the Party Animal makes the Bodega look like a stale tortilla. And when his cash register rings people think Santa Claus is coming to town. Then he asks the junior detective to leave. Alex gets mad for being insulted and says he would rather punch his lights out. Alex approaches him in rage and Rob pulls him back and Jeffrey steps in front of Calvin. Then Ghostwriter is seen flying around and lands in the bin of discount chips. Then Rob calms Alex down, and tells him they should come back later when they can find more proof. Alex agrees and they leave. Then after they leave, Jeffrey asks Calvin why he didn't just tell them Gaby had the $50.00 bill. Calvin says it is because they are living by Makva laws and law #2 is choose to confuse and Jeffrey remembers now. Calvin tells Jeffrey he also knows that Alex and his friends aren't smart enough to know where that discount chip came from on their own. So they must have a top secret way of finding their information. And when he finds out what it is, he is going to use it to crush them. Then suddenly, we see Ghostwriter flying around the garbage can. He comes across a Party Animal receipt. It says "Gaby Fernandez, Galaxy Girl costume $43.15"!

Then up inside Lenni's Loft, Lenni and Gaby are dicing vegetable to make a dip. Lenni fills Gaby in on what they've found out. About how they think the thief is trying to make believe he or she is part of Galaxy Girl's world. Gaby is quiet and seems very tense. Then she asks Gaby how cool it would be if they could catch him or her. But Gaby just stares at her. Lenni senses something is wrong and asks her about it. Gaby denies anything and just says nothing. Then Lenni realizes she forgot to buy sour cream for the dip. So she heads downstairs to buy some from the Bodega. Lenni trusts Gaby, so she leaves her alone in her loft.

Then suddenly, Gaby notices Ghostwriter in Lenni’s computer. It tells her “Galaxy Girl costume $43.15 Gaby Fernandez”. She sits down and begins to type. She asks him “Did you read my diary?”. Ghostwriter tells her “No. I read it at the Party Animal”. When reading this, she gets very worried. Then she confesses to Ghostwriter. She tells him “I stole the money. I’m bad.” The Ghostwriter replies telling her “You’re not bad. You made a mistake.”. Then he also tells her “Your heart is good. Tell the truth.” Gaby then realizes he is absolutely right. It is time for her to tell her family the truth, although she is scared. Then she tells Ghostwriter “Hug” and he replies back saying “Hug”. Then Gaby hugs herself, as Ghostwriter flies an orange translucent spiral around her and then flies away.

Then as Gaby enters the Bodega, Rob and Alex meet with Lenni on her way out. Gaby tells her that she will help later. For now she needs to talk to her family in private. Lenni understands and Rob goes up with her to fill her in on he and Alex’s visit with Calvin. Then Gaby is about to tell Eduardo why she looks so serious. Then they can all hear their mother screaming for their father to come. They all meet with her in the children’s bedroom. The bedroom is a mess and everything has been snooped through. Estella says they’ve been robbed. Then Eduardo calls the police and tells them not to touch anything.

Then back at Hurston Middle school, Jamal and Lamont are having a very rough time working together. Then Lamont gets fed up and breaks his pencil. He tells Jamal that he is sick of math and sick of him. Jamal tells him he’s just trying to help him. Lamont tells him that he is in the eighth grade and he doesn’t need help from a sixth grader. Then Jamal reminds him he’s in the seventh grade now and according to the tutoring folder, if he doesn’t get any help he won’t graduate. Then Lamont threatens to knock out some of his teeth, unless he gets out of his way. Then Jamal asks him what his problem is. Lamont tells him that it is him. So Jamal gets mad and packs up to leave. Then Lamont asks him if he’ll tell the principal again, like he did the year before. Jamal says no. Then Lamont reminds him that he did the year before. Then Jamal faces him and reminds Lamont that he sold him a pool pass for $2.00. When it turned it that the school doesn’t have a pool. Then Lamont says that it would have been funny, if he hadn’t gotten suspended for it. Then Jamal asks him if he beat up any of the other 12 kids that he conned. Lamont then faces him up close and says only him. Then he asks him if he wants another black eye. Then Jamal stands up for himself saying he’s not afraid of him. Then he asks Jamal to take his best shot. Instead Jamal just packs up and leaves. Jasmine is shocked asking him where he is going and looks at Lamont in disgust.

Then we see Lt. McQuade in the Fernandez children’s bedroom. He tells the parents that the robber must have been a child or a very small adult. Because nobody else’s arm could have fit through the window gate to release the latch. Eduardo cannot understand why someone would break in and not take anything. Estella suggests that perhaps they took something they overlooked. Then Gaby comes inside and she isn’t feeling well. Her parents are concerned and ask her what is wrong. She says she has a sore stomach. Then Estella takes her to their bedroom so she can lie down. Then after they leave, Lt. McQuade notices something. It is a piece of die cast toy metal. Alex also notices there is a piece of a Galaxy Girl costume. Lt. McQuade puts it in a bag to seal as evidence. He asks Alex if he know what it is, he doesn’t but he notices it has blue smudges on it. The same blue smudges that thief who stole Cutesie left on the note. Lt. McQuade takes it over to Hurston Middle School. So he can see if Mr. Baron can identify it. Then he lets them know that he will contact them when he comes up with any information.

