To Catch A Creep
Season 1, Episode 10, 11, 12, 13
Alex for Class President
Air date Pt. 1, November 29, 1992
Pt. 2, December 6, 1992
Pt. 3, December 13, 1992
Pt. 4, December 20, 1992
Written by Carin Greenberg Baker, Kermit Frazier and Fracaswell Hyman. Teleplay by Pamela Douglas
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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Alex is running for student body president along with three other students. His campaign is going well until somebody starts posting smear flyers of Alex all over Hurston. Without hesitation, the Ghostwriter Team jumps into action to find out who is behind this new smear campaign. In the midst of their investigation, a new student transfers to Hurston. He does not seem involved in the case in anyway, until a piece of paper drops from his backpack with writing that seems to imply a confession. Alex confronts the new guy, but he is not interested in politics. However, when Alex reveals the sheet that fell from the boy's backpack, he ends up rubbing him the wrong way.

So, who is posting the smear fliers of Alex up on Hurston's walls? Who is the new guy at school? The Ghostwriter Team is on the case!


Ghostwriter Team



One day, at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School a huge pep rally is in session. The pep rally, is for four candidates running for the position of School President. The Students are full of enthusiasm. happily dancing and cheering for the candidates that they support. First we see one of the candidates is Alex, he's confident and believes he's the peoples choice. He then asks his supporters over and over again, who's the peoples choice, and his fellow supporter all shout his name and wave banners and signs for him.

Next a girl named Neetu Kapoor, promises her supporters that if they elect her as school president, they'll be very happy they did.

Then next we see a boy named Jeffrey Baxter, who seems confident and sure of himself. He promises to keep things going the proper way. Then his supporters all cheer and dance for him. Then his campaign manager Calvin Ferguson just tells him to keep nodding and smiling (as if to say, just make it look like you care).

Then finally, the fourth candidate, Janet Williams tells her supporters that she promises that if elected, she'll carry on doing the same great job that her sister did in the position the year before.

Then as the pep rally concludes, Alex meets up with Lenni and Jamal. They both seem very proud of him, Lenni tells him that if the election were today, he would win by a mile. Alex feels so good about himself that he hopes to win by a hundred miles.

Then as they three of them leave, we see a suspicious arm dressed in black attire rising up from the floor. The arm tapes a nasty smear flyer over one of the "Alex For President" signs. The flyer is a patronizing cartoon of Alex's head on a baby's body. The message says "ALEX FERNANDEZ SLEEPS WITH A MICKEY MOUSE NIGHT LIGHT". Ghostwriter reads the flyer and goes off to warn the team!

The episode begins with Alex daydreaming. In his daydream he is imagining that in the near future, he's been elected as the president of the United States of America. When a reporter asks him how it feels to be it, he says it's awesome and he's been dreaming about it ever since he was a student at Hurston Middle School.

Then back to reality, Alex is snapped out of his daydream but two student athletes. There was a recent announcement that money and funding for the school's sport teams was being cut back and possibly the teams would disband. The two athletes are very concerned and ask him for help and to not let their teams be cut. Alex promises them that if elected he won't let it happen to any of the teams. That is, just as long as they vote for him and he'll get elected. He then informs them he has to finish his campaign statement because it's due at 4:00 pm. They both leave wishing him the best of luck.

Lenni and Jamal, come in saying the whole school will be relying on the new school president to save the sports teams. Alex seems stressed saying that he knows, but thankfully Principal Kelly has allowed the new school president to have a say on how to help the sports teams. Alex is happy, because he mentions he has a really good idea in mind. Lenni is pleased to hear this and asks to hear his statement. Alex happily reads them his statement. So far, he introduces himself by his full name but says that everyone knows him better as Alex. He then mentions that everyone knows he's a big sports fan, and he likes hanging out with his friends. Also he considers all of them, which includes the whole school, his friends, too. Then Alex quickly ends his capsule summary by saying to vote for him, because that's what friends are for.

Lenni and Jamal seem a little unimpressed. Lenni is honest with him saying it's not good enough, because his statement has to say why he feels he should be president. Also what he plans to do to help the school. Alex is stressed and knows he hasn't done this yet. Because he's running out of time, and it's due in twenty minutes. Therefore Lenni and Jamal nicely help him, they write points for him down on the chalkboard. The first one is because Alex isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. The second one, he says that other kids trust him and they aren't afraid to tell him things, ergo he can be trusted.

Then suddenly, white swirls emerge from the chalkboard and swirl around the globe. They realize it's Ghostwriter, and he rearranges the words on the chalkboard to ask them who Micky Mouse is. Alex is annoyed because he's in a hurry, and Jamal answers him saying he's a Disney cartoon. Then when Ghostwriter next asks who Disney is, Alex gets frustrated and annoyed and answers him by writing: "LATER!", Lenni remarks about how rude it was, but Alex is stressed because he needs to meet the deadline. Alex has now properly expanded his statement, including that he'll find a way to help the sport's teams budget problems. Then at the end, he's stumped because he needs a good ending.

Then suddenly, they hear a couple of girls laughing in the hallway. They say Alex will freak out when he sees something. Alex and his two friends go out to see what's happening. Then when they arrive, they find the hallway walls covered with dozens of smear flyers. The smear flyers patronizingly portrays Alex's head on a baby's body in a crib. Also, the heading on the reads: ALEX FERNANDEZ SLEEPS WITH A MICKEY MOUSE NIGHT LIGHT! Alex is humiliated and furious. Then his friends help take them all down while he goes back to finish his statement.

Alex finally comes up with the perfect finish, which is that he's not afraid to run a clean campaign. Alex meets with Lenni and Jamal on his way out of school. He proudly says he got his statement in on time, and they happily mention they take down all the smear flyers on time as well. They ask why anyone would make up such a rotten lie about him. Alex mentions it's sort of true, because there is a night light in the bedroom but it's for Gaby. Then he gets suspicious and suggests maybe she have had something to do with it. Lenni stops him, and defends her saying that she's his sister who loves him. Alex says that he knows but she still has a big mouth and could have told someone else.

Jamal tells him to relax because they took all the smear flyers down in time. Lenni then realizes this must have been why Ghostwriter asked them about Mickey Mouse. Suddenly Alex remembers he owes Ghostwriter an apology. Then he goes back to the classroom and writes on the chalkboard: "Sorry I was too busy for you. You are a true friend - gracias P.s. Gracias means thanks. Ghostwriter skims the message and rearranges it to say: "Gracias to you too friend!"

In their bedroom, Alex is furious and confronts Gaby about the smear flyer. He yells at her to get her to confess that she told someone about the night light. She is mad too, and yells back defensively that she never told anyone about it. He doesn't believe and he goes to his half the room and she pulls down the dividing curtain.

