Get the Message
Season 2, Episode 39, 40, 41, 42
Air date Pt. 1, October 3, 1993
Pt. 2, October 10, 1993
Pt. 3, October 17, 1993
Pt. 4, October 24, 1993
Written by Carin Greenberg Baxter & Kermit Frazier
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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"Am I Blue?"
"Just in Time"
Mr. Frazier and Mr. Fernandez get into a heated argument after the latter inadvertently hits the former's instruments while trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian. A further misunderstanding between Lenni & Alex and Gaby & Tina causes them to argue with each other. Meanwhile, someone is stealing paintings made famous by one Jarvis O'Connor. Rob, Jamal and Ghostwriter hustle to search for clues and find out who the culprit is who is stealing the famous works of art. But with the team arguing amongst each other, and Jamal and Rob the only members willing to work the case, Ghostwriter begins to feel the effects of the rift and starts fading away.

Is this the end of the Ghostwriter Team? Can they catch the thief behind the art gallery heists before the rift tears them apart?!


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Star


Tina walks over to Max Frazier's van. She nicely says hello to both him and his band member Mark. Max says hello back and he is in a very good mood. He and his band have been asked to perform at a club down town. The club is called the Silver Slipper Club. And they are going to be observed by a big record executive. So hopefully, if she likes their music, then they can finally get a record deal.

Tina feels thrilled for him, believing he can become famous. So to celebrate his good mood, he asks her to film an interview about his possible upcoming success. Then just as Tina starts videotaping, two people quickly come running by in front of Max. So to have a better view, Tina asks to film Max in front of all his bands instruments.

Then she start videotaping again. She starts asking him how it feels to be rich and famous now. He says it isn't very different, he is still the same ole person, just happily driving around in a Rolls Royce, a Jaguar and a Lamborghini now. Then suddenly Tina screams for him to watch out. Max turns around to see a truck come crashing at him. He quickly jumps out of the way in time as it crashes into all of his bands instruments. Also, the truck says "Fernandez Groceries" on it!

The arc begins with Max and Tina getting up. He asks her if she is all right. She is and Max is furious to see Eduardo was the truck driver. He snaps at him saying that he did it. Eduardo is upset and frantic. He claims that he didn't mean to, it was just an accident. Max asks Eduardo if he is hurt and Eduardo say he isn't. So Max demands for him to explain what just happened. Eduardo gets frustrated, explaining that he thought he saw someone on the road. So he had to turn to avoid hitting them. Max claims that he didn't see anyone, and he points out to Eduardo that he destroyed all of his band's instruments.

Then he reminds Eduardo that he and his band cannot play without them, and this messed up their record contract. Then Max demands to know why he didn't turn the other way. Eduardo loses his temper, then snaps at him. He tells him it was spur of the moment, so he didn't have time to think of which exact way to turn to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Then Eduardo snaps at Max, saying that he should be lucky that he only crashed into his instruments instead of them. So he saved his life and he should be grateful. Max snaps saying that he ruined his life and he isn't grateful. So instead he going to call the police!

Then why see Jamal and Gaby have just left their Karate Lesson. She is in discomfort, complaining that her legs are killing her, from all of the deep knee bends they did. Jamal encourages her that they need to do them. So it will make their kicks more powerful and he does one. Then as they come walking by, they notice the accident. They see Tina who has still been videotaping the whole time. They are shocked, so they ask her what happened. Then suddenly, Lenni comes by and she is shocked by the accident and damage too. She asks Tina if she saw what happened. Tina explains that Mr. Fernandez crashed right into all of Mr. Frazier's instruments. She explained they are all right and they're just talking to the news and the police inside the Bodega now.

In the Bodega, Max has finished speaking to the police. Now he is speaking to a news reporter from the City Sun. Max is still angry. He expresses his concern that he may not be able to pay his rent and support his daughter. And they might even even be kicked out onto the streets. Then Ghostwriter reads on the reporters book, that Mr. Fernandez destroyed all of Mr. Frazier's musical instruments. Then Lenni comes in and he comforts her telling her not to worry. Then Max tells the reporter that Eduardo has been complaining about his music, ever since they moved in. Then he mentions that Eduardo once even threatened to destroyed his of instruments. In a flashback to the previous arc ("Am I Blue") We see that Eduardo was stressed and frustrated. So he called Max demanding him to stop playing his music. Or he would come upstairs and break the instruments into a million pieces. Max says he never thought he would have believed it, but now he thinks Eduardo might have done it on purpose to shut him up. Lenni shakes her head with disapprove to the Fernandez family.

Then Eduardo with support from his two children speaks to a police officer. Eduardo claims that he did not supposedly see somebody running by. He DID see someone, and complains that nobody believes him. His family all back him saying that they do. Then Eduardo complains that he did his best to avoid hurting someone, and this was the thanks he got. Then he comments saying Max sure wouldn't know what it means to be considerate. Since Max has moved in upstairs, he has bothered him with nothing but headaches from all of his loud music.

That evening, Lenni and her dad have pizza and try and relax. She tells him not to worry and she is sure the record company will give him another chance. He says he is sure they will, and it is just a minor setback. Then Ghostwriter flies in and goes over to the fridge. He rearranges the letter magnets to ask Lenni: "Why are you afraid?" Then they finish supper and Lenni cleans up for them. Then she goes to her computer to answer Ghostwriter. She tells him "I'm afraid we won't have enough money to live on". He answers telling her "Try not to worry" and "I'm sorry about the accident". She asks him "What can I do?". He tells her "Be there for your dad". She tells him "I'll try". Then he tells her "And I'll be there for you.

The next day at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School, Lenni meets with Rob and Jamal in the hallway. Jamal has filled Rob in. So Rob apologizes to hear about the accident. Rob asks her what really happened. She says that since Mr. Fernandez is always complaining about her dad's music. That this must have been his chance to shut him up for good. Jamal backs up the Fernandez family, saying Mr. Fernandez isn't really like that. He only swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian, according to Alex. Lenni snaps saying there wasn't a guy and nobody saw a guy. Also that Alex would of course stand up for his dad, whether it is true or not. Then Alex runs by furious asking her if she is calling his dad a liar. She says that it just sounds strange that he only seemed to see the person. Also why didn't he didn't swerve the other way to the empty side of the street. Alex snaps at her saying that the whole thing happened so fast, that he didn't have the time to see what was in his way. She snaps back saying that he seemed to have time to crash into her dad's stuff. Then they snap at each other, both asking how they would know since neither of them were there. Then Jamal tells them to break it up, asking Rob to back him up. Then it seems that Rob has taken off. Then Lenni snaps at him. She says she knows they complained about them to the landlord. Then Alex snaps back saying they should have kicked them out already.

