A Crime of Two Cities
Season 3, Episode 63, 64, 65, 66
Air date Pt. 1, October 2, 1994
Pt. 2, October 9, 1994
Pt. 3, October 16, 1994
Pt. 4, October 23, 1994
Written by Kermit Frazier
Directed by Gregory Lehane
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Jamal and his family are spending their Christmas vacation in London! They are staying at a bed-and-breakfast where Jamal meets and befriends the owners' kids, Sam and Becky. Meanwhile, there seems to be a plot brewing rapidly involving a famed British author and her son, both of whom will be making a visit to New York to read her latest book. Someone is planning to kidnap the author's son, so the Ghostwriter Team (including Sam and Becky when Ghostwriter writes to them) must race into action and send clues back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean in order to foil a "crime in two cities."

Can the team solve the case and expose the kidnapper? Also, what does a zany woman named "Wise Rita" and her nephew have to do with it?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars

  • Julia Stiles as Erica Dansby
  • Ahmad Rashad as Himself
  • Phylicia Rashad as Herself
  • Condola Phylea Rashad as Herself


First, we see the Big Ben clock tower, Why? Because the Jenkins family are on a Christmas holiday in London, England. Then we see Jamal putting mail into a mailbox. Then, we come to a fancy little house. This house is a Bed & Breakfast. In a district of London called Camden Town. There was see Jamal leaving for an outing with a pretty blonde girl around his age. They have fun running around the streets of London. Then they meet up with Jamal's parents at the fountain at town square. There they all pose for pictures.

Then Jamal and the girl, leave a fish and chips restaurant. Then Jamal and the girl are hanging out alone around Trafalgar Square. Then various pictures of them are taken hanging out and having a good time. Then with Jamal not being used to the British driving on the opposite side, he crosses the street without looking. Then the girl luckily pulls him back away in time. She expresses frustration, while he just laughs it off.

They he and the girl come running along and go into a double decker bus. Then go to the top and enjoy all the sights and sounds as the bus makes a tour. They stop and hang around the bandstand at Northampton Square. There the girl poses for a number of random and a few silly pictures. In an orange light, Ghostwriter is flying in the background. Jamal can tell that Ghostwriter wants his picture taken too. Jamal laughs, then without thinking, he tells Ghostwriter he doesn't think he will show up in the picture. Overhearing him, the girl is confused. So she asks him why he is stalling. He apologizes, then resumes taking more pictures of her.

Then a man comes riding by on a bicycle. He is holding a piles of envelopes and not paying attention. Then as Jamal is about to take one more picture, the man on the bicycle doesn't see Jamal and almost runs him over. The girl quickly calls out to the man to look out. Jamal moves, but the man falls off of his bike. Then his envelopes going flying everywhere.

When the man gets up, Jamal asks him if he is all right. The man is blatantly rude, telling Jamal "No pictures!". The girl nicely helps pick up the envelopes. Then the man very rudely approaches her and grabs them away. He tells her not to touch them. Then he calls them lousy kids. Then the man picks up his bicycle. He blames it on them, calling them stupid tourists. Then he walks his bike away. When he leaves, the girl yells back at him. She tells him he was the stupid one, because it was his fault. Then he flips them off, gets on his bicycle and rides off.

The arc begins with Jamal and the girl shaking it off. They both ask each other if they are all right, and they both say that they are. They both cannot get over the man on the bicycle, because he was so weird and so rude to them. Then Jamal notices the man dropped one of his envelopes. So he says that they should give it back to him. The girl isn't so sure they should. Seeing as how he was so rude to them, she doesn't feel he deserves to get it back. Jamal sort of agrees, but he says they should. Since it doesn't belong to them. So Jamal opens the envelope to see if the man's name and address is inside of it.

Then when Jamal opens the envelope, he finds a random message inside of it. It says: Sophie Madison's True Identity Revealed!!! He is confused, because he doesn't know who she is. The girl explains to Jamal that Sophie Madison is a character in series of British Children's books. She is a 12-year-old girl who has adventures in Liverpool, England. They both cannot figure out, what Sophie Madison has to do with the man who dropped the envelope.

Then Jamal finds more information inside the envelope. First he finds a London telephone number: 081-940-6295, and she thinks it is the rude man's phone number. Then Jamal finds a very confusing message. It says: SFA IGRLZNNGLD GQ QAS CMP LXB JMMI GL KGPPMP KMLRZX CMP LAWS KAQQZDA VGQA PGSZ. They both agree that it appears to be something written in code. Jamal says that the letters can stand for other letters, or they can be scrambled around. The girl is impressed asking if he knows about codes. He says he knows a bit. She is pleased to hear this, saying she does too. In fact she even has a code book on how to solve them. Jamal is also impressed to hear they have this in common, and he is pleased as well. The girl is now intrigued, since the mysterious rude man is into secret codes and Sophie Madison. So he just keeps getting more mysterious now. Jamal agrees, wondering why he didn't want his picture to be taken. She says they have his phone number. So when they get home, they can phone him. Then they can see what he is up to.

Then over at a cafe named "SANDRA'S SNACKS", we see the mysterious rude man. He is very anxious and nervous. He brings two cups of warms drinks and sits down. He sits next to his aunt Rita. She is a disgruntled and cranky looking older woman. He very nervously tells her that he lost one of the envelopes. She addresses him as Danny and according to the button on his Jacket "Winkler's Wooden Wonders" he is Danny Winker. He anxiously says that someone will find it. Then they will get caught and be sent to jail! His aunt tells him to settle down, since the envelope doesn't matter anymore. She asks him if remembered to deliver the new book tour schedule to Gloria Brockington-Owens. Danny tells her that he did. Then she asks him if Gloria was suspicious and noticed that they changed it. Danny nicely addresses her as Aunt Rita, and informs her that Gloria didn't notice a thing. She gets frustrated, telling him that her name is Wise Rita, and she has reminded him so many times. Then Wise Rita says with the new schedule, Gloria will be sure to give a book reading in the Brooklyn public library in New York City, USA.

Danny gets really worried now. He bets it was the kids he bumped into (Jamal and the blonde girl) who picked up the envelope. He is positive that they took it, because when he went back to the square; it was gone. Wise Rita snaps at him to stop whining about the envelope. He complains, because it had a message to his brother Terry (who is in New York City) in it. Wise Rita asks him again to stop whining. Instead to just calm down and have a snack. She reminds Danny that the message was in code. So even is they did find it, nobody will figure out what they are doing, until it is too late. Then soon their job will be done. Then they will be rich, and possibly famous.

Then holding a Sophie Madison book, Wise Rita sneers at it disgust. She reads out Sophie's description out loud to Danny. It says: "Sophie had bright blue eyes, a small gap between her front teeth, and a moon-shaped birth mark on the side of her neck. Wise Rita closes the book in disgust. She claims that description fits her instead. She points out to Danny her crude teeth with a gap between the front, her blue eyes, and even her moon-shaped birth mark on her neck. She asks him if that description is actually hers. Danny reluctantly says yes it is her. Wise Rita gets really upset and tense. It is like she is about to cry. She says that Gloria Brockington (whom she misaddresses as Gloria Brockington-Owens) stole her life story, and crammed into her Sophie Madison character. So now Gloria is a rich famous author, and according to Danny, Wise Rita is just a middle aged woman who flops about. Wise Rita disagrees. She feels good about herself. She feels like she is in the peak of her power. She is certain that with their scheme, she will reclaim her life. Then it will make the front page news. Also she is positive that everyone will find out that is the true Sophie Madison is really her. Now Wise Rita has to get back to work. She sells newspapers for a living.

Now we see Jamal and his blonde friend, returning to the Camden Bed & Breakfast. This girl's family happens to run the Bed & Breakfast. Inside, we see a very famous family. Why it is the Rashad family! The father Ahmad, the famous sportscaster and former football player. The mother Phylicia who is an actress. And, their young daughter Condola. The Rashad family are on their way out. So now they thank Mrs. Wentwood for all of her hospitality and tell her that they had a lovely stay. Mrs. Wentwood tells them they are welcome back anytime. Also if her husband Harold ever finishes the kitchen, they can eat here as well. They all smile and laugh. As Jamal and the blond girl come in, Condola says goodbye to her and calls her Becky. So now we know Jamal's new friend is named Becky Wentwood. Then Jamal sees Condola's parents and he is amazed. So he asks them both if they are really Ahmad and Phylicia Rashad. Then before they can answer, Condola looks at Jamal. She is shocked to see him too, she is just about to ask him who he is. Then she says never mind. Then the Rashad family leaves. It remains unanimous as to whether or not Condola was going to ask him, if he was Sheldon Turnipseed. Then the Rashad family leaves, before they miss their plane

Then Doris finds Reggie, he is trying to rest and take it easy. She informs him that they are going on a walking tour soon. He complains saying they already went on one the past morning. Doris says this will be a different one. It is the Charles Dickens tour. A tour where they will visit actual places he wrote about in his books. Reggie moans asking if she can just go, and then tell him about it. Then Mrs. Wentwood asks Jamal and Becky how their outing was. He says they went on a bus tour of Soho, Chinatown and Chelsea. Hearing this, Reggie agrees that a bus tour is better. Since you can just sit down. Then Mr. Harold Wentwood complains to his wife Beth that he cannot get his spice rack to line up properly. Then Reggie gets up suggesting what to do. Also he proves to his wife, that he is well enough to walk after all. When she questions him about it, he reluctantly agrees to join her for the walking tour.