Lenni is at Jamal's house, while he's getting them a snack Ghostwriter has appeared in the computer. He asks what's wrong with Jamal. Lenni types to him, that someone is writing nasty messages to make Alex look bad and tarnish his reputation. Ghostwriter advises her to stand by his side all the way and she nods.

The next morning at school, Alex, Lenni and Jamal are all confidently standing in front of the doors handing our election news flyers. When they get inside, they feel great about themselves. They feel Alex is going to win for sure. Then just when they enter the school, they are furious to find dozens more smear flyers are on the walls again, and they quickly start taking them down. Jamal is angry, saying they've got to find out who is behind it and stop them. Alex arranges for them to meet at his house after school.

After school in his bedroom, they have a rally. Jamal figures out it is being done out of jealousy because someone is afraid he will win. Lenni suspects it is one of the other candidates. So they conduct a casebook with all the other candidates. Janet Williams wants to win the election, just like her sister who won the election big the year before. Jamal knows Janet from his social studies class and she's nice but they still keep her as a suspect. The second person is Jeffrey Baxter, one of the people who is a real suck up. He is the type of person who does anything to fit in with the crowd and not to mention his campaign manager is Calvin Ferguson, who gives him all free stuff he wants for his campaign from his parents store, The Party Animal. The third person is Neetu Kapoor, who lost the previous year to Janet's sister. Now that she is in the eighth grade, this is her last chance. Neetu has a younger sister around Gaby's age to whom Gaby may have mistakenly mentioned the night light. Therefore with major evidence such as that, they keep her as a prime suspect.

Suddenly, Ghostwriter flashes an odd symbol on the smear flyer. The symbol is the random series of numbers dashes when comic book character censor themselves. Alex recognizes the symbol: it was also on the election news flyers. Therefore, the smear flyers must have been printed in the same room at school. Alex realizes they have time to make it back to school before it closes.

Lenni doesn't have time, because she has to help her dad shop for her birthday party for the next day. Hearing this, they're all excited and Lenni confirms to them that her dad will indeed bake his famous chocolate-chocolate cake, and says she'll see them at school. Gaby asks if she can come to the party too, but Alex rudely tells her no.

Jamal and Alex run into the computer room, just as Principal Kelly announces the school will closing in just a few minutes. Inside the computer room, they find a quiet black-haired boy. Jamal notices the paper he retrieves from the printer has the same odd symbol on it. Jamal asks the black-haired boy, if he has seen anyone suspicious in the computer room, lately, or anyone printing the flyers. The black-haired boy is cold and doesn't answer him and just takes off and leaves. Then afterwards, they find him to be suspicious. Because why would he be in the computer room after school all by himself? They add him to list of suspects and leave as Principal Kelly announces the school is closing.

The next morning, both Jamal and Alex sing Lenni a nice little birthday rap, ending it with singing happy birthday top you. Lenni doesn't seem too intrigued by it, Alex mentions he might include a rap for his own speech and still needs to think of a way to save the sports teams.

Then suddenly, from an upstairs windows a paper is thrown to them. Then next we see a group of students laughing at them from the window. The paper reveals itself to be another smear flyer. The flyer depicts Alex crying and running away from a large bucket of fried chicken. Also it says :"FRIED CHICKEN MAKES ALEX CRY! HOW CAN YOU VOTE FOR SUCH A WIMPY GUY? Alex's friends wonder why someone make up something so awful, but he says it's sort of true. Because like lot's of children from El Salvador he too once a had a pet chicken. The pet chicken was named Naomi, and one day when he was three years old, his grandma mistakenly cooked Naomi for dinner. He was so upset he cried for days. Hearing this, Lenni and Jamal can't help but laugh. But Alex gets them to understand how it would feel if someone cooked their cat and they stop.

Alex realizes, that only Gaby knew about this and she must have told Neetu's sister. They enter the school and they confront Neetu. Neetu seems clueless, but only understanding. When he mentions the night light smear flyer, she says it's not a big deal lot's of kids do too. When he shows her the fried chicken flyer, she think he must be a vegetarian, just like her, but he says he isn't. Neetu doesn't mind that he isn't a vegetarian and tells hims she thinks he is sweet. They leave and Alex is only exasperated, They realize she didn't seem too suspicious but they aren't sure who else it could be. Then suddenly, Principal Kelly announces on the P.A. that she is aware of the smear flyers. She asks for them to stop, and whoever is caught doing it will face suspension! Ghostwriter tells them not to lose heart, which they realize he's right and they still have Jeffrey and Janet as suspects as well.

Then outside, Jamal and Lenni find Jeffrey and Calvin promoting his campaign. They have loud blaring music playing and they overhear the mention of them breaking some school rules. They confront them about it, and Calvin says rules are made to be broken and for more campaign advice to talk to him anytime and they leave.

Alex sneaks over to the classroom to spy on Janet Williams. There we see Janet arguing with her older sister, Janet is being decisive and insists to only do things her way. While her older sister doubts her, Janet insists she has a big plan.

In the computer room, Jamal insists that Jeffrey Baxter is the person. He mentions that they overheard that he Calvin have been breaking some school rules. Alex says it's sounds like strong evidence, but mentions that he overheard Janet says she has a really big plan up her sleeve. Also Alex reminds him that Neetu knew about the night light.

Then on their way, out they come across the black-haired boy who always seems to frequent the computer room. Then just as they realize they forgot about him, he drops a very suspicious paper. The paper sounds like a confession, it says :"He felt choked with guilt, he wanted to come clean, but he was afraid to speak. If he did, he'd be in trouble...big trouble". Alex interprets this as a confession and he's furious. Therefore he storms into the cafeteria and confronts the black-haired boy at the table and snaps at him. He snaps at him saying to him it's you isn't it and asks him to admit it.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Alex is running for school president, and the biggest issue he has to tackle is finding a way to keep the school's sports teams from being cut. But someone is trying to ruin Alex's image and embarrass him. What's happening, is someone's posting nasty and hurtful smears flyers all around the school. The smear flyers reveal hurtful, embarrassing and personal secrets about Alex. Lenni and Jamal suspects that one of the other candidates is behind it and the Ghostwriter Team is now on the case!

Will this mudslinging ruin Alex's campaign? Or can the Ghostwriter clean up the election? So who is the dirty politician putting up the smear flyers? Could it be Janet Williams? Alex overheard her say she was going to win no matter what it takes. Could it be Jeffrey Baxter and his campaign manager Calvin Ferguson? They overheard the two of them say they were breaking some school rules. Could it be Neetu Kapoor? She lost the previous year to Janet's older sister and since she's now in the eighth grade this is her last chance. Or finally, could it be the mysterious black-haired boy who dropped a note that seemed very suspicious?