Then in the Bodega, Gaby and Tina come in reading the new City Sun newspaper. Gaby hopes it has good news. It says that the song has ended for musician Max Frazier. Thanks to his not so neighborly neighbor Eduardo Fernandez. One person mentions that he was driving like a madman. Gaby is furious to hear about people talking about her father this way. Also the article mentions Max thinking that Eduardo may have crashed into his instruments on purpose. Then it also says that Mr. Fernandez hasn't been charged for reckless driving. However, charges my be filed pending the investigation! Then Gaby is relieved to see Tina made a statement. However, Tina told the reporter: "I thought he was going to run us over. I've never been so scared in my whole life!" Gaby is furious, she was hoping that Tina would stick up for her dad. But instead she tells the world that he was driving like a mad man. Tina apologizes saying she was just telling the truth. Gaby gets angry, she tell her that friends are supposed to help each other. Now she is just like Lenni accusing her dad. Then she tells Tina to never speak to her again for as long as she lives.

Then back at Hurtson Middle School, Jamal meets with Rob in the computer room. We see Calvin on his way out, looking happy to hear that Alex and Lenni aren't speaking to each other. Then Calvin quietly sneaks back into the room and hides behind the door. Jamal tells Rob they have to help their team. So their team doesn't fall apart. Rob seems uninterested. So Jamal snaps at him asking him if he even cares. Rob says that he does care of course. They are the best group of friends that he has ever had, and he doesn't want to lose them. It is just he cannot deal with the stress of fights. Jamal convinces him that they have deal with it so the team doesn't break up.

So Jamal sits down at the computer and Calvin spies on everything he does. Jamal asks Ghostwriter "Can you help us?" and Ghostwriter answers saying "I'll try". Then Jamal asks him "How can we stop the fighting?" and Ghostwriter answers saying "Keep talking to each other". Then Jamal tells Ghostwriter "But no one will listen!". Then Ghostwriter answers saying "Maybe they'll listen to the truth". Then Jamal tells him "Thanks". Then Jamal tells Robs that they need to find out what happened the other day and Tina has it on videotape. So they should ask the people in it and then make a casebook. But Rob doesn't want to go with him. Instead he stays behind to finish a paper. But he asks Jamal to keep him up to date on things. Then Calvin who has been spying the whole time, writes down the four questions Jamal had asked. Not being able to see Ghostwriter massages, he is completely confused.

Then over at the Party Animal Store, Calvin is sitting down thinking long and hard about the four things Jamal asked. From the events of the previous arc, Calvin now has a clue that someone with the initials G W gives Jamal and his friends information by reading and finding things for them. Also he expresses his joy to know they are fighting and laughs cuddling up to Attila. Attila chirps saying "Breaking up is hard to do"! He is confused because why Jamal would be thanking G W for not giving them answers to the four questions. Then Calvin guesses that whoever G W is, his computer was either secretly hooked up to the computer Jamal was just using. Or it gives Jamal and his friends secret messages that only they can see. Also he is sure of it, because from what he saw they acted like they got their answers. He is confused as to why he can't see the messages too. He expresses joy thinking how great it would be if G W worked for him instead. Then he laughs as Attila playfully nips on his nose.

Then over at Jamal's house, he asks Tina about the accident. She explains everything she saw, but she says she didn't see a pedestrian jumping in front of the truck. He asks her if anybody saw him or her. Since it is the only way to prove Mr. Fernandez is telling the truth. Then he asks her if she can bring over her videotape. Then they can check it and see if she caught it on film. Tina is reluctant saying she is too busy at the time being. Then Jamal asks her why shes doesn't want to help her friends Alex and Gaby. Tina reveals she and Gaby had a fight, over her telling the truth to the reporter in the newspaper. Then Jamal asks her if they can just make up, so they can work together to solve the problem. Tina is upset and says it is a little hard to make up with someone who doesn't want to speak to you. Then before she leaves, she lends Jamal the videotape. So he can try and figure it out on his own.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, she vents her frustration by writing a song. It is called "You're not my Friend, this is the end". She rehearses is as she makes it up. Then her dad comes home and he seems a little worried. She asks him to tell her about it. But he doesn't want to worry her too, but she wants to know because they are a family. Then he explains to her what insurance is. Also that he used to have insurance for his instruments, but he no longer does. Since he forgot to renew the policy. However, Mr. Fernandez has insurance. Eduardo's auto-insurance will pay for $5000 of the damage. Max on the other hand needs $10,000 to replace his instruments so he is $5000 short. He tells Lenni he asked Eduardo for the money the other day, but Eduardo say no. Because he cannot afford it being a poor low income family. Max then mentions there is another way to get Eduardo to pay him. But it may not be too pretty.

Then back at Jamal's house, he carefully reviews Tina's tape. He didn't see who the two people running by were, but he did see that Mr. Fernandez, Max and Mark from Max's band were nearby when the accident happened. So he writes them down as a list of witnesses to speak to.

Then back at Hurtson Middle School, Calvin seems to memorize the time period in which Rob usually comes to work on the computer. So he carefully links one computer to the other computer on the opposite side of the desks. This is so these two computers can communicate with each by sending instant messages. To make sure Rob goes on the other computer. He puts an out of order sign on the computer that he sitting next to. Calvin's facade is to trick Rob into thinking he is G W, and to find out who G W really is.

Then just before Rob arrives, he meets with Jamal at his locker. He asks Jamal if he had any luck with the witnesses from the video. He says Mark didn't see anyone but he is not giving up. He is now on his way to speak with Mr. Fernandez. He asks Rob if he wants to come, but Rob says he can't. Jamal is concerned asking him if wants the team to get back together or not. Rob says he can't once again and leaves Jamal to fend for himself. Then Rob enters the computer room and falls for Calvin's trick. He thinks Ghostwriter is speaking to him. Calvin tells him "Hi, Rob". Rob asks him "Is that you?". Calvin answers with "Why wouldn't it be me?" Rob tells him "You look different". Calvin answers with "I'm not myself today". Then Rob asks him "What's wrong Ghostwriter?". Then when seeing this reply, Calvin quietly cheers in victory. He writes down that G.W. is Ghostwriter. Then he tells Rob "I don't know who I'am anymore. Do you?". When seeing this, Rob is so confused and upset, he feels like doesn't know anything anymore.

Then back at the Bodega, Gaby expresses her upset feelings about fighting with Tina. How she knows that she said she didn't want to speak to her anymore. But they've been through so much together. Then she looks at Alex thinking he just doesn't understand how see feels. Alex is just sitting there looking lovesick and smitten. He daydreams about Tina. He remembers back in "Over a Barrel" When John Miller almost caught them in the garbage truck spying on him. How they told each other they no matter what happens, as along as they're together. Then they shared their first real kiss. Then back to reality, Gaby expresses how much she misses everyone else too. Then she asks him if he thinks they will see them ever again. He says he doubts it. Then Jamal comes in, and they are both so happy to see him that Gaby hugs him. Then he says that he believes them and he is on the case. Now he just wants to speak to their dad.