After Jamal's parents leave, Mrs. Wentwood asks for Becky's help. She informs her daughter, that since the Rashad family has left, she needs her help changing the beds. Hearing this, Becky complains. So she asks her mom if her brother Sam can do it instead. Mrs. Wentwood says he cannot, because he is currently playing football (soccer to North Americans). Becky complains that Sam is always away, when work has to be done. So she reluctantly agrees to help her mom. Before Becky leaves, she tells Jamal not to phone the mysterious man without her. He promises he won't and Becky goes to help her mom.

Now Jamal finally has a little time to himself. So get out his big scrapbook travel journal. It is titled "JAMAL'S EXCELLENT VACATION". Then suddenly, Ghostwriter flies in. He shifts words over and adds his own words. He makes it say to Jamal: "JAMAL'S AND GHOSTWRITER'S EXCELLENT VACATION". He snickers seeing this, and updates the scrapbook. For everyday Jamal has made a new page for what part of England he has visited. Along with all of the sites he has seen, the things he has experienced, and the foods he has tasted. For Saturday he writes: "A strange thing happened today."

Then back in New York City in the USA, Lenni Frazier is seen collecting the mail. Most of the mail is for her dad Max. Then she informs Tina Nguyen who is visiting, that a postcard came from Jamal in London. Hearing this, Tina is excited and she runs over to Lenni to see it. When they look at it, they realize there are two postcards in the envelope. And the second postcard, is blank. Well, all except for Lenni's name and address. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter borrows Letters, and writes on the blank one: "Rally L". Lenni is confused, about who called a rally at her loft.

Over at the Brooklyn, Library we see Alex & Gaby Fernandez. She is surprised because lately he's been checking out a lot of Sherlock Holmes Mystery books. So she asks him why he has been checking them out so much. As he checks out more with the librarian, he says they are all really good. Also, they all take place in England. So if he cannot be with Jamal this Christmas, this is the next best thing for him. Gaby says that all she wants to do for Christmas, is be anywhere but here. Then over at a message board on the wall, Gaby brings Ghostwriter's message to his attention. Ghostwriter rearranges words to tell them: "Rally L". So they head over to Lenni's loft.

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Jamal and Becky sit down. They review the items they found in the envelope: The weird sentence about Sophie Madison. A telephone number. And the coded message. They decide to call the phone number first. So Becky dials the phone number, and a little boy answers. He politely says hello and introduces himself as Colin Brockington. Becky is polite too. She nicely asks the boy, if she can speak to his father. The little boy says no, because his father is dead. She says that she is sorry to hear this.

Then Colin's mother enters the room. She asks her son who is on the phone, and he confusingly says he does not know. The mother picks up the phone, introduces herself as Mrs. Brockington and begins speaking to Becky. She is annoyed, but tries to be patient and polite. Becky tells Mrs. Brockington her name. Then she explains to her, that she and her friend found an envelope dropped in the street. One that contained her phone number and a coded message in it. Hearing this, Mrs. Brockington cannot believe what she is hearing. She almost laughs asking her if this is a joke. Becky says it isn't and wants to know if she dropped it. Mrs. Brockington says she didn't lose an envelope. So Becky asks her if she knows the man who dropped it. Getting fed up, Mrs. Brockington tells her that she really does not. Then she tells Becky she needs to get going. So she quickly tells her goodbye, and hangs up.

Just before Becky can ask her to wait, Mrs. Brockington hangs the phone up on her. Becky is annoyed because this was a bust. She tells Jamal that the woman said it wasn't her envelope. Then Becky suggests she may be lying, or could even be a spy. Jamal isn't sure about her being spy, but he still rights down that Colin answered the phone as a clue. Becky is puzzled, because Mrs. Brockington's phone number was in the envelope. So why wasn't she more interested? Jamal suggests attempting to solve the code. Perhaps this will give them some answers.

Then back in the USA, Hector Carrero joins his friends for the rally at Lenni's loft. None of them claimed to have called the rally, and aren't sure who did. Hector thinks the postcard Jamal sent is really neat. Hector thinks that bearskin hats look bigger than the guards, and they all laugh. Then Lenni reads Jamal's postcard out loud for everyone to hear. It says: "Dear Team, London is cool! I'm staying in a Bed and Breakfast in a part of London called Camden Town. My new friend Becky, is showing me around. I miss you guys. Cheers! Jamal. Lenni explains to her friends that a Bed and Breakfast, is a small hotel. One in which, the only meal they serve to their guests is breakfast.

Then Tina asks what the deal with the other blank postcard is. Nobody knows, they are all confused as to why Jamal would send a blank one. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter begins to write on it. He tells the team: "I'm having an ace time in London! There are so many tasty things to read. Cheers, team! Ghostwriter. Now they understand, Ghostwriter called the rally by himself. This way, he could write to them all on his own postcard.

Then back in London, Jamal and Becky sit down and get to work. They agree that, if they can decode the message, they may figure out who he is. Along with, what he is up to. For all they know, the mysterious man (Danny Winkler) may be somehow connected to Colin and his mother. To get started, Jamal shows her a way of solving codes. Some letters could just be scrambled around. He show her an example from what his friend Alex showed him last year. He writes down the word: "Eggs". Then he mixes it around to say: "Gesg". He jokes about it saying that now they've got scrambled eggs. She laughs thinking it's clever. So they check the coded message, to see if they can unscramble any of the words. Then Jamal points out that there are some words, that cannot be unscrambled, because they wouldn't make sense.

Now they know it cannot be a scrambled code. Then Becky suggests it may be a code, where one letter stands for another letter. So she gets her code book and shows him some examples. In one code key, from letters A to K, the letters P to Z are used. Then from letters L to Z, the letters A to O are used. They realize there are many different code keys. So in order to figure out the one they need, they must find out which letter stands for E. This is because the letter E, is the most used letter in the English language.

Then on the streets of Camden Town, we see Wise Rita and Danny Winkler. She sells newspapers to random people passing by. She repeatedly tells them to get it here. The front page article is about a football star who has just made a million dollars. Meanwhile, Danny is very disappointed. He is having no luck whatsoever trying to sell any of his wooden animal carvings. Then she tells Danny, that when their scheme is complete, they will make the big time in the news. Danny gets nervous again. He says he doesn't care how big or bold the article will be. Just as long, as it doesn't say that they got caught. She tells Danny that isn't going to happen. She reminds him that their plan is well hidden. It is inside a series of coded messages, newspaper ads and even Sophie Madison books. So nobody will find out what they're doing, until it is too late! Danny isn't too interested at the moment. All that he wishes he could do, is sell some of his wooden carvings.

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Jamal and Becky have figured out how many of each letter is in the coded message. There seems to be a tie between the letters G and P being used the most. So They both make a copy of the message and try to solve it. Becky tries solving it with a code key in which every letter E is a G. Then Jamal tries solving the code, with a code key in which every letter E is a P. Soon enough, they both realize they just wrote out gibberish. They either didn't have enough letters to work with, or they used the wrong code key.

Finally, we see Becky's younger brother Sam has come home. Jamal asks him how "soccer" was. knowing, Jamal means football, Sam says it was great. Then Becky lectures him about missing out on doing the hotel work. He taunts and teases her about it. Then their mother tells Sam he came home just in time to help set the dimmer table. He moans hearing this, realizing he came home too soon after all. Becky suggests they try more code keys from her book later on. Jamal says he cannot, because he is going out that night with his parents. So they agree to work on it again the next day. They realize that the the culprit must really be up to no good. Since he has gone to such extents to cover up his tracks.

The next day, we see the big busy and happening streets of Camden Town. Jamal is an outing with both Becky and Sam, and they are touring the town. They browse around various stores and thrift shops. Then after they leave, Becky reminds Jamal they need to work on the code when they get home. Hearing this, Sam is intrigued and begins asking about it. They tell him to never mind and they don't answer him. But Sam doesn't give up, as they walk home he keeps on asking them.

Then over at another bench, we see Wisa Rita and Danny Winkler again. This time Wisa Rita is taking a break, and reads a Sophie Madison book. Danny, is desperately trying to sell his wooden animal carvings. But each passerby he makes an offer to just ignores him. Then he complains because it has been such a slow day. Then he says he won't have to keep doing it for much longer. That is, once they get the money they're after! Wise Rita remarks that Sophie Madison sounds like a very groovy girl. Then she mentions that she was too as a girl. So what did she expect from a character based on her. Then Wise Rita reminds Danny that their plot isn't just for money. What she really wants is revenge, because Gloria stole her life story. So now she wants to get the recognition she feels she deserves.