Then Eduardo and Lt. McQuade leave. Then Alex goes to his casebook and he organizes a rally meeting. Then he changes his mind and crosses out A and put L to have the meeting in Lenni’s loft. Inside Lenni’s loft, we see that Lenni has made the dip and Rob keeps tasting it. She is annoyed and lectures him saying it is for her dad’s band rehearsal. Then they both notice the letter magnets on the fridge are moving around. They say “Rally L”. Lenni is confused about who called it. Tina is walking down a sidewalk and she is once again happily talking about Lana Barnes. She mentions that she is so hot that she has made an exercise video. Tina is carrying a VHS copy of it. It is called “Lana Barnes, Aerobically yours!”. Then suddenly, Tina watches some letter rearrange to tell her “Rally L”. Tina is pleased to see this and heads over.

Then back at Hurston Middle School, Jamal had calmed down and returns. Jamal tells Jasmine that he has thought it over and cannot do it. So she will need to find someone else to tutor Lamont. Jasmine encourages him not to quit. Also she mentions that she had a talk with Lamont and she can understand what the two of them have been going through. Jamal says that he ripped him off. Lamont brags that he beat him up to. Jamal confronts him trying to encourage a rematch. Then Jasmine splits them apart and tells them to calm down and stop fighting. Then Lamont packs up and leaves telling them they are lame mathematicians. He explains that you’ve got to be lame to pick to math for a tutoring job. Jasmine asks him what he picked. Lamont says that he and Momo are going to be fixing the bleachers at the youth center. They ask him why and he says because carpentry is his thing. Jamal tell him that math is his thing and he shouldn’t bad mouth him for what he likes to do. Jasmine backs him up reminding him he needs Jamal’s help to graduate.

Then Lamont asks how he could possibly help him. When he was dumb enough to buy a pool pass for a school with no pool. Jamal gets frustrated saying he only made a mistake and the same thing could happen to him too. Lamont says that nobody in their school has what it takes to pull a fast one on him. Then Jamal mention High School. He tells him that he think he is just afraid to graduate and move onto high school. Because when he moves onto high school he will be a new kid. Then some older bully might pull a stunt on him. Lamont says he isn’t afraid of anything. Jasmine back Jamal up saying only the true and math. Then Lamont agrees to the tutoring to prove his isn’t afraid to graduate. Then before Lamont leaves Jamal gives him homework for their next session. Then Lamont gets very rude and tells him that Jasmine is a very pretty girl. So he better let her know how he feels soon. Or else some other good looking like him will take her away and he will be left all alone.

When Lamont leave he lefts think he is crazy. But Jasmine doesn’t think it so crazy to tell a girl how a guy feels. Then Jamal gets really frustrated and tells her that she knows how he feels. Then asks her why she think he calls her all of the time. Also why he is tutoring math for an entire month. Also why she think he walks her home, when he lives in the opposite direction. She smiles telling him that she lets him and because she like him. Then she kisses him on the cheek and asks him to walk her home. Then Jamal smiles in victory. Then he notices the large keyboard picture on the wall. The letters on it rearrange to say “Rally L”. So Jamal decides to walk Jasmine home instead, hoping his friends will understand.

Then Lenni, Rob, Alex and Tina meet in Lenni's kitchen. Alex then mentions what recently happened. Also that the die cast metal piece they found that had blue smudges on it. Just like the blue smudges that were on the note, from the thief who stole cutesie. Alex is still sure that the thief is Calvin. Then Rob suggests asking Ghostwriter, if he found any clues at the Party Animal. So Alex writes to Ghostwriter. He writes "G W - Did you find any clues at the Party Animal? He responds says Yes. Then Alex asks him what he found. Then Ghostwriter just swirls around in flashing colors and doesn't answer. The team is confused because this isn't like Ghostwriter to not tell them something. Then Alex asks him why he won't tell them. Then Ghostwriter borrows letters. Then he rearranges them to say that he is afraid of hurting someone. Lenni cannot understand who and Alex thinks perhaps it's Calvin. So he asks if it's Calvin. Ghostwriter tells him no.

Then the team decides they need to tell Ghostwriter how serious things are. So Alex tries again. He writes G W - We have to know who robbed the Bodega and broke into my room. They can see that Ghostwriter can't answer and they feel bad for him. Then Alex reminds Ghostwriter that they are a team and they really do need his help. So Ghostwriter reluctantly tells them all to ask Gaby. Alex is confused, not sure what Gaby would know about it. Then Rob suggests that perhaps she was the person. The one who Ghostwriter was afraid of hurting. Tina refuses to believe it, thinking there was no way. Rob mentions that Alex said she had a Galaxy Girl costume, which she couldn't afford to buy. Lenni backs him up by saying that they do sell the costumes at the Party Animal Store. Rob also mentions that the strange die cast item with blue smudges was found with her stuff.