Then suddenly a bailiff enters the Bodega. She asks if Eduardo Coro Fernandez is there. Eduardo speaks to her and she serves him a subpoena. He looks at it and he is furious. Then it drops and calls Estella to speak with him. They pick it up and have difficulty with lots of the hard words. So they try to figure it out by reading the words they know first. They figure out that the Plaintiff Maxwell Joseph Frazier has gotten a court order again defendant Eduardo Coro Fernandez. The court orders Eduardo by law to pay Max the sum of $10,000 to replace his musical instruments. Now Alex and Gaby are afraid, because if their dad cannot come up with the money, then he could be in serious trouble with the law!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are:

First- There is trouble on the Ghostwriter team. Alex and Gaby's dad ran into Lenni's dad's van. Nobody was hurt. But Max is a musician, and all of his instruments were totally wrecked. Nobody can agree about what happened. Mr. Fernandez says somebody ran in front of his truck. So he swerved and accidentally hit Max's van. Max didn't see anybody run onto the road. He thinks Mr. Fernandez hit his stuff on purpose, to put an end to his loud music playing once and for all.

Tina was at the scene of the accident, and she got the whole thing on video. She didn't see anybody running by either.

Now- The Ghostwriter team has gotten into a big fight! Lenni's is on her dad's side, and Alex is sticking up for his own dad. Gaby is upset too, because Tina told a reporter that her dad was driving like a madman.

So- Jamal watched Tina's video to figure out what really happened. And there really were two people running down the street. Now Jamal is on the case, talking to other witnesses and starting a casebook.

And- To add to all the trouble, Calvin Ferguson is getting very nosy. But since Calvin can't see Ghostwriter he's really confused. So by connecting computers together to send instant messages, Calvin pretends to be whoever Rob is writing to. Then he learned something very important, G W's secret identity: Ghostwriter.

The team better get their act together soon. Calvin is hot on their trail, and their dads are fighting big time!

The arc resumes with Eduardo complaining to Estella. He tells her that Max has gotten himself a lawyer. and he is going to take him to court now. Estella refuses to believe it at first. She claims that Max Frazier is such a nice man. Then he gets her to read it for herself, and she cannot believe it. Now she wants to go upstairs and speak to Max herself. Eduardo tells her not to, feeling that it isn't her problem. Then she snaps at him asking him to not be so stubborn, because they are his family and the matter affects their entire family. Then Jamal, Alex and Gaby leave, so Eduardo and Estella can work out their disagreement in private.

Then we see Rob once again in the computer room at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School. He writes to Ghostwriter. He tells him: "Why does friendship always end?". Ghostwriter answers him saying: "It doesn't have to". Then Rob remembers that, when his dad was still in the Air force, they always had to move from place to place. So he always had to say goodbye to the new friends he made. Now he feels with the big fight, it is even worse. So next he tells him: "my friends are leaving me". Then Ghostwriters replies by asking him: "Have you talked to them?". Then Rob replies saying: "No. Then Ghostwriter answers him saying: "Then you are the one who is leaving". Rob Realizes he is right and he leaves to go and find them.

Then, on the front steps on the apartment building, Jamal is sitting down with Alex and Gaby listening to their troubles. Gaby asks Alex what to do, so they can help their dad. Alex says they cannot do anything. Except find him a good lawyer. Then as Lenni comes walking by, Gaby snaps at her in a rude and smart ass tone. She says "ew what a horrible smell". Jamal tries to calm her down, and Alex tells her to stop. Or Lenni will send her dad's lawyer after her. Jamal asks him to stop and Lenni walks over demanding to know why they are picking on her. Alex informs her that thanks to her dad, their dad might be going to jail. Gaby explains to her, that dad is trying to take their dad to court to face legal trouble. Lenni swears that she didn't know about it and claims her innocence. Alex doesn't believe her and rudely tells her: "sure you didn't".

Then over at the Party Animal Store, Calvin is sitting at the front desk. He has now formed a casebook of his own, to try and figure out what Ghostwriter actually is. After his successful computer prank on Rob, he now knows that G.W. means Ghostwriter. He figures that it must have something to do with writing. Because he saw that Jamal and Rob were writing to him. Then it dawns on him, that if they can write to him, then perhaps he can too! So Calvin tries to. So he writes "Earth to Ghostwriter. Do you read me?". Ghostwriter of course chooses not reply to him, and he is mad that it didn't work, and he knows Lenni and her friends will never help him with it. Then when Calvin opens the door, he can hear the three of them (Lenni, Gaby and Alex) still arguing and fighting as they walk by. He is thrilled that they are still fighting and laughs.

Then Tina meets with Rob on the street. They are both happy to see each other. Tina says that it hasn't seemed like there has been much of a team lately. Rob agrees and says he feels like it is partly his fault. Tina is confused and asks what he means or could have possibly done. He says it was exactly what he didn't do: Talk to his friends. Tina agrees that was she did that too. Now Rob tells her he is ready to now, and he invites her to go over to the Bodega with him to speak to them.

Then over at the Bodega, Lenni storms in and begins shopping for groceries. Alex and Gaby stop her and refuse her service. Lenni snaps back saying it is a free country, and their dad could really use the business. They tell her she isn't welcome to shop in their store anymore. Then Jamal asks them to break it up, because the fight isn't between them. Is is between their fathers. Then Lenni stops, saying that their food is rotten and leaves to shop elsewhere. Then Alex and Gaby leave the store and meet with Tina and Rob. It isn't a happy reunion.. Gaby is still angry with her. Tina explains she wants to apologize, but Gaby won't listen, she keeps making rude remarks about her having the nerve to come and see them. Jamal and Rob try to break it up, but to no avail. And Alex asks Jamal to take their side and Lenni asks Rob to take her side, but neither of them want to take sides. Then over on a vegetable advertisement sign, Ghostwriter appears. He is really upset from constantly reading all of their negative emotions. Now his color hue is out of control. Then he arranges the letters on the sign. First he asks them all: "What's wrong?" and "So angry". Then he really starts losing control of his color hue. Then his letters become translucent, instead of opaque. He begs them saying: "Please you're hurting me". Everyone is too busy fighting to notice Ghostwriter, so he vanishes. Then after Tina and Gaby tell each other off, they all split up and leave.

Then we see that from behind the dumpster, Calvin had been spying on them the whole time. He returns to his store and talks to Attila. He tells him he has figured out how to steal Ghostwriter away from them. When they were together they were too strong for him. So now that they're breaking up, it will be easier to take them down one by one. Then he laughs a sinister laugh.