Then suddenly, Danny gets tense as he sees Jamal and Becky walking by. He points them out to his aunt. He remembers the events from the other day. Then he begins to get paranoid and he says he bumped into them other day, when he fell off his bike. Also the girl shouted at him when he left. Also he says he is positive that they picked up the envelope. Wise Rita cannot believe what she is hearing. So she tries to tell him not to worry about it and calm down. But he will not calm down. Now we see Jamal, Becky and Sam passing by Wisa Rita and Danny. We hear Sam has been begging them non stop to tell him about the code. So they give up and decide to tell him about it when they get home. Seeing them pass by, Danny is worried they will ruin their plans. So he decides to follow them and spy on them. Danny sneakingly runs around and follows them home. He now knows where they live, and writes the address down!

When they get home to the Bed & Breakfast, they show Sam the code. Sam cannot figure it out either. Then Mrs. Wentwood comes by asking Becky if she is ready to go. Jamal asks her where she is going. So Becky says that she almost forgot, that she is auditioning to be in Camden Town Christmas pantomime. On her way out, Jamal wishes her good luck. Sam tauntingly tells her she will need it. So she blows him a raspberry, and tells Jamal she will be back soon.

Then Jamal tells Sam about the other clues they found: the telephone number and the paper about Sophie Madison. He tells Sam they called the number, and it belonged to the Brockington's residents. But those people didn't know anything. Seeing the paper, Sam is surprised to see that it is about Sophie Madison. He tries to explain it to Jamal, but Jamal says even though he has never read the books, Becky told him about the character. Sam says he has read two of them and remembered that Sophie forms a club. Suddenly Sam remembers that in one of the books, Sophie had her club come up with a secret code. One that had something to do with the word "Zebra".

So Sam gets his Sophie Madison Books. He finds the section where Sophie has her club come up with their secret code using the word "Zebra" in it. He points out that Sophie uses ZEBRA for the first five letters of the alphabet. Then beginning from C fills in the rest. So it looks like this. "Z E B R A C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y". Then Sam tells Jamal that if there is a connection between Sophie Madison and the secret message, then this may be the key to it. So Jamal suggests they try it.

So with Sam's help, Jamal finally begins to decode the message. So far he has decoded the words: SFA IGRLZNNGLD GQ QAS. Then he is alarmed and shocked. They have decoded to say: "THE KIDNAPPING IS SET". Now Sam is shocked too. Jamal is really worried now. He says they need to figure out the rest of the code soon, before someone gets kidnapped!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Jamal and his family are having a great time on vacation in London. They are staying at an small hotel and Jamal befriended Becky Wentwood, whose parents own the hotel. But something weird happened while Becky and Jamal were sightseeing, a bike messenger ran into them and dropped an envelope with some puzzling things in it. Like a secret coded message, a London phone number, and an message that said "SOPHIE MADISON'S TRUE IDENTITY REVEALED". Jamal and Becky know that Sophie Madison is the name of an character in some children's books and they want to find out who the messenger is and why he didn't want Jamal to take his picture.

So, Jamal and Becky decided to call the phone number in the envelope. A little boy named Colin Brockington answers the phone and gives the phone to his mother. However, Mrs. Brockington tells them that the envelope isn't hers. Jamal and Becky think that if the decode the message, they'll find out who the messenger is how the envelope is connected to the Brockington's.

Elsewhere, the bike messenger (also known as Danny), told his aunt, Wise Rita that he lost the envelope and fears that they'll be arrested. But Rita tells them that their plan is safe because the message is written in code. Wise Rita created this scheme for revenge. She is angry that Gloria Brockington Owens, who wrote the Sophie Madison books, stole her life story and put it in the Sophie Madison book series. Now Gloria is a successful author. Then, Danny spots Jamal and Becky and remembers them from the bike accident. He fears that the two will ruin their plans and follows them back to the Camden Hotel.

Back at the hotel, Sam Wentwood, Becky's little brother, helps Jamal crack the coded message which reveals that it's about kidnapping. Now Jamal and Sam must figure out what the message is, otherwise somebody will be kidnapped!

Will Jamal and Sam figure out what's going on in order to stop a kidnapping in time?

The arc resumes with Jamal and Sam finally decoding the rest of the message. Decoded, the message says: "THE KIDNAPPING IS SET FOR NYC LOOK IN MIRROR MONDAY FOR NEXT MESSAGE WISE RITA". So now the big questions are: who is Wise Rita? And who is going to be kidnapped? Sam is confused as to what NYC means. Jamal explains that it is an abbreviation for New York City. So they must be planning to do it there. Also, Sam is confused, because if they plan to kidnap someone in New York City, then how come they're here in London. Since NYC is so far away. Jamal guesses that perhaps they plan on going there soon.

Sam begins to panic. He believes this could be the work of some secret spy ring, out to catch a double agent. Or they could be after an important U.S. government official. Or even President Bill Clinton! Then Jamal gets Sam to calm down. He informs him that before they can say anything for sure, they have a lot of information to sort through. Beginning with, who could Wise Rita be? Also, why did she use a code from a children's book? Also what does the Brockington residents have to do with anything?

Sam is puzzled as to what: "LOOK IN MIRROR MONDAY FOR NEXT MESSAGE" could mean. Sam suggests it means the next message will be taped to someone's mirror. Jamal guesses that the next message may be written backwards. So you will need to look at its reflection in a mirror to solve it. Jamal expresses his concern, by saying he knew the man on the bicycle was up to no good. So this is a case, and now they need to start a casebook. Sam is confused about what he means. So Jamal carefully explains it to him. It is a book that detectives use to help them solve a mystery. They write down pages for suspects, evidences, and other clues in it. That way, you can keep track of everything. Then you begin figuring things out. After some thinking, Sam finally gets it. So they use Jamal's travel journal as a casebook and they get started.

Then over at "Sandra's Snacks" cafe, Danny meets with his Aunt Rita. He has informed her that the kids snooping on them (Jamal and Becky) are staying at a Bed and Breakfast. She is interested to hear this, but still she doesn't seem too worried. Danny decides to phone them. Then she reminds him he cannot, because he doesn't know who they are. Danny realizes she is right, so he sits down. He calms down and she revises their plans. So she reads out loud the start of their ransom note. It starts with: "Dearest Gloria, we have your lovely little son Colin!". Danny complains saying his brother Terry hasn't even snatched him yet. Rita reminds him that when Terry gets his red bearded disguise, he will soon! Then they both smile and laugh victoriously.

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Jamal teaches Sam how to get a casebook started. First, they need to make a page for each of their suspects. First, a page is added for for Wise Rita. To start, it is mentioned that this doesn't sound like her real name. So it could be an alias. The evidence against her, is her name was mentioned in the kidnapping message. Second, a page is added for the mysterious man on the bicycle. The evidence is that he dropped the envelope. Even though they don't know the man's name, Jamal suddenly has an epiphany. He remembers that just as the man fell off his bicycle, Jamal's camera went off. So Jamal may have taken a picture of him. So Jamal decides to get his film developed right away. Now catching on fast, Sam guesses they now need to write a page for other clues. So Sam starts the section. First he writes a page that mentioned the message: "Sophie Madison's True Identity Revealed!!!" was found in the envelope.

Then on another page, Sam writes down the phone number that was found in the envelope. Along with the mention that it belonged to the Brockington residents. And that a boy named Colin answered the phone. Then finally, a page in which the whole coded message that came in the envelope is decoded. Then they cheer for getting the casebook done. Sam loves doing the casebook. Now he asks Jamal how he got so good at it. Jamal explains to him, the he and his friends in New York have solved some cases together. Then suddenly, Jamal notices letters from the left side of the book flying to the right side of the book. They push all the words down. It is Ghostwriter! He tells Jamal: "I'm on the case, too!". Seeing this, Jamal Smiles happily. Then Doris (his mom) comes by and tells him it is time to go. He tells Sam that they are going to a play this afternoon: The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. So Jamal tells Sam he will see him later, and they say their goodbyes.

Then over in the cafetorium at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School, a group of students have gotten together for a theater workshop. Tina is there and meets with Hector. Hector is surprised to see her. He tells her that he didn't know she was into acting. She says she is not. But she still wants to be a director when she grows up. So she just came to watch. Hector says he just came, because he thinks it will be funny. Also in the group of students, are Erica Dansby, Jasmine Michaluk and Jason (from the previous arc).

Then a pretty African American woman comes in. She nicely introduces herself as Jane Chapman, and that she will be teaching the workshop. So for the next two days, they will be learning how to tell stories on stage. Then she asks the class if they know what makes a story exciting. Hector says a chase scene. Jasmine says broken hearts. Jason says blood and they all laugh. Then Erica says good guys against bad guys. Jane says they are all good answers. So she says they can sum them all up to one thing: conflict. Then she asks the class if they know what conflict means. They all give examples such as an argument, a fight and a disagreement. She says it can be all those things, especially when two people cannot agree on the same thing. Or it is when one person does or does not want to do something the other person wants to do. Then she tells Tina she wants her pen. Tina says no, because it's hers. Then Jane gets pushy saying she wants it, and takes it. Tina gets nervous and upset. She says it is her, but Jane insists that she wants it. Then Jane smiles and gives it back to her. She then tells everyone that this was an example of a conflict. Then Jane apologizes for scaring her. Tina says it is okay and she still seems startled and nervous. Then everyone gets up on the stage to warm up. Tina on the other hand, isn't so sure she can do this.