Alex and Jamal enter the cafeteria, they confront the black-haired boy. Alex snaps at him the boy, demanding him to admit he's the one putting up the smear flyers. The black-haired boy seems confused, telling them he has no clue what he's talking about. Alex tells him that he must know he's running for school president. The black-haired boy is unpleasant, saying he's new and just transferred to their school. Also, that he couldn't care less about their school politics.

Alex then shows him the suspicious paper he dropped, asking him how he explains his confession. Alex reads it to him, hearing it the black-haired boy gets furious grabbing it from him and demanding to know how he got it. Alex madly asks him about it, wanting to know if it isn't a confession then what else could it be? Jamal breaks them up, then the black-haired boy is furious and tells him to leave him alone and leaves. Jamal tells him that he won't tell them anything being all riled up. Alex still thinks he's guilty and adds him to their list of suspects.

Meanwhile in the Fernandez's children's bedroom, Tina is visiting Gaby. Gaby expresses her concern about what's happening to Alex, and wishes that she could do something to help him. But she feels bad because he's think she has something to do with it, and doesn't even want her around. Jamal and Alex enter the bedroom, Jamal tells him that they need to figure out who knows his secrets. Jamal still thinks it could be any one of the suspects. Alex still suspects it was the black-haired boy, because of the note he dropped and how suspicious he was acting. Alex says that all they need to do now, is find out where he is getting his information from.

Gaby asks them about what they've just found out, and he rudely tells her to get away from him calling her blabby. Gaby is ticked off, asking him not to call her that. He's agitated, saying that he has a right to call her that, because she blabs everything she knows. Gaby defensively says she doesn't, but he says she does because how else would the person print out a new smear flyer. Gaby is shocked to hear about another one, and Alex madly says that she was the only one who knew about his pet chicken that got cooked. Gaby swears that she didn't even know about it, because Naomi died before she was born. Alex then asks her if she didn't know about it, how would she know it's name. Gaby says their grandma told her, but Alex doesn't believe her. Tina steps in, standing up for Gaby. Tina says that Gaby didn't do it, because she tells her everything and she never mentioned this. Alex and Gaby are furious and begin to argue and insult each other in Spanish. Gaby tells him he's the stupid one, because he can't believe his own sister. Tina and Jamal break up their fight.

Then Mrs. Fernandez comes in, happily informs Alex that he just got another pen pal letter. The letter is from a girl named Ten Tao and she's from Sweden. Gaby expresses her disgust because Ten Tao always dips her letters in stinky perfume. Tina is intrigued to hear he has pen pals, Gaby teasingly points to the world map on the wall. She says that all the dots on it represents the countries around the world where Alex is getting love letters. Alex says they're just pen pals not love letters.

Next Alex says they need to do something to un stick the message of the smear flyers out of peoples minds. Tina suggests they film a video about him. The video will tell the school what he plans to do to save the sport's teams. Alex suggests to also show the students that he isn't afraid of the dark and cries at the sight of fried chicken. Alex gets a little carried away, suggesting it to show him fighting a giant chicken and then throwing it into the swamp. Tina then reminds them they need to keep it simple. Also she tells them they need to organize the scenes by making storyboards.

The storyboards include what each scene will feature, with a drawing and the written audio below, Jamal does the drawings. Tina suggests them to show Alex helping a frightened young kid. What Alex will do, is go down the dark cellar and take out the garbage for the frightened kid, to show he's not afraid of the dark, while the back of his jacket will read "Fearless". The four of them all cheer as they have the first scene all figured out. Then Mrs. Fernandez reminds them it's time to go to Lenni's birthday party. The group cheers and heads on their way upstairs for some of Mr. Frazier's special chocolate-chocolate cake.

Then a couple hours later, the team has been having a wonderful time at Lenni's birthday party. Lenni, her dad Max, Tina and Gaby are all dancing, while Jamal is being very silly dancing and lip syncing the song "Respect by Aretha Franklin". Gaby drags Alex, and he finally gets into the mood and lets loose and dances too. Then Mrs. Fernandez phones, Max tells them all that Mrs. Fernandez just called and it's time for them all to call it a night. They're all upset to hearing this and Lenni asks to party a little longer, Max says no because it's a school night and he promises them all they will do it again some time.

After her friend leave, Lenni thanks her dad for a wonderful birthday. Max welcomes her and has a very special present to give to her. Max explains that when her mother got sick and knew she wouldn't live much longer, she wanted to always have ways to tell her that she would always love her. Lenni is shocked to heart this and opens The present to find out it is a book, "Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh" Max explains that it was her mom favorite book when she was twelve and she wanted her to receive when she turned twelve. Lenni is a bit confused at first and promises to look at it later.

Then early the next morning, Alex and Jamal head into school. Jamal says it's a good idea they are making the video, because he thinks Jeffrey is catching up with him. Alex is worried cause he's thinks so too, Jamal expresses relief saying that if they are no more smear flyers he'll be fine.

Then just as they enter school, They come face to face with a brand new smear flyer. The smear flyer depicts a picture of Alex's face on a big Valentine's day heart. This flyer reads: "ALEX FERNANDEZ WROTE SECRET LOVE POEMS TO HIS SCIENCE TEACHER". Jamal is disgusted, while Alex is so upset he runs away. First Alex go to the basketball court and tries to work off his stress shooting baskets. He now feels so upset because everyone must be laughing at him by now that he just wants to give up the election and quit.

Also, that morning, Max is reading a bit of Harriet the Spy and mentions to Lenni how cool she is. Lenni asks who she is and how could a kid be a spy? Max explains to her that she is a nosy twelve-year old kid who wants to be a writer and she can spot a phony in a second. Also she spends all her time spying on whoever she sees, and writes down everything she learns about them in her notebook. Lenni realizes that the character Harriet is similar to her and her friends. Max then leaves for rehearsal and hugs her goodbye telling her not to be late for school. Before Lenni leaves, with curiosity she opens the book. There she is astounded to see her mother wrote her name inside of it, Colleen McDonald. She touches it gracefully and says hi to her mother (feeling as if she's still there).

Then Mrs. Fernandez enters her children's bedroom and she's shocked to see Alex home early. Alex fibs to her saying he left cause he has a stomach ache. His mother demands to know why the school nurse didn't phone her, he says he just took off and left. She is angry with concern, reminding him to NEVER leave school without permission. This is because if he bumped into a stranger or got hurt, nobody else would know where he was.

Then his mom asks him why he's pouting in the dark, instead of being excited to be making the after school video with his friends. When he turns over, she finds the new smear flyer, she realizes it really upset him. His mom then gives him encouragement reminding him about the summer when a kid teased him about his ability to swim, and soon enough he could swim better than he could. She encourages him not to give up and not to let anyone put him down because he's not a quitter. Also she reminds him he's very popular with the ladies and has another pen pal letter for him.