Then back at the Bodega, Jamal is interviewing Eduardo about what he remembers from the accident. Eduardo tells him that he is certain that he saw a man running by in a green shirt and he had red hair. So Jamal invites Gaby over to his house to study Tina's tape to see if they can find the man on it. Then over at school, Jamal invites Lenni to come over and help him too, so they can prove Mr. Fernandez was telling the truth. She declines the invitation when hearing that Alex and Gaby might be over too. Then Alex comes by and he is really rude to Lenni. He asks Jamal if he has a leash for the dog (her) and barks at her. Lenni is so offended she runs off crying. Jamal snaps at them saying he has had enough of the both them. Calvin finds Lenni in an empty classroom and she has been balling her eyes out. He kindly offers her a tissue and asks her what the problem is. She tells him that Alex Fernandez is the world's biggest jerk.

Then over at Jamal's house, only Gaby comes over. They study Tina's tape to find the person and prove her dad is innocent. Then in slow motion, they noticed the first person who ran by was holding something. So since Ghostwriter can read anything, they ask him to go into the t.v. and read those words on the screen. Ghostwriter enters the t.v. and greatly increases the sharpness to form a picture with words. They say: "Mighty Bright! Mighty Clean! So to find out what it means, they ask for Ghostwriter to find those words and to read what else is near them. Then Ghostwriter returns with more words. They are "We put a tingle on your tongue." and "Never go soggy again!" Gaby writes these all down as clues in her casebook. These words sound like catchy lines, the words that help people sell things. kind of like what advertisements. So Gaby lists them as advertisements in her casebook. To test their theory, Jamal calls his Grandma to check them. Grandma CeCe does recognizes Mighty Bright! Mighty Clean! She tells them that Mighty Clean is a very old brand of laundry detergent. They thank her for her help and she happily leaves. So now they have a clue that the first person who ran by, was carrying an ad for Mighty Clean laundry detergent. Then they notice the second person who ran by had something written on his shirt. So they ask Ghostwriter to enter the t.v. again to read it. It says:"Up Against the Wall Art Gallery". Jamal recognizes the name, it is the place of an art gallery. One that is close by the Bodega. So Jamal goes over to check it out, while Gaby has to return home.

When Jamal arrives at the "Up Against the Wall" Art Gallery, he meets the man in the shirt. The man is a very tall, muscular and imposing security guard. Then the owner asks him how they can help him. Jamal explains to him that on last Wednesday his friend was making a video. Then on the video, he believes she taped the same security guard running after a man in a green shirt. The man might have been carrying an ad for Mighty Clean laundry detergent. When hearing this they are shocked and intrigued. So they ask to speak with Jamal in private. The owner introduces himself as Darryl Thomas and says the Security Guard is named Joseph. Darryl explains that on last Wednesday they had a robbery. One in which the thief stole a very valuable painting. Jamal asks Darryl if the thief had red hair and he tells him: yes. Darryl asks Jamal why he sounds excited to know that. Jamal explains that the thief may have been responsible for a major traffic accident. Jamal asks Joseph if saw the thief run in front of a truck. Darryl tells him that Joseph is too humiliated to admit that the thief got away. Because he tripped and fell down. So now Joseph feels like he has failed the gallery. However Joseph says he did hear the crashing sounds. Then they thanks Joseph for his help as he goes back on duty.

Then back in Lenni's Loft, she is venting her anger by working on her song "You're Not my Friend, This is the end! She plays her keyboard while rehearsing the chorus.

Then back at the art gallery, Darryl Thomas continues to talk to Jamal. He tells Jamal that he hopes they can catch the thief soon. Because the painting he stole was worth $5000. Jamal is confused asking how an advertisement can be worth so much. Darryl explains that advertisements can be art. Then Darryl shows Jamal a picture of the Mighty Bright! Mighty Clean! painting in an art book. He explains to him that thief stole the original painting that was made to become the advertisement. Jamal reads it was painting by an artist named Jarvis O'Connor. It was one of his earliest works and he later went on to become a world famous artist. So Jamal learns that everything painted by Jarvis O'Connor is now extremely valuable. Then Jamal asks Darryl if it was the galleries most valuable painting. Darryl says it isn't and the gallery has some worth a lot more. So Jamal is confused about why the thief only took that one.

Then he reads more about Jarvis O'Connor in the book. He finds out O'Connor mostly did advertisements. And all of the paintings included the sap gap-toothed freckle faced boy in them. O'Connor's first advertisement was for Stay-Crunch cereal. Now it is famous for it's classic headline: "You'll never go soggy again!". Jamal remembered that was one of the lines that Ghostwriter found. Then he remembered that his Grandma remembered "Mighty Bright! Mighty Clean!". Also he finds out that O'Connor also did the advertisements for Mike's Super Duper Glue, Bigley's Triple Mint Gum and for Dr. Bruin's Sparkling Soda and its quote "We put a tingle on your tongue". Jamal is astounded, because all of these painting were mentioned as clues from Ghostwriter. Then he finds out that the thief took the only Jarvis O'Connor painting that the gallery had. So he must have a fascination for only paintings done by Jarvis O'Connor. Then Jamal leaves and thanks Darryl and Joseph for all of their time and help.

Then when Jamal get home, he goes to his bedroom and he phones Lt. McQuade. He asks him if the caught the thief who robbed the "Up Against the Wall" yet. He says no and Jamal informs him that he and his friends haven't either. Then he asks Lt. McQuade if there have been any more Jarvis O'Conner paintings reported stolen. He tells Jamal that three more have also been reported stolen in the New York area. Jamal promises to let the police handle it, and thanks him for his time. Hearing this, Jamal is pumped and he feels he has hit a major breakthrough. He believes that if they find the thief, they will find whoever jumped in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck. Jamal believes that when the team hears about this, that they will be all over it, fight or no fight.

Then Jamal calls a rally meeting by writing down: "Rally J". So Ghostwriter skims it and begins delivering the message. Lenni is just pouting and playing her keyboard. However, Ghostwriter can't find the letters in her lyrics to rearrange to give her the message. Then sensing her bad mood, he just flies away. In the Fernandez children's bedroom, Gaby is venting her frustration by playing with her stuffed animals. She makes fun of how Tina and her classmates made fun of her that day at school. While Alex snaps at her to quiet down. As he is busy writing a pen pal letter to a girl named Maribelle. But Ghostwriter can't find enough letters in his pen pal letter to give them the message either. Then from sensing their angry, he just flies away again. Tina walks by a drug store. She can see that Ghostwriter is trying to find letters to tell her the message. She can tell that it might be a rally call, but she doesn't want to be yelled at by Gaby again. Sensing her mood, he just flies away.