Then Lenni asks who knows more about Galaxy Girl other than Gaby. Then Rob asks who else would Ghostwriter be protecting other than her. Then Rob tells Alex they have no choice but to add Gaby to the suspects list. Alex refuses and tries to stop him. Then Rob and Lenni say they have to, because it's a case. So they cannot ignore any suspects, no matter how much they like them. So Rob adds Gaby's name to the suspect list in a casebook. Alex gets so upset for his own sister being added to the suspect's list that he leaves and Tina tries to catch up with him.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First. The Galaxy Girl TV show came to Brooklyn to do a special program at Hurston Middle School. Gaby was determined to buy a Galaxy Girl costume to wear to the show. But when she couldn't earn or borrow enough money, she took it from her family's store!

She was planning to return the costume right after the show, and get a refund. Then she could put the money back before anybody would notice. However she didn't realize the costume was on the sale. So the sale was final and she couldn't return it. When she found this out, she still dressed up and went to the show anyways. Many other kids dressed up to. This included Calvin Ferguson Jeffrey Baxter. They went as evil blue Makvas. The Makvas are Galaxy Girl's sworn enemies.

Then when the show started, Galaxy Girl's spaceship (the QTC-5000) was stolen! The thief left a note behind that was covered with blue smudges. Also, to tip off the iceberg, the Ghostwriter Team found out that over $40.00 was said to be missing from the Bodega. The team suspected Calvin might have stolen it. But Gaby knows differently.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are First: Gaby felt terrible about taking the money. Then when she found the stolen spaceship hidden in her toy box she got really scared. She believed that the police may think she stole it. So she tried to hide it. Then the team found out what part of the weird note meant, by looking up "Foul Freeze Box" in a Galaxy Girl book.

Then, Gaby finally came up with the courage to confess to her parents. Then just as she was about to tell them, they discovered that someone broke into the Alex and Gaby's bedroom. They came in through the window and trashed the whole bedroom apart. Lt. McQuade found the Galaxy Girl costume and a strange object. The Object had blue smudges on it. The same blue smudges on the note that thief left. So Alex called a rally. There he filled the team (except for Gaby) in on what McQuade had found on Gaby's side of the room. He wasn't too happy about the team's decision of adding his own sister to the suspects list.

Who broke into Alex & Gaby's bedroom? What is the strange object with the blue smudges? And what is Gaby going to do now?

The arc resumes with Gaby about to tell their mother the truth. Then suddenly, Eduardo calls for Estella to come and see him quickly. Then Jamal, Tina, Alex and Gaby all head over to the Fernandez children's bedroom. When they look inside, they see Lt. McQuade and Mr. Fernandez just standing there looking very disappointed. Estella asks them if they found the thief yet, and Eduardo just disappointingly stares at their daughter saying that he hopes not.

Then Lt. McQuade asks Gaby to come inside to speak with her. He shows her the clue they found earlier (the die cast piece of toy with blue smudges). He explains to her that he found it near her toy chest and Mr. Baron recognized it as a piece of the model spaceship. He tells her that they know she is involved with the theft and to just return it. Then Gaby defensively claims her innocence and says that her she didn't steal it and she doesn't know who did. Lt. McQuade says she has to do better than that, because they found a piece of it in their bedroom with her things. Then suddenly Estella is furious to see a piece of a Galaxy Girl costume.

Estella snaps at her asking her how she got it. Gaby reluctantly admits that she "borrowed" the money for it from the cash register. Hearing this her mother is furious. She informs her daughter that she didn't get permission to borrow that money. Instead she stole it. Gaby is really upset and frantic and she admits that she stole the money, but she did not steal Cutesie and begs for her father to believe her. Eduardo doesn't know if he can and she sits down at the desk and cries. Eduardo apologizes explaining that she is just a little girl and she is very frightened. Lt. McQuade says he understands, but has a feeling that she knows more than what is she saying. Then Lt. McQuade tells Gaby that there is no point in covering for anybody, because they will get off free and she will take the blame. Then he even threatens to take her down to the police station. Hearing this, Gaby cries and runs to hug with her father. Then at the doorway, Jamal tells Alex and Tina they will have a rally meeting at his house.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Alex is slouched down on the sofa covering his ears next to Tina. Rob is frustrated and stressed. He is pacing all around the room in circles. He says that Gaby knew all along that the discount chip came from the Party Animal store, because she was the one who put it there. Which was why she did not want them to question Calvin. Lenni is also frustrated reminding them all that Gaby didn't say anything about it either. Tina mentions that Gaby feels very bad about it. Rob mentions that she lied to them, so how do they know she isn't also lying about the Cutesie spaceship. Then Alex gets furious, stands up and heads over to Rob. He snaps saying that since she says she didn't steal it, then he believes her. Lenni pushes Alex away before he can take a swing at Rob and asks him to calm down.