That evening, when Max comes home he's surprised to see the room is lit with candlelight. Also Lenni is laughing and tells her dad that she is really enjoying the book and loves the character. Max is proud to hear this, stating her mom knew really knew what she was doing to help her be remembered. Lenni says that she doesn't want to forget her mother, but remembering is sometimes so sad, since she misses her so much and they both hug each other in support. Also, Lenni has made them a special french dinner, to celebrate the first time Max met her mother in Paris. The meal is a french bread pizza, french fries and french vanilla milkshakes.

Then later, Gaby enters the bedroom and apologizes to hear about the new smear flyer. When suddenly Gaby notifies Alex that Ghostwriter is appearing on the walls world map. Ghostwriter sends them four messages that don't make sense. Alex is worried that it might be another smear flyer. The first one says "Alex, You are a horrible pers so terrible". The second one says "many flyers as I co like monster mo you could go to t with me o s Ne". The third one reads "nice guy. Only a on could do something I tore down as". The four one reads "ould. Do you vies? Maybe he movies ne day incerely, etu.

They carefully fold and tape the four pieces together, and it forms this message. "Alex, you are a nice guy. Only a horrible person could do something so terrible. I tore down as many fliers as I could. Do you like Monster Movies? Maybe you can go to the movies with me one day Sincerely Neetu. They realize Neetu has a crush on Alec, and she wrote him a note, but she was too shy to give it to him. So she tore it up and threw it away. Then since she likes Alex, she couldn't have done it, so now she's no longer a suspect.

Gaby thinks that Neetu ripped up the note because she didn't want anyone to see it. Alex understands what she means, because he finds it easier to tell his pen pals more private and personal things because they live so far away. Then he realizes he never told Gaby about him writing love poems to his science teacher, but recalls telling it to one of his pen pals. Then he bets he may have also told the same pen pal about the night light and their grandma cooking his pet chicken, but he has so many pen pals he can't recall which one he told.

In the school computer room, Jamal writes to Ghostwriter. He informs him that Neetu is cleared, because she likes Alex. Also they still suspect Jeffrey and Calvin, because they're breaking a school rule. Jamal leaves and tells Ghostwriter goodbye. Thinking he didn't see his message, Ghostwriter writes him a big green message in the air: Goodbye, Jamal. Suddenly we hear a boy say" WHOA! GOODBYE JAMAL? Jamal gets up and asks how the kid knew his name. However, it's the new black-haired boy, and he's standing there in complete skeptical shock. Jamal surprisingly asks him if he can see the message, but he's too shocked to answer.

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Alex has been running for school president. But someone is out to ruin his campaign by putting up dirty smear flyers. The smear flyers reveal personal and embarrassing secrets about Alex, such as he sleeps with a Micky Mouse night light, and cries at the sight of fried chicken. So Alex has been very embarrassed, but he doesn't give up with the election coming up so soon.

Therefore the team has been trying to solve the case. The new facts, are that Alex and his friends decide to film a video about him to show that he's brave. Also, Ghostwriter found a ripped up note that Neetu Kapoor wrote about Alex. The note revealed that she has a crush on him, and she feels awful about what he's been going through. Therefore since she likes him, she's no longer a suspect.

Also, a new smear flyer came out, this one revealed that he wrote secret love poems to his science teacher. Alex then realizes that he didn't tell that to Gaby but, he now recalls telling it to one of his pen pals. The only problem is, he has so many he can't figure out which one he told. Then suddenly, the weirdest thing happened. Jamal was leaving the computer room. Then suddenly The new black-haired boy could see Ghostwriter's goodbye message to Jamal, he was too shocked to answer. So, what is the deal with this new kid?

How is Alex's campaign cleaning up? What could Janet Williams' secret plan to win the election be? What school rule has Jeffrey Baxter and Calvin Ferguson been breaking? Neetu is cleared, because it turns out she likes Alex. Alex then suspects it may have been one of his pen pals that he told his personal secrets too, but not sure which one. Also what is the deal with the new black-haired kid? Why did he drop that suspicious note?

The story resumes with Jamal asking the new kid if he can really see the message. The black-haired kid gives him a stunned well d'uh look. Then Ghostwriter flies into the kid's backpack, and it comes out spelling in purple letters: "Hello, Rob!". Rob is so shocked, he drops his skateboard and slowly reaches out as if to make sure he's not seeing things, then Ghostwriter vanishes. Jamal is worried and hurries over to his locker. He writes Rally J on a piece of paper, to organize an urgent meeting.

Jamal nervously waits for his friends to arrive, passively pacing back and forth. Then his four friends finally arrive to his bedroom wanting to know what's up and if he's caught the creep yet. Jamal is agitated and reminds them all about the new Black-Haired Kid. The one that he and Alex met in the computer room, who dropped that suspicious note about someone feeling guilty. Jamal reveals to them that the kid's name is Rob and believe it or not, he can see Ghostwriter's words. The team is absolutely shocked to hear this, all believing him to be their enemy.

Jamal explains to them, that by telling by Rob's shocked response it must have been his first time seeing him, something which they all can relate to. Therefore Lenni comments that it must mean Ghostwriter hasn't been speaking to him all along. Also Jamal tells them it wasn't a mistake either, because Ghostwriter wrote to him: "Hello, Rob!" which was how he learned his name. Alex is furious because they still believe he is their enemy. Tina is worried, suggesting it could mean that Ghostwriter is their enemy too? Gaby defensively says that Ghostwriter must have a made a mistake. Alex also backs up Ghostwriter as their friend. He reminds them all that Ghostwriter helped them see the smear flyer before it came up, and helped prove to them that Neetu was innocent. The team all agrees with Alex, and Jamal then suggests that perhaps Rob isn't so bad after all. Because, Ghostwriter wouldn't talk to him if was trying to hurt Alex. Lenni is puzzled mentioning that Ghostwriter doesn't let just anyone see him so why would he chose Rob?

They all head over to Jamal's computer and Alex asks Ghostwriter why he chose Rob? The only response Ghostwriter gives them is to ask Rob. They are frustrated with the response, because it's Friday evening and now they will have to wait until Monday to speak to Rob at school. Alex being impatient says he just can't wait until Monday, but Tina reminds him that tomorrow they're shooting his video. Alex excitingly remembers when hearing this and suggests they be professional like in Hollywood and wake up at five in the morning. The group isn't too psyched by this suggestion, and Tina recommends waiting until the sun comes up. Therefore, they agree to meet together in the park at nine in the morning.