Then in the computer room at Hurston middle school, Calvin meets with Rob. He tries to gain Rob's trust by mentioning that he once had an imaginary friend he could trust. One that only he could see. Then he asks Rob if he ever had one too, to trick him into revealing Ghostwriter to him. Rob doesn't answer him. Then he sees Ghostwriter enter his computer to try and give him the message. The message is almost transparent and hard to see. So he doesn't go either. Then he asks Calvin to leave him alone, because he has work to do. So Calvin leaves promising to see him again later.

Then after a half hour, Jamal gets really impatient that the team still hasn't come over yet. He goes to his computer and asks Ghostwriter "where are they?". Ghostwriter doesn't answer. So Jamal gets impatient asking him "Ghostwriter? Are you there?". Jamal still gets no answer. So he gets worried and tells Ghostwriter "Answer me! Answer me! Answer me! Answer me! Answer me!", but there is just no answer!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts:

First- There is trouble on the Ghostwriter team. Mr. Fernandez hit Mr. Frazier's van and destroyed all of his musical instruments. Mr. Fernandez says it was just an accident.

But- Mr. Frazier thinks that he did it on purpose, to get him to stop irritating him all the time from playing his loud music.

So- Now, the kids on the Ghostwriter team have been fighting. And this has been making Calvin Ferguson very happy. He wants to split up their team, and find out who Ghostwriter is.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are:

Now- Mr. Frazier is suing Mr. Fernandez for $10,000.

So- Jamal is trying to figure out who did run in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck. Mr. Fernandez is positive it was a man with red hair. So Jamal is certain, that if they can find the red haired-man, then they can prove he really wasn't driving recklessly.

And- Gaby and Jamal watched Tina's video, and they saw two men running down the street when the accident happened. One of them was carrying a picture with words on it, and the other one had something written on his t-shirt. So Ghostwriter entered the T.V. to read them for them. The picture said Mighty Bright! Mighty Clean! Grandma CeCe told them that it could have been an old advertisement for Mighty Clean laundry detergent. And the man's t-shirt said "Up Against the Wall" Art Gallery on it. So Jamal visited the art gallery, and he read an article about an old advertisement painted by Jarvis O'Connor, that said those exact words.

Then he learned that someone had just stolen that very painting. The owner of the gallery confirmed the thief was a red-haired man. Also the Security Guard said he heard the sounds of the traffic accident. Jamal is really onto something now. Then Lt. McQuade told him that three more Jarvis O'Connor paintings have also been stolen in the area. So Jamal was certain the team would become so excited about it, that they would forget all about the fight and come together again.

The arc resumes with Ghostwriter finally answering Jamal's computer. He slowly tells Jamal that he couldn't deliver the message. Jamal asks him: "Are you hurt?", Can I help?, Why not?". He finally answers Jamal saying that everyone's disconnected... Jamal expresses his concern, that even Ghostwriter feels how much the team has fallen apart. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter's words become translucent, and he slowly begins to fade. Jamal cries out to Ghostwriter. He tells him: "Please don't go!". Then Ghostwriter vanishes and Jamal cannot believe it is happening.

Then over at the Bodega, Eduardo answers the phone. The call is for him and it isn't good news. When he hangs up, he explains to his children, that in three weeks time, Mr. Frazier is taking him to court. Gaby and Alex are shocked and cannot believe Lenni's dad is going through with it. Then Jamal comes rushing in, and he explains to them that he just tried to call a rally, but Ghostwriter couldn't send the message. He explains to them that he told him that the team is too disconnected to him now, which must be the link to him that keeps him alive. So if they break up now, then Ghostwriter might disappear forever! When hearing this, Gaby and Alex are worried sick, both of them never wanted that to happen. So they ask Jamal what they can do, to prevent it. Jamal asks them to stop the fight and to make up with Lenni and Tina. Alex and Gaby agree that Ghostwriter is very important to them, but the court date only is three weeks away. So they have to be loyal to their dad, because Lenni will be loyal to her dad. Then Jamal reminds them again that the fight is between their fathers and not them. So he begs them to talk to Lenni and Tina for Ghostwriter's sake. Jamal tells them to think it over fast, because it might too late already and he leaves.

Then over at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School we see Rob. He finds a note sticking out of his locker. It says: "Dear Rob, I'm very sorry the team has split up, but don't worry. You can always count on me to give you help and advice. I'll write again soon. Your friend, Ghostwriter. At first Rob feels grateful and thankful to still have a friend like Ghostwriter to count on. Then suddenly, he realizes the note is a fake.

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex is looking and reminiscing at a picture of them. The picture is of the team with Lana Barnes (from the events of "Who's Who" story arc). When she got her award for being the first female movie action hero. Both Alex and Gaby remembered how they saved Lana from her insane stunt double. Also how they couldn't have done it without working together with both the team and Ghostwriter. Then Gaby hands her brother a letter. It isn't a pen pal letter, and it has no return address. Also Gaby has one too. Gaby's letter is from Tina, she said she wants to talk things out at 5:30 pm. So she asks Gaby to meet her at the big rock in the park. Alex's letter is from Lenni. She asks Alex to meet her at the tire swing at the park at 5:30 pm as well. They decide to go, to hear what they have to say.

Then over at Lenni's loft, she answers a knock at the door. The person slips her a letter under the door and leaves. Her letter is from Alex. He wants her to meet him at the bench in the park at 5:30 pm to work things out. Max is happy to hear this, and asks her why she seems so sad. She tells her dad that she is still mad at him for kicking her out of the Bodega and for calling her a dog. Max tells her that he is sure he didn't meant it. He must just be very upset over everything that has been going on. So she should try and talk things over and work it out with him. Lenni tells her dad that since Alex is standing up for his father, then she is standing up for hers. Max tells her he appreciates it, but he doesn't want his problems to keep her away from her friends. So he wants her to keep an open mind and talk to Alex. She agrees to it, if he will too about Mr. Fernandez. She tells him, Jamal has a lead on the man who ran in front of his truck, but there is no solid proof yet. Max promises that if there really was a man, then he will believe it when he can see it.

Then we see that Tina has received a letter too. Her letter is from Gaby, she tells Tina that she is very sorry about what has happened. And to meet her at the Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument in the park at 5:30 pm. Tina agrees to it and she goes.

Then over at the Jenkin's house, Rob is hanging out Jamal in his room. They are trying hard to bring Ghostwriter back, but they haven't been been able to get their friends to talk to each other. Then they agree to write them a note, because if they are still mad, then they can always read it later when they've calmed down. At first Rob suggests scaring them by telling that if they don't pull their selves together as a team, then they will never see Ghostwriter again. Then Jamal mentions that they need to remind them how important their friendship is. So they can be a team again. So Rob starts the letter by telling them that they cannot forget how much the team means to all of them. Then they include some examples, Like when they helped rescued Rob and Lisa Norburt when they got trapped in the subway tunnel (during the events from the "To the Light" story arc). Also when Gaby got really sick, and nobody knew what was wrong with her. Until the team found out that John Miller had dumped poisonous barrels in the community garden, and with help from Fannie Mae Banner, they exposed him and got him to clean them up immediately (from the events of the "Over a Barrel" story arc). Also Jamal suggests they mention that they have always have fun together. Like when they took part in the Hoodman comic back contest, but they had to put up with Stoopdude, (during the events of the "Into the Comics" story arc.