So Alex takes a deep breath and sits down. He tells them they have to help Gaby, because he knows she didn't steal the spaceship. Tina suggests they write down what they already know about the robbery. Then to come up with a list of suspects of who could have really stolen it. Lenni comes up with that they already know that the thief is a major fan of Galaxy Girl. And nobody else would know so much about her. Rob mentions that they were blue smudges on the note. As Alex is writing things down, he seems a little more encouraged now. He mentions that the other day at the show, a lot of people came dressed as Makvas. So their blue makeup may have easily rubbed off onto the note. People such as Calvin and Jeffrey came dressed as them. So Alex writes down Calvin as their first suspect. The evidence against him: Known creep, blue smudges and knows about Galaxy Girl. Their second suspect is Jeffrey, the evidence against him: Calvin's shadow. The third suspect is Brett Piece. He sure seemed happy to see Bruce Baron trapped inside the foul freeze box and unable to leave. So he must be mad at Mr. Baron about something. Also he portrayed the role of Captain Shavard, for five seasons. So he must also know a lot about Galaxy Girl. Now with three major suspects, Lenni is certain that they will solve the case. Then Alex thanks them all for standing by Gaby's side. Then Rob apologizes for getting carried away earlier. Alex forgives stating he sometimes get carried away too.

Then over at the Party Animal Store, Jeffrey comes running inside. Calvin asks him if he got the goods. He says he couldn't, because the Bodega was closed and a police car was in front of the store. Hearing this, Calvin wants to know what is going on (intrigued to snoop) and heads over to check it out. He rudely leaves Jeffrey behind telling him to call his mom if a customer comes on. Then over at the Bodega, Calvin peeks inside the window. Now Alex tells Lenni and Tina that when his parents are doing speaking to Gaby, they will tell her they're on the case, and they won't let her be sent to jail. Then they notice the message about the cash register: Don't Steal! Shoplifters will be prosecuted. Ghostwriter scrambles it to tell them: Fluton is Number1! Hyperball for peace! They remember those words were written on Cutesie. So they ask Ghostwriter if he can help them track it down. So Alex writes to him saying: GW, Please help us find Cutesie by reading anything near him.

Then back over in the Fernandez Children's bedroom, Gaby is being disciplined and lectured by her parents. Estella is furious asking her how she was going to replace over $40.00. Gaby says that she was going to tell the store that the costume didn't fit and then get a refund. Then her mom tells her that a dissatisfied customer, should never be a customer who isn't honest. Gaby says she knows that, but she wanted the costume so badly that she just wasn't thinking. Then Eduardo and Estella ask her about Cutesie. She swears that she doesn't know and didn't see anything because everything just happened so fast. Then Estella grounds her. Until further notice she is grounded in her bedroom after school and isn't allowed to have any visitors. Then Just as Eduardo tries to speak to his daughter, Max Frazier from upstairs begins rehearsing with his band. Eduardo gets really mad and frustrated. It seems he cannot even speak to his own daughter.

Then over at the cash register, Ghostwriter comes back with clues for them. He tells they are from a place called Buddy Burger in Coshocton, Ohio. They write it down as Calvin continues to spy on them curiously from the window outside. Then Eduardo comes storming in. He is frustrated and stressed. He says he can't even hear himself think, when they start playing their music. So he calls Lenni's dad, and he loudly threatens him to either stop making such a racket. Or he will come upstairs and break the instruments into a million pieces (a little foreshadowing for the next arc). Estella tells him to calm down as everyone seems upset. Lenni is about to cry now. So she leaves saying that will speak to her dad about it. Alex is disgusted with his dad's temper and leaves with Tina.

Then on a staircase outside, Alex and Tina review the clues Ghostwriter gave them, hoping it will lead them to Cutesie. Tina says that her brother Tuan and his band eat at the Buddy Burger near her house. So they must be restaurant receipts for one. But they have trouble pronouncing the place that three of them are from. But Tina reveals that the OH stands for Ohio. So perhaps the thief is from some town in Ohio. Also the most recent receipt is from May 6 right here in Brooklyn. May 6 is also the same day that Cutesie was stolen. So if they can find the thief from the local Buddy Burger, then they can prove Gaby is innocent. Before they leave, Alex thanks her for sticking by Gaby's side all along. Tina says it is no problem, because Gaby is her best friend. Then he gives her a kiss on the cheek. However, as they were busy talking, Calvin was standing under the stairs. He places his hands through the bars and snatches Alex's casebook just as they leave. Calvin quickly reads that he was written down as suspect. Now he is just furious to be accused of stealing Cutesie.

Then back at the Party Animal, Calvin reviews what he found out with Jeffrey. Jeffrey doesn't agree with him stealing Alex's casebook, and feels he should give it back. Calvin said taking it was different, he just did what any Makva would do. They then read that Alex wrote down GW, please help us find Cutesie by reading anything near him. Calvin figures that whoever GW is, that it can find things for them by reading things that are hard to find or by things they are looking. Calvin decides to lock it up. Jeffrey feels guilty and doesn't want to pretend being Makvas anymore. Calvin reminds him that he is locking up the book for the both of them. Because they think that they both stole Cutesie and they cannot let them get away with it. Calvin says that eventually they will come to question him about Cutesie. So when they do, he will trick them into telling them all about GW and how they get their secret information. Then he laughs

That evening, in the Fernandez children's bedroom Alex speaks to Gaby. He informs her that he and Tina didn't find out anything from Buddy Burger. But they know they will something to prove her innocence. Gaby is worried, saying that if they cannot, Lt. McQuade will send her to jail!