Jamal then tells them he won't be able to join them, because on Saturday morning he's beginning Karate at the youth Center. Gaby seems very interested and Jamal reveals that he heard some of the instructors are third degree black belts. But feeling sure of himself, he does a few karate moves saying perhaps he can show them a thing or two. Alex teases him that one of his special moves, is turning around and running away and they all laugh.

Then on Saturday morning, Jamal shows up for his karate lesson. Then he's surprised to see Gaby also wearing a training dogi. She reveals to him that it sounded so good, that she couldn't resist. Gaby seems a bit unsure of herself at first, but Jamal tells her she'll be just fine. Then he teases her saying that is long as she doesn't break any bones and laughs. Then the sensei comes in and politely explains that Karate begins and ends with courtesy. When an instructor comes in, they should all bow to show their respect. Then the class all gets up and bows, the instructor intrudes himself as Sensei Bata. The Sensei explains to them all that Karate is to only be used for self defense and not for picking fights. Jamal jokingly does some ninja moves, but the Sensei just laughs it off and then the class begins a warm up.

Then in the park, Alex rehearses the scenario of their storyboards. The video will feature Alex wearing a jacket that says "Fearless" on the back of it. Also it involves a little girl, who's being portrayed by Tina's little sister Linda who is too scared to take the garbage down into the dark cellar. Therefore, Alex bravely takes the garbage down into the cellar for her. The second part of the video will show Alex eating an entire bucket of fried chicken, while wearing a shirt that says "Hungry". Finally the back of his jacket reads "To be your president". Then finally after a few hours, Tina and Alex have finished filming it and Alex is excited saying it will be terrific, but wouldn't mind it if he never ate fried chicken again!

Then back in the karate class, Sensei Bata teaches the class all how to properly punch and block. The Sensei then has the class split up into groups of two to practice how to do it. Naturally, Jamal and Gaby work together, he blocks and she punches. Then suddenly, Gaby punches a bit too fast and hits Jamal in the chest. Jamal cries out in pain, as the Sensei helps him over to sit on a chair. Jamal has had the wind knocked of him, gasping for air. Gaby feels terrible and she apologizes profusely. Jamal is catching his breathing looking humiliated and annoyed and gives Gaby that "Really, Gaby?" look.

Meanwhile, back in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is painstakingly looking through all his pen pal letters. He's trying to find out who he told his secrets to. Gaby comes back from Karate class saying it was okay and guesses that she'll go again. Alex mentions that sometimes the pen pals write back to him mentioning some of the things he told them. Gaby suggests helping him, but he rudely says no because out of respect for his pen pals he still doesn't want her snooping through them. Gaby then suggests he'll save time if just skims the letters looking for certain words. Alex thinks it's a great idea and writes a list of certain words, Night light, love poems, science teacher, chicken and crying. He asks Ghostwriter to help search for them and Ghostwriter flies into a nearby pile of letters.

Alex then begins to skim through the letters checking for the certain words. Alex then finds one that has the mention of a Science Teacher. But the girl just mentions that if she were a science teacher she would free all the frogs from the classroom. Then Ghostwriter tells him to check the next letter because it's mentions crying. The letter is from a pen pal from New Orleans, and it turns out she was just crying because her brother stepped on her worm farm. Next Alex finds a letter from a pen pal named Katherine, she mentions the love poems and she told him not to feel bad about writing them she though it was romantic. Also it turns out Alex also told her about how he feels about fried chicken and the night light. Alex is now positive the person behind the smear flyers is his pen pal Katherine Brody from Texas. Gaby at first thinks he shouldn't go around accusing people, but he claims he has the proof that she is the one.

Then on Monday afternoon, we see Rob in the computer room. He is still skeptical about what he saw the other day. Therefore, he's not sure if he really did see it, so he types to Ghostwriter on the computer to be sure that he wasn't seeing things. He types "Words that fly" "Magic words" "Hanging in air" "Maybe a friend?" then a from a moment he's doubts it thinking he's not sure if it really did happen. Then suddenly Ghostwriter answers him seeing "I am a friend, Rob", Rob is so shocked he pushes himself away from the computer. Then he slowly approaches the computer and asks who it is. Ghostwriter introduces himself, explaining that is the name his friends call him. Rob seems a bit more calm now and sits down. Rob asks him how he knows his name, Ghostwriter explains he's been reading and enjoying his poems. Rob is a bit ticked off telling him that his poems are private! Ghostwriter apologizes saying that he's sorry. Rob then asks him why everybody can't see him. Ghostwriter then tells him to ask Jamal and leaves. Rob is frustrated because he thinks Jamal hates him.

Then at lunchtime, Alex and Jamal are heading to a table, while Alex expresses his disappointment in his pen pal Katherine. He explains that he thought pen pals were great, it was like having friends all around the world who give you mail all the time and thought Katherine was like the rest of them. Jamal says that she sure showed him and they sit down to eat. Alex explains that Katherine seemed so nice and he really enjoyed hearing about her family's farm and how she got to brand cattle. Jamal then tells him that maybe it wasn't her, but Alex is positive it was because she's the one he told all three of those secrets to.

Alex is positive, because Ghostwriter helped him checked every single letter and he double checked the rest from his other pen pals. Then Jamal remembers he mentioned she's from Texas and why would a girl who is thousands of miles away care about their school election and how could she put up the flyers if she isn't here? Alex says he's confused about that and can't figure it out yet.

Then Rob comes over to speak to Jamal, Rob asks to speak with Jamal alone and Alex is cold and furious with him. Rob explains that Ghostwriter told him to speak to him. Hearing this Alex is shocked and Jamal tells him to sit down. Rob explains that he was working on the computer, then Ghostwriter appeared and he asked him questions and says he wants to be his friend. Alex snaps at him saying that he knew Ghostwriter long before he did and tells Jamal not tell him anything more, because he's still a suspect. Rob and Alex begin to argue with Rob saying he's not guilty of anything and Alex mentioning the confession he dropped. Jamal breaks it up before they have a fight, explaining that nobody's accusing anyone of anything they just want to figure things out.

Therefore, Rob shows him the paper they saw earlier that said "He felt choked with guilt, he wanted to come clean, but he was afraid to speak. If he did, he'd be in trouble...big trouble". Alex still thinks it sounds like a confession. Then Rob shows them another paper telling him to read what came before it. This one says "Josh watched in horror as the magic cup slipped out of his hands, breaking into a million pieces. He had killed the magic! The wizard was going to be furious! When Alex reads the second paper with the previous paper things begin to make sense now. Then he realizes he was wrong about Rob. Alex and Jamal now realize that it wasn't a confession, just a story Rob's been writing.