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Jamal is back from the play. Now he is hard at work with Sam and Becky. They inform Jamal, they've figured that since the code key to solving the coded message was found in a Sophie Madison, then there may be something about Wise Rita in one of the books as well. Sam says that he has been reading the book "Sophie forms a club". But so far he hasn't found anything regarding a character that is either named, or similar to Wise Rita. Becky has been reading a different Sophie book, and she hasn't found out anything either. Then Jamal reminds them, that Sam said that there were five books in the Sophie Madison series. So they should check out the other three books. They agree and Sam decides to go to the library the next day and get them. Meanwhile, they are all still confused as to what: "Look in Mirror Monday for next message" means. They have a hunch, that figuring it out, can help lead them to the kidnappers next move. Then Becky walks around the room, she knows it sounds familiar. Then when she looks at the newspapers on the table, she figures out it must mean the Daily Mirror. The Daily Mirror is an international newspaper that is distributed in both the London, England and Brooklyn, New York, USA. So now Becky has helped them figured out what it means. It must mean to look in Monday's upcoming issue of the Daily Mirror. So the three of them all agree to get the paper the next day right away.

Now back at Hurston Middle school, the group is on stage and Jane has had everyone stretch and warm up. Then she asks the class what it means to do an improvisation. Jasmine correctly answers her. She says it means to do a skit where the people make it up as they go along. Jane says she is right. Then she picks two volunteers to do a skit. Hector and Jason both volunteer. Then Jane asks the class who they should be. Then Jasmine, Erica and Tina all come up with the scenario: They are brothers, and they are in their bedroom. Also they are having a big disagreement, because Jason just wants to watch football. While Hector just wants to quietly study for an upcoming test. So Jason takes two chairs, he sits on one and has the other in front of him to use as the television. Now Jason pretends to act like he is really enjoying a football game. And he is cheering loudly with a lot of enthusiasm. Then Hector comes in wanting to study for his test at school the next day. They argue back and forth over who was there first, and how Hector has every to be in the room as he does. The skit ends with Hector not giving up on wanting to study in their bedroom. So he pulls the t.v/chair away from Jason. The Jason complains saying it was not fair. The skit was amusing and well done and everyone applauds them. Now Jason and Hector high five and bow.

Then back at "Sandra Snacks" cafe, Danny is nervously looking through the telephone directory. He has found the number for the Camden Bed & Breakfast. Now he nervously dials the number! Then in the kitchen at the Bed & Breakfast, Doris Jenkins has sat down for tea with Beth Wentwood. She reflects on her visit, telling Beth how she likes staying in Camden town. It reminds her of the section of Brooklyn that she and her family live in. Hearing this, Beth sits down. Then Beth suggests that one day she and her family should come and visit them. That is -- if she can ever get Harold to stop working on their kitchen! Then the phone rings, and Beth politely answers by saying who they are, and asks who they are. However, we see on the other end that Danny is far too tense and nervous to say anything. However, now he knows he has the right number. Also, now he knows where Jamal and his friends are staying! After they hang up, Beth is confused. She just assumes that caller had the wrong number.

Then back at Hurston, Jane has the group of students all stand around in a circle. She tells them for the next exercise, it begins with one person entering the middle of the circle. There they begin doing a random movement and making a sound. Then they pick another person to enter the circle to copy their sound and movement. Then eventually they start making their own sound and movement. Jane begins and she looks very silly and goofy. Then she picks Hector to enter the circle. He copies her, and eventually he begins making a different sound and movement. He keeps doing this and eventually he tags Tina. Tina feels foolish and keeps whispering him to pick someone else. But Jane notices she was picked. So she tells Tina she has to do it. Jane agrees to do it with her, so Tina tries doing it, but she just feels to foolish and embarrassed. So she grabs her bag, and abruptly leaves.

Then on Monday morning, we see Jamal and Becky have already gotten the Daily Mirror. Now all they need to do, is figure out where to look. It may be in an article or an advertisement. Since anyone can put an advertisement in the paper, then perhaps that is what Wise Rita did! So they frisk the ad section, and on the top right corner, they find something. It is a message written in code. Also the last words match the same last words in the previous coded message. So they write this code down. It says: "SFGQ VAAI'Q BGSX QTL SAJJQ ZJJ VGQA PGSZ". So now they prepare to decode the message. With Becky's Help, Jamal decodes this message letter by letter. When it is finally decoded, it says: "THIS WEEK'S CITY SUN TELLS ALL WISE RITA". Now Becky realizes where the next message might be. It could be in a local British newspaper called the Sun. So they hurry off to get a copy.

Meanwhile, we see Wisa Rita and Danny sitting on a bench in a park. Wisa Rita is reflecting on her plan. She tells her nephew that soon enough, his brother Terry will be reading this in New York. Then we see Danny is frustrated. He is painstakingly working on a new carving. Then he accidentally cuts a part of it off. He complains that he just ruined it. Then she tells him that he needs to learn to relax. That way he won't make these mistakes. He is paranoid, he tells his aunt that he just knows those kids (Jamal, Becky and Sam) are onto them and he can just feel it. Wise Rita doesn't believe him and calls it nonsense.

Then back at the Camden, we see Becky and Jamal are very frustrated. They have looked through the Sun five times, and they still haven't found anything from Wise Rita. Now Becky is really worried on how they can stop the kidnapping. Jamal asks her to calm down. He tells her they need to look back and review their clues. He points out that the coded message said the look in the CITY sun, not the sun. So Wise Rita must have also contacted the City Sun in Brooklyn. Then Becky feels discouraged again, because the City Sun is a local newspaper only sold in Brooklyn.

Then Ghostwriter informs Jamal that on page 14, in the Daily Mirror is an article about Sophie Madison. Then Jamal brings it to Becky's attention. The article is titled: "BRITISH AUTHOR TO TOUR UNITED STATES". It says that children all over England love the Sophie Madison books. So now American children can too. Gloria Brockington also known by her pen name G.B. Owens will be touring the United States to promote her books there. So now they know that the author's real name is Gloria Brockington. Also that it was her telephone number that was found in that envelope. Because it was answered by a boy named Colin Brockington. The article mentions that Gloria has a son named Colin whom she will be taking with her. So now they realize the phone number they found, really does belong to them.

Now they deduce that either Gloria or her son Colin is going to be kidnapped. So Becky phones them to warn them. However they aren't home. So Becky leaves them a message on their answering message. Becky leaves her name and number and tells Mrs. Brockington to call her back as soon as possible. Since it is extremely urgent! Since they weren't home, they figure that they have already left for the United States. Then Jamal tells Becky he has friends in Brooklyn, so perhaps they can help. Becky is relieved to hear this. However, he cannot contact them yet. Since there is a five hour time difference. So in Brooklyn, it's not even seven in the morning yet. Then Becky leaves to reluctantly help her mom upstairs.

Then after a short period of time has gone by, Jamal has painstakingly been waiting. He finally realizes his friends must all be awake by now. So he gets some paper and begins writing. He writes: Rally L, and Ghostwriter responds on a nearby brochure saying: "I'll fly on a jet stream of words!", then he flies off in a flash.

Then back in Brooklyn, New York, we see Lenni had a sleepover with Gaby and Tina. As she pours them alphabet cereal, it was revealed that they stayed up all night talking. Now Tina expresses her concern. She says that now she may not be awake enough to go to her theater workshop. Hearing this, Gaby is concerned, and she reminds Tina it is a only a two day program. So she shouldn't miss the second part. Tina then tells them that the teacher makes them to do all this embarrassing stuff. Such as jumping around and making funny noises. She doesn't feel this is the thing for her. Gaby is all for it. So she grabs her pigtails and spins in circles acting silly. Then afterwards, Gaby goes to wash her hair, Tina explains to Lenni that Gaby doesn't mind making a fool of herself. But she does mind, and she's not that kind of person. Then suddenly, they notice a splashing in a bowl. Then in a bowl of alphabet cereal, Ghostwriter rearranges letters to tell them: Rally L. They are confused, because Lenni hasn't called a rally, and the mail hasn't even come yet.

Soon just about the rest of the team have arrived at Lenni's loft. They watch Ghostwriter on the screen of Lenni's computer. He tells them all: "Jamal sends you greetings from London!" They are all pleased to see this. Then Ghostwriter tells them: "We have a serious case!" and "A kidnapping is planned in New York City!". They are all shocked and concerned to see this. So Lenni immediately prepares her casebook, and Tina replies. She tells Jamal: "Okay Jamal, give us the facts". Then over in London, England Jamal replies back. He begins by writing to them everything that recently happened. Then back in Lenni's loft, Lenni has made a casebook for the kidnapping case. Also she written down all the information Jamal has sent to them. Then without a moment to waste, they look for a copy of the City Sun. Luckily enough, they are sold in the bodega. Next they need to check out Sophie Madison books from the library. So Hector decides to go to the library and check them out.