That night when Gaby is sleeping she has a nightmare. Once again she is Galaxy Girl aboard her spaceship. She doesn't look happy, she is bound and gagged with blue cables to a chair. The creature who did this, is a huge and intimidating looking Makva Overlord (who sort of resembles Lieutenant Isiah McQuade ). The Makva Overlord is constantly taunting her. He keeps telling her Say yes, do no! Choose to confuse! Lie to get by! Then Galaxy Girl Gaby's ears have already turned blue! However she tries to fight him off. She says that she lives by the rules of hyperball. He asks her to recite them and she cannot remember. So the Overlord asks her to just give up and give in. Since she already lives by Makva rule #2 Choose to confuse. It reminds her that she never told her friends where the discount chip came from. Then it tells her is a very taunting and teasing tone that she is becoming a Makva whether she likes it or not. Because she is bad through and through and laughs in a sinister tone. Galaxy Girl Gaby tries to deny it by saying no and never. Then it tells her to look at her hands, and they are now blue and she screams in horror.

The next day in Hurston Middle School's cafetorium, Lenni and Rob can see that Mr. Baron is still trapped in the foul freeze box. They decide to wait until he wakes up, so they can ask him about Brett Pierce. Then to past time Lenni looks at a Galaxy Girl fan club magazine. Inside an article reveals that Abigail and Jordan jefferson created Galaxy Girl when they were just senior students in high school. Then they sold the rights to Bruce Baron's television company for $25,000 USD.

Then Rob find a script for an old Galaxy Girl episode. It is episode 64 "The Makva's Revenge". Rob explains that inside a script INT means Interior like inside a building and EXT means Exterior like outside of a building. Mr. Baron wakes up overhearing them. He mentions that was back when that had great scripts, and nowadays they have just about run out of ideas for new episodes. Lenni tells his that Rob is a writer. Mr. Baron is interested to hear this and even considers asking him to write for him when he is older.

Then they ask Mr. Baron if they haven seen Brett Pierce lately. Mr. Baron is annoyed and is happy to say he hasn't. He reveals to them that Brett is mad at him because he fired him. They suggest that perhaps he stole Cutesie to get back at him. Mr. Baron says he though of that, but he doesn't have any evidence to prove it. Then they ask Mr. Baron if Brett is from Ohio. Mr. Baron says he isn't, but he is. Then suddenly, Brett comes in happily asking to speak to Mr. Baron. Mr. Baron is now fed up with both Brett and with staying in the foul freeze box. So he gets up storms out and leaves. As he leaves he is whining that he wants a hot shower, to sleep in a bed and to eat a buddy burger. As Brett chases after him he drops his pen. So Lenni hands it back to him. Then she notices that he has blue smudges on his hand. So now both Lenni and Rob decide to keep a close eye on Brett Pierce.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Gaby is carefully deciding which stuffed animal to bring with her to jail. Alex tells her that he won't let anyone send her to jail. So she has to try and remember everything that happened at the Galaxy Girl show. Gaby tries to but, every time she thinks about it she gets more confused. So Gaby says she remembers she got changed in the computer room. Then she saw two Makvas passed by. Then she was at the show when Cutesie went missing, which she was really disappointed about. When she went back to computer room to get changed again, she heard yelling. So she left to check it out. When she came back for her toy chest, it was closed and she didn't remember closing it. Then she remembers hearing more yelling so she left. She tells Alex the toy chest was near the wall with the big clock. Then on the way home,she had this strange feeling like she was being watched and she didn't find out that Cutesie was in it until she came back to their bedroom. Alex has a hunch that someone might have put it in her toy chest when she left the room. So he goes off to check the computer room. Then to tell Lt. McQuade what she just told him. Gaby just hopes that he will believe her.

Then in the hallway at Hurston Middle School, it seems that Brett Pierce is writing a ransom note and he kept coming up with better ideas for what it will say. It makes him sound like he is going crazy. Then Lenni and Rob see Ghostwriter. He skims Brett's note then rearranges letter on a nearby bulletin board. It is rearranged to say: YOU MUST GIVE US CUTESIE. They are confused thinking he already has it. Then he crumples up the paper thinking it isn't evil enough and leaves. Then they pick up the crumpled paper just as Brett returns. To distract him, Rob asks him for his autograph. Then Lenni grabs his paper and runs off. So Brett stomps on Rob's foot and runs after her. Lenni continues chasing him around the hallways as Rob gets away limping his foot.

Then inside the computer room, Alex, Jamal and Tina examine the wall near the clock. Alex has a hunch that the thief somehow came in this way. Then below the clock, they find the large wall vent. The inside of it has blue smudges on it. They suspect that the vents lead all the way to the stage. Also that the thief was hiding in the vent and hid Cutesie in Gaby's toy chest when she wasn't looking. So the three of them head off to tell Lt. McQuade what they have uncovered.