Alex apologizes to him, for making it think he was guilty, just that he's been so stressed to find out who's behind the smear flyers. Rob says it's okay, Jamal is now interested and asks him where the rest of the story is. Rob explains it isn't finished yet. Alex and Jamal now both politely introduce themselves by their full names. Rob introduces himself as Rob Baker. Rob then notices Ghostwriter flying out of Alex's textbook, and they all watch as the Ghostwriter rearranges the words to say "Do you want this clown to be your president?". They realize Ghostwriter is reading off from the creep who is in the process of making another flyer. They aren't sure where it's coming from, but Alex abruptly leaves to go hunting for the creep.

Alex finds Janet Williams speaking to one of her supporters, she says that the meeting is top secret and she'll show you know who! How badly she wants to win. Alex then begins chasing her down the stairs, asking her to wait. Janet sees him and runs away and eventually he loses her as a girls' softball team runs ahead of him all asking to speak to her.

Then as Alex finds himself in the school's basement, he hears the familiar music of the song "I am one of you" that Jeffrey Baxter uses for his campaign. Then in a room he finds Jeffrey rehearsing a rap to sing for his campaign, and the room is full of his posters. Alex demands to know what they're doing in the basement. Calvin Ferguson shows up and explains that with all the dirty campaigning going on, he needed to find a quiet place for his candidate to work on his speeches in private. Alex then angrily mentions that having a campaign headquarters on school grounds is against the rules.

Calvin says that rules are made to be broken, also in a patronizing tone he tells him that he doesn't look so good and that the smear flyers must really be putting him down. He tells him that he's really sorry about to hear about them, although he sure doesn't look too sorry. Calvin then tells him he can ask them anytime if he wants his help. Then pushes him out of the room and closes the door.

Then at karate, the class is all practicing as Jamal reluctantly shows up. Sensei Bata asks Jamal if he's here for class, Jamal says he's not so sure that karate is for him. Gaby then shows up, and Jamal looks annoyed but Sensei asks to speak to her too. The Sensei explains that ego is pride and how we feel about ourselves, how we sometimes feel we're better than others. Also when we lose our ego and pride, it hurts much more than being punched in the chest. Jamal, then explains that he was beaten by a little kid. Gaby is angry telling him not to refer to her as a little kid.

The Sensei explains that it wasn't a fight, it was a just a practice and Gaby didn't mean to do it, she just lost control. Also The Sensei points out his most important rule for taking the class is to leave your ego at the door. Also it's a class not a competition, and it's important to not worry about what others will think of you. Because if you want to study karate, you can't let your ego get in the way. Jamal realizes he's right and puts his ego aside and they both join the class, and the class begins with punching practice.

Then back at school, Alex finds Janet Williams walking by with her supporters once again. He sneaks up on them but they close the door. He then notices the top window above the door is open. Therefore, he grabs a chair to stand on it to peak in to hear what they are saying. Janet tells the group that now that their plan is complete, they need to be very careful. Because if what they do leaks out, she might lose her chances of being elected. The chair Alex is standing on slips away and now he's hanging like a monkey on the window ledge as Janet approaches the door to leave. Therefore, unless Alex gets off the door before she opens it, he'll get caught snooping!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Alex's campaign for school president is in trouble, because someone has been putting up embarrassing smear flyers about him. But the Ghostwriter team, has also been making a video about Alex to prove to the entire school he isn't a wimp. Also, the new school president has to come up with an idea to prevent the school's sports teams from being cut. Also, since the school has been having budget problems, the new school president has to try and come up with a way to keep the sports teams from being cut.

Here are the new facts from the previous parts of the arc. First, Alex hasn't time to think about the sports teams, because he's been far too busy trying to find out who's been putting up the smear flyers. Second, Ghostwriter helped Alex check all his pen pal letters, to figure out which one he told all his secrets to. Then soon, he figures out it must haven been Katherine Brody from Texas, which has made her a new suspect.

Then third, Alex investigated Jeffrey Baxter and his campaign manager Calvin Ferguson more carefully. He discovered that they've been breaking school rules, by having a secret hidden campaign headquarters on school property. Then fourth, he overheard Janet Williams mention that she was holding secret meetings to show a certain "someone" how badly she wants to win the election. The fifth and finally, Jamal and Alex finally meet the new black-haired kid Rob, and it turns out the note he dropped wasn't a confession after all, just part of a story he's been writing. Then Ghostwriter discovered a that new smear flyer was in the process of being made. Will all this mudslinging run Alex's campaign? Or can the team find out who's behind the smears before the election?

So who could it be? Could it be Janet? after all, she is up to something secretive and sneaky. Rob has been exonerated, because it turns out he just likes writing stories, and the note he dropped was just part of one. Also he must be okay, since Ghostwriter has chosen to write to him. Could it be Jeffrey and Calvin, they have a secret hidden campaign headquarters, and no one knows just what they're doing. Last of all, could it be Alex's pen pal Katherine Brody? She may live far away, but she does know all his secrets!

The story picks up with Janet Williams opening the door, and luckily Alex jumped off of it in the nick of time. Janet sees the chair but no one there, she looks around a little confused and then shakes it off and closes the door. Then from the corner of the lockers, Alex slowly appears and realizes it's time to call an urgent meeting. He writes on his hand RALLY A, and Ghostwriter instantly skims his hand and delivers the message to the team.

Jamal and Gaby are at karate practice, they are now respectfully training and helping each other. They both advise each other that when punching it's important to tuck the fist way back near your pocket and to bend your knees down before doing a kick. Jamal does an impressive spinning kick and Gaby backs away with a bit of shock and they laugh it off. Then suddenly Jamal brings it to Gaby's attention that Ghostwriter is contacting them. Ghostwriter rearranges "Please leave your ego at the door" to say "P ease e ve our ego t the doo RALLY A" and it's flashing red. Therefore, both Jamal and Gaby hurry over to the Fernandez's bodega. Then in Lenni's loft, Lenni is enjoying a bowl of delicious alphabet soup. Then suddenly, the letters in the tomato broth rearrange to say RALLY A and it flashes indigo. Lenni grabs her notebook and runs downstairs to the bodega.

Then back in the Fernandez's children's bedroom, Alex is looking through his casebook reviewing the three preview smear flyers, "Alex Fernandez sleeps with a Mickey Mouse night light", "Fried chicken makes Alex cry! How can you vote for such a wimpy guy?", "Alex Fernandez wrote secret love poems to his science teacher'. Then finally, he's trying to figure out what the fourth and upcoming new one will be "Do you want this clown to be your president?" Alex tells his five friends they need to find the creep and stop him or her once and for all.