So they write their note saying: "Dear Team, We cannot forget how much the team means to all of us. You rescued me (Rob) when I was trapped in the tunnel. We saved Gaby and lot's of other people from poison in the garden. And we always have fun together. Remember "Lenni the wise and her friend of five"? Then Rob finishes it with :"It's so hard to find people you can count on. Please don't let that go. Then they print out four copies of it and they both sign them. Then slowly Ghostwriter appears, he borrows letters from bulletins and posters all around Jamal's room to tell them: "Stick together team!". They can see that Ghostwriter is still partly translucent, so they head out to deliver them fast.

Then over at the Bodega, Jamal and Rob ask Mr. Fernandez to see Alex and Gaby. He tells them they've gone off to the park. Then Mr. Frazier comes in, and he has a deal for him. Jamal and Rob listen in. Max tells him that things have gotten out of hand and he's never wanted to do this. After all he is his neighbor and he's looked after his daughter for him. So Max tells Eduardo that perhaps they can work things out without going to court. Because lawyers and the courts are so expensive, and neither of them have too much money. So Max asks Eduardo if he can just pay him the $5000 that his insurance won't cover. Then Eduardo gets angry and started pushing him out his store. He snaps at him that even without paying a lawyer he can't afford to pay him $5000. Then to get out of his store, or he will have him charged for trespassing. Then on his way out, Max threatens to see him in court again. Then Eduardo kicks Jamal and Rob out for snooping on them.

Then at 5:30 pm, Tina heads over to the park. When she gets to the Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument, Gaby is nowhere to be seen. Instead she finds a note left for her. It says: "Ha! Ha! Ha!". Tina is mad thinking Gaby played a prank on her. When Lenni arrives at the park bench, Alex isn't there. Instead she finds a letter left for her. It says: Ha! Ha! Ha!". Lenni is annoyed about being tricked. Then Alex heads over to the tire swing. There he finds a note left for him too. The note says: Ha! Ha! Ha! and he isn't amused. Then finally, Gaby arrives at the big rock. There she doesn't find Tina, but a note left for her as well. It also says: Ha! Ha! Ha! Gaby instantly goes from feeling happy to feeling mad. Then from a distance, we see Calvin has been spying on all of them from a tree. He is laughing his head off from all of the misery he has caused for them.

Then the four of them all meet in the center of the park. Alex and Gaby say how they cannot believe they feel for it. Lenni madly says she cannot believe she let her dad talk her into going. Tina is furious too and she keeps snapping at Gaby. The four of them all begin arguing their heads off, when Jamal asks them to stop it. Then Rob snaps at them asking them all to shut up. He informs them that they are all about to lose the best thing that has ever happened to them all: The Ghostwriter Team. He informs them that they are all too selfish to even realize it. And if they don't stop fighting now, then Ghostwriter will fade from existence. Lenni says she was ready to make up with Alex until she found the note she got. Then Alex says she gave him one too. Then Rob points out they each all got a note, that was probably written by the same person. The same person who left him a fake letter from Ghostwriter on his locker. Jamal states that someone is working hard to split them up. Which isn't hard since they've been fighting so much lately. Then Jamal hands Alex, Lenni, Tina and Gaby a copy of the note they wrote. When they read them they reminisce and happily remember how much good they've done, and how much fun they've had together. So Lenni and Alex make amends and so do Tina and Gaby. Now they decide to all work together and find the person who ran in front of the truck. Jamal and Rob cheer that their note worked, but they still have to figure out how to bring back Ghostwriter.

The Ghostwriter Team reunites in Jamal's bedroom, to figure out how to bring Ghostwriter back. Jamal and Lenni remind the team that when they first met Ghostwriter he seemed so sad, that he almost disappeared back then. So they brought him back by writing to him, and telling him that he wasn't alone. So they decide to tell Ghostwriter that they are together again. So first Jamal tells Ghostwriter: "The fight is over. Please come back". Ghostwriter comes back but he is almost transparent. So each of them decide to explain to him what they did wrong. Lenni explains to him that she should have listened to the other side of the story. Alex explains to him that he was so angry, that he said things he didn't mean. Then Ghostwriter begins answering but it is translucent. He says "It's", but they don't know what he means yet. So Tina tells Ghostwriter that she should have thought more about Gaby's feelings. Then Ghostwriter replies saying "It's about" but they still don't know what he means yet. So Rob explains to Ghostwriter that he had the words, but he was afraid to use them. Then Gaby finishes it off with sweetly telling Ghostwriter: "I love the team. And I love you Ghostwriter! Then suddenly, Ghostwriter's words are opaque again and he tells them, what he's been trying to tell them all: "IT'S ABOUT TIME!". Then he tells the team: "Let's solve this case! Then they all cheer and rejoice because they've worked together, and they've brought both the team and Ghostwriter back.

Then the next morning at Hurston Middle School, Rob meets with Alex and Lenni at their lockers. Rob has been left another fake Ghostwriter note. This one says :"Dear Rob, I think it's time you and I talked about the future. Meet me in the computer room after school. Your friend, Ghostwriter". He tells them he has a hunch whom the fake Ghostwriter is: Calvin Ferguson. Rob mentions that the other day Calvin asked him if he had an invisible friend, one that nobody else can see. When hearing this, Lenni reveals that Calvin asked her the same question too. Alex asks him how Calvin even found out about Ghostwriter. Rob reveals it was kind of his fault. A few days ago he was working in the computer room and he thought Ghostwriter was writing to him. He told Rob he wasn't himself that day. So out of concern, he asked him what was wrong, and called him by his name. Then afterwards, he suddenly saw Calvin getting up to leave the room. So it must have been Calvin messaging him on the computer and not Ghostwriter.

So Rob comes up with a plan on what to do if it is Calvin. So after school, Rob patiently waits and sure enough Calvin enters the room. Calvin asks him if they are alone. Rob says yes (but Alex and Lenni are really hiding behind the door). Calvin explains that he isn't Ghostwriter, as he can clearly see. Rob asks him "who?". Calvin tells him not play stupid with him, because they both know perfectly well who Ghostwriter is!

The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts:

First- The team has been fighting. Mr. Fernandez crashed into Mr. Frazier's van. Lenni is mad at Alex and Gaby, because she thinks their dad ran over her dad's musical instruments on purpose. Alex and Gaby are mad at Lenni, because her dad is suing their dad. And Gaby is mad at Tina, because Tina told a news reporter that Gaby's dad was driving like a mad man.