Then in another classroom, Rob and Lenni have finally lost Brett Pierce. They read his crumpled up paper to see what it was all about. It says: General we have the remains of Captain Shavard in our ship's freezer. We know the secret formula to bring him back to life. If you want it, you must give us Cutesie! Then after checking the note more carefully, they now realize he was just coming up with a script for an episode. One where his character could be brought back to life. Because it mentions how characters speak and fictional ideas. Also on the back of the paper was the idea of an interior scene. So it wasn't a threatening note and Brett just wants to return to the show. And the blue smudges on his hand came from the pen he was writing with. So he isn't guilty after all. Then Brett storms in looking mad. They nervously return it to him saying it is great idea for a script. He says it is a great idea and to not steal his ideas.

Then back in the cafetorium, Lt. McQuade is there. He applauds them on their good work. So they know now that the thief crawled under the stage and came out of the computer room. Then Alex asks Lt. McQuade is Gaby is cleared now, because she would never do anything to ruin the show. Because she is Galaxy Girl's number one fan. Then just before Lt. McQuade can answer, Mr. Baron comes running in all panicked and upset. He tells Lt. McQuade that the thief just slipped a note under the door of his hotel room. The note tells Mr. Baron that QTC-5000 is our prisoner. Bring $50,000 to the corner of Smith and Warrant streets. Tomorrow at 4:00pm or you will never see Cutesie again. Sincerely Galaxy Girl's number one fan. Lt. McQuade skims it and is ready to go with him. Alex asks him if Gaby is still off the hook. But Lt. McQuade asks him how can she be. Because they just told him that she is Galaxy Girl's number one fan!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First. The Galaxy Girl T.V. show came to Brooklyn. Gaby was totally psyched, because she's Galaxy Girl's number one fan. She wanted a Galaxy Girl costume to wear to the show, but she didn't have any money. So she took some from her parent's store.

That's when things really started to go wrong. Galaxy Girl's spaceship was stolen. And the thief left a threatening note, that had blue smudges all over it. Then everyone found out that the money was missing. Then Gaby found the stolen spaceship, hidden in her toy box. She got really scared, she didn't want anyone to think she stole Cutesie. So she hid it, but someone broke into her room and took it.

Then, Lt. McQuade found the Galaxy Girl costume and a strange object with blue smudges on it. Just like on the threatening note.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, the strange object turned out to be part of the missing spaceship. Gaby admitted that she took the money. But, Lt. McQuade didn't believe her when she said that she didn't steal Cutesie. So, the rest of the Ghostwriter team went onto the case to try and figure out who could have really stolen Cutesie. The first two suspects are Calvin Ferguson and Jeffrey Baxter, because they went to the show dressed as blue Makvas and are known creeps. The third suspect was Brett Pierce, an actor fired from Galaxy Girl and mad at Bruce Baron for it.

Then Alex and Tina were trying to figure out a new clue from Ghostwriter. One that meant the thief likes to eat at Buddy Burger Restaurants, while this was happening, Calvin sneakingly stole Alex's casebook!

Meanwhile, Gaby has been having nightmares about her being Galaxy Girl and turning into a Makva! Makvas do they opposite of what they say, and tell lies and try to confuse people.

Then Bruce Baron revealed he was given another ransom note from the thief. This one threatened him to bring $50,000 to the corner of Smith and Warrant streets. Tomorrow at 4:00 pm or he will never see Cutesie again. It was signed: Sincerely Galaxy Girl's number one fan.

What's going to happen to Cutesie? Can the Ghostwriter team get Gaby off the hook?

The arc resumes, with Lt. McQuade on his way to question Gaby again. Alex now regrets opening his big mouth saying she was Galaxy Girl's number one fan. Which seems to have gotten her into even more trouble now. So Alex leaves to catch up with Lt. McQuade. So he asks Jamal and Tina go and deal with Calvin.

Then over at the Party Animal store, Calvin is prepared seeing them entering the store. So he gives Jeffrey, Alex's casebook and reminds him to choose to confuse because they are still pretending to be Makvas. Then Rob, Jamal and Tina enter the store. Calvin tells him that they know why they've come. It is to the question them about stealing Cutesie. Rob asks him how he knows. Then Jeffrey nervously tells them that GW told them. The three of them play dumb and Jamal asks them what a "GW" is. Calvin is rude to Jamal telling him not play dumb with him. Calvin fibs that Gaby told them all about GW, and how it can read and find things. Also that she is the brains of the whole operation, and how she came with the plan to steal Cutesie for her. Rob asks him why he would help her steal it. Calvin continues his lie, by saying in exchange for information about GW. Then Tina gets angry and calls Calvin a slimy little liar and she threatens to report to Lt. McQuade. Then they well see just who will end up going to jail.