Gaby asks who might be doing it, Alex mentions that he overheard Janet say that she's been hiding something and she is afraid of getting caught. Lenni mentions that Calvin said he and Jeffrey have been breaking school rules. Alex says that they must mean by having a campaign headquarters in the school basement which is a violation of the rules. Also, that Calvin didn't seem to be sorry to hear about what he's been going through. Then Tina asks about Rob Baker, the black-haired boy from the computer room. Jamal reveals that he and Alex spoke with him, he's a bit weird but he's okay.

Gaby then asks about Alex's Pen pal Katherine Brody from Texas. Jamal is still confused because why would a girl who lives so far away from them, care about their school election? Alex says it has to be her, because she knows all of his secrets. Then suddenly, Lenni suggests that perhaps Katherine knows one of their other suspects who also attends their school.

Then Gaby brings it to their attention that Ghostwriter has a message for them. On the big atlas map on the wall, Ghostwriter rearranges letters to say "Do you want this clown to be your president?", also Ghostwriter tells them "Trick or Treat" and "Foto-to-Go". Gaby reveals that Foto-to-Go is the place where they get their pictures developed. They realize that Ghostwriter was at Foto-to-Go, where the creep was printing off copies of a new smear flyer. Jamal and Tina suggests it might mean a Halloween picture of a clown costume. Hearing this, Alex seems worried and upset, he shows them a photo album of when he was a toddler. The album has various pictures of him dressed up like a clown for Halloween, which nowadays seems very amusing. Alex was afraid of this, because he sent one of the pictures to Katherine and she must have sent it to the creep.

Therefore, they need to find out who she knows from their school. Alex decides to call the telephone operator to get her phone number. Lenni mentions that of course she won't just willingly tell them the truth. Alex says they'll need to trick her and suggests looking through her letters to find out what she interested in, and use it to trick her to get her to tell them what they want to know. The team reviews the letters from Katherine and finally Tina comes up with a great idea. The letter she found reveals that Katherine has a subscription to Rock-mania magazine just like her brother Tuan does, who won free tickets to a concert in Los Angeles the summer before. Tina suggests that they phone her pretending that they are calling from Rock-mania magazine and tell her that she just won a contest. They plan to tell her that the concert is in New York, and there's one ticket and she can only come if she knows an adult in New York who can take. Therefore, she'll reveal to them who she knows in New York.

Jamal feels bad and isn't so sure about the idea, he believes it won't be fair to Katherine, because she'll be so disappointed when she finds out she really didn't win. Alex and Lenni convince Jamal that what they'll be doing to her, isn't even as close to as bad as what she's been doing to him. Also, it's the only way because they need to find out who she knows at their school. Jamal reluctantly agrees, and Alex goes to ask his mom permission to make a long distance phone call. They plan out what to tell Katherine, Alex has gotten permission from their mom to make a long distance phone call, but for only five minutes.

They phone Katherine Brody, and Lenni poses as a receptionist talking in a valley girl accent. She tells Katherine that she is calling from Rock-Mania Magazine and she just won their big contest. Lenni then tricks her to thinking she'll get to meet the band Sweating Bullets, who are so cool they call them "hot ice!" completes with backstage passes and the chance to hear their early sound check before their concert. Katherine is so excited, she can be heard screaming for joy. Then Lenni tells her that since she's under eighteen, she'll need an adult chaperon, and asks her if she has an aunt or an uncle who lives in New York. Katherine says yes she does, and Lenni asks her a bit defensively what their name is, and Katherine reveals it is the Ferguson family! Hearing this Alex is furious and Lenni wraps up her ruse phone call saying that she will process the information and get back to her soon and hangs up.

Alex is furious, because the Creep is none other than Calvin Ferguson. Tina figures that he must be Katherine's cousin. Alex plans to cream him, and the team all applauds and high-fives him. The next day at school, Alex, Jamal and Lenni track down Calvin at school. They have trouble finding him at first, because Lenni thinks he knows they know and he's avoiding them. They find him at his locker, Alex snaps at him asking if he's off to do another smear. Calvin acts like he's confused. Jamal tells him they know he's the one and to just admit it, and Lenni tells him they know a fourth one is coming. Calvin gets rude telling him that they must have mistaken him for someone who cares. Alex then snaps at him asking if he cares about a childhood picture of him in a clown suit.

When hearing this, Calvin is shocked claiming that nobody not even Katherine knew what he was going to do with that picture yet. Alex snaps at him stating he knows Katherine Brody is his cousin from Texas. Calvin gives them a stubborn look and then rudely snaps at them admitting that he did it. Lenni insists that he'll go to the principal's office and confess. Calvin denies it saying that nobody can prove he did it, and Katherine will just deny it if she is asked anything.

Jamal asks him what his problem is and why he's doing it. Calvin says that his plan has been in action since the Sixth Grade. Calvin states that he just couldn't stand by and let Alex AKA Mr. Popularity run his school. Therefore he just felt he had to stop him. Also, he states that everybody knows Alex has tons of pen pals, he asked his cousin and she did him a favor, agreeing to be Alex's pen pal to send him the dirt on him. Alex asks him why he didn't just run for president instead if mattered so much to him. Calvin answers him in a twisted tone saying that he doesn't care about winning, he just doesn't want him to win. Calvin says better luck with the next smear and leaves.

When he leaves, Alex is furious saying he wants to pound him. Jamal calms him down stating that they all do. However, they got to find a way to stop him before the Fourth flyer comes out and make him confess. Alex says he wants to make him suffer the same way he made him suffer, which gives Jamal a brilliant idea. Jamal catches up with Rob on his way out, he asks him if remembers the Ghostwriter team. Rob says he does, Jamal then asks him for a favor. Jamal asks him to go to the Party Animal store after school.

Therefore he can listen to Calvin's mother Mrs. Ferguson continuously boast and brag about her son while mistakenly revealing some very personal and embarrassing things about Calvin. Jamal is desperate stating that the five of them would go, but she already knows all of them and might not tell them anything. But since she doesn't know him yet, she likely will tell him. Jamal explains that they need to find out as much dirt about Calvin as they can, because Calvin is the one who has been smearing Alex. Rob isn't sure but Jamal promises it'll only take a few minutes. But Rob enters the computer room and says he'll think about it. Jamal desperately begs him saying if he finds out anything to meet him after school.

Then on Alex's way out of school, he is greeted by three girls who tease him by making smooching sounds at him. Then he comes across Janet Williams who is greeted by a boys' baseball team. They perform a little rap for her to encourage the school not to cut off their team. Janet says she's trying her best to make her plan work out and they all leave. Alex stares at her still wondering what her plan could be. Then he just gives up and walks away while those three girls make more smooching sounds at him.