Then back in the park in London, England, we see Danny painstakingly carving another sculpture. Meanwhile, Wise Rita is regaling her plan. She speaks out loud. She says that it won't be long before she gets her revenge on Gloria. She says that Gloria stole her life story and crammed it into books. So she is going to steal her precious son Colin. Then she will wait for the ransom money, which will be one hundred thousand British pounds. Then she stands on the bench and yells out loud: "WISE RITA REAPS HER REVENGE!". Then she thinks it will make a great newspaper headline. So she writes it down on a paper: "WISE RITA REAPS HER REVENGE", just as Ghostwriter skims it. Then as Ghostwriter skims all the words nearby them, Danny complains. Because everything is always about her. So why can't she ever write a headline about him. Hearing this, she rudely writes a title down for him. It says: "Danny Winkler's wood sculptures are beastly!". She thinks it's hilarious, but she has hurt his feelings. So he throws it in the trash and leaves without looking back. Wise Rita apologizes profusely. She says many times that she was just kidding and that she really does love him. Still he doesn't come back.

Then back at the Camden bed & breakfast, Jamal informs Sam and Becky that his friends in New York are looking for clues, and they should have the City Sun any time now. Then suddenly, before Jamal can finish what he is saying, Ghostwriter appears on the nearby wall. He tells Jamal in blood red words: "WISE RITA REAPS HER REVENGE!" He reads it out loud and they ask him where he saw that. Then Becky and Sam come over, and they are both petrified with fear. So they ask what is going on. He asks them if they can see it. Although they are terrified beyond words and cannot speak, it is apparent that they can see it. So Sam runs off calling their mom and dad for help. But Becky is too scared too move. But Jamal just acceptingly looks to her as if to say: "Welcome to our team!".

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Jamal and his family are having a great time on vacation in London. They are staying at an small hotel and Jamal befriended Becky Wentwood, whose parents own the hotel. But something weird happened while Becky and Jamal were sightseeing, a bike messenger ran into them and dropped an envelope with some puzzling things in it. Like a secret coded message, a London phone number, and an message that said "SOPHIE MADISON'S TRUE IDENTITY REVEALED". So far, Jamal and Becky know that Sophie Madison is the name of an character in some children's books and an phone number belong to a kid name Colin Brockington and his mother, Gloria. Plus the coded message is about a kidnapping plan. Jamal figures out that the kidnapping is set in New York City. There are two suspects. First, Wise Rita, her name was on the coded message about the kidnapping plan. Second, the bike messenger, Jamal and Becky don't know that his real name is Danny, but they do know is that he dropped the envelope and didn't want Jamal to take his picture.

Jamal, Becky, and Becky's brother, Sam (who help Jamal crack the kidnapping message code), figure out that they have to look in the newspaper for more information that can lead to the kidnapper's next move. Then, they find another coded message that tells them to look in the New York newspaper for the next coded message. Ghostwriter helps them figure out that Gloria Brockington is the real name of author of the Sophie Madison book series and she'll be on a book tour in New York with her son, Colin. Jamal thinks Gloria will be the kidnap victim. So, he ask the Ghostwriter team back in Brooklyn, to check the New York newspaper for any coded messages.

Unknown to Jamal, Becky, and Sam is that Danny, the bike messenger, is working on the kidnapping plan with his aunt, Wise Rita, who engineered the plan. She says that Gloria Brockington-Owens, who wrote the Sophia Madison books, stole her life story and put it in the Sophie Madison series. Now Gloria is a rich and famous author and Wise Rita wants revenge!

Elsewhere, Becky and Sam can see Ghostwriter and Sam runs to get his parents.

Will the team in two cities stop the kidnapping in time and will Sam tell his parents about Ghostwriter?

The arc resumes with Sam running off to get their parents. Then slowly, Becky (still in shock), nervously approaches the words: "WISE RITA REAPS HER REVENGE!" one step at a time. Then she stops in front of the words, and reads them in astonishment. Then as she is about to touch them, the words change. Now there are floating words saying: "WINKLER'S WOODEN WONDERS". Becky is terrified. So she asks Jamal what it is. He tells her it is Ghostwriter. She asks him who he means. But he tells her he has to hurry and write the clues down. He hints he will explain it later. Now the words have changed to: "IN MEMORY OF MARY SWAMP" and "Parliament Hill". So Jamal quickly writes them all down.

Then as Jamal finishes, Sam has hurried their parents over. He repeatedly tells them, that there are words in the air, flying around like ghosts. Beth and Harold, don't know what to make of this. They think he must be seeing things. So they ask him if he is sure. Sam gets impatient saying yes, and he points to where they are. He even says that Becky and Jamal can see it too. So the parents ask them. But they just deny it and say nothing. Then Beth and Harold claim that their house is very old. So there is no telling, what all can be hanging around in it. Then they joke with Sam. They tell him that if they can see who it is, then they will make sure to tell him right away. Then they snicker at Sam and leave. Then after the parents leave, Sam is mad that Jamal made him look like a goofball. Then Becky claims that they did see it. Also that he told her, it was called Ghostwriter. Jamal finally gets over not knowing what to say. So he asks them to both sit down. Therefore he will explain the whole thing to them.

Then back in Brooklyn, New York, we are upstairs in Lenni's loft. Lenni is at work with Alex and Gaby. Their first job is to find two things: A message about a kidnapping in the city. And anything they can find out about Wise Rita, in the Sophie Madison books. Alex starts checking the newspaper. Then Lenni reminds Alex that Jamal and his new friends found their message in the advertisements. So she suggests he starts looking there. Now she and Gaby will start looking through the Sophie Madison books, for clues about Wise Rita.

Then back at Hurston, Tina has returned to the workshop. Jane is happy to see she's back. Jane is not mad that she left the other day. Instead she is very understanding. She understands that the activity the other day made her feel nervous. She tells Tina that it is normal to feel that way, because it's natural to feel nervous about letting go, when acting for the first time. Since we never know what is going to happen. Tina asks Jane how to do it, without making a fool of yourself. Jane says you may make a fool of yourself, but there is nothing wrong with that. Since the class is here to open up and learn more about we they can do. So she encourages Tina to take a chance, because she might even surprise herself. Hearing this, Tina understand what she means. So she agrees to give it another try.

Then back in London, Jamal finishes explaining Ghostwriter to Becky and Sam. He concludes it by telling them that Ghostwriter doesn't know who he is, or where he came from. But he promises to always be around, help out, and to be a friend to them. Sam asks Jamal if the three of them, are the only people who can see him. Jamal says no, and some of his friends back in Brooklyn can see him as well. Now Becky understands, that the only way they can converse with Ghostwriter, is by writing to him. Sam understands too, so now they try it. So Becky writes to Ghostwriter. She writes: "Hello, Ghostwriter. I'm Becky". Sam writes to him too. He writes: "Hi! My name is Sam!" Then Ghostwriter skims their messages. He borrows letters from both and he replies back. He tells them: "Becky and Sam, two crisp, keen detectives. They agree feeling it really is crisp (slang for cool). Now they deduce that Colin is the person who is going to be kidnapped. So now they should try and figure out who is going to do it.

So now they review the clues given to them from Ghostwriter:

  4. Parliament Hill

The nearest Jamal can you figure, is that Ghostwriter has found Wise Rita. He explains to them, that Ghostwriter read her name on something. Then he also read the other words that were nearby it. He explains to them that this is one of the ways, he helps them find people. Becky says that she has never heard of Winkler's Wooden Wonders. However, Parliament Hill is nearby. Becky figures that Wise Rita must be sitting on a park bench on Parliament Hill. Since all the benches there have names on them. So one if them must be labelled: "In Memory of Mary Swamp". So without a moment to waste, they head over to Parliament Hill. Hopefully they will find Wise Rita there.

Then back at Hurston, Jane is beginning another improvisation lesson. This one is called first line/last line/object. She explains that she will pick two people. Then she will tell them who and where they are, and what they want. Then someone calls out what the first line will be, and someone else will call out what the last line will be. Then Jane will give them an object, and they will need to use it in the scene. So Tina and Erica volunteer to do the scene. The scene is: Erica and Tina are two kids at the playground who don't know each other. Erica is swinging on the only swing, and Tina wants to swing too. For the first line of it, Jason suggests: "My brother has a cold". Then for the last line, Jasmine suggests: "My socks are all wet". Then for the object, Jane gives them a book.

So Tina and Erica begin the scene. Erica pretends to be swinging, and Tina begins by telling her she wants to swing too. Then Jane stops her, reminding her it isn't the first line. Tina gets discouraged, but Jane convinces her to try it again. Then she and Hector give her their support. So Tina tries it again, and she gets it right. She begins by telling Erica that "My brother has a cold" is a funny title for a book. Then she asks Erica if she can borrow it. So Erica lends it to her. Then she asks Erica if she can swing too, but Erica won't let her. She begs Erica over and over again. Then Tina ends the scene by telling Erica that she doesn't want to catch a cold, and "My socks are all wet". The scene is humorous and very well done. Then everyone applauds them and claps. After this, Tina feels great that she has accomplished a successful scene.