But- One person is happy: Calvin Ferguson. He wants to bring the team down, and figure out who Ghostwriter is.

So- Jamal is trying to pull the team back together. So far he's figured out that there probably was a guy who ran in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck, and caused the accident. A thief with red hair who stole a painting by Jarvis O'Connor. And three more Jarvis O'Connor paintings, have been stolen in the area. So Jamal called a rally to tell the team about the case.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are:

First- No one showed up for the rally, because they were all fighting. And Ghostwriter was too weak to send the message. So Rob and Jamal wrote the team a letter, to try and bring them back together.

And- Some really weird stuff has been happening. Rob got a fake note in his locker, from Ghostwriter. And the other kids on the team got notes too. The notes they got said that the person who was fighting with them was ready to apologize and make up. But when they each showed up, they found more notes telling each of them: "Ha! Ha! Ha!". Which made them realize that they were being set up. Then finally the Ghostwriter team worked things out, made up and got back together.

But- They have a big job to do. They have to deal with the person who sent the fake notes, and find the person who stole the painting and ran in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck. And they have to bring Ghostwriter back!

The arc resumes with Calvin asking Rob to just hear him out. So Rob reluctantly listens, as Calvin explains that he believes that the Ghostwriter Team is now history. So now he is about to offer him the opportunity, of a lifetime. Calvin admires that Rob is the strong silent type. The type he feels that he can trust to become a part of his team. Calvin explains that he wants to form a new and even better Ghostwriter Team. One with Rob as his first team member. Calvin selfishly asks Rob to consider his offer. He tells Rob that with his Ghostwriter connections and his own high intelligence they can run everything. Including, their school, the neighborhood and even the entire city. Then Rob asks him what he has in mind. So Calvin explains that they can ask Ghostwriter to give them test answers and to help them with book reports. Also that they can make lot's of money, selling test answers around school. Then later on, they can ask Ghostwriter to help them cheat on game shows. So they can win everything, ranging from the money, to the cars and even the washers and dryers. So finally Calvin asks Rob if he is in.

Then Rob tells him that it is a very tempting offer, but he is already a part of a team. Then Alex and Lenni come out from hiding behind the door. They proudly say that they are back together. Calvin is completely shocked to hear that they have all reconciled. Alex asks Calvin if he actually thought Rob would have the nerve to actually help him. Then Calvin laughs it off telling them that he does know the name "Ghostwriter" now. Lenni reminds him that the name is only thing he knows. And Alex informs Calvin that Ghostwriter will never write to him. Calvin gets furious, storming out of the room snapping the words: "Never say never!, pinheads!.

Then as Calvin leaves the room, Rob points out to Alex and Lenni that Ghostwriter is writing to them. In an open book, Ghostwriter tells them: BXBHF####CAR-RT SORT##DA30 FEB 01 94. They don't get it, so Ghostwriter scrambles the words around and tells them: "Daniel O'Connor". Rob and Lenni are confused, because they thought the artist who painted the stolen paintings was named Jarvis O'Conner. Then Ghostwriter also tells them an address: 673 Flatbrush St. Brooklyn New York 11217. Alex knows the address is close by, but wonders who Daniel O'Connor is.

So Lenni goes onto a computer to write to Ghostwriter. Shes asks him: "Who is Daniel O'Connor?. He tells her "I don't know". So she asks him: "Where did you read this?". He answers her saying: "On a magazine. Near "Mighty Bright, Mighty Clean.". Then Lenni sees a nearby magazine, and realizes what Ghostwriter told them earlier, was a magazine mailing address label. One to a Daniel O'Connor. So the thief might be Daniel O'Connor and possibly a relative of Jarvis O'Connor. Alex suggests they go over to his house and speak to him. But Lenni says no they should not, because he is a criminal and he may be dangerous. So to find out more about Daniel O'Connor, they go to see Jamal because he already read a lot about Jarvis O'Connor in a book.

So a little later on, Lenni meets with Rob and Alex in her loft, and she has invited Jamal over. He brings the book with them. He reads out loud, explaining that Jarvis O'Connor kept most of his valuable paintings. Then by the end of his life, his collection was worth over one million dollars. He sold them all and donated all of the money to charity. This left his wife Gretchen and his son Daniel penniless. Then they realize that the thief really is the artist's own son. They aren't sure why a man would steal his own father's paintings. So they decide to phone LT. McQuade. Then he can set up a dragnet and arrest him.

Then a short time later (when Alex went home), Jamal is on the phone with Lt. McQuade. When he hangs up he tells Rob and Lenni that the police searched Daniel O'Connor's home, but they didn't find the paintings. Also, his neighbor says he hasn't been home for several days now. They assume it is because, he is now in hiding from the police. But according to Lt. McQuade, Daniel O'Connor is still in the area. Because another Jarvis O'Connor paintings from the area has just been stolen as well. Also the thief matched the description of a thin red-haired man. So to catch him, Lenni suggests they set up a trap for Daniel O'Connor, by tricking him into thinking they have something he wants. So Lenni calls a rally, by writing "Rally L" onto a piece of paper.

Then downstairs, over in the Bodega Eduardo is upset as he and his wife discuss their financial problems. He is worried that if Max Frazier wins the case, then they will have to sell their store to pay him. Then they won't have anything left. Then Alex notices on the daily specials sign, letters are rearranging. They form to say "Rally L". So he asks his parents for permission to go upstairs to see Lenni for a little while and that it's very important. Eduardo tells him no, and that he doesn't want his children to associate with anyone in Max's family. Estella tells him that it isn't fair to keep their children away from their friends. And to be happy that their children made up with their friends. So Estella gives them permission to go.

So the team all meets together in Lenni's Loft. There she reviews what they know so far: They know that the thief is Daniel O'Connor. And he only steals the paintings that his late father made. So Lenni suggests they set up a trap. One in which they tell him that they have a Jarvis O'Connor painting for sale. Rob is worried about how they will get in touch with him. Tina says that they also don't have a painting to use. Lenni says that they don't need one. They just have to make him think that they have one. And they can get in touch with him, if they advertise. So they pretend to trick him into thinking they have a painting that he hasn't stolen yet. They choose a painting Jarvis O'Connor did. It is for Sticky Peanut Butter and the quote is "Gobs of goobers in every bite". Gaby is disgusted, because to her goobers sounds like boogers. Rob tells her that goobers is just another name for peanuts. So they choose a picture of the painting to use in their flyer . But they need to come up with a catchy line. Tina suggests "you'd be NUTS not to buy this original Jarvis O'Connor painting". The team likes it, but it need to be shorter. So they split it up. The top of the ad will says "Original painting by Jarvis O'Connor for sale". And the bottom will say "You'd be NUTS not to buy it!". And they will put a copy of the Sticky Peanut Butter picture in the center. So Jamal does the lettering and Alex makes a photocopy of the picture. When they finished their flyer, Tina realizes they haven't mentioned where they want the "person" to go to buy the painting.