Then after school, Lenni paces back and forth as she and Jamal are impatiently waiting for Rob to meet with them. Jamal begins to accept that Rob just won't show up, and Lenni suggests for one of them to take their chances and go to the Party Animal instead. Then just as Jamal agrees thinking there is no other way, Rob finally meets up with them. Rob reveals he went to the party animal store, and not just his mother, but also the annoying parrot Attila just couldn't stop talking about Calvin. Rob happily reveals, not only did he get dirt on Calvin he got a mudslide, and gives Lenni and Jamal a folder full of the secrets and information he wrote down. Jamal and Rob happily shakes hands and Jamal thanks him calling him a real bud. Lenni asks him if he can help them any further, but he says he has to go and hopes that the information he gave them will help.

Then later that evening, in Jamal's bedroom the entire Ghostwriter team is having a great time laughing at the hilarious secrets about Calvin. Some of the secrets reveals that two summers before, he and his family were at the Coney Island Beach and a wave pulled off Calvin's swimming trunks. Then afterwards, he had to wait in the water for six hours until it was dark so nobody would see him naked. Also another one reveals that Calvin can't sleep without his stuffed booger bat. The team just laughs their heads off when hearing this one.

Lenni suggests to make the first smear flyer about Calvin losing his swim trunks, because it's the most embarrassing one. Jamal gets started on the flyer, but they're having trouble thinking of a heading that is short and brief enough to know what it is by just looking at it. Then finally Lenni suggests the title to be "CALVIN CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN!" and the second one is "CALVIN'S BATTY ABOUT HIS BOOGER BAT" Jamal does the drawings and they are hilarious. Alex is thrilled, Jamal has a hunch that when he sees them he'll turn himself into the principal just to keep them from not putting them up.

Then early the next morning, it's election day. Alex meets Calvin at school, and Alex tells him that he's just too smart for him and if he promises not to put up his new smear flyers, then he will drop out of the election. Calvin says he hasn't put them up yet but he's thinking about it. Alex begs him not to, and promises to write a new speech saying he'll drop out of the election and tell all his supporters to vote for Jeff instead. Calvin is thrilled and loves this idea and takes him to his campaign headquarters to help him write the speech.

Just as they enter the headquarters, Calvin gets the shock of a lifetime. All around the room are copies of the two smears flyers the team made about him, and he is horrified. Then Lenni, Jamal and Alex tell him that unless he confesses to the principal, they will post those flyers all over the school. Calvin is shocked, wondering how they found out these things about him. They tell him, they have sources and they are just as smart as he is. When Calvin hears this he doesn't believes them, also he doubts they will post them because he's believes they're too nice. Jamal then shows him a big box full of their flyers, stating that his life is in the box. Alex and Lenni both say they're ready to do it. This scares Calvin and he reluctantly agrees to turn himself in and tell the principal.

Then we see Principal Kelly, very angry and disappointed, she takes both Calvin and Jeffrey and lectures them in a classroom. She believes them both to be involved and kicks Jeffrey out of the election and suspends them both. Then suddenly, Jeffrey declares his innocence. He reveals that he knew nothing about it and had no idea it was happening. Principal Kelly believes him and not only does she lift his suspension she lets him stay in the election. Then Jeffrey expresses his disgust to Calvin. He madly tells him how fed up is he that he's always trying to run his life for him, and cuts off the ties of their friendship. Calvin tells Jeffrey he will win the election and he owes it all to him. Principal Kelly says he'll certainly find out very soon what she owes him. Alex, Lenni and Jamal are listening outside and rejoice when hearing this.

Then the school election comes to the final assembly. Neetu Kapoor finishes her speech by saying "Say me too, vote for Neetu!" and smiles. Then Jeffrey Baxter, feeling very unsure about himself finishes his speech by saying that they should still vote for him, because they already said they would. He claims to be a nice guy, even if some of the people who helped him with his campaign weren't. He states that he's not like them because he's cool and reminds them how cool he used to be to try and convince them. Then Alex comes up to make his speech and shows the entire assembly his video. They are all very impressed to see him help a little girl take garbage down into a dark cellar and eating fried chicken. Alex ends his videos saying that he's believes he is still the people's choice, no matter what anyone says. Also to vote for him because he's not afraid to be the best school president that their school has ever had. When the video ends everyone is impressed and applauds him. Then just when Alex is about to tell them how he plans to help the sport's teams he runs out of time.

Then Fourth and finally, Janet Williams makes her final speech. She explains the plans she has come up with, so none of the sport's teams will be cut. She reveals she's been having secret meetings with the team captains, their parents, teachers and local business men. The plan is that some parents have agreed to drive the teams to and from away games. This should save money on buses and drivers. Also, she has gotten some local business men to help sponsor the teams, which should help pay for new uniforms and equipment. Then finally, the teams captains have agreed to have fund raisers with their members. Janet finishes her speech saying that saving the sport's teams is just her first idea and she'll have plenty more if they'll elect her for school president. Lenni and Jamal are shocked to find out this was why she was having those secret meetings. Then the whole assembly including Alex claps and cheers for Janet.

Then a few hours later, it turns out that of course Janet Williams has won the election. Alex takes his defeat well, believing she deserved to win, because her idea was better than his, but at least he didn't give up. Jamal is proud that Alex's video turned out great and it cleared his name. Lenni is glad they also caught their creep Calvin. Then the three of them are greeted by Calvin who thanks them for getting him a "week off" of school. They are shocked to hear he's been suspended for a week and Calvin demands they make good on their deal and give him their flyers. Jamal gives him the box and Calvin is shocked because the box turned out to be about ninety five percent empty. Calvin is furious because they tricked him into thinking the box was full of flyers. Lenni tells him that they just wanted him to come clean and confess and they would never stoop as low as him. Calvin leaves saying that they have won this time, but the war has just begun.

Then after Calvin leaves, they are happily greeted by Rob. Rob apologizes to Alex for losing the election. Alex takes it well saying that Janet was just smarter. Rob gives him support saying that he could have come up with a great idea as well, if he hadn't been so busy dealing with their creep. Alex understands that he never got the chance to help the sports teams, because he was so busy trying to save his reputation. Rob applauds him on being brave enough to stick with it and see it all through, and how he would have just left town if someone smeared him that badly. Alex says his friends stuck by his side and helped him through it. Also if he won't ever be school president, than at least they are going to become great detectives. Then as Rob leaves, Alex invites him to hang out with them at his house after school. Rob being a loner, says he doesn't do groups and he leaves. This leaves the three of them feeling disappointed wishing he would hang out with them because he's an okay guy. Then Ghostwriter gives Rob a message telling him to take a chance on friends. Rob considers it and walks towards them, as he sees how happy they all are together.

  • Beginning from this arc, Joey Shea replaced Wil Horneff as Calvin Ferguson and portrayed the role for the remainder of the series.