Then we see Jamal, Sam and Becky have arrived at the top of Parliament Hill. There they can see that across the water, are a couple of sights to see. This includes a big business district called "Canary Wharf" which is on the Isle of Dogs. Also there is an enormous church known as St. Paul's Cathedral. Now the question is: Where is the bench Wise Rita is sitting on? Also the problem is, they don't even know what she looks like. Finally, after checking several benches, Sam has found the one labelled: "In memory of Mary Swamp". But still Wise Rita isn't there, nor are the words: "Winkler's Wooden Wonders". Then Jamal notices Ghostwriter is glowing in a nearby trash can. He points it out to Becky and Sam. So they find a crumpled piece of paper. They uncrumple it and read it. The first message tells them: "WISE RITA REAPS HER REVENGE!". Now they know it must have been where Ghostwriter read this message. Then they find the second message: "DANNY WINKLER'S WOOD SCULPTURES ARE BEASTLY!" to be somewhat amusing. Also now they figure a man named Danny Winkler, must have some connection to Wise Rita. So they head back to the bed & breakfast to work on it.

Then back in Brooklyn in Lenni's loft, Alex is frustrated. He has looked through every advertisement, and he has found no coded message. Lenni, Tina and Gaby are also frustrated, because none of them have found anything in the books about Wise Rita. Then Gaby and Lenni suggest that perhaps the message wasn't placed in the ads. So Alex checks the table of contents and now he chooses to check the personals section. Then in the middle of the page, they find a new coded message! The one says: "EDR DBRAE CHATNS IDK WOT MP SDETUYA TSUJ KEIL NI OKOB". So they write it down, and prepare to solve it with the zebra code key. But it is no use, it just makes it more confusing. So now they are worried, that they won't be able to solve it in time.

Now we are back at the Bed & Breakfast, in London. Jamal, Sam & Becky are at work. They are trying to figure out who Danny Winkler is. So far they have two clues: The message Ghostwriter sent them earlier. And his name being written on the piece of paper they found in the trash. They assume he must be involved with Wise Rita, whom they know is behind the kidnapping. Also they assume that she is trying to get revenge on someone. Since she wrote a message saying that she is going to reap her revenge. But still, they cannot figure out what it all has to do with the Sophie Madison books. Now Jamal suggests that perhaps, Wise Rita and Danny Winkler may also be characters. Ones that are from the Sophie Madison books. So they decide to go to the library and check out the rest of the books to see. Also on the way, Jamal will stop by the Photoshop. His pictures should be developed by now. So hopefully he got a good picture of the man, and it can help them find him.

Now back at Hurston, Jason and Jasmine have just finished a scene together. Now Jane applauds the class on a job well done for all their imaginative improvisations. Now for the next improvisation, Tina and Hector volunteer. Jasmine chooses for Tina to be a magical genie, and Jason chooses Hector to be the person who found the lamp. Hector feels excited because he thinks making three wishes is going to be fun. The scene begins with Hector finding a dirty old lamp. He rubs it complaining that it's ratty and dusty. Then Tina comes out (standing on the chair) demanding to know who insulted her home. He apologizes and asks her who she is. She gives him an amusing name, and says she is master of the lamp. Then she tells him he gets three wishes. He thinks this is great. So first, he wishes for all the money in the world. Then he wishes for a nice huge house for him and his mom. Then for his third wish, he wishes that he can speak to his father just once. So Tina pretends to be his father. She tells him it's so nice to see him. Then this is where things get serious. Hector starts asking him why he visited him before. Also Hector asks him if he even wants to know what he looks like. Finally, he asks him why he left him before he was even born. Hearing this, Tina feels awful that they brought up such a touchy subject. So she apologizes and they hug. The scene was comical at first, and then emotional and beautifully done. Jane applauds them on doing a such a wonderful job. Then Jane and the class all applaud them.

Then Jane dismisses the class for their lunch break. When the class leaves, Jane stays behind to speak to Hector and Tina. She compliments him for being brave enough to share his feelings with the class. Hector feels it was really scary. Since he could never tell a class any of those things before. Tina says she now understands what she meant about opening yourself up to acting. Then Hector says he is glad that he did. Since he always thought that acting was about being someone else. But this time, it was all about him; and how he felt about his father. Jane tells them that no matter what character they play, they draw in their own feelings and experiences. It may be hard, but it's how they make it real. Hector understands, and now both he and Tina feel proud.

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Jamal, Sam and Becky have returned. They have checked out the rest of the Sophie Madison Books, and Jamal now has his pictures. First Jamal wants to look through his pictures. Then as they flip through the pictures, they find a picture. But it only shows a man's torso. Then they notice Ghostwriter has entered the picture. Then they see Ghostwriter is glowing on the button on the torso. They notice the button says: "Winkler's Wooden Wonders". So now they realize that Danny Winkler isn't a fictional character, but a real person. So perhaps Wise Rita is a real person as well. Then Becky suggests looking for Danny in the phone book.

Now back at Lenni's loft in Brooklyn, Tina and Hector have now arrived too. Alex is still frustrated. He explains that he tried the zebra code key, along with every one he could think of. But still nothing worked, and there were no other code keys in the Sophie books. So now they decide to review, they examine the coded message. Now Alex suggests that they may not need a code key. Perhaps this code is one where the letters are all scrambled around. The team looks at it. And they can already see the word IN and few other they can easily unscramble. So they work together and they unscramble the message. The message: "EDR DBRAE CHATNS IDK WOT MP SDETUYA TSUJ KEIL NI OKOB" is finally solved. Unscrambled, the message says: "RED BEARD SNATCH KID TWO PM TUESDAY JUST LIKE IN BOOK". Now they are worried, because today is Tuesday. So someone named Red Beard, is going to kidnap Colin today at 2:00 pm!

Then back at the Camden Bed & Breakfast, Becky comes back downstairs after making the beds. They inform her that they have called five Winklers, and there has been no Danny yet. Now they're calling the last one listed, so this is it. So Sam calls the number asking for Danny. Then surprisingly, Danny has answered! So Sam asks him if he knows Wise Rita. Then he immediately hangs up. However, now they know both Danny's phone number and his address. Then Sam suggests they go to his house, and stake him out. That way, they can find out what he is up to, and possibly lead them to Wise Rita. Jamal isn't so sure about this idea. He thinks it is too dangerous. He suggests they call the police. So Sam phones the police, but the police think he is crazy and do not believe him. So now they have no other choice, but to go over to Danny's house and do a stake out.

Then back in Lenni's loft in Brooklyn, Alex says that the message said to snatch kid like in book. Therefore, the stuff about where the kidnapping is going to take place, may be in the books. Also, Red Beard might be in the books as well. But the problem is, there are five books. And none of them can check them all fast enough. Then Tina suggests that perhaps Jamal, Becky and Sam can help them. They agree, since they've been waiting for the next message. So Lenni sits down at her computer. Then she types to Ghostwriter: "Ghostwriter, we need your help". He immediately replies back saying: "Hello, team". Lenni replies telling him: "We have the new decoded message for Jamal". Then Ghostwriter replies saying: "Great! I'll take it straight away". Then Ghostwriter flies onto the paper where the scrambled message is both written and decoded. Then he skims it and flies away.

Then back in London, Jamal, Becky and Sam have located Danny Winkler's address. They enter the front fence and climb down to the gutter level. That way, they will not be seen. However, they boringly wait a very long time. Then down the street, we see Danny and Wise Rita walking by. Danny is very nervous and anxious. He keeps telling Wise Rita that some kids called him. He tells her that they must have found the envelope, and that is how they found him. Wise Rita doesn't believe a word she is hearing. She says it is nonsense. And she asks him, how they could have connected him to her. Then Jamal climbs up a bit. There he can see them coming, so he tells Becky and Sam. So they climb a little higher up, and they see them talking above on the sidewalk. They over hear them call each other by their names. Wise Rita says that the kids are just messing around. And nobody can crack her clever maze of words. Then she tells Danny she is going home. Then she asks him to just relax and curl up with a book.

Then when Wise Rita leaves, Danny is ticked off. So he goes for a walk to let off some steam. Then when he is gone, they realize they have finally seen the both of them. So they agree to split up and follow them. Becky will follow Wise Rita home. And Jamal and Sam will follow Danny and see where is he going. Jamal lends Becky his casebook, so she can copy down the address. Then they split up, and agree to meet back home.

So we see Becky quietly following Wise Rita home. When she sees Wise Rita entering her house, Becky writes down the address and goes home. But things are a little more complicated for Jamal and Sam. They follow Danny, but he has gone to the underground subway station. They quietly try to follow him on the subway. Then Sam realizes he doesn't have a travel card. So he needs to wait in line and buy one. Sam asks Jamal to hold onto his city atlas book, while he searches for his pocket change. This is taking too much time. So Sam persuades Jamal to head on without him, and he will catch up. When Sam finally gets his card, it's too late - the train is already leaving, and he has missed it. Jamal sits at the back keeping an eye on Danny.