So Jamal phones Lt. McQuade to set up their plan. We see Jamal on the phone and it seems that Lt. McQuade is annoyed they didn't tell him about their plan ahead of time. But he is still going through with their set up idea. Jamal asks him if they can wait outside with Lenni's dad and Alex and Gaby's dad. So they can prove to Max that the thief caused the accident, and it wasn't Mr. Fernandez's fault. Jamal promises that they won't get in the way either, and Lt. McQuade agrees.

Then the next day, Lenni brings her dad to meet with Jamal, Rob and Tina. She asks them if anything has happened yet. Jamal happily says that they're fake flyer worked. Daniel O'Connor just went into the building and the police should be arresting him right now. Then we see Alex and Gaby bringing their dad over with them. At first both Eduardo and Max aren't too happy to see each other. Then suddenly, the doors to the building open. Now Lt. McQuade and Darryl Thomas exit the building. Along with two other undercover police officers who have just arrested Daniel O'Connor.

Then Lt. McQuade, Darryl Thomas and the two officers (with Daniel O'Connor) all come to face the team and the two fathers. Alex asks their dad if he can recognize Daniel and Eduardo says yes. Lenni explains to her dad that he was the same man who ran in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck. So it was the reason, why he swerved and crashed into his musical instruments. So it really was an accident. Max asks them how they know it was really him. Darryl explains to him that on the same day, he had just robbed his art gallery. And his security guard chased all the way down the street. Lenni mentions that it all happened during the same time that he was loading his instruments into his van. Tina also backs them up, by saying that she has a scene of the chase on her videotape. Lt. McQuade asks Daniel if he ran in front of Mr. Fernandez's truck. He reluctantly and stubbornly confesses that he did. Also that he did see the accident but he wasn't going to stay around to sort things out. Then Jamal asks him why he stole the paintings. Daniel in a whining and obnoxious tone says that they should have been his in the first place. Also along with the the money and the mansion as well. Because his father was rich, and he never gave him anything. Even after he died. So he swore that he would get them all back someday and somehow. The Lt McQuade asks the officers to take him to the station. Then he thanks the team, saying that he still doesn't know how they do it. Then Darryl Thomas gratefully thanks them for helping him get his galleries painting back.

Then when Darryl, Lt. McQuade, the officers and Daniel all leave, Max is both amazed and proud of how great they've become at their detective work. Max apologizes immensely for accusing him of trying to hit his instruments on purpose. Then they all ask Max if he will drop the lawsuit. Max says he would like to, but he still needs the rest of the money. Then Max proposes a deal to Eduardo. They will each pay half of it: Max will pay $2500 and Eduardo will pay the other $2500 bit by bit or when he can. And the whole thing will be settled without lawyers and the courts. Then they both happily shake hands and agree on it.

Then later on, Alex and Gaby return to the Bodega. They see their dad and he is very frustrated. He explains that he is trying to write Max a letter of apology. But since English isn't his first language, he is having lot's of difficulty writing it. He explains that he wants to write it, because not only is he sorry about destroying his instruments. He also complained many times and even made threats to him before. Also Max was so generous with working out the money problems. So Alex and Gaby help him write it. This is because Alex reads and write English more than he does and Gaby is the best speller in her class. Also Estella suggests he invites Max and Lenni over for supper. So Eduardo's letter eventually says. "Dear Max, I'm sorry I was so rude to you this afternoon. I'm also sorry I destroyed your instruments. I know how difficult it is to support a family. I'd be very pleased if you and Lenni could join us for dinner. Sincerely Eduardo Fernandez.

Then upstairs in Lenni's loft, Max is happily playing on Lenni's keyboard. Then Lenni answers a knock at the door. It is Eduardo and asks to speak to her dad. First Max is very apologetic thinking he was playing her keyboard too loud. But Eduardo says he wasn't. Instead he came to give him the letter. Max immediately reads it and it warms his heart. He really appreciates it, accepting his apology. He then apologizes for not believing him at first. Eduardo compliments him on having a nice place, and how he has only come up to complain until now. Then Max mentions there will be peace and quiet for a while, but he did order all new instruments. Eduardo says that he hopes he can be playing again soon. Then Max happily accepts the invitation for he and Lenni to join them for dinner. Then they smile and shake hands.

Then later that evening, The team is having a celebration party upstairs in Lenni's loft. They're drinking juices, eating cookies and dancing to rock music. Also Ghostwriter is flying around with them. They are all having a wonderful time. Then suddenly, in a difference period of time, a hand begins writing the word "Help". Then Ghostwriter senses trouble and begins flickering in all different colors. Then the teams rejoices over their victory. Alex happily reminds them that they solved the mystery, got their dads to make up with each other, and they got their team back together. Tina states they've once again put Calvin in his place and they all laugh. Jamal asks them not to laugh at him, because he just wanted Ghostwriter all for himself. Then Tina reminds them that Calvin does know Ghostwriter's name now. Lenni reminds them that since they're together, they will all keep Ghostwriter's secrets. Then they all put they hands together for one big Ghostwriter cheer.

Then in a different period of time, the hand has finished writing. The person has written: "Help I'm Scared! I'm in trouble! I didn't do it! Ghostwriter arrives and reads all these words. Then Ghostwriter returns to the present as they all agree to keep his secret to themselves. Then Alex notices Ghostwriter is going haywire. He begins fading and losing control of his color hue again. Ghostwriter quickly enters Lenni's computer. He tells them all: "Don't be afraid, my children, but I must go." They are all worried wondering what he means. They don't know if he is joking or if he is being serious with them. So Gaby asks him "You're kidding right?". The Ghostwriter answers saying: "Someone is in danger. I must help". Alex thinks perhaps Calvin has found a way to mess with their connection to Ghostwriter. Jamal asks them all to calm down, and they all agree with him on asking Ghostwriter to stay. So Jamal asks him "Please don't go. We're a team." Then Ghostwriter answers saying: "I don't want to go, but this feels very serious" and "You would help if you were in my place". They understand somewhat, so Jamal asks him if he will come back. Then Ghostwriter tells them: "I hope I can!". Then Ghostwriter borrows letters from all around the loft. Then he tells them all in big orange letters in the air "Goodbye, Team." Then he vanishes. Rob is mad thinking Ghostwriter has abandoned them. Alex tells him not to poorly judge him. And Tina is so upset she is about to cry. Lenni sounds really upset. She says that she just knows that they can find a way to bring him back. Jamal is upset too and he just asks her how?

  • This was the only arc to end with a cliffhanger ending into the next arc.
  • In this arc, Calvin finally finds out about Ghostwriter.
  • At the time, Bo Jackson was a famous and successful NFL football player.