Then suddenly, Jeffrey gets scared and full of guilt. He confesses that he isn't a thief. Rob gives him a chance to save his own skin. So Jeffrey admits that they just made the whole thing up, after they saw their names written down on the suspects list in Alex's casebook. He confesses that Calvin stole Alex's casebook and does the right thing and returns it to Rob. Feeling miserable and guilty, Jeffrey leaves the store telling Calvin that he will see him around. Calvin threatens him by saying not if he sees him first. Then on their way out, Rob threatens Calvin to stop messing with them, because he should know that he can never win. Then to make them feel embarrassed for being rude to him, he nicely waves to them and tells them to have a nice day.

That evening, in their bedroom, Alex apologies to his sister for telling Lt. McQuade that she was Galaxy Girl's number one fan. She forgives him for it, understanding that he was only trying to help. Gaby just hopes that she won't be going to jail and Alex promises her that she won't.

Then when Gaby falls asleep, she has another nightmare about her being Galaxy Girl. She is still being taunted and tormented by the big intimidating Makva Overlord. It keeps tormenting her by asking her to just give up and admit that she is now a Makva, and to be glad that she is bad. She gets up and tries to fight him off by saying never. Then it reminds her that she is already living by Makva rule #3: Lie to get by! Then it reminds her that after she stole the money, she told lie after lie to hid her crime. So now everybody knows that she cannot be trusted. Galaxy Girl Gaby tries to explain that she couldn't help it. Then the Makva Overlord informs her, that because she is BAD through and through. She is now completely BLUE! Then it hands her a mirror to see for herself. Galaxy Girl Gaby's entire body is now completely blue! Now it asks her to recite the Makva laws. Then in a trance, she recites the three laws. Say yes, do no!, Choose to confuse!, and lie to get by! and she grins and hisses. Now that she is one of them, the Makva Overlord presents her with a special dessert. One that Makvas have hungered for since the beginning of time: A Kija! She hungrily stares at it while being taunted to eat it.

Then suddenly, Gaby wakes up from her nightmare. She is relieved to find out she hasn't really turned blue. Then she goes over to the scrabble board game to communicate with Ghostwriter. They communicate with the letter pieces. He asks her "BAD DREAM". she answer writing "YES". Then he asks "HOW DO YOU FEEL". She feels like she is all alone, like nobody trusts her anymore. She answers by writing "TERRIBLE". Then Ghostwriter answers by telling her "TALK TO YOUR PARENTS". She has tried to, but she gets confused. So she she tells him "I TRIED". Then over on the wall, Ghostwriter borrows letters to rearrange words on the bulletin board. He tells her "Writing helps". So Gaby sits and thinks long and hard. With help from Ghostwriter, she writes her parents a letter of apology. After reading it, she realizes that it was what she wanted to say all along. Then she thanks Ghostwriter for all of his help and support.

Then when Gaby goes back to sleep, she begins having another Galaxy Girl nightmare. The Makva Overlord is relentlessly taunting her to eat the Kija. Then suddenly, the Hyper ball Team shows up. The five of them all seem to resemble Gaby's friends. The Rob look-alike tells him to drop the Kija. As the Overlord hisses, the Kija breaks free and escapes. The Tina look-alike tells her that she isn't a Makva, just because she made some mistakes. The Jamal look-alike tells her that she only thought she was turning blue, because she felt bad about what she did. The Lenni look-alike tells her that they're her friends. So they forgive her. Then the Rob look like asks the team to recite the third law of hyper ball. The Makva Overlord cowers in fear demanding them not to say it. Then entire team says in unison, "Everyone deserves a second chance!". Then the Makva Overlord vanishes in disgust. Then slowly, Galaxy Girl Gaby asks her team if she is still blue, and then all happily inform her that she isn't blue anymore. Now the Kija is happily chiming and floating around again. Then one by one the five of them all hug her. Then suddenly a sixth person hugs her. He is an adult man with a space visor covering his face. She stares at him with intrigue and asks him who he is. So he slowly opens his visor. Then suddenly, Gaby wakes up realizing the sixth person in her dream who hugged must have been Ghostwriter.

Then next day, Gaby has a nice chat with parents. They are very pleased with her and accept her letter of apology, and promise to trust her again. They then have a chat with her reminding her that greed she never come in the way with honesty and just because we want something it never makes it all right to steal from others. Also to think about how it feels if someone were to steal for you. Gaby promises to never do it again. So they decide that for the time being, her allowance will be used to make up for the money she stole. Also for the rest of the week, she is still grounded. But she is allowed visitors for one hour each day.

Then later that afternoon, Alex and Lenni head over to the corner of Smith and Warrant streets. Where they look for Mr. baron to make the $50,000 drop. Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Gaby decides to fight back and help the team catch the real thief. They figure that the thief was wearing a Makva outfit, since some of the blue makeup rubbed off onto the note. And the thief was small enough to fit through the air vents. Then Gaby remembers that she heard two people talking at the same time. Saying slide your boot up the shoot. Tina suggests Chute meaning another named for a vent. As in the game "chutes and ladders". Gaby couldn't tell if they were kids or grownups but seemed like twins. Then Rob suggests the same twins that he read about with Lenni. The same ones who created Galaxy Girl. Being her number one fan, Gaby knows they must mean Abigail and Jordan Jefferson. Then they read in the magazine, that they attended John Dewey High School in Ohio and when they were seniors in High School they created Galaxy Girl. Then sold the rights to television for $25,000. So they write them both down as suspects. To make sure they are from Coshocton, they ask Ghostwriter to find out what town John Dewey High School is in.