Then Danny gets off at the Isle of Dogs. So Jamal follows him, on his way out Jamal drops his Hurston School I.D. card! Jamal keeps following Danny. Then he notices Danny is starting to run away. So Jamal runs after him, with no clue where he is, and where he is going. Then Jamal runs by the dock, and passes by a grubby old brick building. It is titled: "LIMEHOUSE WAY". He starts walking by, minding his own business. Then as he passes by an opened door, Danny has grabbed him from behind and is covering his mouth! Then as Jamal drops Sam's book, Danny drags him inside the building!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Jamal is having a great time on vacation in London with his parents.

Jamal befriended siblings Becky and Sam Wentwood, whose parents own the hotel where Jamal and his parents are staying. But something weird happened while Jamal and Becky were sightseeing, a weird bike messenger ran into them and dropped an enveloped with some mysterious things. Like a secret coded message, a London phone number, and an message that said "SOPHIE MADISON'S TRUE IDENTITY REVEALED".

Jamal and Becky know that Sophie Madison is a character in an popular children's book series and the phone number belongs to a little boy named Colin Brockington and his mother, Gloria.

Then when Jamal and Becky's brother, Sam decoded the weird message, it was revealed to be a kidnapping plan that will take place in New York. The message is from someone called "Wise Rita" and Jamal and Becky learned that Colin Brockington's mother, Gloria is the author behind the Sophie Madison book series and she'll be on a book tour in New York with Colin accompanying her. Jamal and Becky think Colin will be the one kidnapped in New York.

The kidnappers have been leaving coded messages in newspapers in both London and New York, so Jamal asked the Ghostwriter team back in Brooklyn, to help. Then the team decoded a message that said: "RED BEARD SNATCH KID TWO PM TUESDAY JUST LIKE IN BOOK". They think somebody called "Red Beard" is going to kidnap Colin and think "Red Beard" is a character in a Sophie Madison novels, so they're reading the novels for more clues to find "Red Beard". Elsewhere, Ghostwriter wrote to Becky and Sam (he revealed himself to them in the last episode), they can see him too.

From the clues Ghostwriter sent Jamal, Becky, and Sam, they find out that Wise Rita is working with someone named Danny Winkler, who is also the bike messenger. What the kids don't know is that Wise Rita wants to get even with Gloria Brockington. She thinks that Gloria stole her life story and put it in the Sophie Madison series. Jamal and the Wentwood siblings stake out Danny's apartment and they see him talking to a woman, who is also Wise Rita! So Becky follows Wise Rita and Jamal and Sam follow Danny. But Jamal and Sam are separated from each other and Jamal gets caught by Danny.

What will happen to Jamal and will the kidnapping be stopped in time? Plus, who is "Red Beard?"

The arc resumes, with Becky coming home first. She impatiently paces back and forth, waiting for Sam and Jamal to get home. Then as soon as she hears the front door, she races right to it. However - Sam has come back without Jamal. She expresses her impatience with telling him, that she has been waiting for them to get back. Also that she found out Wise Rita's address. So she wrote it down. Then she asks her brother where Jamal is.

Sitting down, Sam tells his sister, that he thinks Jamal must still be following Danny. Hearing this, Becky is mad that Sam left him alone. So she asks him what happened. Sam explains that they were following Danny and he went aboard the train. But Jamal had a travel card, and he did not. So he was stuck waiting in line to buy one. Then when he finally got one, the train left without him. Hearing this, Becky is furious that he left Jamal out there on his own. Sam tries to reassure her, by saying that Jamal is borrowing his city atlas book. So he should be fine using that. Now Becky is very worried about Jamal.

Now we see Jamal, and he is not is fine! He is all tied up, inside a dark and dim rundown old building. Danny has tied Jamal's arms around his chest, and his hands together behind his back. He also tied him sitting down with his feet together. Last of all, Danny has tied Jamal's mouth shut. But Jamal is still able to mutter and yell out for help. He repeatedly yells for help, but nobody can hear him!

Then back at the Bed & Breakfast, Becky worries for Jamal. She hopes he will be back soon. Sam tries to reassure her. He believes that Jamal will be back soon enough. And that he will come back with more information on Danny. Then Becky notices Ghostwriter has arrived. So she brings it to Sam's attention. They watch him on their message board on the wall. Ghostwriter borrows letters, and rearranges words. He tells them: "Message in City Sun". They realize it must be from Jamal's friends back in Brooklyn. Next Ghostwriter tells them the message. He tells them: "RED BEARD SNATCH KID TWO PM TUESDAY JUST LIKE IN BOOK". Sam is worried, because Today is Tuesday, and it's already 4:30 pm. Becky then informs him that in Brooklyn, New York, it is only 11:30 am. So they still have time, but not very much. Also they figure that "JUST LIKE IN BOOK" must mean, to look in a Sophie Madison book. Then Ghostwriter tells them another message. Next he tells them: "Who is Red Beard?". They assume that Red Beard must be in cahoots with Wise Rita & Danny. So now they have to communicate with Jamal's friends in New York. They figure that if they all work together, then they can figure out what it all means. Also what the connection between what the kidnapping plot, and Sophie Madison books is.

So Becky sits down and she is ready to start writing to Ghostwriter's friends. Then Sam mentions that Jamal said he sometimes writes to Ghostwriter on a computer. So he goes to ask their parents if they can borrow their laptop. This way, writing to Ghostwriter can be done a lot faster. Then they sit down at the laptop, and Becky starts typing. She tells him: "Ghostwriter, we need to talk to Jamal's friends in New York". Ghostwriter instantly responds with: "Go right ahead, Becky and Sam". They assume that Jamal hasn't told his friends that they can see him yet. So they decide to introduce themselves first. Then back in New York, it is 11:45 am. We see Jamal's five friends are worried, waiting for his response. Since the kidnapping will be happening very soon. The five of them watch Lenni's computer screen. Ghostwriter appears and starts with: "Becky and Sam send their greetings" and "I've been writing to them". They are all amazed and surprised that Ghostwriter has recruited them. Now they are wondering where Jamal is. Next Ghostwriter tells them: "They haven't heard of Red Beard either" and "They think Sophie Madison books are the key". They agree, but Tina complains that there are five books. And they only have two hours to go. Lenni says they don't have to read them all. She and Gaby already read the first two.

  1. Sophie Madison
  2. Sophie forms a club

But neither of them mentioned Red Beard, or a kidnapping plot. So they need to check the other three books.

  1. Sophie's Church Street Adventures
  2. Sophie and Eddie
  3. Sophie and the Cemetery Games

They decide to split the work. They will ask Becky and Sam to look in Sophie and Eddie, while they will look through the other two. Also they realize they do not need to read every word. They only need to skim pages for certain words such as: Kidnapping and Red Beard. So they respond back to Becky and Sam. They ask them to read Sophie and Eddie, and to look for "kidnapping" and "Red Beard". Then they tell Becky and Sam that they will look in the other books. Becky and Sam agree, with splitting up the work. So they start looking through the book.

Now, we see Jamal again. He uses all of his strength and props himself up. Then he uses the heel of his foot. Then with a lot of difficulty, he writes the word "HELP", in the dirt on the ground. Sensing he is in trouble, Ghostwriter comes in. He scans the word and flies away. After seeing this, Jamal smiles a sigh of relief. Then nearby, Ghostwriter scans the words on Jamal's Hurston student I.D. card. He also scans the words: "Isles of Dogs", on the chart map on the area where he finds it.

Now back in Brooklyn, Lenni and Hector are checking "Sophie and the Cemetery Games, while Tina, Gaby and Alex are checking "Sophie's Church Street Adventures" for clues. They are all getting frustrated, because it is now 12:45 pm there. And since the kidnapping happens at 2:00 pm, they are running out of time!

Then back in London, Becky and Sam are worried because Jamal still isn't back yet. So now they agree it's time they tell their parents about what's happened. Then suddenly, Sam points out Ghostwriter's fast arrival. So they immediately sit down at the laptop. Ghostwriter tells them: "Jamal is in trouble!". Sam isn't sure how he knows, but Becky figures that Ghostwriter must know, since he can sense their feelings. Sam asks Ghostwriter: "what kind of trouble?". But Ghostwriter just tells them: "I don't know". So Sam asks him where Jamal is. Ghostwriter replies. He says: "It's very strange. Isle of Dogs?" They know that is on east end of Canary Wharf. Then Ghostwriter tells them: "I'm afraid!". Then he asks them if Jamal is surrounded by barking dogs. Sam tells Ghostwriter that it is just the name, of a part of London. Then Sam asks Ghostwriter: "We need more clues to find Jamal". But Ghostwriter says that all he can read near Jamal, is: "HELP!". Now Becky finally decides to tell their parents about what has happened.

Now over on a street, we see Wise Rita selling newspapers. Then Danny runs over to her, more tense and anxious than usual. He tries to tell her he has bad news, but she does not let him speak. Instead, she reads out loud their ransom note. Sounding like a lunatic, she reads it out loud. It says: "Dearest Gloria, We have your lovely little son Colin! It's the punishment you deserve for stealing my life. Sophie Madison is me! She's made you rich, and I haven't seen a penny. But I may JUST forgive you, if you give me £100,000!". Then she asks Danny what he thinks of it. But he says it's no time for literary appreciation. He tells her they have a problem. Now she listens to him. So he tells her that the tourist kid (Jamal) was following him around. Hearing this, she doesn't believe him at first. Then he reveals to her, that he tied him up. Then left him inside a little rat hole (rundown building) on the Isle of Dogs. Hearing this, Wise Rita finally believes him. She is angry with him, so she asks him to go check on him. She wants him to make sure he is tied up tight, and will not be able to escape! So Danny reluctantly leaves to go check on him.

Then back in the rat hole, we see Jamal. He's struggling and trying with all of his might to break free; but to no avail. Then suddenly, he remembers a flashback: just before he was captured, he passed by a building that read: "LIMEHOUSE WAY". So once again, with all his might he uses his heel to write those words in the dirt.

Now back at the Bed & Breakfast, Beth and Harold Wentwood are furious, upset and worried. Harold asks they how they could have been foolish enough, to get themselves involved with kidnappers. They tell their parents, they were just trying to solve a mystery. Beth tells them to try and explain that to Jamal's parent; when they get home! Then Harold says they mentioned that Jamal went to the Isle of Dogs. So he asks them if they know what part of it Jamal went to. They say they don't know where. Then Beth leaves the room to phone the police. Now Harold asks them how they got themselves involved in the first place. They don't answer him, they just give him an "it just happened" look.

Now back in Lenni's loft, they are all getting fed up and frustrated. Lenni says she couldn't find anything. Then with just fifteen minutes to go, Hector finally finds something. He points it out to everyone. Is say that Red Beard is mentioned to be plotting a kidnapping in "Sophie and the Cemetery Games". The page mentioned that the character Red Beard, was according to a coded message, going to kidnap someone at exactly 2:00 pm. And inside a library and during the time when an author was doing a live reading. They figure that, Wise Rita copied this for her own kidnapping plot. So her accomplice Red Beard, must be planning to kidnap someone today at 2:00 pm in a library. While an author is doing a live reading. They figure the author must be Gloria Brockington. Since she is going on a book tour around the United States doing live readings. So the victim must be her son Colin. They figure it must be happening at the Brooklyn Library. Since the last coded message, was in the City Sun. So they call the Brooklyn Library, to see if Gloria Brockington will be at this library today.

Now back in the rat hole, Jamal is still trying to break free. Then finally, Ghostwriter flies by and skims the words. As Ghostwriter leaves, Jamal smiles as a sign of relief.

Now back at the Bed & Breakfast, Doris and Reggie are back and a police officer is there as well. Reggie is very worried and he is pacing back and forth. He asks the officer if they can do anything more, besides wait. The police officer says that there are other officers searching the Isles of Dogs right now. However, without more precise information, this will take a lot longer. Then Reggie decides to go and look himself. Then Doris talks Reggie out of it, by reminding him he doesn't know the city. So he might end up lost too! Then Doris asks the officer if he can go and catch Wise Rita and Danny Winkler. The Officer says, that neither of them are currently at home at the present time. Beth tries to make Doris feel reassured. She tells Doris that the police will figure things out. And Jamal will be all right. Hearing this, Doris and Reggie both look at each other with great concern. Then Becky quietly points out to Sam, that Ghostwriter is back. They see him enter the laptop, and on the screen he tells them: "LIMEHOUSE WAY". So Becky asks her dad if their is a Limehouse Way on the Isle of Dogs. Overhearing her, the Police Officer says yes there is. So he asks her what she asks. It isn't shown what they tell the Police Officer. But it can be assumed, that they tell the Police Officer that Jamal mentioned going there sometime.

Now in the Brooklyn Library, it is confirmed that Gloria Brockington will be there today at 2:00 pm. Also, she is already here getting prepared to do her live reading. Now we see Lenni on the phone. She thanks them and hangs up. She tells the team, that Gloria is doing a read at the Brooklyn Library. So she tries to phone the library to warn them. But the line is busy. So they decide to call Lt. McQuade and run over there themselves.

Now at the Library, Gloria is proudly doing her live reading. As she is describing Sophie Madison to the audience, her son Colin is in the back looking around. Then lo and behold, Red Beard has arrived! He quietly sneaks up to Colin. Then he grabs him from behind and covers his mouth!

Then back at Limehouse Way, it is getting dark. Danny approaches the entrance to the rat hole. Jamal is terrified as hears the door opening. Then Danny comes in and talks down to Jamal. He asks him how he is, and if he is enjoying his visit. Then suddenly, Danny shuts the door and runs, and Jamal yells for help. Then Reggie runs inside and he frees his son. Reggie expresses his concern and Jamal apologizes. Then the officer comes in. He says he caught Winkler. Also that Danny immediately made an entire confession, about the entire kidnapping plan and Wise Rita. The Officer cannot get over how crazy they seem to be. Also he tells Jamal that he sure was lucky. And that he cannot figure out, just how his friends knew where to look for him. Jamal just smiles, as he is taken home to the Camden.

Then back in the library, the team and Lt. McQuade have arrived. Then Just as Red Beard, is about to leave with Colin, Lenni points him out. Then Lt. McQuade approaches him. Colin escapes as Red Beard tries to bail. Then another officer and Lt. McQuade grab him. Then Red Beard denies it. He says it was all his Aunt Rita's idea. He explains that his aunt just wanted revenge on Gloria, for stealing her life. He insists that Sophie Madison is all about his aunt. Then Lt. McQuade has him taken away. As Red Beard is taken away, he claims that his aunt and brother are both insane. They talked him into it, with all their secret messages in the newspapers. But he sounds just as crazy as they do!

Then after he is taken away, Lt. McQuade applauds the team on helping the police again. He informs Gloria that they were the ones who told the police about the kidnapping plan. Hearing this, she is shocked. So she asks by whom and why they would do it. So Lenni asks her if she knows Wise Rita. As her son sits down in scared emotional shock, she says doesn't know Wise Rita. Then she remembers that she knew a Rita Wise, when growing up in Liverpool. She explains that Rita was a real piece of work, always getting into trouble. So she supposes that she did base Sophie a lot on Rita. But she also based Sophie on other girls she knew and made up. And most of all; herself!

Then back at the Bed & Breakfast, Reggie surprises Doris with two tickets to the Royal Shakespeare Company. She thinks it is wonderful. He says he got them that morning, before Jamal went missing. However, they don't think they should go now. Jamal says they can, since he is now back safe and sound. Then his parents have a talk with him. Doris explains to him that adventure and courage are good things. But following a complete stranger. One whom is involved in a kidnapping is just plain foolish. Since he could have gotten himself hurt or killed. Jamal says he knows that, and he really took this in consideration, when he was tied up in the room. Then Reggie tells him the time to think, comes before you do things. Also he reminds him that he is not a cop. So he shouldn't just try and take the law into his own hands. Jamal understands and agrees with him. Then he asks his parents if they want to go to the play and enjoy themselves, since tonight is their last night in London. His parents tell him that tonight, they want to stay home and keep an eye on him. Jamal tells them that it will be okay, and he promises he won't chase after any more kidnappers when they are gone. Hearing this, they reconsider a few times. But Jamal sincerely gives them his word, so they go to the play.

Then Jamal sits down and uses the Wentwood's laptop. He writes to Ghostwriter. he tells him: "Ghostwriter, thank you for saving me". Ghostwriter replies, he says: "You're welcome". Then he tells Jamal: "I almost couldn't". So he asks Ghostwriter: "What do you mean?". Ghostwriter replies saying: "I was afraid". So he asks Ghostwriter: "Afraid of what?. Then Ghostwriter replies saying: "A memory from my life". Jamal is pleased to see he remembered something. So he asks him: "What did you remember?". Then Ghostwriter replies saying: "Being chased by barking dogs".

Then a short time later, Jamal has told Becky and Sam about it. Becky asks him what it could mean. He says he doesn't know, because he left afterwards. And he didn't have the heart to ask him about it. Sam says it is another mystery to solve. Now Jamal sadly informs them, that they won't be able to solve it together. Since he and his family are leaving in the morning. They are sad to see each other go. But they agree to become pen pals and even write to each in code. Also they still have Ghostwriter to communicate back and forth. Then to make it official, Jamal gives Becky and Sam their own official Ghostwriter pens. He tells them they are now official members pf the team. Then they give him a going away present too. It is a framed photograph of them all happily standing together, in front of the Camden Bed & Breakfast. The words in the picture say: "Friends to the End". Also they draw a yellow dot to include Ghostwriter, as a way for him to be in the picture as well. Jamal thanks them and they promise not to forget each other. Then Becky and Sam promise to come and visit him in the USA someday. This way, they will meet the rest of the team. Also they will see the USA for the first time! Now Jamal shows them the Ghostwriter cheer. And they all do it together.

  • This was the last episode where Mayteana Morales portrayed Gaby.
  • This also marked the last appearance of Erica Dansby
  • The third part of this arc also marked the last appearance of Jasmine Michaluk.
  • The first time Reggie Jenkins is seen wearing eyeglasses.

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