Meanwhile, Alex and Lenni find the corner of Smith and Warrant streets. When suddenly, each of them are grabbed, gagged and pulled away! Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, they eagerly wait for Ghostwriter's answer. He finally tells them that John Dewey High School in is Coshocton. So the Jefferson twins must be the thieves themselves. Also since Galaxy Girl was their idea, then they really are Galaxy Girl's number one fan. Then Lt. McQuade apologizes to Alex and Lenni for grabbing them. It is just that they walked into what could have been a very dangerous situation, and they could have blown the police's cover. Also the drop is about to begin so they need to be quiet.

Then Mr. Baron comes by dropping a briefcase full of money. He drops it into a trashcan as he was instructed to. Then suddenly, blue smoke starts blowing coming out. Then the briefcase explodes and the money goes flying everywhere. The Jefferson twins are nowhere insight. Mr. Baron is really upset and he is crying. Alex tries to comfort him. He mentions they can clean the money up. Mr Baron says that he still doesn't have his Cutesie back and he is just sobbing.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, they are confused about why the Jefferson's didn't take the money. Also about why they sent the note to Mr. Baron's hotel room. Instead of the foul freeze back in the cafetorium. Lenni reveals that the Jefferson twins, live like Makvas, doing everything the Makva way. So they have been choosing to confuse and doing the opposite of what they say. Then Ghostwriter brings them a new message they wrote. It says QTC-5000 has been destroyed. We will not return to the foul freeze box. The games begin! Since they are acting like Makvas, then they must mean that Cutesie hasn't been destroyed. And they will return to the foul freeze back at the scene of the crime. Tina goes off to quickly Tell Gaby what they've figured out. Then the four of then head over to Hurston Middle School.

So Alex, Rob, Jamal, and Lenni all hurry over to the school's cafetorium. Sure enough, the QTC-5000 model spaceship is back safe and sound. Then Rob mentions that there is no breeze in the room, and Cutesie is rocking back and forth. So it must mean, someone must have just hung it up not too long ago and can still be nearby. Then they realize they might still be in the computer room and went through the wall vent. Lenni runs off to call Lt. McQuade, while Rob, Alex and Jamal hurry to the computer room. Then sure enough, in the the computer room the wall vent has just opened and they can hear sneezing in it. Alex crawls inside and pulls the Jefferson twins out.

Once they are pulled out, they both promise to stay still and wait for the police. They are both dressed as Makvas and they either finished each other sentences or say the last words of them together. They reveal that they've been close to each other their whole lives, because nobody else wanted to play with them because they were short. However they've always enjoyed using their imaginations and writing stories together. Then in high school, they finally decided to share them with their school. So they posted them in school's newspaper. They were happy at first, because for the first time in their lives they were finally making friends. Then a classmate of theirs named Barbara Baron showed them to her father. Bruce Baron a television producer, he loved them and bought the rights to all of their stories for just $25,000. They accepted this price because they were very poor and wanted to go to college. But the millions afterwards, all went to Bruce Baron instead. They tried to settle things in court many times, but they kept losing. So they finally decided to seek revenge their own way: the Makva way. Also it turns out that they've never stopped writing more Galaxy Girl stories. They just kept them to themselves.

Then after hearing this, Mr. Baron sees this as another money grubbing opportunity. So he decides to drop all of the charges against them. Then he finally offers them jobs to become episode writers, hoping they can boost up the ratings again. But they just blow raspberries at him and turn down his offer. Then with the case solved Gaby is exonerated. Mr. Baron finally has his Cutesie back. As a reward for their help, he grants them a surprise favor for Gaby.

Then back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Gaby and Tina are playing scrabble. Tina mentions that it is getting late and Alex is supposed to walk her home soon. Then Gaby teases her, asking her if he kisses her goodnight at the door. Then suddenly Ghostwriter tells them "Rally B". They are confused, because nobody on their team's names begin with B. Then Ghostwriter uses more letters to spell Bodega. They realize someone called for a rally in the store. Gaby can't go at first but Tina insists on her going too.

Then inside the Bodega, The team, Eduardo, and Mr. Baron all have a surprise for Gaby. Under a cloth, is Galaxy Girl and the Kija. Then Galaxy Girl asks to speak with her number one fan. She reveals the she is Galaxy Girl on television, but in real life she is named Rita Rivera and she is just an actress. Then Rita is pleased and very interested to Gaby's idea of a new Galaxy Girl episode. One where she is nine-years-old and she begins turning into a Makva, for stealing money from her parents store.

  • Grandma Jenkins doesn't appear in the arc, although she is still credited.
  • This was this last time Momo was ever mentioned again.

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